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On 12/7/2019 at 11:09 AM, Phillymale said:

Taking anon cock through a GH is very hot. If anyone looking to give or receive I am available. 

I'm always looking to receive, if you are ready let me know and we can meetup at Pleasures west colfax...

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14 minutes ago, jessicacd said:

went to i70 and wads circus place . fully dressed and had atleast 4 guys use my hole i was center of attention


Was this recently? Are they open? 

you need to let us know when you go sweetie so other can join in. 🙂

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Visited the Pleasures on W. Colfax yesterday. The arcade is open, but all the GHs have been boarded up. One of the new rules is "No wandering". You're supposed to stay in one booth. Yeah, right.

Met one guy sitting in a booth with the door open. He gladly accommodated me by sucking me off.

The place was very quiet - it was ~5:00 on a Tuesday night - only two other men there. Might be worth going on a Friday or Saturday evening.

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    • By subboy4SIR
      Does anyone on here use or have experience with the Sniffies website?
      I'm not seeing an Android app available.
      Also, the website thinks I'm in Canada (and shows data only there) but I'm not.
    • By Hungtop4barehole
      Mary is a 24 years old and she is very active, works out, takes classes and has a part time job.  Her husband Dan is a tell very good looking guy who is trying to climb the latter at work and puts in too many hours and he also travels for work a lot.  They used to face-time and help each other get off but they rarely do that anymore.  Mary had needs and over the last year they have grown and Mary started searching for online, harmless attention and she started having video chats with a guy in Denver.  She felt this was safe since they were more than a thousand miles away from each other.  They would talk dirty to each other and she would show off her wand and toys and dress up for Mike the guy in Denver.  She would cum a few times and then he would jack off and shoot all over a picture of her he had captured on his phone while the were video chatting.  
      She say good night and sign off and sleep better than she had in month.  She would always let Mike know when Dan was coming home and for how long so they could time their sessions and without talking to Mike she found another guy in Dallas who had a bigger dick than Mike and she started video chatting with him.   Mike was sexy at 33 5'11 180 muscled and 8" pretty thick but Marco  was 6'4 200 all muscle and 9" uncut Greek guy.  So hot and masculine.  She definitely thought they were both hot but if she had to pick she would pick Marco with his dark skin, tall muscled body and that huge dick.  She was happier than she had been a long time and all her friends and family could hear it in her voice. 
      Mike started having her tell him about guys she saw at the gym.  He would say tell me about the hottest guy today at the gym, what does he look like and why did he catch your attention? What do you want him to do to you, This got Mary looking at lots of guys sexually and wondering what it would be like to be fucked and breed by a lot of hot guys at the gym.  She would never act on it but it was hot talking with Mike about it.  This went on for weeks and Mary kept talking about this tall blonde guy at the gym.  She even knew his name Sven.  He was from Sweden, hot like a model and his short always showed a bulge. He was in Grad School and spent a lot of time at the gym. She would cum hard when she would talk about him using her wand.  She also continued to talk with Marco and show off for him and admire his body and that big member of his.
      She had told Mike about Dan's weekend retreat with the boy.  They were going fishing and would be gone for five days over a weekend. Mike had made plans to be in town while Dan was with his buds. Mike had not told Mary but after he arrive he sent her a text and told her he was in town and that he would finally like to meet her.  She did not respond right away, he waited five minutes and called her.  She answered and said hello, how are you and they made small talk and he asked her to meet him at the hotel bar for a drink.  She said I am not going to cheat on my husband I just need you to know that.  MIke said that was not an issue and that they would just have a chance to meet.  She agreed but she was a bit nervous being seen in public with Dan.  She showed up at seven as agreed and Mike was even better looking in person.  He welcomed her and gave her a hug.  They sat and he told her he would grab them drinks, she asked for a sex on the beach and off he went.  When he arrive back he gave her her drink and since she was nervous she drink it quickly.  The buzz hit her and the G Mike slipped in the drink.  Mike grabbed another round and she sipped this one, she told Mike how horny she was getting.  He told her he brought some toys and she should come up not to have sex but to show him in person how she makes herself cum.  
      She agreed after he promised to sit and stay in a chair while she pleasured herself. When they entered his room he got the toys from the dresser and placed them on the bed and then stripped and sat in the chair three feet from the bed.  Mary slowly took her clothes off while his dick got hard and he stroked it.  She kept looking over it and fighting the urge to suck his dick for him.  She got up on the bed and slipped her panties off and then started rubbing her already wet pussy.  She grabbed a toy and started using the vibrator and closed her eyes and moaned.  Mike moved the chair closer and when she looked up she smiled and then told Mike how amazing it felt, She closed her eyes again while she inserted the vibrator and when she opened them his chair was right next to the bed .  She inserted the vibrator again and then she felt Mikes hand on her leg tracing his way to her inner thigh.  She kept using the vibrator and he eventually had his fingers right next to the vibrator.  She pulled the vibrator out and he started to finger her pussy.  She moaned and opened her legs a little wider and he started to deeply insert two fingers,  She moaned and shook as he got off the chair and onto the bed and soon he was licking her wet pussy while he finger banged her. 
      It was not long till she came hard and he kept fingering her and licking that wet kitty.  He eventually pulled his fingers out and began kissing his way up to her nipples and sucked the left on and then the right with a little nibble and she moaned and whimpered and then up to her neck and kissed on her neck as he rubbed his big dick on her clit.  Back and forth in a fucking motion and then he changed the direction and slowly slit in her wet cunt.  She opened her eyes and looked like she knew what she was doing was wrong but no words came out and she made no effort to stop Mike from fucking her.  Eventually he was pounding her pussy and shoved deep and shot his load inside her.  She had cum four times since the night started.  Mike fucked her four times that night and they finally fell asleep and when Mike woke Mary had slipped out of the room.  
