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  1. GREAT entries!  Cannot wait for the next

  2. Great fuck'n story telling...want MORE!

  3. Part 5 The guy fucking me held hits huge horse cock still while Todd gave him part of the slam before drawing his blood into the syringe. I was then suck with the needle as the syringe was emptied the into my arm. The slam added to my high as the guy’s toxic blood mixed with the meth went to work. I took 3 more loads from this guy as he told Todd that he owed him $25. One after another I was fucked by every guy who had been there too help Todd. I wasn’t sure how many loads of cum I had taken until I heard Todd say that I made $605 with my ass. That means I took 23 loads of cum and had 1 guy fuck me 3 times without cumming. I recall when this guy fucked me, he had reached the 30 minute the limit Todd has set. Anyone who has not shot his toxic load inside me within 30 minutes had to pull out or pay an additional $10 to continue fucking me. Todd was ok with this since it did serve to work the existing cum in my ass deeper into my body. I was kept extremely high throughout the night when most of the guys were beginning to dress and leaving with the exception of Anthony and a couple of the really hung guys. They were standing around me as Todd forced a butt plug in my well fuck ass before releasing my restraints. They helped me out of the sling and over to the bathroom where they also helped me shower. I was still a little horny but couldn’t get one of the guys that were helping in the shower to fuck me. I also had a craving for a slam that grew as I finished my shower. When I came back to the living room Todd had some porn playing on the TV. Once I got a good look at the porn playing I realized that what was playing was a video recording of what I had been doing ever since I arrived at Todd’s. I watched as I smoked from the pipe, when Anthony started sucking my cock to when Todd licked my ass right before he fucked me while all the time I was morning in pleasure. The highlight of the video were the times that I willingly was slammed. I watched truth sight excitement and shock as I down on the floor with Anthony and another young guy. Todd came over to me and said, “I told you I owned your ass. Now if you don’t want daddy seeing any of this video you’ll do exactly as your told. Understand?” I was in shock and was only able to manage nodding my head ‘yes’ when Todd grabbed my chin so that I was looking at him and in a stern voice repeated himself, “I DIDN’T HEAR YOU. NOW YOU UNDERSTAND THAT I OWN YOUR ASS AND YOU WILL DO WHATEVER I SAY?” I found myself answering, “Yes sir.” Todd then said to me, “That’s better my bitch. You’ve leaned how to take a good fucking and breeding.” As he tapped the butt plug me had shoved into me as he continued, “Now it’s time to learn how to properly suck dick.” Anthony was stood up next to me, grabbed the back of my head and pulled me towards his crotch while Todd told me, “Now open your mouth and take as much of his cock in your mouth.” Anthony was already hard as I quickly opened my mouth and allowed his cock to fill my mouth. Surprisingly I had almost the full length of his cock in my mouth. As Anthony applied slight pressure to the ball of my head attempting to get the remaining little bit of his cock as I was told, “Breath through your nose.” While the tip of his cock forced its way into my throat I felt a sudden pinch at the base of my cock followed by slight morning sensation that quickly disappeared. As I continued to be gagged but Anthony's cock I began to feel my cock start to grow. As it began to thicken and grow harder Anthony forced the tip of his cock into my throat causing me to gag. Suddenly I was here aware of my not rock hard cock as Anthony rubbed my cock with his bare foot, looked down at me and said “You must really be enjoying sucking my cock, you’ve gotten really hard while gagging as you deep throat my cock.” Todd was standing next to Anthony as began actively sucking Anthony's dick. Looking down on me Todd added, “That a good bitch. You’ll learn quickly that a good cock sucker will always be inn his knees when he sucks cock. Now Anthony here has the perfect cock size to start with when you’re leaning how to suck cock properly.” I was now sucking Anthony’s cock into my throat with a regular rhythm as Todd continued, “Anthony has been working for me for almost a year. Unlike you, he was gay and he already knew how to suck cock and was pretty good at it, I helped him get better as you experienced first hand. The thing you both shared was that he was a total top and had never been fucked before. That was until he partied with me and I showed him the joys of slamming.” Anthony was smiling at me as his foot continued to rub his bare foot across my hard cock as he smiled at me telling me, “In a few seconds you’re going to learn a important part of sucking cock, you’re going to learn how to swallow cum.” Anthony had a grip on my head and neck as Todd leaned down to me and told me, “Anthony hasn’t cum I’m a could weeks. I’m sure he’ll be shooting a big load for you to swallow. I expect to see you take every drop in your mouth then swish cum in your tongue before you swallow.” Anthony began to breath a little faster as his cock seemed to grow harder and slightly thicken before I hard him grunt, “FUCK! OH FUCK! FUCK YEAH! FUCK! YEAH BITCH SWALLOW THEY CUM!” Anthony fired my mouth with his cum as I tried not to let any leak out. I had expected the taste to be foul but found the taste was slightly salty. Todd leaned in and told me, “Open your mouth bitch, show me how much you like the taste of that cum before you swallow it.” I opened my mouth . and showed Todd the cum in my mouth as I played when Anthony’s cum on my tongue. The longer I played with Anthony’s cum in my mouth the more I tasted his cum. After a couple minutes Todd simply uttered one word, “Swallow.” I closed my mouth and swallowed his cum. Anthony quickly joined me getting when on