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  1. 9/30/18 score 216 2/17/19 score 294 nice to see I picked up several more 2&3 pointers!!
  2. @S6AT6A6N definitely getting better all the time! Love the twists to this story!!! Love your writing and evil mind my friend!!!
  3. @nymidtowneast this story is getting better with each new chapter! I bet Chads friend for dinner might be Josh??? im guessing Kevin will not get away negative!
  4. Love it! Can’t wait to see what tattoo designs Adam and Scott have in store for themselves after Max and Chads discussion!
  5. @nymidtowneast what an interesting twist to the story! I would love a doctors practice like this to go to!!! Love your story!
  6. @losolent another masterpiece from you! Brovo and you deserve another standing ovation from us, your dedicated readers of your work! Looking forward to your next masterpiece! A dedicated reader of your work! @Monster5-8gPA
  7. @S6AT6A6N great new story that so many can relate to from our youth!
  8. @S6AT6A6N I loved the bathing in the hyperspermia cum!???☣️☣️I wonder where the inspiration came from???
  9. @S6AT6A6N fucking hot?as hell?I want to be in that sling taking S6AT6A6N‘s poz load to corrupt my dna for life!!! ☣️?☣️???
  10. @S6AT6A6N Charlie’s soul is again saved. Now Richards curse is yet to come to life! We know he can’t resist Charlie! I’m looking forward to their destined love making! So hot!??
  11. @pozpuppy every part gets better and better! Can’t wait for the skeleton!
  12. @S6AT6A6NI wish that was my ass being used and pozed my friend! I need the seed ☣️☣️??to spread it!?
  13. @pozpuppy another great story! Love the theme and I bet he finds the werewolf! ☣️☣️
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