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This is my first story on here, and... well... it's a long one folks. I've been reading fiction from this site for over a year and here's my crack at it. I really wanted to focus on a more romantic element to the POZ genre, so it will get a bit slow at times. Thankfully, I already have a few parts already made so I'll be able to post them pretty quickly before I break to create more. Tell me what you think and see you on the other side of these LONG ass post. It might take a little bit of time to build to the POZ stuff too, but don't worry... it's cumming. ? Enjoy!




It was the sound that Daniel had dreaded to hear ever since he first started to have sex at the age of 15 and even more so since he started bottoming at the age of 18. The condom had broken while Jeremy was fucking him. From the look on Jeremy’s face, he knew it too. He slowly pulled out of Daniels ass to reveal the shredded piece of latex waving at the end of his dick.

“Oh shit.  I knew that would happen.  This thing’s been in my wallet for forever.”

“What?!  You’re not supposed to do that!”  Daniel had done his share of research on the topic of condom use and proper condom use around the time he started to bottom.

“I know, but it’s not like I have room for them in my other pockets.  Do you have another one?  Maybe in your glove compartment?”  They were parked in an open field and in the back seat of Daniel’s SUV.

“No, my parents take my car so much, I don’t want them to start snooping and find any.”

“Well… fuck.  What do we do now?” Jeremy asked, looking more bummed out than Daniel had seen him be in a while. “I could-“

“What?” Daniel asked.

“You know… do you without a condom.”

“You mean raw?” Daniel did not like the idea at first. Even though he and Jeremy had been going out, monogamously, for a while now, he didn’t know if he would be comfortable risking his entire future once he came down from being so horny. But he was incredibly horny. And even though the thought may have repulsed him a little at first, he was curious as to what Jeremy’s big cock would feel like up his ass.

“I guess that’s what you would call it. So, what do you say? I’m pretty sure I’m clean as a whistle. You’re the only man I’ve ever been with, and I REALLY like you.” Daniel couldn’t take it anymore, and on top of everything, Jeremy looked at him with his pretty blue eyes. The moonlight shining through the windows reflected off the interior of the car and lit his face in a nearly perfect crescent (an image that he would come back to on his lonely nights in the future.)

Laying on his back, Daniel grabbed Jeremy’s cock, removed the shredded remains of the broken condom and placed it at the entrance to his hole.  He looked up into Jeremy’s eyes, “I REALLY like you too, Jeremy.”  Daniel kissed him.  As he was kissing him, he wasn’t sure if he just LIKED Jeremy.  He wasn’t sure if he LOVED him, but he did know that he felt so safe in his embrace.  Safer than he’d ever felt with another man before.  As they were kissing, Daniel grabbed the lobes of Jeremy’s ass and pushed his dick into his asshole.  They both let out a moan of pure ecstasy.  This was the first time that either of them had fucked or been fucked without a condom and the feeling, momentarily, overwhelmed them both.  Jeremy continued to push further into Daniel’s ass, and with each inch, Daniel felt as if he was going to explode.  He had never felt this close to someone else and, deep down, he was glad that it was Jeremy that he was with.

Jeremy began to slowly piston in and out of Daniel’s asshole.

“Oh my god!  Your ass feels so good!  Like warm silk.  Are you doing alright?” Jeremy asked between grunts, each one sounding as if he could cum at any minute.

"Yes, just please don’t stop yet.  Your dick feels amazing.  It’s like I can feel every detail on your skin,” Daniel said as Jeremy continued to piston his hips into his ass.  Jeremy then began to pick up his pace and really started to pound Daniel’s ass.  This was a new side to Jeremy that Daniel had never seen before; Daniel never fucked him like this with a condom.  All the while they kept eye contact and while, without him even knowing he was going to do it, he began to mouth out the words, “I love you.”  That was what pushed Jeremy over the edge.  He pulled Daniel in close to him, chest against chest, and held him as he continued to plow his hole until he slammed into him as deep as he could and began to fill his hole with his cum for the first time.

They both took a minute to catch their breaths, and Jeremy continued to hold Daniel who was, internally, freaking out over what he had just said, or hadn’t said; he wasn’t sure if he had just mouthed the words or actually said them out loud.  While Jeremy was still hard inside Daniel’s ass, he pulled back, just enough to see Daniel’s face and said, “I love you too.”

That night, Jeremy pumped one more load into Daniel before Jeremy allowed Daniel (who normally didn’t bottom) to pump a load into him.  At the end of the night, Daniel dropped Jeremy off before returning to his parent’s farmhouse out in the country.  That was the last time Daniel would see Jeremy for a few years.  In the morning, Daniel got a call from his friend in Utah that was working for a lawyer who happened to need another associate.  Daniel didn’t want to leave so quickly, but he knew that chances like that didn’t come around all the time.  He jumped at the opportunity.