his knees. Anthony told me, “It’s my job to teach you how to suck cock and with these cocks you’ll need my help and advice.” Todd picked up where he left off, “Like you, sort of, I just had to show him that he was missing out on getting fucked. You were missing out on man on man sex.” Anthony directed he to move began the legs of one of the guys that had fucked me did was now sitting of the couch and guided my head to his cock as he instructed he to lick the shaft of the guy’s cock before I took the tip into my mouth and began to suck. He had me take my time and told me enjoy myself as he continued telling me the night Todd turned him into a Tina addict and changed him from a 100% total top into 100% total bottom. As I sucked this guys cock, taking it deeper and deeper into my mouth and at the entrance to my throat as Anthony told me, “Todd tricked me like he tricked you. He gave me Gatorade laced with GHB.” Todd chimed in, “Gatorade is perfect to hide the taste of the G.” Anthony told me, “Breath through your nose the next 3 times you go down on the cock, then on the 4th time when you go down breath the cock into your throat, swallow the cock.” While I was going down on this guy’s cock, breathing I through my nose Anthony would usually play with my hard cock. The guy who’s cock I was sucking was running his hand through my hair complimenting me on the job I was doing on the blow job I was giving. Anthony counted out the three times he had instructed be to do when breathing I with each time I went down an when the third time Anthony told me, “Breath in through your nose and swallow his cock as it enters your throat.” The next time I went down I took a good, deep breath in and as his cock reached the Newark of my throat I swallowed as I felt the guy’s cock push into my throat as the guy I was sucking had a firm grip on the back of my head as he forced my head into his cock as far as I could go and held me there as I began to realize I couldn’t breath. Anthony was stroking my cock as he attempted to reassure me, “Relax, it will only be a short time until he’ll let you off.” And looks Anthony said the guy let me off as I came up and took I a deep breath as Anthony told me, “Like you did before, breath through your nose the 3 times when you go down, then on the 4th time swallow the cock. This time try and keep his cock in your throat as long as possible. The longer you are able to deep throat a guy’s cock the less likely he is going to force your head down on his cock.” Again I breathed in deep through my nose as Anthony counted out and on the fourth time I too the cock into my throat and held I there with the guy's hands firmly on the back of my head but not forcing me to go any further. I was doing the next I could to hold the cock in my throat trying to ignore the need to gag as Anthony again worked to distract me by striking my hard cock. I finally gave out and attempted to pull off only to have the hands on my head hold me about a minute or two longer. I pulled up and took a deep breath as Anthony told me, “Now go then 2 times then deep throat guys cock.” On the third time down I buried my nose in his pubes and held there as long as I could. I must have dinner it right cause when I pulled off I wasn’t men's down. As I was going up Anthony told me, “One time down breathing I deep through your nose then take his cock into your throat.” I went then breathing in two through my nose and took the guys cock into my throat which seemed to surprise everyone. I misunderstood Anthony’s instructions. He wanted me to go down while breathing ok through my nose, pull up and then go down letting the cock enter my throat. Instead I did it on one move. Todd liked what he saw me do, “Fuck yeah! That’s my bitch suck that cock.” I went to work sucking the guys cock when encouragement from Anthony. “Nice job, keep that up your doing great.” The guyI was giving the blow job to completed me, “Keep that up and you just might get me to cum.” Anthony was still occasionally playing with me cock although he was doing it less and less as I was starting to find real pleasure in sucking dick. Anthony continued telling me about how Todd changed his life, “After I drank the G laced Gatorade and the metg I had smoked I was very horny, I was hard as steel and needed to fuck some ass.” Todd then jumped in, “I had one of a whores there for him to fuck.” Anthony continued, “The guy was in the sling, I stepped up to him, started fucking him. Before I was able to really get into fuck this guy’s ass, Todd came to behind me, pushed me down into the guy I was fucking and shoved a rock of Tina to my ass with a bunch of lube. As the rock burned inside me I was held down on the guy in the sling. I felt a tight strap placed on my arm as Todd placed his cock against my hole. The guy I was fucking gave me my first slam followed by Todd took my cherry ass as I was getting fucked for the very first time in my life.” Anthony had stopped playing with my cock as the guy I was sucking began to work his fingers through my hair as I was now regularly deep throating his cock. Anthony, Todd and the guy I was giving the blow job were all complimenting me on the job I was doing. Todd told me, “The only you’ll know if you’re sound a good job is when you get the guy to cum.” The guy was now really gripping my hair as he began to thrust into me I took his cock deep into my throat. I heard him say, “OH FUCK!” As his cock lodged deep down my throat/ and his cock pulsed as he shot his load straight into my stomach and continued, “Fuck, I’m shooting my load directly down his throat.” He pulled back giving me the last couple spurts of cum in my tongue giving me a taste. Without any instructions I opened my mouth to show Todd and was rewards with a “Good bitch, you can swallow.” There was one guy left sitting on the couch I still needed to suck off. It happen to be the guy who had the massive horse cock that fucked 5 loads into me. I was surprised he had any cum left as he waved his hard cock for