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  1. Probably over two hundred cocks, lots of cum swallowed!! Now want to fill my ass with as many as I can!!
  2. Men, I need to get invited to a cum dump session party so I can get filled up. Is it best to travel to a place or rent a hotel/motel room and hope guys will find me and make deposits in my sperm bank ass as a cum dump??? Irv
  3. Wow, which park is this??? I would love to offer my ass in this park!!! Irv
  4. Is there a good hotel or motel in Denver area where I can setup a cumdump session for guys to use me or is it better to go to DSC or Midtowne & offer my ass in the play areas???
  5. Anyone in Denver area know a good hotel or motel to setup this cumdump for filling?? Irv
  6. Nice!!, I have to setup a session like that to get filled!!
  7. 50 loads would be a record for me....
  8. Where are you going to get that many loads???WOW!!!
  9. I wish I could get that many!!
  10. What so Ap do you have for the tally??
  11. Lately I am lucky to find just one???
  12. NICE, I would love to match that!! Irv

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