Daniel texted Jeremy in the morning and, even though he seemed happy for Daniel, he could read some angry subtext.  He left on a plane two days later for the interview and was hired on the spot.  He went home, packed up his things and headed in his car to Utah.  He thought about seeing Jeremy again while he was home, but the thought was too painful, and he didn’t think he’d be able to go through with the move if he did.  He was running away, yes, but he also knew that this was the best chance for him to have a career.  As he drove west from Illinois, he’d occasionally catch himself looking in the back seat remembering being held in Jeremy’s arms as he told him, “I love you too.”

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Chapter 1: Closer to Home

                Ch. 1: Part 1

                It had been three and a half years since Daniel moved to Utah. While he was out there, his friend that helped him get the job let him stay with him and split the rent 50/50. Within a year of him getting there, though, Daniel’s friend had met a girl and they moved in together, leaving Daniel with the rent and an extra long lease to cover. He was able to stay afloat for a while, but as the lease was winding down, he decided that he should (and could) start looking for jobs elsewhere. He loved Utah, but a part of him always hated being so far away from his family.

                With the experience that he gained at the firm he was working at, he was pretty set and was able to seriously look into any place he wanted to. So he started looking into Chicago. Growing up gay in the shadow of not one, but two big cities (St. Louis being the other), he always wanted to live in one of them, if not for the culture, than the awesome clubs and (maybe even) bathhouses that were there. While Mormon boys were a lot kinkier than Daniel could have believed, they didn’t do much for him outside of the bedroom. He wanted someone that reignited the feelings that he had felt with Jeremy all those years ago, and if he couldn’t find that, he’d want to find someone who could boink his brains out without being overwhelmed with guilt after.

                It only took a few applications when he was called up for not just one interview, but a few. Before he booked a ticket, there was one thing that he was interested in though; he dialed Jeremy’s number.

                “Hello?” Jeremy said as he answered.

                “Hey, Jeremy. It’s… umm… it’s Dan.”

                “Oh! Dan! What’s happening my man?!” Daniel’s heart skipped a beat at that. He knew that somewhere within him he still had feelings for Jeremy, but he didn’t know that they would still be this strong.

                “Nothing much. I was just calling to tell you that I have a few interviews in Chicago this week and was wondering if you’d want to meet up for some coffee or something if I’d be able to get enough time to sneak on south?”

                “Really? That’d be awesome! But….” Daniel could feel it coming, he had moved away too, probably.

                “But there’d be no need to travel to SIL (Southern Illinois); I moved to Chicago a year ago.” Daniel couldn’t believe his luck and the fact that the mother of all coincidences had happened.


                “I know, right?! Hey, have you booked your hotel yet?”

                “No, not yet, I was going to see if I needed to book one in Carbondale or something first before I did anything.”

                “Awesome! You should just stay in my apartment for the week. I have a guest room for when family or,” Jeremy coughed to stall as he looked for the right, or appropriate, word, “umm, friends stay over.” Daniel figured what he meant by “friends” but didn’t blame him since he too had had a lot of “friends” over since he was away.

                “That sounds like a great idea! I’d love to! Thanks so much, man!”

                “Don’t mention it, Dan.” Daniel felt the warmness in his tone through the phone and wanted to be in his arms. Daniel continued, “Just text me the details, and I’ll text you with my address.”

                “Sure, sounds like a plan,” Daniel said.

                “Alright, keep in touch, and I’ll see you soon.”

                “Will do, see ya!”

                Just as Daniel was about to hang up the phone, he heard another man’s voice say, “Who was that?” He wanted to believe he wasn’t jealous, but a part of him was.

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Since these two chapters don't have much happening in them (at least sex-wise) I'll post them both at the same time. Enjoy!

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Ch. 1: Part 2

                When Daniel left him all those years ago, Jeremy didn’t know what to do with himself. He had never loved or cared for anyone before like he had cared for Daniel. But the second they both revealed how they felt, Daniel left. He left him there, with no one who would ever look at him the same way Daniel would. He stayed in his room for a week, hardly leaving. He couldn’t help to text Daniel back when he texted him, but for the most part, he wanted to throw his phone against the wall every time it chimed his ringtone. He had never been so hurt in his life, he felt like a giant exposed nerve, flinching at even the slightest breeze. He knew he had to get away. Away from all the memories of him.

                Jeremy began saving his money and eventually had a decent enough savings to afford a comfortable place in Chicago. Much like Daniel, though, when he was alone, his money went fast, even though he was able to find a good paying job. He found a roommate, Shane, and he took the guestroom that Jeremy wasn’t using. Shane had red hair, a runner’s build and as stated in his CL ad, was gay like Jeremy. They got along pretty well, mostly keeping out of each other’s hair so long as the rent was paid and toilet paper was replaced.

