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North Houston Cumdump

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    • By muscledpigbttm
      It's been a week since I last got bred. That fact's been driving me crazy, but since last Thursday I've been at the beach and there aren't that many guys away from the city. Today I got back though and went straight downtown to the bathhouse to try and get some loads. I rented a private room as soon as I got there, got my hole cleaned up and went out to prowl the joint.
      This fit as fuck Venezuelan guy kept looking at me a soon as I got out so I approached him and we started making out. As I got there pretty early, around 4 PM, the place was almost empty and he wanted to set up a little show for the few guys that were around, so right in the middle of the steam room he pulled out his dick and drove my head towards it. I swallowed it hole, while two other guys watched and jerked off. The Venezuelan had some poppers, gave me some, took a hit himself and drove his shaft all the way in my throat, holding the back of my head as he fucked my face hard, not minding my gagging and coughing noises. "I'ma cum", he said, and didn't stop facefucking me until he shot his load down my throat. I got up, made out with him for a bit and without saying a word and trying to keep his cum from going down my throat, I left for the bathroom.
      I got into a stall and gagged onto my hand until his cum came out. I crouched down and with the poppers still ringing in my head, relaxed my hole and got as much of the Venezuelan's cum into it as I could. I've never done anything like this before, but the need of having this hot guy's DNA in me was too big and I didn't even really gave it a second thought. I was gonna have that load in me no matter what. I walked out of the stall and right there was this older heavy guy, not pretty, peeing with a can-thick dick and doing a pretty lousy job of covering it.
      I checked his cock out, making sure he saw that I was craving dick and nothing more and he nodded me into getting back into one of the stalls. I did and he knocked a few seconds later. He got in; we barely fit in there together and I got on my knees and started blowing him. That big piece of meat grew and grew and kept of growing, until in spite of it already being all the way down my throat it's girth got too thick for me and it started to really hurt and I had to pull it out. I turned around, he stuck a finger into my hole and said "Nice, you're already wet". He got the tip of his dick next to it and started pushing in slowly.
      He took his time and I didn't mind it. I'm not a big guy, 5'4", and he looked to be over 6 feet, so with me standing on my tip toes and him somewhat crouching, getting his dick to slide into my hole took some work. And the girth didn't help. I scooped up the Venezuelan guy's cum from my cheeks and perineum, using it to lub up his big bear's dick, and I finally felt the *pop* that goes with getting a really thick dick into you. He slid the rest of the way in and, grabbing onto the stall, proceeded to relentlessly fuck me, holding onto my shoulders, pushing my body against his dick, getting his dirty fingers into my mouth and spitting in it and I fucking loved it. There's something special about being manhandled by a guy you know you're fucking just because their dick is big and it's gonna give you a load. It makes me feel like the cumdump I love being. I makes me feel like nothing else matter but the dick.
      He announced he would cum soon and I started squeezing and releasing my ass to the rhythm of his thrusts. That got him moaning even more and, with his big hand on top of my head pushing me down while pushing himself deeper, dropped a load into my guts that made all the meat on his body shake. I realized while he came that I'd managed to use this guy's cock to push the Venezuelan's cum into me while also getting another load in the process and that thought plus the feeling of that dick in me made me cum a little bit. After that he got his towel around him and left.
      I walked onto the little dark room by the terrace on the first floor and found it empty. I turned around to leave and saw that a couple of guys had followed me. They were a little taller than me, bodies that had clearly never been to the gym and faces I couldn't quite make out, but one of them had a HUGE bulge under his towel so I grabbed one of his nipples with one hand and his dick with the other, while the third guy took my towel off and started eating my ass. "Salty", was all he said while the hung guy sat down and I started blowing him, and the rimmer shoved his dick in me.
      I couldn't believe I was getting bare dick this easily on a weekday. I got fucked hard and fast and got another load in me without it being announced. His dick wasn't that big and I really wasn't paying much attention to the guy but for the occasional ass squeeze while he came. When he left it was just the hung guy and me in the dark room and I felt a hand making me turn around and a dick poking my leg. Yes, more bare dick and a really big one this time around.
