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  1. Joys on being a cumdump.. The Reality

    Preach. Its like I wrote this myself.
  2. Skin burn from poppers.

    Heavy popper use definitely causes this. Especially with a brand new bottle and getting fucked rough. Using some type of moisturizer will help relieve the burn
  3. Skin problems in face because of poppers?

    Yes my nose has gotten red and suffers from chemical burn. I've never heard of other dermatological issues with poppers
  4. Leather & Fetish weekend 28 March 2018 - 3 April 2018

    I'll be there staying at the Quentin in Schoenberg. You will get more than ten loads a night. Just head to Mutschmann's great basement with hundreds of tops fucking the bottoms bent over
  5. IML 2018 Who's going

    This pig will be there and ready to receive all cock and fist
  6. Thoughts on fisting and extreme insertions

    When first staring up in the fetish world I would cringe at fisting. But as time went by and I expanded my horizons I also expanded my hole. Love my hole stretched. Also, love stretching a pig hole.
  7. Strongest poppers in UK

    I love FF & Bootcamp. You can just Google them. I load up on them when I go to Berlin
  8. TIRED of size queens

    No size queen here. Any cock will do as long as it's willing and able to breed my hOle.
  9. What’s Your Favorite Way to Hookup?

    Love me some anon bath house sex. NSA!!!! Also IML and MAL host hotels is a major fuck fest. Oh, and the bars in Berlin. Hands down pig heaven
  10. Shaking after sex

    A true full body orgasm. Nothing like it in the world
  11. Does the size of the top’s cock matter?

    Although not always true, but love black cock. They tend to have girth and length. Problem is most well endowed guys are bottoms or dont know how to use their equiptment
  12. Fresh out of high school on graduation.
  13. Difficult to find genuine

    You need to visit Berlin during Folsom or Easter . My hole gets destroyed during those weekend. Fist, Cock, and Seed galore!!!
  14. Whoring: nature or nurture?

    To me its nature, I feel that it is in my natural instinct to serve as a fuck hole/cum dump for any top looking for some relief. To me its nurture, i like to nurture the tops cock with my manhole muscles. Milking his cock till the last drop of seed has been deposited into my hole.
  15. At a moments notice fucking

    I personally am not a moment notice kind of guy. I prefer to be clean before taking cock. I always like to be clean when i play. When topping, the minute i smell shit i loose my hard on and can no longer even consider topping.

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