                About a year after he moved in, Shane got pretty sick. He broke out in a fever, had the chills, and had a hard time keeping any food down other than soups. They weren’t dating, but Jeremy took a few days off to help Shane through it. When he wasn’t feeling bad, Jeremy caught Shane crying and holding himself. Jeremy remembered holding himself like that after Daniel had left him, and he’d go over to him and hold him, placing his baking hot forehead against his chest. He stayed there like that with him for hours, not asking him why he was crying, or anything like that; he knew that sometimes you just had to let these things out, even if you were with someone. Once he started to feel better and Shane was able to get around without any help, Daniel found him sitting at the dining room table next to a drugstore testing kit of some type when he got home from work one day. Jeremy walked up behind him and saw that the kit was a home HIV test kit. When he looked down at the actual kit he saw that it had two lines on it; one next to a C and one next to a T.

                “I can’t say I’m surprised,” Shane said.

                “What does it mean?”

                “Positive. It means I’m HIV positive.” Jeremy wasn’t sure how to react. Shane had obviously taken the news somewhat difficultly, but now that he had the results (though not official ones Jeremy noted), he seemed a bit more calm.

                “I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do for you?”

                “Don’t leave me tonight,” Shane said, almost immediately. Jeremy wasn’t sure where that came from since he normally kept to the apartment while it was Shane that was the one always going out.

                “No problem, bud. I’m here.” Jeremy said as he gave Shane a hug from behind since he was still sitting at the table.

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I do hope this leads to them converting together. Sharing a single strain and becoming a part of the Poz Brotherhood 

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                Ch. 1: Part 3

                They both went to the couch and talked for hours. Shane told Jeremy how, ever since he came to Chicago, he started going to the local bars and bathhouses pretty regularly. And then he told him that a few weeks ago, one of his bathhouse buddies, Chip, invited him to a Bareback orgy down in the heights. He told Jeremy that by the end of the night that at least nine guys had fucked him and 7 of them had dropped their loads in his ass. It wasn’t until the orgy had begun to wind down that he noticed a few of the guys that had fucked him and loaded him up had biohazard tattoos. One even had a scorpion on his belly, with the sharp tail ending on the tip of his dick. Not being especially new to the barebacking scene he knew what they meant immediately. He had never been fucked by a POZ guy before, and even though a large part of him was terrified, he was also slightly turned on by the idea. He went up to the guy with the scorpion tattoo and grabbed his dick and looked up into his eyes.

                “You like what you feeling, boy? You want another charged-up load?” The man asked. Without saying anything, Shane nodded yes and turned around. That was all the consent the guy needed; he rammed into Shane in one slick thrust and began to fuck him against an old, beat up chair. “You want that load in your beat up cunt again, boy?” He said. Shane said that all he could do was moan something that sounded like a yes, even to him. “I’m cumming, boy! Take that unmedicated POZ load deep in your cunt!” He nearly screamed and howled as he slammed as deep into Shane as he could before unleashing a huge torrent of diseased cum into Shane’s body. Without touching his own cock, he came all over the back of the chair that he was bent over. Shane told Jeremy that the man had then told him to clean his cum off the chair and then to clean his cock, so he got down on his knees and started to like the cum covered cloth of the chair before turning to the man’s quickly deflating cock and swallowing it in one gulp. He tasted himself along with what could have only had been the other loads that were deep in his ass and, to his brief dismay, a bit of blood.

                Shane told Jeremy that for a few days after the orgy he debated on going to the doctor to get on PEP, but, in the end, for better or worse, he sided against it. Sitting on the couch with Jeremy now, recanting his story, he couldn’t pinpoint the exact reason again, but in a sense, he felt more liberated than he could possibly have imagined. He knew there were still going to be HUGE hurdles to come, but for the moment, he didn’t care. With the way he barebacked, he knew it was going to happen sooner or later and even though he wasn’t sure if he’d ever meet the guy with the scorpion tattoo on his dick, he knew that he now had a connection to him wherever he went (even if it wasn’t him that converted him.)

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                Ch. 1: Part 4

                Up until Shane had finished his story, Jeremy was feeling sad for him. Once he told him about having that connection to someone, his heart reached out and reminded him of the connection that he thought he had had with Daniel. He wanted to feel a connection like that again. He leaned over and kissed Shane, deep, on the mouth. Shane, after realizing what was happening, backed up and looked at his roommate. Even though they were both gay and had been living together for a while, they had at no time even hinted that the one was sexually attracted to the other.

                “We really shouldn’t, it wouldn’t be a good idea.”

                “I know… it’s just that… I’m kinda in the same boat you were in. I can’t go back to condoms, so I’m bound to get it eventually, and if I do, I’d rather get it from someone I trust. A friend that I know will be there for me like I could always be there for him.”