      I sat on it and felt the joy that comes with being truly full of dick. The rush of not even having seen this guy's face, the thrill of just being a hole for him while him also being just a dick stirring the other three loads in me. I was grabbed by the waist and the fucking dude just stood up with him still inside of me. I was wet from sweat and slipped a little, which made his dick open my hole in a weird and painful way. I yelled that he was hurting me and he just turned around, said "Get on all fours and don't complain, whore", and put me against the place he was sitting in a second ago. He didn't wait for me to get comfortable, he didn't even wait for me to have all my limbs down before he started fucking me.
      "I'm gonna take a while", he said, and pushed his dick all the way it could go in. I could feel my second sphincter opening up, but it hurt like hell, my body was clenching up and my dick was oozing cum out of the excitement. Pain was bad, pleasure up there with it, and the continuous loud fucking was drawing some shadows into the little dark room. Soon this guy sat close to my head and pulled out a nice average dick. I sucked on it, not even trying to jerk myself off as all I could do was focus on being a good willing hole.
      The guy I was blowing took a little poppers bottle out out of nowhere and gave me a hit and that fucking did it. The hung top fucking me took the queue and shoved his dick all the way in and the pain gave way to pleasure as I could feel my fucking soul opening up at the same time my second sphincter did, letting him truly all the way in. "Give me some poppers", the top said and took the biggest hit ever. "I'm leaving it there, bitch", he said and fucked me hard, moaning and yelling, as some guys watched him wrecking my hole. With a big final plow he said he was cumming and dropped his load as far in as his dick would go, leaving me sore, leaving my balls emptied of cum, leaving my ass with four loads and leaving my head with the knowledge that I had them all the real way in.
      I got up, took my towel, thanked the guy for the load, showered and left. Got home a while ago and can barely sit. My underwear is wet from my hole dripping cum, but I'm trying to keep it squeezed as that's some hard earned loads. I'll be going out later tonight, hopefully there're more loads to take. I'll write about whatever happens.
    • By munchy
      baby its bath time get in the tub. im in the tub and 3 chubs come in with buckets. whats in the buckets. it cum they say. wow thats a lot. they dump the cum on me and rub my body. mmmmm very nice i say. the chubs smile they lick and suck my fingers and chest. how did you get so much i ask. we will show you later. daddy turns on the water and washes me. we moan mmm mmm mmm. your a good boy daddy says. he kisses me with some cum. then dries me and carries to the living room. i have a surprise for you. ok you can come in now. i gasp and say what hes real he looks like him but how.
    • By chastecumdump
      I've never really done anything but I have fantasies of being forced to become what I truly am. I don't really enjoy master/slave or daddy/son dynamics but I would love to find someone that would be a buddy or bro that would edge me along without anything too structured. If I found someone, these are some of the fantasies I'd love to realize.
      I'd be placed in permanent chastity (without a key at all or with you holding the key but knowing it's truly permanent and never coming off. I'd be stretched to take anything from a fist or baseball bat to a cruel condom and horse cock dildo. Once I'm pozzed, I'd have a biohazard tattoo around my asshole and a tattoo along with other tattoos to my place. Take me to a bathhouse and make me lick the floor of the dark room before taking all loads. Pimp me out to truckers or make me put on a show for your friends. 
      I dream of being gangbanged with a hood and gag on, hearing complete strangers making fun of my pathetic caged cock as they fuck me like a fleshlight. 
    • By MiaSlut24
      Hi Boy.
      I hope you take the time to read and coment on my post since i am taking the time to write my experience though processes and emotions  though out this real life moment. 
       i will be writing this  in a series  of short  post rather then one super long super detail post that might lose your interest.  so as long as you guys show interest and comment then i shall keep writing  for you guy. 
      Part ONE
      The idea on an anonymous cum dump is something me and my BFF have always talked about and planned  in in secret and fantasized but never really had any idea how to do it or the guts to do it.  we both know  what we've done and  she is the only person i have ever told all my secrets to.  she was one of my first high school friends and we have been close ever since then no matter what.  
