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  1. lovely arse anonbtm!

  2. ABS Glory Hole

    Which abs still have gh in Houston ?
  3. North Houston Cumdump

    Looking for tips in the North Houston area who are in need of a Cumdump anytime!
  4. Jake houston, texas Puerto Rican 39 / 6’2” / 229 avail anytime (832)510-0315 total slut Cumdump
  5. TBRU 2017

    Staying at host hotel and taking anon loads all night Thursday thru Sunday!
  6. Coming to Houston, bathhouse recommendation? Top recommendation? Monster cock recommendation? Knot or horse recommendation? No limits for this slave

  7. Repost - Houston Cumdump who is always available for Daddy Top's! 39/6'2"/235 (832)510-0315 Neg on PrEP assintheairinhotel@yahoo.com located in the north Houston part of town but can travel anywhere and love anon hotel pump n' dump sessions!
  8. Jake Houston total raw bb btm sub cumdump Houston, Texas 38 / 6'2" / 235 beefy Puerto Rican (832)510-0315 ALWAYS AVAILABLE!
  9. Raw btm Whore

    Looking for raw loads all the time from dom top guys all the time!
  10. Looking to be whored out in Houston
  11. Any Tops

    Seeking Tops in the Houston area
  12. Staying by Denver airport area and looking for total tops into anonymous darkroom breeding
  13. Any Tops in Spring area

    Anytime you're in the area and you're a Top looking for some good manhole!
  14. Any Tops in Spring area

    Looking for Tops in the Spring / Conroe / Woodlands area

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