                “You have been helping me a lot lately. I don’t think I could have gotten through all of this without you. I owe you so freaking much.” He began to shed a few more tears. Jeremy brushed them off his cheeks before pulling him back in and kissing him. Shane pulled off again, “One thing, though; can we stay just friend for the time, though? I guess temporary fuck buddies would be the best term for it.” Jeremy laughed at the unique molding of the term, but he nodded in agreement. He was glad Shane had said it since Jeremy still held out the briefest strands of hope that Daniel would return to him one day. Shane had his own flame to fan after too, now; the man with the scorpion tattoo from the party. They kissed again. Jeremy got up and helped Shane off the couch.

                Jeremy led Shane to his bedroom, and they both undressed each other in front of his bed. Just as Shane was about to take off his underwear, Jeremy stopped him and pulled them down himself. Shane’s six-inch cock sprang out of his underwear, and Jeremy caught it in his mouth. As he began to bob up and down on his cock, Jeremy noticed the beads of precum trickling out and he consciously realized that he was, purposefully, taking POZ seed down his throat for the first time and that, soon, that cum, and a whole lot more, would be in his ass. Though the thought would have terrified him before all this, it turned him on, and he felt his own cock strain against the briefs he was wearing.

                Jeremy couldn’t take the anticipation any longer, he pulled down his underwear and laid back on his bed and pulled his feet into the air. Shane immediately positioned himself next to the edge of the bed and put his cock up against the warm pucker of Jeremy’s asshole. He spat on the tip of his dick and smeared the saliva all around the entrance to his hole. Before he began to push in though, he looked up at Jeremy, “Are you sure you want to do this? There’s no turning back.” Jeremy didn’t say anything, too afraid that he’d tell him, no, to stop, so he just nodded as he looked deep into Shane’s eyes. Shane began to push his bare cock into Jeremy. He was extremely tight, but the initial pain that he had felt quickly went away.

                Shane began to pump his cock in and out of Jeremy’s asshole, already leaking toxic precum that was being absorbed into the small tears in his rectum from when he first entered him. It was starting to feel good to Jeremy, and he started to let out little moans which got even louder when Shane reached down and started to play with his nipples. With that he began to reflexively clamp down on Shane’s dick; his nipples were the most sensitive part of his body during sex, and he loved when other guys played or sucked on them.

                “Yeah, fuck me, Shane.” Jeremy began to moan. “Fuck me hard.”

                “You want that POZ dick?”


                “You want me to convert you?”

                “Oh yeah. Give me that POZ cum, boy.” Having Jeremy call him boy reminded him of his tattooed man and reflexively made him start cumming.

                “Oh, god! I’m cumming! I’m charging up your chut!” Shane growled. Since he hadn’t cum the whole time he was sick, the load that Shane shot was huge. Easily a good, solid ten to fifteen spurts of extremely toxic cum injected deep into Jeremy’s, for now, NEG asshole. That was not the load that converted him though. It was a load that Shane fucked into his roommate two days later that ended up being the load that caught his body’s defenses while they were down. The virus seeped through the damaged walls of Jeremy’s ass, multiplied, and began to spread throughout his body.

                About three weeks later, Jeremy got really sick, and they both knew that the constant fucking that they had been doing over that entire time had paid off. Even more miraculously, was the fact that they DID keep it to a strictly “temporary fuck buddies” type of situation, without having feelings get in the way. The first night his fever broke past one hundred degrees they fucked one last time, and Shane left his POZ load in Jeremy’s, now, POZ ass for the last time (at least for a while.) After he came, Jeremy kissed him as deeply as he could and thanked him for his gift. They fell asleep in each other’s arms and for the next week and a half that it took him to recover, Shane never left his side.

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                Ch. 1: Part 5

                While Shane was still trying to convert Jeremy, he started to do a little sleuthing, and he quickly found the identity of his scorpion tattooed guy from the orgy. He found him on BBRT, and his name (at least online) was PaulK83. He met up with him at his place, and he instantly remembered him. When Shane told him that he had probably been POZED at that orgy, Paul (his actual first name) moved in and kissed him, then backed just far enough to tell him that he hoped it was his load that had done the trick. Shane looked into his eyes and told him that he hoped it was his load that did the trick too. They fucked like rabbits that day and for a few nights to come until Paul started to catch the same feeling for Shane that he had had for Paul.

                After Jeremy had gotten sick, Shane went to Paul and told him the news that he was able to POZ his roommate. Paul picked him up and spun him around the room; you would have thought that they had gotten engaged rather than the fact that one of them had spread their deadly disease. After they had had sex, Paul told him that if it was his load that POZED Shane, then it’s his DNA that’s now in Jeremy. The idea really turned him on. He had POZED plenty of guys and bug chasers in his time, but he had never really cared about the people that begged for it from him. Most of them, he never met again; another reason why Shane tracking him down was a big deal for him. But he cared about Shane and, even though he had only met him two or three times, he was beginning to like Jeremy. It was then that Paul asked something he thought he’d never ask anyone, especially since he was first diagnosed; he asked Shane if he wanted to be in a relationship. Still open, he didn’t think he’d ever be monogamous, but he wanted Shane to be a big part of his life. They agreed and not three months later, Shane was moving out of Jeremy’s apartment and into Paul’s house. They hosted their own orgies and even invited Jeremy over for a hot threesome sometimes, but when Jeremy did come over, he noticed that the two only had eyes for each other.

