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    Anon scenes, topping and bottoming, swallowing a quick load.
    Threesomes and groups when I have more time to play. Poppers A+ (usually have) and I am ok with PNP. Also enjoy whoring out a blindfolded bottom - dm if interested.

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  1. And if any young anon ass up face down cumdumps want to be whored out let me know....will host you and set you up. We can met prior to work out ground rules....
  2. Hi what strip hotel is good to host anon scene or a group get together? The casinos have changed a lot of rules post Covid. Who is still no keycard / security for elevators and still has good foot traffic/ ability for people to come and go?
  3. Ramada on colfax is a good option. Any hotel on Zuni. let me know - will stop by
  4. Barebacked.com if and when the put the quick connects and party ads back on. Squirt.org is hit or miss. Doublelist.com not bad and if you post here you maybe successful.
  5. Was this recently? Are they open? you need to let us know when you go sweetie so other can join in. 🙂
  6. Off work Monday March 2nd - would love to get into some popper fueled fun with 3-4+ guys during the day. But I can not host. anyone interested/able to host? Can set up a bbrt ad for popper party for some cum covered bareback group action.
  7. Going to head over to W. Colfax and King Pleasures around 2pm today to recon and hopefully swallow some loads if anyone looking for some GH relief.
  8. Taking anon cock through a GH is very hot. If anyone looking to give or receive I am available.
  9. Hotel Governeur is you best bet. Right on St Catherine at the start of the village. Very friendly. 3* (ish). No key card elevators. Supermarket attached. Easy walk to gi joe. Not uncommon to find guys hosting in their rooms. enjoy
  10. Second this question - any good hotel/motel to host a n anon pump and dump or a small group?
  11. Get a Barebackrt.org and post a sex party ass up face down anon session at a local hotel like the ramada on colfax or any of the Zuni st hotels. Set it for 4 to 6 PM on a weekday to catch the after work crowd. Or in the afternoon on the weekend. Posted about seven days in advance. Make sure you have a good ass photo. Expect about a 30 to 40% show up percentage. But they will show up.
  12. Old Sheraton, now called 201. Or Holiday Inn Express in gayborhood. poppers available sex ship on 13th just north of Walnut
  13. Sheraton on 17th (called 201 now??) or Holuday in on 13th and walnut meet requirements. avoid courtyard and residence inn - need keycards for elevator.
  14. Looking to get 4-5 guys for a hotel group for a weekday session 5-7pm idea. Mix of bottom/top/vers . 47yr, WM, 6’, 240lbs, 6” cut, vers, popper friendly, neg on PreP. let me know if interested and details. Thinking Ramada on Colfax or in Cherry Creek or Park Meadow area. can become regular thing.
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