      Mary once she got in her car had to feel her wet cummy pussy and although she wishes she had not done it she was so hot that he came inside her so many times.  She felt like a real woman not like her husband makes her feel.  
    • By Hungtop4barehole
      Trevor is totally straight, never sucked, touched or even attempted to be with a guy.  He got plenty of action being 29  5'11 blonde, blue eyed, muscled athletic body, tatted sleeve on his left arm and a few other tats along with model looks.  He got hit on a lot by guys and over the years there were a few times he fantasized about what it would be like to have a guy suck hid big dick (9") and a few guys he even thought about fucking.  Young guys with bubble butts who hit on him but he never acted on any of that.  He knew he was straight and he only wanted pussy!  
      Trevor was in San Diego for work for a week, there was a gym right down the street so he paid a week membership and hit the gym after checking in to his room.  There were only guy in the gym no women, he was a bit bummed.  He had hoped he would be able to pick up a local hottie to fuck in his hole.  He got lots of attention in his shorts with his bulge showing.  Most of the guy in the gym seemed to be gay with the exception of two others and himself.  There was a attractive Latin Military guy and a college guy both 5'8 the Latin was all muscled up and a big fat ass.  The dark haired thin college guy was thin everywhere but his bubble butt. Trevor worked out but drifted off a few time thinking about both of them sucking him off him fucking their ass.  Working out always made him horny.  Neither of the guy every made an attempt to hit on Trevor and one left and the other hit the locker room.  There were two gay guys who followed him in to the locker room so I decided to finish my workout and head back to the hotel and rub one out.  
      Trevor passed the front desk and there was an envelope there with his agreement and pass etc.  When he got back to the hotel there was a note in envelope.  It just had a website address on it.  StraightnHorny.us.  He laid it on desk with the agreement and took a shower and put on a pair of boxers and a t-shirt.  Grabbed his laptop and checked his mail and then grabbed the note and typed in the website.  It had men and women at the top and several articles about why sex is just sex.  One talked about gay men fucking pussy and the other on the front talked about how Straight men sometime just need no strings hook ups and using a gay guy to get off is like jacking off and using your hand.  Just read more and then as he scrolled down there were videos of straight guy getting head from gay guys.  Fuck he thought, that is hot as fuck.  His dick was getting hard and he pulled it out from the leg and started rubbing it.  He watched each of the videos and he was convinced he should seriously consider letting a dude blow him.
      He then notice a link all the way down at the bottom and he hit it and it opened a Blow and Go site.  There were three options, Service, Glory Hole and Cum Dumps.  He hit the Service and lots of ads popped up with pictures of guys who wanted to service straight guy.  Trevor thought not sure about this as he glanced thought the pictures but he opened one that said Bi guy to service straight dick.  The guy definitely is the kind of guy he would hang out with back home and search for pussy.  He hit him up and said Straight guy here for the week and looking to be serviced.  Never had a guy suck my dick before but always thought about it.  He scrolled thought and ended up comping and pasting the same message.  Four emails went out and he sat back wondering how this all worked.  
      While he went back to the other site and clicked a box that said ask a straight guy anything.  In the bio the guy said he started to site to help straight guys.  Trevor clicked it and a live chat came up and the guy text "hey straight guy"  Welcome to the site and I am here to answer any questions.
      Trevor - Hey is this site for real?
      Mike - Yes, absolutely. It was created to help straight guy remove barriers.  Just because you let a dude service or you get off an a woman's pussy or ass for gay guys it does not change your sexuality and who you are.  It took me a long time to realize this and this is my way of giving back.
      Trevor - Dude, that is amazing.  I love pussy but I have to admit that I have thought about getting head from a guy and if this works out it will be my first time.  Any advice, not sure how to get it rolling if one of the guy hits me up and I have him over to the hotel.
      Mike - Just be clear about what you want, for instance if you want to open the door and let the guy in with no small talk, have him unbutton your pants and pull them down and fish out your dick and start servicing you or say to follow you to a chair and you take off your towel or open your robe etc.  Tell the guy if you need him to swallow your load, do you like your balls licked, ass eaten.  You do not have to leave anything to chance.  Just be clear about what all you want.
      Trevor - Fuck that makes total sense.  I can do that!  Damn, so these guy will lick balls and eat ass too?  I love my hole eaten.
      Mike - Not everyone is into it but if you tell them what you want up front you will get it if they are into it.
      Trevor - Thanks man, hope one of the guys hits me back.
      Mike - They will, hit me up and let me know how it goes.
      Trevor went back to answering emails and checked his private account every few minutes to see if any of the guys answered. 
    • By orlandotopdude
      I enjoy GH play.  I love breeding GH ass.  Any private gloryholes in Chicago?
    • By ErosWired
      I imagine that February 14 is usually a canoodlin’ day for those of you men fortunate enough to have a special partner in your life, but there are many, many of us for whom Valentine’s Day is just a big old poke in the eye because not only do we not have anyone, everywhichway we turn we get reminded of the fact because the stores are full of red and chocolate shit we’re not going to be giving or getting.
      For some, I guess the situation might result in a man retreating to his solitary man-cave with whatever libation seems best to dull the pain. But my question is: How many of you unattached men will instead go out looking for an ass to breed or a cock to ride tomorrow - and do you think you will do it especially because of what day it is?
      And for you guys partnered and boyfriended up, are any of you likely to head out looking to share the love rather than keeping it just between the two of you?
      I would appreciate some feedback on this as soon as possible, because if it sounds like there will be a lot of men in need tomorrow, I had better get my ass ready...

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