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  1. Incredible story! You have me totally engrossed! You made me laugh out load so many times. To have a love and love of family as they have and all your stories as if we all could dream of such a life! Bravo!!!
  2. I love this story so far! Seems like it’s gonna be hot as hell! Great writing!
  3. As a hairy daddy I love a smooth hairless body like yours above! I could lick, worship rub fuck and get fucked by your hot body! This is my kind of woof! Yum!
  4. BreedingCameraman I couldn’t agree more! My first ex died too soon in his 30’s of cancer. He was kinky as fuck and we enjoyed a very active sex life of kink play, fetishes of all kinds and nudity. We always made sure the other was satisfied. My most recent ex shared in those kinks for the first couple of years but soon after it was all about him wanting a blow job and me nothing to satisfy myself! I protested and decided to satisfy myself using toys while giving him a blow job. Well that didn’t last long without him complaining as I took a break from sucking his cock to change out my toys. A sex session always turned into a big fight! He wanted my full attention and a one sided sex life! He is now my ex and I have many of the same resentments as you do but he did introduce me to coke! Thank god I now have Willing in my life! couldn’t be happier!💋❤️
  5. Guygonebad, lol, this was way to good! Bravo! I couldn’t stop laughing when you described him fussing with the rubber, lol. I guess the need to cum trumped the protection! Glad you got your load!
  6. Will Robinson was the Robinson families son from the 1960’s TV show Lost in Space. The term “ Danger, Will Robinson, danger! “ was used by the robot on board the ship to warn of impending danger! Damn, I just dated myself!😀
  7. Well that was an unexpected twist, I expected Ben and Franco! I love the twist! Thanks for giving us a very unexpected new chapter! A truly gifted writer you are!💋cheers!🥂
  8. Keep it up your hitting all my kinks and fetches! I’m quite enjoying it!
  9. I like how this is progressing! Your keeping me on the edge of my seat wanting more!🍆💦
  10. Another fantastic heart felt love story!❤️
  11. Another great chapter MackyJay! Looking forward to more of this story! Well worth the wait!☣️☣️👍🏻

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