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Paybacks a Bitch (so is my Brother)

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Part 10

After all the men fucked my brother, and the couple that had fucked me, were done my brother and I are given another slam each before we were led out to the main party.  Steven led us both out of the bedroom telling me, “Your bro is going to make me some good money.  He’s already made me $3500 for that little private party.  Each guy there paid me $500.  Ty has his first booking next weekend with a couple of the men who just fucked him.”

As Steven was letting go of my arm telling me, “Have a good time.  You’ve definitely earned the money your brothers going to make getting fucked.”

I kept any eye on Tyson as I looked around the room.   I saw several guys I knew from working previous parties Joe has thrown.  I made my way and was grabbed from behind.  Looking over my shoulder to see Robert pulling me towards him and his amazing 8” cock.

“Jason, I’m surprised to find you here.  I didn’t think you were one of Steven’s boys.”

“I’m not, I’m hungry thing a friend a favor.”  Looking Duran at his semi hard cock I dropped to my knees and continued, “Let me get this hard for you.”      I took the hardening cock into my mouth as it hardened my throat.

Out of the corner of my eye I watched as Steven introduced Tyson to Alec.  Alec kissed Ty before leading him closer towers where Robert had his stiff, rock hard cock lodged in my throat.  Alec kissed my bro once more before he spun him around, dropped to his knees and began to eat my brother's cum filled ass teaching a brief moment to comment on how cummy his ass was before resuming the rim job.

Robert pulled his cock from my throat, pulled me to my feet and kissed me before telling me, “Now it’s time for you to get fucked.”

He turned me so that I was facing my brother as Alec seemed to be finishing up his work on eating the cum out of his ass.  I felt Robert lining his cock I’ll with my hole as I watched Alec stand up, turn my brother to face him and kissed him again.

I knew that Tyson was been fed a good amount of cum that Alec had just eaten from his ass at the same moment I felt Robert’s cock penetrate my ass.  I met Robert's penetration as I pushed back to get his entire length inside me in one thrust.  I was surprised to watch Tyson willing swallow what Alec feed to him.

Robert made quick use of my ass as I then watched Alec quickly turn my brother to face me as he then mounted his ass and began to pound my brother’s ass.  As I stared into my brother's eyes I could tell there was a definite change in him.  I would find out after we got home exactly what those changes are in him.

He was more verbal as he was getting fucked by Alec.  I wasn’t sure if he understood what he was actually saying, it may have been him just repeating what he was hearing just minutes before from the group of men that fucked him in the bedroom of the suite.  He’s started to say, “On yeah, fuck me….fuck me good.  Breed that hole.”  Then he started in with, “Fuck yeah, knock me up.  Impregnate me.  Give me your gift.”

I wasn’t going to be out done by my brother as I could tell Robert was getting close.  I stated to ask “Fuck me hard.  Bred my ass.  I need you to cum in me. Give me your hot, charged load.”

I could tell that Alec was turned on by the talk as he suggested to Robert that they should switch after they each breed there bottom.  I think the thought of this turned both on to the point where Robert was sitting into my hole.  Shortly after he was done Alec filled Tyson's ass with his cum.

Quickly they traded as Robert fuck my brother and Alec fucked me.  This fucked lasted longer then round one.  I was certainly enjoying Alec’s cock phoning in and out of my ass.  Looking at Tyson I couldn't tell if he was enjoying getting fucked or couldn’t wait until Robert finally finished up with breeding his ass.

Like when Alec was fucking him he began to ask Robert, “Fuck med, fuck me hard.  Breed me, give me your cum.”  The best off as when he says, “Impregnate me.  Knock me up.”

At that same moment Alec began to rabbit fuck me as I felt his cock thicken inside me then pulse as he unloaded his dirt cum inside my hole.  I thanked Alec for the great fuck and especially for his cumming inside me.

Robert began to really pound into my brother’s ass as he said, “You want to get knocked up?  You want to be impregnated?  Then take my charged load.”

Tyson shouted out, “Yes, yes, knock me up.  I feel you cumming inside me.”

Steven rejoined us as Robert was pulling his cock from Tyson as I was ready to move on to another guy to service.  Steven took Tyson to introduce him to the next guy who would fuck and breed him.  I turned around to see Steven introducing my brother to Max.  Max was known for his big dick and lasting a longtime when he partied.

I was taken by Allen who started by eating my ass.  I could tell he was eating the cum from my hole and I knew he looked feeding it to the guy the was about to fuck.  When he came up to kiss me and feed me the cum from my ass.  I eagerly swallowed everything he fed me.  Next he quickly mounted my ass and fucked his load into me before moving on to one of the other working boys.