me reminding me of the task I have before me. I began by licking he shaft and sucking the tip every so often before I really started to work on sucking his cock. I used the tricks Anthony had taught me as I tried to get as much of his cock into my throat. With him sitting on the couch and me on my knees between his legs just didn’t provide the right angle to be able deep throat his cock. I wasn’t sure the right thing to say when I asked him, “Do you mind standing up I think it’ll be easier for me to suck your cock.” Looking down at me Todd was the first to speak when he said, “You really want to suck his cock right.” The guy stood up as said, “Yeah this is going to work better. I’ll probably end up skull fucking you.” Now with the guy standing and by kneeling at his feet I was suddenly able to start wiring his non cock into my throat. I went down on his massive cock and want able to get it all into my throat. I pulled back up, took a couple deep breaths. Before I could move forward and attempt to get his huge cock into my throat he put his hands on either side of my head, looked down at my and said, “You’re going to have to learn to take my cock into your throat one way or another.” He slowly pushed his hips forward as I felt his cock move across my tongue. When it reached the entrance to my throat he paused, looked me in the eye and asked, “Are you ready?” I knew what he meant and what he was about to do, looking up at him add seeing Todd standing next to him I knew wear was expected of me and nodded ‘yes'. The guy laughed and then said, “Ready or not.” He pushed his hips forward as his cock slipped into my throat causing me to grunt out “Oomph” as he slowly sunk his cock into my throat. I had thought he had stuffed the entire length of his cock into my throat as he commented, “Damn, your throat is almost as nice as your ass.” He the adjusted his grip on my head as forced another inch of cock down my throat. He pulled his cock out allowing me to take a couple breaths then pushed back in again but I felt my head slid further down his cock. After a minute or two he pulled out again allowing me to take a couple deep breaths and while looking down at me said, “You only have 1½ to 2 inches left to get into your throat. This time you’ll take the full length into your throat as then you are to make love to my cock with your throat.” I wasn’t sis if that was a statement or question, but I nodded ‘yes' with both men looking down at me. His hips pushed forward and I took a deep breath in through my nose as his cock began to push into my throat until I felt my nose buried in his pubes. Triumphantly he leaned his head back as Anthony whispered to me, “Now use your throat to massage his cock.” I worked my throat on his cock as he stood there moaning in pleasure. Although I was enjoying pleasing this guy with his cock buried in my throat I was getting to the point I was going to need to breath when he pulled out. I was gasping for air when Todd stepped up in front of me saying, “Time for me to see first had how good your cock sucking skills are.” After having that guy's massive cock forced into my throat sucking Todd's cock was going to be easy. I went down on Todd’s cock taking him to the root. After having that massive horse cock in my throat suck Todd’s cock was easy. I was starting to bob up and down on Todd’s cock. Todd pushed the full length of his cock deep into my throat and held still buried in my throat as I felt a strap on my arm followed by the familiar pinch of a slam. The strap was snapped off and I felt the familiar rush of the slam. I didn’t realize how badly I needed a slam until now. The butt plug was pulled from my ass and I felt a huge cock start to push in. The guy I had been sucking was now about to fuck me again. There was some laughing as chat between the two guys that were spit roasting me as I learned that the two made a bet. Todd didn’t think I’d be able to take the dude’s entire cock in my throat. If I wasn’t able to take the full length of his cock he’d paid Todd $100. If I did take the full (what I now know is nearly a 10” cock) he would get to fuck a few more loads into my ass.
  4. Part 4 Todd pushed my hands over my head he kissed me. While he was kissing me and held my hands over my head I was distracted and barely noticed it when my wrists were placed in restraints followed by my ankles. Todd pulled his cock out of my ass and said, “It’s time for your ass to make me some money. You can fuck the bitch for $10, and breed the bitch when your diseased cum for $25. Who wants to go first and help convert this pretentious rich boy into my poz whore?” As I was pulling at my restraints I was trying to figure out what Todd meant by convert into a poz whore. Todd had pulled his cock from my well fucked ass and I felt a little bit of his cum leak out of me. I felt empty and was still very horny. Suddenly I had a needless syringe forced into the back of my mouth and tagged the bitterness of a dose of GHB given to me. Then a couple of the guys who watched Todd fuck me were on either side is me. Looking at then I thought I was seeing double realised that they were twins. I watched then as they each applied a tight strap to both arms. I felt the coolness of the alcohol on each arm followed by the now familiar pinch as they each found a vein and stuck a needle in me. Although I was still flying from the slam Todd had given me about 30-40 minutes ago I was about to get a double slam. Without a word says between the twins as they simultaneously pushed the contents into me as I started to feel the G kick in. They snapped the straps off one of my arms and I felt the rush of off of the slams hit me as I coughed. Just as my coughing was subsiding the other strap was snapped off and the second slam hit me. I couldn’t focus my eyes and I heard a ringing in my ears as the thought of what Todd said about help to convert his poz whore. One of the spectators of us fucking stepped up between my restrained legs. He placed the tip of his