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Recommendations for a Prince Albert in New York

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    • By Fuzzypup
      Hey guys, traveling from Pennsylvania, through lower new York, and into seymore CT on Friday, and back. Was wondering if there is anyone looking to drop a load in a traveler, or if there are any good baths or saunas that are on the way. 
    • By stillwaters
      I have long loved seeing men with PAs, especially seeing them bareback with it in, and I have had the great pleasure five or six times to be the grateful recipient - ranging in gauge from 6 to 0 ga.  I am also extremely attracted to men who have septums, especially larger gauge ones.  I've never had the pleasure of kissing a man with a septum, but hope (and lust) springs eternal.  I've read a fair amount about PAs, what different men say is the best - curved barbell, captive bead, screw in bead...  The one thing I can't really find is men who have them, especially larger ones, talking about how it feels to the top, and men who get fucked by a man with them, talking about how it feels.  It has unfortunately been about 6 years since I had one, which was 6 ga, and the 0 ga was probably twenty years ago.  I DO remember how fast he made me cum!  It is an experience I really want again.  I'd like to hear from other men who have them, or who get fucked by men who have them.  If this isn't your thing, please don't attempt to convince the rest of us how wrong we are.  Just acknowledge that we like something different than you do and move on.  No one's wrong, no one's right.
      I would also love to have someone to ask questions about all the different jewelry, i.e. door knockers, wands, etc, particularly for going in the dick.  Reply here, or if you're willing to have ongoing conversations about this, send me a message.
    • By insatiablebot
      I am looking at hotel options in Manhattan (preferably mid town) where one can stay without worrying about security checking key cards/IDs of tops who'd come to fill up my fleshy bouncy ass with their loads.
      Any fellow bottom sluts who've arranged similar anon scenes for themselves in a Manhattan hotel where security wasn't an indue and all the tops could come up to your room and drop their load into you without any logistical issues? Please help
    • By loador2
      Uk cumdump visiting New York from the 5th to 7th January 2019.
      Will be staying at hotel Pennsylvania, looking to beat my london record of 49 loads. No load will be refused, door unlocked taking all loads all night from 5th at 4pm onwards until cant take any more. 
      I will be hooded, in a jock waiting like a good cumdump ready take all your loads. 
      More details of room number and start time will be given once I check in and ready.
      to add your details either message on whatsapp only +447967503046 or email ukbttmcumdump @outlook.com
      looking good forward to taking all your loads 

    • By seaguy
      Did anyone on here attend this party?  Curious to know how it ended up turning out.
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