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  1. We all know the now I take all cocks bare and assume most if not all are poz. I do not know much about the medical aspects of being poz but I accept the consequences.
  2. Sorry guys, but what is CCBC ?
  3. Thanks for the rep in real or pretend cumdump

  4. Once I am on the bench or in the sling I take all cocks & he should know that... We all need to learn sometimes...that's why we are there....
  5. Whenever I go to a ABS or Pleasures theater here in Denver, I look for used condoms as well to enjoy later...
  6. Did you use a P O box or your actual address??
  7. How did you advertize you wanted used condoms sent to you??
  8. I so much want to used!! Where are all the Tops in Denver??
  9. I wish that was my Cunt !! YUM !!!
  10. to me those totals are incredible...WOW, so far I've had only 30 so far this year :(... Denver is so slow compared to all of you...IRV
  11. My hole is getting looser with more use... I love it!!!
  12. Texting is always best!!
  13. I need to get to Amsterdam. not many BB tops here in Denver to fill my ass... I try midtowne & Denver swim club, just not that many tops...:(
  14. Thanks for the reputation

  15. While at 1st it Would seem to be a waste, but do realize one can collect as much of it as possible into some container and either drink it down or somehow get it into my ass somehow!!! IRV

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