                He was happy that his friend had found someone. However, Jeremy was alone… again. He was sad for a few weeks until, out of the blue, he got the call from Daniel while Shane was over, having some beers and catching Jeremy up on the orgy circuit gossip that he suddenly been thrown into. Jeremy didn’t tell Shane who it was, but from the smile on his face when he hung up the phone, Shane knew that it had to have been the mysterious Daniel that he had heard so much about.

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This essential wraps the first chapter. Thank you all for your kind words! ?

I'm going to wait until next week to start posting chapters 2 (which is done [though it's a bit slow]) and 3 (if I [start and] finish writing it.)

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Chapter 2: Catching Up

                Ch. 2: Part 1

                The flight to Chicago was smoother than Daniel’s other trips over the Rockies, but his mind was still racing at the fact that he was going to see Jeremy again after all these years. He was surprised that he even picked up the phone, but absolutely shocked when he invited him to stay with him while he was in town. If the things were different, he wasn’t sure he would have been as forgiving. He wasn’t sure what he was going to say to him when he saw him; “Sorry, I left you right after I told you that loved you.” Remember how he fucked up made him cringe in his seat and made his neighbor in the seat next to him shift uncomfortably. He was still thinking it over when, before he knew it, the wheels of the airplane touched down at O’Hare.

                Daniel got off the plane and headed to the already jam-packed luggage claim area. Just before the alarm blared to signal the incoming bags, Daniel heard a voice right behind him.

                “Daniel?” He turned around right into Jeremy. The look of surprise on his face was a priceless “O” as he looked into the face of the man who had not left his mind over the past three years.

                “Jeremy!” He was too flabbergasted to even attempt to think about what he should do next until Jeremy beat him to the hug he was very nearly expecting to beg for. As they hugged, Jeremy, almost instinctively, pulled Daniels head into his chest. Daniel, also instinctively, melted into his embrace and nestled against his surprisingly warm chest. Both suddenly remembered they were in the middle of one of the busiest airports in the world. They pulled away from each just as the first bags started to flip off the conveyor.

                After they got the luggage, Jeremy drove Daniel to his apartment and showed him to the guest room. Immediately, Daniel was impressed, and Jeremy seemed to be doing pretty well for himself, though Daniel didn’t know what it was exactly what he was doing yet. The guest room that Jeremy had let him use was pretty big and had it’s own bathroom (well half a bathroom with a just enough room for a toilet, sink, and shower.) The bed was pretty soft, if not a bit worn in a few places, given what he imaged had been going on in here, he’d be surprised if it wasn’t worn all over.

                “Are you hungry?” Jeremy asked as he got Daniel situated in his room.

                “A bit, I didn’t eat anything on the plane and didn’t have a big breakfast either. No of any good places close by?”

                “Tons, but I thought I’d cook something for us so that we can catch up without having to worry about having to talk over people.”

                “You can cook now?”

                “I could cook then, I just never got the chance to cook for you,” Jeremy said before leaving the guest room and heading towards the kitchen to start their dinner. Though it didn’t feel as if he meant it to be mean, Jeremy’s statement stung Daniel a bit. He continued to get situated and unpack his things and waited until Jeremy called him for dinner.

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Ch. 2: Pt. 2

                Just as Daniel sat down at the dining room table, Jeremy came out of the kitchen with two plates of roast chicken and vegetables. After Daniel complemented the food, they both dug in, and the room became silent for a few moments while they ate. Jeremy was the first to finish, but Daniel wasn’t far behind him.

                “That was probably some of the best chicken I’ve ever had.”

                “Thanks. So how was life over in grand ol’ Utah?”

                “Not bad, but not super exciting. Those Mormon boys aren’t known for their wild streaks. What about you? What made you want to move up North?”

                “I think I just needed a change of pace. SIL isn’t bad, but there’s only so much to do there.” Jeremy wanted to add that another reason why he left was that he hated to be reminded of Daniel and the fact that he wasn’t there anymore, but thought it’d be tactless. On some level, though, Daniel knew that Jeremy wanted to say it. They both fell silent for what seemed to be ages before Daniel couldn’t take it anymore and spoke up.

                “Listen, I’m sorry I left. I could tell you it was a pretty rare opportunity, I could tell you that I needed the experience, that I made good money, but nothing seems to be a good enough statement now. Or excuse. Every day since I left I missed you, and I wanted to wake up next to you and to take care of you when you got sick,” Jeremy winced at that, but Daniel didn’t notice, “and to just hold you when you were sad just like I wished you would have been able to hold me when I was sad. Nothing I could say now seems like a good enough excuse to make up for all those times.” Jeremy broke down in tears, and Daniel wasn’t too far behind.