      It all began at some point in the week. it had been a while since we had seen anyone and are hormones must have been high cuz all we could talk about was sex.     we talked and searched the net for hot stories and dirty context.  we came up on a Craigslist post  about a guy wanting to anonymous breed a girl no questions asked.  we googled Anon Sex and ran into a tone of gay porn. we where so turned on by these guys spreed open on all fours taking other random guys bareback and shooting there loads into there ass.  it was pretty gay lol but the idea was super hot. we started tossing ideas and what ifs and so forth and soon we where both over the edge and desperate  for some dick.  we talked about all the pros and cons, risk  and how we would go about setting something like this up.   we both wanted it but for obvious  reasons where a bit scared.   at the time i was 21 she  had just turned 22. so we started off by testing out how many men would actually do this. we posted an AD on craigslist  seeking straight men to fuck bareback and cream pie  no questions asked. to my surprise  the next morning my inbox was full with guys lining up to participate.  seeing my inbox with  over 50  emails of random all color and size cock was crazy hot.  it was at that point i knew i wanted to go forward with it. 
      My BBF came over that   night and we worked out the who, when ,where parts.   for safety reasons we agreed that we would both be in the room but only one would participate while the other watched and kept things under control/.  we   drew name to see who would go first and my name was picked out.  so the planning began. 
      We looked  for a motel  with and hourly rate and booked it for 3 hours. that was going to be the limit  half hour setting up 2 hours for who ever showed up and  the final half hours for clean up or just chilling and talking about what just went down. 
      We planned for a saturday night to make sure we both were free and to guy the men the best possible chance of them being free. 
      plus it gave us time to rest  the next day.
      THE GUYS
      we averaged out 15 minutes  per guy as this was not about who could last the longest but instead of how many we could do in the set time  period.  I began emailing back guys  hows cock stood out and got my attention.   we figured 8-10 guys  but emailed 15 in case there was no shows.  after some time we narrowed it down to the 15 men  and gave them the location a time and a number  for there order. 
       the only question that where asked to the men was there cock size, there backgound,  nothing else mattered. 
      4 American 
      5 Blacks 
      3 Hispanics 
       3 Europen 
      we started  the  mid size cocks  then the large ones and if time permitted the smallest cocks last. 
      For safety reasons we told a Male friend to be in the car in the parking lot ready for anything. 
      So after a  two days of talking and planning it was set and ready to go down. 
       The Plan was that i would be blindfolded  and placed in the middle of one of the motel beds on all fours with my ass up in the air.  The door would be left unlocked  they walk in fuck cum and go. Mt bbf was there to keep  track of things since i would be blindfolded. 
      Hope you like the start of this i figure there would be 5-6 parts to this so  show some love leave your comments and ill write part 2  when i have ur attentions. 
      if i missed anything  you might want to know so far in the story leave you questions. 
    • By LoadMyHoleOAK
      Another cum dump night on Saturday at Slammer in Los Angeles.Because this was my third time there, I pretty much knew the layout and where I should go for raw anonymous fucking. So I didn’t waste any time walking around the cubbies but headed straight for the dark room where I could have my ass up and ready for any dick that wanted to use it. I spent most of the night there ass up against the fuck bench.
      I’m lucky to have a good top friend in my life and we’ve spent many hours talking and texting each other about our fantasies and desires. He’s always encouraged me to fufill my desire to be a cum dump and been very influential on the journey. He was the first one to tell me about Breeding Zone which helped me open my eyes and understand what I could be. I’d read the stories and be jealous of all the bottoms that would allow themselves to take all loads.
      I started barebacking about a year and a half ago and quickly learned how much I love it; especially the feeling when my hole has been well used and fully loaded. That feeling is like a drug to me; I just can’t get enough of it!
      On my journey I had to overcome my fear of rejection because I could no longer pretend to be the “good boy” and “husband material” gay man. Instead I learned to accept that I want to be a hole that is used by as many men as possible to dump their loads in and in anonymous, sleazy locations.
      My friend has been there to encourage me all the way. He shaped and changed my way of thinking so that I gained self acceptance. He got me to look past appearances and social mores to understand my purpose: To serve as a cum dump to ALL men that need one. Lately he’s been training me to think of myself as just a hole; a receptacle for the needs of men. And to let go my thoughts and desires and focus on the pleasure of the top. So on Saturday I took his training and advice to heart and thought about myself as a hole. I let any and all man who wanted to...use it. I didn’t care if they were short, tall, fat, ugly, muscular or handsome… My hole was theirs to use. So after about five hours, 12 to 15 fucks and seven loads in me, I felt like I had learned his lesson well.

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