hard cock against my well fucked hole and pushed the full length on his cock inside me. As quickly as he sunk his cock inside me he began to pull out then slammed back in deep. As this guy fucked me I found myself moaning in sync with his thrust inward. My thoughts were all over the place as I began to instinctively work my ass muscles wanting him to breed me. The guy fucking me suddenly said, “Damn Todd I think your bitch wants my load, his ass keeps milking my cock.” Todd leaned down and said, “That’s my bitch. You’re learning to please the guy using your hole. Now ask him to breed you. Beg for his dirty, charged cum.” I said what Todd told me to say as I looked at the guy fucking me, “Please give me your dirty cum. Breed me. I need your charged load.” As I finished speaking I barely heard some one say, “This rich boy had no idea what he’s getting. I can’t wait to give him my AIDS cum.” I felt the guy fucking me suddenly quicken his pace as his dick thickened inside me before he was cumming inside me. As he finished he quickly pulled out and was quickly replaced by the next guy do was waiting for his turn at breeding ‘my neg ass’ as it was being called. Although my brain was still a little foggy from the drugs I was starting to figure out what all the talk around me was about. Todd looked down at me knowing I was starting to figure out what all they were saying meant, when he said to me, “Is my bitch finally figuring it out? You know now, don’t you?” As the next guy went to with fucking me, I knew what they meant by ‘dirty cum’ and ‘charged load’. Todd and every guy here is HIV+ and with each of them fucking me I was being exposed to HIV. The current cut inside me didn’t last long as he shot his load inside me without a word and pulled out. As I laid there empty for the brief moment I began to panic as the next guy ‘in line’ stepped up to fuck me before I could even think about attempting to expel their cum and rammed the full length of his cock deep into my ass reminding me of the pleasure I discovered from the drugs and sex I later leaned was known as PNP or ParTy aNd Play. I looked up at Todd as the current guy fucking me began to quickly fuck me causing me an involuntary deep moan emanate from as his throbbing cock spewed it’s venom. As he pulled his spent cock from my hole I involuntarily squeezed my ass trying to milk the last drops of his seed out while I simply asked Todd, “Why?” He held up a wad of cash he began counting telling me, “Your ass has already made me nearly $500. You know how many guys want to breed you?” My hazy brain figured at $25 each that was almost 20. Before I could answer Todd told me, “Your going to get a total of over 20 loads of cum from guys who are HIV+. It’s all part of my plan to make you my bitch.” I was trying to comprehend Todd’s words regarding his plan to make me his bitch when the next guy penetrated me with the largest dick I had rammed inside me to this point. I screamed out in pain as I was quickly given another slam and found myself starting to enjoy the horse cock that seemed to penetrate deep into me. I heard someone say, “When that poz cock breeds this pretentious rich boy he may cough up the cum.” The guy fucking me answered, “I’ve already cum in him once. I paid $100 and I have 3 more loads for him. I stopped taking my meds a few weeks back when Todd started to talk about how he was going to drug this boy up and convert him into his private whore. I wanted my viral load you climb and got tested this past week. My viral load is over half a million.” Todd was holding a slam in his hand what he asked the guy fucking me, “I think we need to add a little something to his next slam. Would you care to contribute?” The guy replied to Todd, “Fuck yeah, right after I give him load number 2.” I felt his cock go even deeper into my body as he delivered another while saying, “Fuck bitch, that's two loads of my highly toxic cum. Bet you never thought you could get pregnant. Well, one of us here is going to be your AIDS father.” He held still while Todd gave him part of the slam before drawing the guy’s blood into the syringe. He then suck the needle into me as emptied the entire syringe into my arm. The slam added to my high as the guy’s toxic blood mixed with the meth went to work.
  5. Part 3 Todd began to grunt which friend into now if a howl as I felt his cock grow harder and then I could feel his cock spasm inside my hole m as he exclaimed, “FUCK! FUCK YEAH! FUCK, TAKE MY DIRTY CUM!” I heard one of the guys who was standing next to us and had witnessed my getting fucked say, “Breed that bitch, give him your charged load.” I heard another guy yell, “Fuck yeah Todd, poz that neg ass.” I was trying to figure out what they meant with each comment when Todd resumed fucking me, his cock still rock hard as he let me know, “Now I own you, I own your ass” which he punctuated when a couple deep, hard thrusts. Todd fucked me for a good 10 minutes before he paused, put his arms under me and told me, “Put your arms around my neck and wrap your legs around me.” In this position Todd was able to pick me up. He continued to fuck me as he carried me over to this ‘swing’ like contraption I heard someone referred to as a ‘sling’. He placed me I the leather seat while a couple of the guys watching us helped by putting my legs I the stirrups. Todd was now standing as he continued to fuck me as I lay in the sling. The sling seemed to give him an advantage allowing him to fuck me deeper. He made sure that every stroke he made inside my ass was looking, deep and with purpose as he said, “Yeah, you’re starting to feel it, you’re starting to feel my DNA burrowing into your body. You feel my DNA becoming part of you. Soon it will start to take over your thoughts, your desires, your dreams and your fantasies.” His words danced through my head. All my random thoughts began to fly out of my head as Todd's words began to dominate my thoughts. He smiled at as he continued to fuck me working the cum he deposited inside