As I moved on I saw my brother telling Allen’s fucking.  I could hear my brother, with prompting from Steven, asking for Allen to cum inside him.  Allen shook with all the signs of a strong orgasm . As he was breeding my brother exclaiming, “Take my dirty load.”

Allen kept on fucking Tyson with that huge cock of his letting Tyson know he was going to get another lost from him.  As Tyson kept taking loads from Allen I was taking by other guests to Joe’s party.  I was fucked by 4 guys (Jack, Ethan, Ron and Todd) I the time that Allen fucked Tyson.

Tyson was fucked by 15 guys, including the 7 that fuck him in the bedroom, while I got fucked by closer to 2 dozen guys.  I could tell Tyson was ready to crash as I was starting to feel the Tina fade I my system.  When we got home I took a quick shower and fell into bed.  Just as iI dozed off to sleep I felt Tyson join me.

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Part 11

I was naked in bed trying to get some rest when Tyson climbed in with me.  He was also naked and surprised me when he dove down on my soft cock.  He sure learned quickly how to suck cock or was it natural instinct.  It didn’t take long before his excellent oral skills had me rock hard.

Tyson straddled my body and with the remnants of cum in his ass and the spit he put on my cock, slid easily down on my hard tool.  He began to ride me like an experienced slut trying to milk a load out of me.  I grabbed his hips and began to thrust up into his ass.

It you a few moment until I felt that all familiar tingle in my balls before I began to unload deep in Tyson's ass.  Shortly after I began to fill by brother with my poz cum he shouted out, “OH FUCK!!” At that moment he began to cum without ever touching his cock.  My little brother has cum (pun intended) a long way from straight jock to willing cum dump.

After both of our orgasms my cock slowly softened and slipped out of Ty's ass he cuddled up with me as we feel asleep.

When we wrote up in the morning Tyson seemed to becoming more aware of the events of the past 24 hours as well as the past week.  We knew he had changed in many ways as he recanted how he felt when he got fucked, but what he realized he craved more was a guy cumming in his ass.

He didn’t say much to me over the next few hours until he received a mysterious text (from Steven).  He didn’t recognized the number, but I did.  He read it to me, ‘If you don’t want it getting out all over your school and to your parents that your nothing but than a faggot addicted to cock, cum and Tina you’ll be at the following address.’

The text message was followed by a video clip of my brother impaled on Steven’s cock as he was received his slam.  Tyson freaked out for a moment, “What the fuck.  If this gets out ok be locked off the football team, my friends will make fun of me and dad will disown me and probably kick me out of the house.”

The only answer I had for him was, “Them I guess you better go see what this person has to say.”

Tyson asked if I’d go with him to meet this person.  I agreed I’d go with him although I knew Steven wanted him to come alone.  Tyson texted back ‘I’ll be there as instructed.’  Steven then texted ‘You are to come alone.’  Tyson read the text to me before texting back, ‘Understood.’

I told Tyson that I’m sure there wouldn’t be a problem if I drove him to meet with whomever this person was.  Tyson appreciated the offer.  We both showered and ate some breakfast before heading out.

Tyson didn’t say a word as we drove over to where Steven wanted to meet him.  I knew the place although I’ve never been there before.  It was a cheap apartment Steven kept for his writing boys to ceash in if they didn't have any other place to stay.

When we pulled up to the apartment building I could tell Tyson was scared and nervous. He got out of the car, walked up to the apartment building door and paused for a moment before he went inside.  I pulled out my phone and logged into a camera Steven had mounted in the apartment (one of many he had to keep an eye on his boys) that he gave me access to so I could watch him completely make Tyson one of his male bitches.

As I logged into the camera I saw Steven sitting on the couch watching TV.  On the TV screen I found clearly see Tyson getting fucked by one of the men at the party last night.  The scene kept switching every few minutes with on of the scene showing when he got slammed.

I heard Tyson knock on the door and Steven yell out to him, “Come in.”

You could see the fear in Tyson’s expression and body language as he walked through the door.  I was sure Steven knew the had my little brother right where he wanted him, Steven knew he owned his ass.

Steven told Tyson, “Come over here and have a seat.  I have some video entrainment playing for you on the TV.”

Tyson walked over and joined Steven on the couch.  He looked at the TV seeing himself in the video and you could see the ‘deer in headlights’ expression on his face.  It was a look of fear, a look that he knew he was trapped and was ready to do anything to keep this from getting out.

They both sat in silence for a couple minus while the video played.  Tyson spoke on a quivering tone, “What do you want to keep this quiet?”

