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  1. I would love to volunteer my B.B. Ass!!
  2. Man, I would love to attend such a party where I can get loaded up!! Why is there no parties here in Denver??? Irv
  3. Irvone

    Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    I’d go as a mare as well!! Ultimate fantasy!!Red hood!!
  4. I have, yet can not find many at DSC ... not many wanting to fill me up raw...???
  5. If guys want to use a condom, I always collect them to use later!!
  6. I wish I could find more than one or two to fill me up, just wish there were more tops around here!!!;(
  7. Irvone

    Fuck Club

    This is one club I would love to be a member since I am a BB!!! I wish there were more opportunities here in Denver...
  8. I would love to establish a cum dump breeding group here in Denver!!
  9. Irvone

    Anonymous loads

    That's how I want it..., just need to find the anon cocks first....
  10. Irvone


    I would love to receive multiple loads!!! Unfortunately I can not find "Condom Swappers" on line anymore...Sad....
  11. Irvone

    Dripping by the end

    I wish I could have a night like that... the most loads I've gotten are 6 loads in one night, wishing for many more... in my ass anyway...the most I've gotten to drink was eight in my included PIC.....at a photo session at Denver Swim club years ago...I wish there was a Cum Union event in Denver... I may have to go on Vacation to one of the listed CumUnion events elsewhere....any suggestions anyone???
  12. Irvone

    Experiences at CumUnion

    I wish they had a Cumunion party here in Denver...
  13. Irvone


    Hi, I have saved used condoms at various adult book stores and at DSC when I went there & have done the exact thing as your pic...its really great isn't it!!!
  14. Baldwin, that looks like one big sack of balls I've ever seen!! WOW!!!

    1. baldwin


      thanks! due to abuse they aren't quite that big anymore.  :(

  15. Irvone, 720-295-4465, Text only, mention Breeding Zone in 1st text so I know this is an IMPORTANT message. Denver, Colorado, USA. After 11pm is best. Age 60, 5 '9", 175 lbs, I can not host, but can be over quickly anywhere in Denver metro area...

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