me into the walls of my ass. As strange as it sounded when Todd spoke of it, it felt like his sperm was burrowing into my cells. I could tell that his DNA was working is way into all parts of my body, working into my brain, taking over my thoughts. I was starting to feel different, I was starting to think different. My mind was focused only on Todd’s words and actions as he worked his cock in and out of my ass. I began to work my ass muscles tightening my ass muscles as Todd was pulling out and relaxing my ass when he pushed in. Surprisingly my mind was thinking about getting him to breed me again. I could tell by the expressing on his face that he could feel what I was doing with my ass. He smiled and said, “That's my little bitch, work that ass. You want more of my dirty cum?” My only answer as he continued to fuck me was a nod is my head ‘Yes’. He continued, “Not to worry, I’ve got plenty my charged seed for you, able once I’m certain that I’ve given you enough of my jizz to convert you I’ll let others fuck you.” He paused taking to me for about a minute as his breathing and the pace he was fucking me began to increase. His cock began to become harder and thicken as he continued, “What do you think? I figure they can fuck you for $10 and breed you for $25.” Again he paused, but only for a few seconds when he suddenly said as he was about to breedme for the second time, “FUCK! It doesn’t matter what you think. I own your ass and I plan on renting it out so you might as well get used to the idea.” I continued to milk his cock with my ass when suddenly Todd slammed his cock balls deep inside me. I felt his cock spasm letting me know he was breeding me again as he kissed me for the first time. My body responded as I let his tongue pushed into my mouth. As I was experiencing my first man-on-man kiss Todd’s words from earlier were still dominating my mind. His DNA was taking over and becoming part of me as I was trying to get more of his lips as we kissed me and he continued to slowly fuck me. While we were still kissing I started to think about what was really consuming my thoughts was a strong desire for another needle I my arm. This new drug he gave me, Tina he valued it, made me feel so good that I had to have more. For a split second I worried what Todd would think about me if I asked for another one so soon, but then the desire for the needle, the need for the drug won out and when we stopped kissing I sheepishly asked, “You think I can get another ‘shot’ of that new drug?” Todd answered me with a chuckle while he continued to slowly fucked me, “First of all the drug is called Tina. It’s also known as ice, clear, crystal or meth but it’s better know as methamphetamine. The needle is called a rig or point and the ‘shot’ you are asking about is known as a slam.” I now understand the reason behind his ‘chuckle' as I smiled and corrected my request, “Can I get another slam of Tina?” Todd grinned like the Cheshire cat sitting in the tree above Alice as answered, “Absolutely, I signs use another slam myself.” Todd continued to slowly fuck me as a tourniquet was placed on my arm and a couple rigs seemingly appeared from no where. Todd stop me fucking to administer my slam telling me, “You will learn for to self administer how own slam when you start working.” I wasn’t sure what he meant by ‘working’ but I knew I was going to want to know how to make a administer my own slam. Todd wiped my arm with alcohol and explained as he was administering my slam, “Find a nice fat vein and slip the needle in, then pull the plunger back slightly getting a flash of red indicating your you’re in the vein then slowly empty the contents.” The tourniquet was snapped off and I began to cough while Todd administer his own slam. Then we were each handed a small glass of Gatorade with GHB. Todd explained, “GHB, better known as G, enhances the Tina and increases your horniness.” Right after we each downed our drinks Todd resumed slow fucking me as we kissed some more. He gradually picked up his pace as I flexed my ass muscles truly to milk another load out of him. With Todd’s silence and the way he was fucking me had me thinking he was teasing me. It was starting to drive me to the point I worked my ass harder and began ask him, “Are you getting tired? I need you did breed me again. I really wanted more of your special cum.” Todd just grinned at me and have me a couple of quick ‘jabs’ with his cock before responding to me, “You really want more of my special cum? Are you sure you really want me to give you the gift of my special gift?” I answered, “Fuck yeah give my your special gift.” This cause a couple of the guys watching Todd fuck me to laugh at one of them said ‘I bet you do’ and another said ‘Be careful what you ask for.’ Todd must have been holding out when he suddenly began to rabbit fuck me and within minutes free as ready to breed me for the third time. As his breathing began to pick up and I can’t his cock get harder and thicker Todd leaned his face close to mine to where we were almost touching when he asked me, “Do you really want my gift? Do you understand what is special about my cum? Why my cum is dirty?” I had no idea what he meant by his questions. All I knew was that I needed him to cum in my ass and breed me. I tightened my ass trying to milk that load out of him and said, “Fuck, just give me your cum and breed me.” Todd grunted out as I felt his cock throb as he fired his load deep inside me. He had a smirk on his face like along with several guys that had been watching us as Todd pushed my hands over my head he kissed me. While he was kissing me and held my hands over my head I was distracted and barely noticed it when my wrists were placed in restraints followed by my ankles. Todd pulled his cock out of my ass and said, “It’s time for your ass to make me some money. You can fuck the bitch for $10, and breed the bitch when your diseased cum for $25. Who wants to go first and help convert this pretentious rich boy into my poz whore?"