Steven stood up, moved right on front of Tyson, looked down at him with a dominant stare and said, “Is not what I want, it’s what I have.  I own your ass.  As long as you do as I tell you without questioning me you're ‘little secret’ will be safe with me.  I will make you one promise, whatever I have you do will never interfere with your playing football.  I want you to be the jock you were born to be.  That jock boy appearance will help make me a lot of money on your ass.”

I thought Tyson was going to cry, but before he could do anything Steven added, “Now you can show me what am obedient slut you can be.  I want you naked.  From now on whenever you’re in his apartment or my place you are to be naked.”

Steven then pulled his cock out and told Tyson, “Suck my cock.”

As if he was on auto pilot (out maybe it was now it was instinct) Tyson took Steven’s manhood into his mouth.  It didn’t take long before Steven’s cock was growing the he gave his new whore additional instructions, “I want this entire cock in your throat now” while grabbing the base if his cock.

Tyson tried several times to deep throat Steven's massive cock, but he wasn’t hanging any success.  Steven realized that if my little brother was going to deep throat him he was going to need a little assistance.  That’s when he’s placed both hands behind Tyson’s head and pushed his cock into Ty’s throat.

The position of the camera wasn’t the best, but I could barely make out the expression Ty made as Steven's cock filled his throat moving his ability to breathe.  Steven held Tyson’s head in place keeping his skull impaled on his cock as he said, “You’ve got a nice throat.  Make my cock feel good as it drops my pre cum directly into your stomach.”

Steven was good at training his writing boys.  I could tell he was testing Tyson’s ability to suck cock and , I’m sure shortly, to swallow a real man’s load without question.  Rod and I had Tyson deep throating cock and swallowing cum earlier I the week, but none of the cocks we ‘trained’ him on were as big or delivered the quantity of cum like Steven.

Steven withdrew his cock from Tyson’s throat instructing him, “Better take a good breath when you can” before plunging back in deep.  Steven repeated this over and over until he was satisfied that his new whore had the ability to deep throat his massive cock.

His next few words to Ty were to instruct him on the honor and privilege of swallowing another man’s cum.  With his hands still behind Ty’s head as he face fucked my little bro, Steven said, “When a real man gives you the gift of his cum you thank him.  If he cums down your throat you than him after your swallowed every last drop and if you come while fucking your ass you squeeze his cock to milk every last drop of their load.

I know from experience that when Steven cums inn a guys mouth it is not at all easy to keep up with the volume and swallow it all  and there is no way to hold all of Steven’s cum in his mouth if the guy on the receiving end doesn’t start swallowing when Steven starts to cum. I was curious to see how Ty would do when that moment came.

Suddenly with little warning Steven pulled his cock out of Tyson’s throat with a grunt as the began to feed my little bro his load.  Tyson surprised Steven (and me) as he began to gulp down the cum being deposited in his mouth.  As he did he best to keep up with the volume of the cum Steven was providing, eventually the magnitude of the load size caught up with him and it began to seep out of the corners of Tyson's mouth.

After Steven had finished cumming Tyson immediately thanked him for his load and as to not disappoint his new pimp he licked up any cum that he was not able to swallow that had dribbled from his mouth.  Although he didn’t swallow all of Steven’s cum, he did manage to swallow the majority of his load.

Steven was impressed with my little bro’s abilities.  Knowing that I was watching he commented, “Looks lie your big brother taught you well” while looking up at the camera.  He already knew start a great ass he had how he could take a fucking, but with Tyson in this new position ass his whore, Steven couldn’t resist riding his ass again.

 Steven had Tyson sitting on the couch as a prepared point and a tourniquet were pulled out.  Steven then quickly slammed my brother.  As Tyson coughed out a couple times (I could tell this slam was no where near as strong as the one be previously received from Steven) as Steven hoisted Ty's legs on his shoulders and quickly sunk his entire length of his cock inside his slammed up hole.

Steven then proceeded to pound my brother without mercy.  I’m sure I his semi high condition Tyson knew he was getting fucked and was powerless to do anything about it.  I knew between his getting fucked at Joe’s party and the fucking Steven was giving him, he’d quickly learn from Steven that he’d have no input in who gets to fuck him.

Tyson took that hard fucking from Steven for a good 45 minutes to an hour before Steven unloaded  deep inside his gut.  During that time Steven kept telling him, “Your ass now begins to me.  I will tell you who gets to fuck you and for how long you will be fucked.”  When Steven was very cock when finally did breed my brother saying loud enough for him to hear, “FUCK!  Take my dirt, diseased, HIV positive cum whore.”