                “But why didn’t you call? Why didn’t you tell me those things? Hell, if you REALLY loved me, why didn’t you talk to me face-to-face instead of just send bull shit little text messages? Or asked me to move with you? I would’ve! I would’ve done anything for you. But you just left.” Jeremy stood up and walked over to the window of his apartment. Daniel wasn’t sure what he should do. If it were anyone else, he’d probably take the hint and leave, but this was Jeremy, and he didn’t have any intention of leaving.

                Daniel walked up to Jeremy and placed his arms armed him from the back. He placed his head against Jeremy’s back as he started to cry, “I’m sorry. I’m so damn sorry.” Jeremy felt his tears bleed through his shirt and touch the skin underneath. Although there’d always be a part of him that never forgave Daniel, there was a bigger part that couldn’t ignore the fact that even after all these years he still loved him. He turned around and, look down into Daniels' eyes and kissed him deeply. Their mouths explored each other’s until Jeremy felt Daniel’s cock begin to stiffen through his pants. His sexual self wanted to strip Daniel naked right then and there and fuck a POZ load into them as they looked out over the city, but Jeremy knew it wasn’t time yet. Hell, he wasn’t sure how Daniel was going to react when he told him that he was positive at all. The thought of Jeremy stealthing Daniel crossed his mind only for a second but he always enjoyed the look in guy’s eyes when they knew the load they’re about to get could change their lives forever. Also, he wanted Daniel to want it, not for the sexual freedom, but because it was coming from him.

                “Calm down there, partner,” Jeremy said as pulled away from the kiss. Daniel blushed.

                “Sorry, got a little carried away there. I should probably head to bed, I have my first interview tomorrow.”

                “Oh. Sure. Is there anything you need before you go to bed?”

                “You.” Jeremy had to restrain himself again from wanting to fuck him right then and there.

                “Can we hold off on… umm… doing anything for at least tonight? I just need a little more time.”

                “Ok. That’s fine. Well good-“

                “But, can I still sleep with you.” Jeremy looked confused.

                “But I thought you said that you didn’t want to-“

                “I did, and I do want to wait on that. But I’d still like to fall asleep with you in my arms tonight. And I’ve, too, wanted to wake up to you.” Daniel’s smile seemed as if it was about to split his face in half, he was grinning so wide. Jeremy took that as a yes and took his hand, leading him to his bedroom. They both got undressed down to their briefs. Jeremy normally slept in the buff, but since he didn’t want Daniel to know that he was POZ just yet and he had recently gotten a biohazard tattoo just above his dick he figured it would be best to deal with the discomfort for the night. Daniel, on the other hand, decided to drop his briefs, bending over to reveal the sweet, pink pucker of his asshole directly in front of Jeremy. Jeremy wanted to bend down to sink his tongue into Daniel’s ass-lips, he wanted to taste his insides. He restrained himself and hopped into bed. Daniel followed, and Jeremy scooted over until he was behind him and wrapped his arms around him.

                The mere thought that Jeremy’s body was finally so close to him for the first time in a long time made Daniel so comfortable that he was asleep in minutes. Just before he did fall asleep, however, he felt that Jeremy’s cock was hard and leaking a bit of precum into the crack of Daniel’s ass, even through Jeremy’s briefs. He fell asleep with a smile on his face. They both did.