  6. Part 2 Todd looked at me at me saying, “If you want a blow job Anthony here would be glad to suck your cock, hell, he’ll even swallow your cum of you want him too." Before I knew what was going on Anthony quit cleaning up, hopped between my legs. had my shorts open and my cock down his throat. All while I was taking a hit from the pipe. Todd took the poops from me and held it out towards Anthony. He lifted his head from sucking my cock causing me to involuntarily whimper in disappointment as he jacked my cock while hitting the pipe. Anthony held the smoke in as he resumed his excellent such job. I watched him take the entire length of my 7½” cock down his throat and his it there when all of a sudden he let the smoke escape out around my cock. It looked so cool to watch and felt incredibly awesome as he kept up working my cock. Todd asked me, “Hired that mouth feeling bro?” I couldn’t deny it, “Fuck, it’s the best fucking blow job I’ve ever had.” I had just taken a couple hits off the pipe when Todd told me, “Bro, just relax, may back, close your eyes am enjoy Anthony’s mouth and throat.” I was starting to feel a little out of it, but still energized and very horny as Anthony continued to work my cock n and balls. His mouth felt amazing and even he went an the way down and you my cock into his throat, I’d feel his throat massaging the shaft of my cock. Suddenly I felt Anthony push my legs up allowing him battery access to work my balls. He was starting to push my legs up towards my ears to the point I was finding it difficult to move. I was about to say something when I felt a tongue I my hole. As strange as the thought of someone living my ass home was, the feeling was incredible. I began to moan as the simulation from my ass being licked and getting sucked had me moaning. I don’t know why but it you me a for to think how Anthony could be tonguing my hole while also sucking my cock. I was starting to become aware that there seemed to be more people at Todd's then when I first arrived. I opened my eyes at the same time someone over my head grabbed my arms. Anthony read still working his wonderful mouth on my cock while Todd was working his tongue on my hole. Todd began to finger my hole which feels as strange as his tongue at first. I then watched Todd grin and he held up a white rock. He put some lube on the rock and two of his fingers acct slowly stuck then inside my ass. It burned at first as Todd worked two lubed up fingers around inside my ass as I complained at the infusion. As abrupt the intrusion of his fingers penetrating my hole was the discomfort from the burning season began to morph into pure pleasure. This caused a deep conflict within me of guilt and disgust at the thought of enjoying a man finger fucking me and the thought of disgust of that same thought. I began moaning as he worked his fingers in and out of my hole and women he added a third finger my moan grew louder. Todd was looking into my eyes and it felt as if he was staring into my sole. As quickly as this all began it seemed as if it was about to end when Todd pulled how’s fingers from its home inside of me. I felt a moment if relief the quickly disappeared and then I felt an emptiness, a emptiness that grew into a hunger, a hunger for him to stick his fingers back inside my ass. I unexpectedly whimpered at the removal of his fingers. The look on Todd’s face told me that he wasn’t surprised at all as he said to me, “Is my little rich, entitled bitch missing having something indie his hole? You want me to put something back inside your bitch cunt?” I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth as the desires of my body were trading control of my mouth as I answered, “Yes stick your fingers back inside my ass. It felt so good I get some more.” An evil grin appeared on Todd’s face as he moved his naked body began my legs forcing Anthony to let my cock dip from his mouth. It was at this moment I discover that my rock hard cock that Anthony had been sucking had shriveled up to almost nothing looking to me maybe 2” long. I was so transfixed on the sudden loss of my hard cock I barely heard Todd when he told me that he had something to sign inside my ass that he knew I was going to come to love as I felt something hard being pushed into my ass. Again the desires in my body were in control as my hole seemed to eagerly open up and suck in what he was pushing inside me. Looking up at Todd standing between my legs I realized that out was Todd’s cock the was sliding into my ass. My instinct was to push him off and run, but what I did seemed to happen automatically. My legs were released and I instinctively wrapped then around his taught, muscular frame and as a moan of pleasure escaped through my lips I pulled him in closer allowing him to work his cock deep inside me. The expression on his face changed to that of a victor, as if he had just won a big game. What I later learned he won was my ass which he now owns. He held his cock balls deep in my ass before slowly pulling out to the ridge of his glands before slowly thrusting all the way back inside. Todd fucked me with a steady pace to start and slowly began to build up to a steady rhythm which caused me to moan in pleasure. Every once if a while he’d thrust in deep and hard keeping his dick buried telling me, “I can tell by your you’re expression your enjoying my cock working your hole.” All throughout his fucking me thoughts were darting in and out of my mind. These difference thighs were making me feel conflicted. One second my mind was on how good Todd’s cock felt as he fucked me, the next second I felt guilty for enjoying getting fucked, the next I am thinking about my girlfriend and what will I say you her, then I’m thinking about what will my fucking affect me and I then worry what will happen if my very conservative family found out I was fucked by a guy and I liked it. With all the thoughts racing through my mind it made it difficult to bring myself to say what my dealer wanted to hear. I was hoping to get out of Todd’s place and never see him again. Todd had been fucking me for 30 maybe 45 minute all the time I moaned I pleasure. By this point I was getting a serious pounding when Todd slammed the full length of his cock deep in my ass and said to me, “When I eventually breed you I'll own your ass Tell me you want me to own your ass. Tell me you want to become my bitch.” I knew saying this would be strip away the last little bit of my dignity and put me in a position where I would (most likely) be getting fucked by Todd again and again. I tried to resist