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Continues to be a great story ..... maybe Tyson will become such a jock cum-dump whore he takes the cocks and cum of his entire football team and coaches because Steven rents him out to the team .... of course with a friends and family discount.     A team cum-dump for any and all loads is a wonderful asset and team building motivator 

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Part 12

I think it might have been finally hitting him what he's been exposed to through this new found freedom and desire for cock as cum.  He wasn’t going to ask or say a word to Steven.  The second he sit the door to the car I saw the strange look on his face.  Played dumb asking, “What was this all about?”

Tyson told me, “Steven says he owns my ass and of I don’t want the video getting out and everyone finding out that I’m a Tina whore who takes it up the ass I’m to do as he tell me without question.”  Ty went on to explain, “He told me that last night was only the start to my writing for him and that he had some work lined up for me.  Steven told me he knew I’d never be able to deny the need in me for cock and cum along with my addiction to Tina.”

Ty sat there in silence as we drove back home when he suddenly asked me, “Why didn’t he try to blackmail you?”

I took a could deep breaths while I formulated a answer before responding, “He probably knows that j doing care who knows I’m gay or that I like to party-n-play.  He really does have any leverage on me.  He must have done sound research on you to know that being an athlete puts you I a compromising position.”

The idea of how I you a straight laced, innocent, jock boy and turned him into a cock craving, cum hungry, Tina addicted, whore had me eager to get Tyson’s high ass home so I could breed his (soon to be poz) ass.  He sat there without saying a word for most of the ride home before asking me, “Did you give me HIV?  I vaguely remember Steven talking about knocking my neg ass opp with his poz babies yesterday, and last night I kept hearing it mentioned about pozzing the neg ass.”

I knew eventually my brother was going to ask me this question.  I already had an answer with a couple questions for him.  I simply says to him, “Fist of all, I am in meds (I lied, I stopped taking my here to elevate my viral load) so according yup the CDC, the risk of my giving you HIV or very, very low.  Second, you never asked about condoms or asked anyone who you had sex with what their status was.  Third, you practically begged for someone to put their cock inside your hungry ass and then begged the guy fucking you to breed your ass.  Finally you never asked anyone for a condom or to fuck  safely.  All things considered, you seemed to be aware of your actions.”

We had pulled into the driveway when I looked over at Tyson who looked like he was deep in thought on what I had just said to him as he got out of the car as went inside.  I followed him in and once we were in the house  Tyson turned and looked at me, which was the first time he had looked me I the eye summed he met with Steven, and said “Fuck and breed me!  I cannot imagine ever getting fucked any other way than bareback.  I guess it doesn’t really matter anymore about using a condom so fuck me and to my ass with your sperm.

I kissed him deep as our tongues darted until each other’s mouths.  We headed directly to his bedroom where we made out some more before I said to him, “I’m going top fix up a slam for myself so I can join you I your high.”

Tyson asked, “Her bro, will you show me how to make up and administer a slam?”

Tyson had come a long way in a short time as I sped him how to prepare and administer a slam.  He copied what I was preparing for myself and prepared his own slam.  This was no where near as big as the one Steven had given him, but it was a significant size.

He tied off his own arm and hit his vein as instructed, register the flash of red and slowly injected the contents.  When be released the tourniquet he coughed out hard before stripping away his clothes while I administered my own slam and joined him naked.

He quickly took my cock in his mouth and sucked me hard.  Steven was correct that Ty’s oral skills were very good as he easily took my 8” down to the root as I sucked his limp Tina dick which still caused him to moan in pleasure.

I then moved in to eat his hungry hole which still had sure remnants of Steven’s cum inside.  This caused my little brother to moan louder as he tried to keep sucking my hard as steel cock was ready to fuck & breed his cum soaked, hungry ass.

We moved around so that Tyson was in his back and I got between his legs and quickly plunged all 8” deep into his ass in one thrust.  He moaned and pushed his ass to meet my penetration taking my entire length.  I quickly set any fucking him hard which elicited moans and grunts from deep within him with each thrust.

When he finally spoke he had no reservations about his actions, “Fuck me hard.  Breed me.  Give me your load.”

I fucked him for a nearly an hour before I finally unloaded inside his ass.  After I had cum inside Tyson, we laid there in his bed for 5 minutes (or so) when my little brother dove down on my spent dick and sucked me hard again.  I pumped another 2 loads into him when his cell phone went off.

He received a text from Steven giving him instructions to be at the Hilton hotel downtown, room 617 at 9 pm.  He had his first client.

Dear Readers,
This will be the last part of this story.  I plan to continue Tyson's  experiences as one of Steven’s whores on his own story.  Look for ‘Straight Jock to Tina Whore’  coming soon.

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