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  1. At a moments notice fucking

    I personally am not a moment notice kind of guy. I prefer to be clean before taking cock. I always like to be clean when i play. When topping, the minute i smell shit i loose my hard on and can no longer even consider topping.
  2. What is too big?

    too big for my mouth at times, too big for my ass??? NEVER!!! Never refuse a cock. Especially one that can stretch my pig hole.
  3. Quantity or Quality?

    If one on one in private setting its all about quality, if I am out being a cumdump its about quantity. I have mental goals set that must be achieved!!!!
  4. Just had a couple of buddy's returning home from the Folsom Berlin...they also had a great time, there.  I miss accompanying them; because, they are fuck'n pigs that look like something from those video's...DARKALLEY.COM  crowd.

    Their private party's are totally unbelievable...with a strong guest list for the totally depraved and hardcore types.  


    1. AZRawPig


      Here's a buddy that proves being a CUM DUMP is the ONLY way to enjoy lots of cocks and loads.


    2. RawLeather


      OINK.  Would love to attend one of their gatherings.  Fuckin love being a cum dump!!!!

  5. Ass "slurping" noise whilst getting fucked

    It is the best sound in the world. It shows the world the true cum dump/fuck hole you really are. Three things i like when getting fucked. The slurping noise my hole makes, feeling the tops balls between my legs, and the slapping noise my cheeks make when getting fucked. PIG HEAVEN FOR ME
  6. Folsom Berlin update

    Day 5 update Took 9 cocks. Last Folsom Berlin I ended up with 87 cocks this year only 60. I guess there are good ones and bad ones. Next stop MAL. I know i won't reach Folsom numbers but being a cum dump just the same!!!
  7. Folsom Berlin update

    Update on day 3 and 4. Not the pig session i would of liked but there are good ones and bad ones. Saturday 13 cocks and 4 fists, Sunday only 3 cocks. Today is the last day of this pig session. Hoping for some decent cock tonight!!!
  8. Jealous guy at the sauna

    Yes there are one of those guys at every Bathhouse. I have one that stalks me everytime I am there. He somehow finds out what room I am in and starts knocking on the door. I usually ignore it especially if I have someone in the room with me. If i have the door open he will make his way in and start sucking me off or trying to fuck me. This guy has no idea of no strings attached. I gave him my number a few years ago and just constantly texts me stupid crap and is always asking if i'm going the the bathouse. He always brags about the guy he had last night and how good it was and how he fisted him good. (As if I care) So at the other end of the spectrum i do have a Mo like character in my world. and I too am the victim of jealousy
  9. To tops: rough when told by bottom to be gentle?

    Agreed. It does take time to get used to a well endowed cock but not impossible. A good hit of poppers and my hole is ready to take that manhood. Rough or slow.
  10. Guys with a big cock who fuck

    I take any cock size. It takes practice and time. Before you know it, you will be taking them like a pro
  11. Folsom Berlin update

    Day two was a dud only 9 cocks and three fist. There is something to be said about the mentality of Those into rubber and those into leather. I noticed that leathermen are all about finding a pig hole to unload in. Rubbermen are more into finding the right one. This is just an observation I made last nignt!!!
  12. Folsom Berlin update

    Day one and we are off to a good start 26 cocks, 5 fist, and 8 loads. Also fucked 5 holes myself. Let us see what night two holds
  13. EXCELLENT description of YOUR experiences in Berlin during Easter.  I personally agree Berlin and Prague is the BEST experiences for expressing yourself sexually.  Just can't get enough of those dungeons and bathhouses there...it has become an addiction that can't be beat.

    1. RawLeather


      Amen once you get a taste for it nothing compares to it

    2. AZRawPig


      EXACTLY!  Whenever, I'm in Berlin or Prague ...Oh my GOD!  I feel that I have died and gone to heaven...or HELL...depending upon the hardcore, raunchy scenes that's available to ME at the time.  My former...took me to some private clubs...that taught me that if YOU can't become a total freaky, slutty pig there.  STAY HOME and knit booties!  This is where the MEN with big cocks and loaded balls play for the GIFTS!

    3. CumSlutDamien


      Wish I had the means to travel. They both sound fun. (Unless, of course, it really turned into the movie Hostel. jk)

  14. American cum dump in Europe

    An American cumdump in Berlin for Folsom. Will be in the basementof Mutschmann's taking all cock, cum, and fist.
  15. Deep breeding or cum shot & plunge back in?

    the cum deep inside me is the reward from my top. i want the seed deep in me so the next cock has some natural lube

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