letting my body dictate my answer although I think my brain wasn’t that far behind as I felt him fired his cock as it was buried balls deep inside me. Todd was waiting for an answer as he continued, “Answer me, do you want me to own your ass? Do you want to be my bitch? If you don’t answer me I’m going to pull my cock out, give you a hefty dose of GHB, slam your ass with a strong dose of Tina, stuff a big rock up your cunt and throw you out on the street buck ass naked. If you think your horny now, after you’ve been given all that you’ll be pounding on my door to let you back inside so I can fuck you some more. Or you’ll you to the local park or maybe the adult book store. You’ll look for someone to fuck you, and when the Tina high starts to ware off you’ll be looking for a dealer to buy Tina from so you can get high again. The hunger for her will be so strong you’ll do anything to get some and that one way or another you'll become some dealer's bitch.” As he said this to me someone forced my mouth open and poured a foul tasting liquid in then held my mouth closed forcing me to swallow, saying “Swallow your G.” I felt someone place a tight strap on my arm as I turned my head to see them wipe my arm with a cold alcohol pad. I continued to watch as a syringe first with a semi-clear liquid was stuck into my vein. The plunger was slightly pulled back as a flash of red appeared before the plunger was pushed and I was given the contents and was told, “Are you ready tom blast into the stratosphere? Here’s a nice big slam for you.” Todd laughed as the tight strap was removed and I began to cough. As the drugs were hitting me I knew Todd was saying something that I could make out as I felt him start to slowly pull his cock from its home deep inside of my body. The last bit of resistance I had was gone as I found myself saying, “FUCK ME! Make me your bitch. Own my ass.” As the drugs worked they’re way through my body Todd resumed fucking me. As he worked his cock inside me it began to feel incredibly better then a few moments ago. I began to be aware that his breathing started to become faster as his cock seemed to get harder when again looked at me as I felt as if he was staring directly into my soul telling me, “I knew from the first time you came here that the day would come what’s I was going to breed you and make you my bitch. That time is now, I haven’t cum since then and I am about you how a 6 week load inside you. Tell me you was me to breed you. Been me for my cum, been for my dirty cum my bitch.” Just when I thought he couldn’t degrade me and get me any lower than he’d already taken me, he wanted me to ask for him to cum in my ass. The thought of him shooting him cum inside me caused me to think back on the numerous girls that I had shot my cum inside and how on a two of them I spent a few weeks worrying that I might have gotten them pregnant. This entire situation was reducing me to nothing more than a cum receptacle. At least I didn’t have to worry about Todd getting me pregnant. Todd was practically on top of me as he placed his knees on the couch as he fucked me. I could see the sweat dripping down his face and neck as he looked at me and baked out like an order or command, “SAY IT BITCH! TELL ME TO CUM IN YOUR ASS! BEG ME TO BREED YOU!” Without any hesitation I found myself screaming out, “FUCK ME! YEAH, FUCKING BREED ME, CUM IN MY ASS!” Todd began to grunt which friend into now if a howl as I felt his cock grow harder and then I could feel his cock spasm inside my hole m as he exclaimed, “FUCK! FUCK YEAH! FUCK, TAKE MY DIRTY CUM!” I heard one of the guys who was standing next to us and had witnessed my getting fucked say, “Breed that bitch, give him your charged load.” I heard another guy yell, “Fuck yeah Todd, poz that neg ass.” I was trying to figure out what they meant with each comment when Todd resumed fucking me, his cock still rock hard as he let me know, “Now I own you, I own your ass” which he punctuated when a couple deep, hard thrusts.”
  7. I want to thank you all for the compliments on this story. I'm going to take a break from this story.
  8. Part 1 My name is Preston Arthur Lewis IV, son of Preston Arthur Lewis III, grandson of Preston Arthur Lewis Jr. As great grandson of Preston Arthur Lewis Sr. I stand here at the door of room 1225 of the downtown Westin hotel using the card key to open the door. As I open the door I hear a voice from the bathroom calling to me, “Come on in and make yourself comfortable.” I knew that meant to get naked, have a seat on the bed and wait for him to come out of the bathroom. I was to be his ‘bitch’ for the night. He’d get me high and fuck me until he was satisfied. Then I’d get dressed and go to meet the next guy I was to service. How did I get here? How did I, an 18 year old high school senior from a very affluent family become a male prostitute? It all started about a month ago when my regular weed dealer got busted. I had a regular pick up of pot for me and my girl. We liked to done weed woke we fucked. But now I needed a new connection and that’s when I met Todd. A guy I knew at my high school introduced me to him. The first time I went to his place to pick up some weed I noticed that he had a bunch of guys hanging out art his place. I made my purchase and left without any issues. Todd was a cool guy and had great weed for a better price then my previous dealer. The next week I went over to get it regular pot supply it seemed that the same guys were hanging around. We made our transaction as I got up to leave he said to me, “Bro, I’ve got this new stuff you’ve got to try sometime.” I just gave him a quick ‘Yeah, sure’ kind of acknowledgment and headed out you meet my girlfriend. The next time I picked up my weekly pot supply from Todd I notice that there were fewer guys hanging out. As he got my stuff out he asked me, “You ready to try the new stuff I’ve got? I know you’d really enjoy the high it would give you.” I nervously stood up telling him, “No thanks bro.” The next two weeks the amount of guys hanging out at Todd’s place continued to decrease and he kept asking me about trying some new drug. As much as I was curious about the drug he was offering me I wanted to stick with smoking weed. He kept offering and I kept brushing him off. The following week I arrived at Todd’s place and was surprised that there was only one person hanging out. He looked to be around my age and was straightening things up. I sat down with Todd ready to make it transaction and head over to pick up my girlfriend before going back to my place to smoke and