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    ABS, Midtowne Spa, Denver Swim club, Pleasures ABS on West Colfax in Denver
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  1. Sorry, but I assume this is in San Francisco
  2. Irvone

    Sucking while getting fucked

    Always the best to be filled @ both ends!!! Irv
  3. Thanks for the Follow!!! *smooch*

  4. Irvone

    Farming for condoms

    Always looking for used condoms in Denver Swim club or Pleasures on w. Colfax...any suggestions?? Irv
  5. Irvone

    Exhibitionist Barebacker

    WOW, that is a perfect night!!
  6. Irvone

    how many loads can you swallow?

    The most I have collected in one session is 8, in my glass and drank when it was so the right time to slush around in my mouth and swallow...
  7. Irvone

    Naked Night at the Eagle

    Sorry Where is this Black Eagle??Oh, never mind, it is in Toronto....
  8. Irvone

    Black Breeding Me

    They would not have to hold me down, my ass would be up waiting for the next cock fill me!! Irv
  9. Irvone

    Sucking while getting fucked

    Love mounting the red fuck bench on occasion, while each hole is being used!! Always the best time @ DSC In Denver, just wish I was used more!!! Irv
  10. Irvone

    Hotel for group

    Love to used as a Cum dump, if you need one let me know...this B.B. Cumdump needs loads!! Irv
  11. Irvone

    Lesson Learned

    Man, where can I find guys who want to use me & fill me up??? That fantasy will never be filled here in Denver...is there a good place to go if one wants to get filled up?? Irv
  12. My BB ass is a sperm bank that needs deposits, why am I not getting any deposits lately?? I go to DSC in Denver, put myself into the sling, yet no interest in one hour...Denver West Colfax Pleasures is another, yet no interest while I am in a good booth, with my bare clean hole at the hole, yet no interest???? What must one do???? Irv

  13. I would love to volunteer my B.B. Ass!!
  14. Man, I would love to attend such a party where I can get loaded up!! Why is there no parties here in Denver??? Irv
  15. Irvone

    Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    I’d go as a mare as well!! Ultimate fantasy!!Red hood!!

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