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  • Similar Content

    • By johnyson
      anyone is interessted in taking some sticky loads here? always free XD
    • By GiveItAChance
      so it might have happened...I did my oraquick test yesterday and it read positive! It was a shock to see two lines (positive) instead of just one(negative). I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced a “false positive” result on oraquick before?  According to oraquick’s own website the odds are very slim but it does state: 
      A false positive is when an HIV test shows that a person has HIV when they don't actually have it. 
      Conditions that can lead to a false positive HIV test are: 
      * Lyme disease, 
      * syphilis (SIF-uh-lus), 
      * lupus, and 
      * other conditions.
      A couple of months ago I did test positive for syphilis and was treated for it  but, oraquick’s own website says it could trigger a HIV false positive on their own test. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Heard of anything on false positives? 
    • By scotty2
      The Restroom
      A delicate flower. Exquisite. Innocent. Ripe. He is looking at me, a gentle boy, soft as goose down, naïve. He shivers a little, eyes wide, deep, dark. I brush his black unkempt hair from his forehead.
      “Monsieur,” he whispers, a voice like honey.
      “Yes, boy,” I reply. He doesn’t understand my English. I touch my finger to his lips. He kisses it. Little playful kisses, a game. He grins, a beautiful smile, joyful. He giggles.
      “Monsieur,” he repeats, and I melt.
      I kiss his hair. A hint of grease, a tinge of shampoo. Flowers, soap, exotic fruit. He is a smoker, I can tell from his scent.
      “You’ve never kissed a man, have you?” I tease. He doesn’t understand. I laugh. He laughs too. I lean forward, hold his chin and kiss him. A soft kiss. Mint, beer. His mouth is eager. He groans. Shivers. I hug him, his denim jacket damp. He feels warm, and I kiss his head again.
      Outside, on the motorway that leads to Paris, the traffic rumbles. Cars and trucks crossing the country, transit, movement. In the restroom it is cold, water drips, scents of piss and disinfectant.
      My hands are on his back. They travel down. I squeeze his ass. “Oh, goodness,” I mutter. He whimpers. I cup his crotch. He’s big, I can tell. And rock hard.
      “Show me,” I whisper. “Show me your cock. Take it out and show me.” My tone is flat, firm. He shakes his head, confused. There is Gypsy in him, a darkness.
      I unzip his fly. He is nervous now. He glances at the door. His anxiety excites me. I am a hunter, and he is my prey. He stands still. Obedient. Frozen.
      I inch my finger into his fly. It is warm, a little damp. He hisses. I pull on the elastic. His pubic hair is thick and wiry, warm to touch.
      “Show me,” I repeat. I nod reassuringly. He squirms, a grimace of a nervous smile. His eyes plead, burning with lust, tormented with shame. He squints, then with a final groan he pulls out his cock. I grin. I am lucky.
      His cock is beautiful. Hard, too hard. So hard it is purple and vascular, uncut, dripping pearls of precum. His cock scents the air, making my mouth water.
      “Good boy,” I say softly.
      The Room
      He came with me. Followed me like a lost puppy. We are in my room now, in my room by the side of the motorway, a bland room. It is private, the door locked, no-one can see, no-one can hear. This is the room where his life will change, the room where our destinies will merge.
      He trusts me, adores me. I am older than him, a father figure. I want him, and I want to own him, to make him mine.
      He is undressed now, down to his underpants. Vulnerable and shaking, his skin white, his body a little soft, like a cherub. He hugs himself nervously, his large teen cock tenting in his red briefs. He tries to hide it with both hands.
      “It’s OK,” I murmur.
      He shakes his head, and suddenly hugs me. Now it is my turn to gasp and tremble. I almost feel bad, I almost relent. I almost want to extinguish my anger. I toy with making him leave now, leave before I change his life.
      “It’s ok,” I repeat.
      I take off my shirt. I am muscular and strong, an older man who works out. He looks at me, he is hungry. I can see it in his eyes.
      “Tattoo,” he says. I guess the word is the same in French. He runs his fingers over my chest. “Scorpion,” he grins. I laugh.
      “Yes, a scorpion,” I say nodding. He makes a grimace of approval.
      “Good,” he says in thickly accented English.
      “Yes, good,” I say. “Maybe. But they bite.”
      He shakes his head, confused.
      My Cock, Harbinger
      “Look,” I tell him. I drop my trousers, I unhook my massive cock from my briefs. I am conscious I haven’t showered. Yet the thought of the boy’s virgin lips on my ripe cock head excites me. It will be part of his defilement, part of the fall.
      His eyes widen. My cock is so hard. I flex it, I want to impress him.
      “Your first taste of cock,” I say, more to myself.
      He is looking at me like a kitten. I press down on his shoulders, and he collapses to his knees, my cock pressed to his sweet nose. He breathes in, intoxicated, drunk on my scent.
      I motion for him to stick out his tongue. He shakes his head, his mouth slack. I rub my uncut cock head on his lips. He makes a low growl. A little trail of precum glistens like lip balm.
      I cry out in sweet joy as his mouth opens and he takes most of my cock. He splutters and gurgles. My toxic seed awakens in my balls. Soon, my beauties. Soon.
      The Bed
      He is lying face down on the hotel bed, an offering, a sacrificial lamb. My French, Gypsy boy. His ass is soft, plump, hairless, white. I caress it, it’s beautiful, warm. I encourage him to hold open his cheeks, exposing the prettiest hole, forcing him to co-operate in his own degradation. He is exposed, his most private place on view, his balls hanging. I lower myself to lick him, man tongue on teen-hole, a heavenly tang, a taste of heaven. He is groaning, arching, a young virgin bitch in heat. He gasps into the pillow. I dare to introduce my finger, marvelling at the warm, tight sensation. I need to be inside him.
