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bottom guy here and keen to take some cum deposits. Love to get fucked hard, rough, deep & seeded. I will try anything once. Can host CBD Hotel 20 - 26 August.

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    • By BZcumdump
      How long did it take you to become poz after consistently fucking raw and/or taking loads?
    • By CigarBBcn
    • By HornedBottom
      Morgan Black is fucking hot - even though I would love him to pound my ass watching him on his back with those long toned man legs spread wide drives me wild 
    • By NashvillePozChaser
      Visiting NYC Aug. 18-19 and staying at a hotel on Times Square. I want to get pozzed hard and heavy while I’m there. Would love more than one AIDS bone to worship. Have fun charging up the Southern guy.  Planning to host a fuck party at my hotel, and am open to lots of toxic one on one encounters, too. NashSpermWhore on BBRT. NashCumWhore on Tumblr.  Love poppers and will have lots to share.
    • By BZcumdump
      Got fucked by 10 black guys and 1 Latino...no white guys...I didn’t refuse any, just that none fucked me.  I did write my room number on the chalkboard and stated I was there for BBC.   I’m 51 now, and I consistently get fucked by thin black guys in their early to mid 20s with 9 inches plus.  All fucked me bareback.  Lost count of loads.  Had to leave at 430am.  I wanted to extend my stay because there were still several black guys on the prowl but unfortunately had to leave.   BZ is no steam works or flex, but there is so much bbc there and younger bbc breeding any guy with a nice ass that I can’t imagine any other bathhouse in America with more bbc than BZ.  And I’ve been to a lot of them.   Not worried about getting older cause I keep my ass in great shape and continue to perfect my bottoming skills so that black guys fuck me repeatedly when they see me again.  Gettin dick from guys 30 years younger who love to breed my boi pussy is a huge turn on.  

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