      “I don’t want to hurt you,” I murmur, my cockhead pressed to his pink hole. Purple flesh on white skin. He is squirming, trying to reach behind him. I take his hand in mine. “Relax,” I hiss. I hold a bottle of poppers to his nose. “Breathe.”
      He cries out, but my cock slides inside without mercy, gripped by velvet. I cannot hide my cruelty, my mask falls. I laugh, mockery in my tone. He cannot tell, he is in a trance, the trance of an 18-year-old with a big cock up his ass for the first time. I force more poppers into his sweet nose. He is open now, loose and damp.
      I am close, my cock raw, swollen and dangerous. I fuck so hard that the bed is creaking. He sweats and writhes, his boy’s face screwed up, contorted in sweet agony. He laughs and groans.
      “It’s time,” I hiss, I feel my cum swirling, an ache that delights. I cannot hold it. “Fuck!!!” I scream, my seed shooting out of me, deep inside him. Potent seed. Bad seed.
      He turns round to kiss me, the face of an angel, eyes sparkling with life and bliss.
      It is done. I pull out, and my seed drips out, milky and alive. I lean forward and lick the foam. It is done.
    • By Bottomhole
      Hey guys I've been away from the forum but come back every once in a while to lurk. It's been a fantasy to be fucked by someone off of this forum, someone who's into the same shit as me or someone who read my blog and liked what goes on. 
      Does anyone else have this fantasy? 
      The last guy I hoped up with dug his fingers into my asshole after he bred me and rubs the cum into my insides. I found it so hot. Other than that no great sex news. Just keeping in touch 😁
    • By dirtycumlover
      It was the winter after I turned 18 when, right before Christmas, I came down with the flu.  I dreaded going to the doctor, but my Mom insisted, getting me an appointment on a late Friday afternoon. She was supposed to drive me there, but she telephoned, saying she couldn't get off of work.  So somehow I drove myself.  A little bit about me.  I'm 5' 6" and weigh maybe 145 pounds.  Blonde hair that's just about shoulder length.  And hazel eyes.  Being small older men loved me but none had fucked me yet because they didn't believe I was 18.  So off I go to the doctor.
      I had scarcely walked through the door of the doctor's office when a wave of something hit me - leaving me feeling like shit.   Even so there was paperwork to complete, so by the time the nurse came to lead me back to the examination room to get my vitals, the waiting room was empty.
      After the nurse had taken my blood pressure, temperature, and other routine tests, she remarked "The doctor will be with you shortly."
      Perhaps five minutes later HE walked in.  Dr. William Bell.  Six feet, seven inches and perfectly lean, salt and pepper hair.  In his mid 50's.  My type of man.  I was hard instantly.  Dr. Bell told the nurse she could go ahead, that he would lock-up, Dr. Bell and I chatted for several minutes until the nurse left and Dr. Bell asked me to undress to check for any abnormalities.  I was slightly embarrassed because my cock was hard and I was leaking precum.  Dr. Bell didn't pay any attention as his hands poked and prodded at my body.  Dr. Bell then had me lay back on the bed and put my feet in the stirrups so he could check my prostrate.  I thought that was kind of strange considering anybody could tell I had the flu.  But he was a doctor so - well, whatever. 
      I felt somewhat vulnerable given my ass was exposed, but at the same time I was still turned-on.
      Dr. Bell then startled me, asking if I had ever had anything in my ass.
      "No," I replied. 
      He responded with a big smile as he murmurred "Just relax," inserting his index finger into my ass.  I was so excited and nervous that I didn't notice Dr. Bell hadn't pulled-on a glove on to check my prostrate.  As his finger entered my ass my load exploded.  I was beyond embarrased, but to my surprise Dr. Bell didn't remove his finger, but rather inserted a second finger.  He then scooped up my cum and fed it to me.  Before long I was hard again and moaning like a bitch in heat.  I noticed a couple of times what felt like him scratching inside my ass.  It hurt slightly but the pleasure was far greater than the pain.  After a few minutes Dr. Bell inserted a third finger in my ass really opening me up.  After Dr. Bell had my ass where he wanted he lowered his pants.  I nearly fainted at the size of his cock.   It was a full nine inches long and as thick as a coke bottle.  I also noticed a scorpion tattoo but I didn't know what it meant.  He told me he was going to really destroy my immune system. 
      Positioning himself at the foot of the bed, his cock aligned with my ass, and for better or worse before I could object to the prospects of that monster entering my ass, Dr. Bell shoved his cock all the way into my hole.  I all but fainted from the pain.  When I came to  Dr. Bell was fucking my ass with a steady, powerful rhythm.  It started feeling really good and I didn't think about asking about a condom, reasoning to myself "After all he is a doctor so what  could happen?"
      My own cock was now hard again and I was on the edge of having another orgasm.  After a few more minutes Dr. Bell really picked up the pace and was fucking me like a man possessed, so it wasn't surprising when Dr Bell let out a growl and unloaded what felt like a gallon of cum in my ass.  This sent me over the edge and I exploded all over my chest. 
      Kissing me hard, Dr Bell said "In two weeks I want to see you again." 
      He also inserted a butt plug in my ass saying he said he would call me when it was time to remove it.  Oh, by the way, Dr. Bell did indeed write me out a prescription to combat the flu.  He also said "Welcome to the club," but didn't elaborate.
      Nearly two weeks have passed since I saw Dr. Bell, and I am still down with the flu.  I  can't wait to see Dr. Bell again and find out why. 

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