fuck. Todd told me, “The guy who supplies my weed is running late, he’ll be here within the hour. You cool waiting for him? I’ll give you a an extra couple ounces for your inconvenience.” I answered “Sure.” I mean if he’s going to give me more weed for the same price I’ll wait. He then said to me “Good. Now you can try that new stuff I’ve been getting you about.” Todd pulled out a bong that looked a little like what used to smoked my weed with, but this looked a little funny. He lit a torch and started to heat the bottom of a round glass at the end. Todd yelled you the young guy cleaning to get me a some Gatorade as the glass end started to fill with white smoke as he told me, “I’m going to show you how it’s done. After the bowl starts to fill with smoke you keep heating it while moving the touch slowly under the bowl and inhaling slowly until you can’t take anymore in.” I took a could swigs from my drink while I watched as Todd put his mouth on the end of the bong and inhaled before he stopped and held his breath before blowing out a huge cloud of white smoke then said “Then you hold out as long as possible.” Since I had to wait for the weed to be delivered I didn’t have a excuse to say no to his offer. He handed me the bong and said that he's heated the bowl for me so I could concentrate on slowly sucking in the smoke. I could believe his much I inhaled that first time until I blew out this huge cloud. Todd had me take another hit of the bong telling me, “Come on, blow me some big clouds.” Before I knew it I had taken 3 massive hits. I began did feel like my world had gotten brighter. I felt a wave of energy surge futon me. Todd didn't have to tell me to hit the pipe again, after reading a could gulps from my drink I instinctively took a forth hit off the bong. Todd took a hit of the pipe while I finished off my drink. I was suddenly feeling very warm and Todd surprised me by removing his shirt leaving him sitting next to me wearing only a pair of mesh basketball shorts as he commented, “Don’t know about you, but I'm begging very hot.” I agreed with him saying “Yeah, me too.” Then why don’t you take off that shirt and get comfortable” he replied. I’m not sure why, but the next thing I knew my shirt was hanging off the back of the couch and Todd was repacking the pipe with more of what ever it was we were smoking. Todd handed me the bong and I was a little shocked when it accidentally brushed it again my dick. I hadn’t noticed at first, but I was throwing doing major wood. Todd looked at the tent in my shorts then at me saying, “Looks like someone is horny.” That caused me to blush as I fumbled with the torch. As I gained my composure Todd let me know, “I probably should’ve warned you that this shit can make you very horny.” I had admitted to him, “I am horny as fuck. When’s your pot guy going to show up. I need to get my girl and get her mouth on my cock.” Todd looked at me at me saying, “If you want a blow Anthony here would be glad to suck your cock, hell, he’ll even swallow your cum of you want him too Before I knew what was going on Anthony quit cleaning up, hopped between my legs. had my shorts open and my cock down his throat. All while I was taking a hit from the pipe.
  9. Part 9 I had a few more ‘pozzing’ sessions over the week. Steven even had me come over to a hotel room where he had twink meet him. Steven told me it was the twink's 18th birthday and he was looking to get fucked his the first time. What the kid didn’t expect was that he was going to hey this ass fucked full of cum. When I arrived I found the kid was tied up with a butt plug in his ass. Steven told me “I need you to add your cum to what I’ve already deposited.” I asked “Did he meet Tina?” Steven held up a pipe and answered “It was a little cloudy when we started.” I then commented, “I figured you’d play darts with him.” Steven laughed and said “I would have, but I needed help. And I figured with your assistance we can convert him.” I started to strip as I noticed how young he looked. He had no pubic hair. I had to ask Steven “Are you sure he's 18?” Steven answered “Yes. I had him bring his birth certificate.” He showed me the kids burn certificate. I learned that the twink lived a couple hours away and that his father was a minister or reverend, something like that and the doesn’t know that the twink came here to hook up. Steven planned to mid the kid through the weekend getting him addicted to raw cock, cum and Tina. It was time to give him a proper introduction to miss Tina. Steven was going to administer the kid's first slam as I administer my own slam at the same time. The kid’s slam was very strong as he coughed out hard. I started to fuck him before he died coughing as Steven released the kid’s restraints as he said “Knock him up. Get him pregnant.” The kids had no clue as I started to fuck him. By the time I had deposited me third dirty load of cum and he had had a second slam he was asking me to get him pregnant. When I left, Steven was giving him a third slam as he fucked him some more. At this point the kid was asking for another slam and Steven was telling him “You are now my bitch. Your ass belongs to me.” Steven held up the twink's phone showing a video clips of him sucking cock, getting fucked, smoking from a pipe and getting slammed. He told the kid “I sent these to anyone in your contact list along with this message, ‘I can no longer lie to any of you. I am a gay drug addict. I have left home for good.’ Everyone you know back home know what you've become, Tina whore. You will do as I say or I’ll just seen your ass to the highest bidder and you’ll have be heard from again. The kid was starting to cry as I was walking out the door. The kid came around quickly as he became one of Steven’s working boys. Steven had his pubic hair permanently removed as it made him look really young and rented his ass out to perverted that liked to think he was 13 or 14 even though he was actually 18. On Friday I received a text from Steven. I was to be the guest of honor for the weekend at a special party. The group were alumni from a major college. One of the schools that was heavily recruiting me to play football. I arrived at the local hotel meeting Steven I the lobby. He told me “These are really good friends of mine you should meet since you’ll be playing college football there.” I let Steven know “l hadn’t decided where I was going to play football.” Steven looked at me and didn’t say a word. His stare said enough. I knew that I was going to commit the play football there and that I’d be getting you know these alumni very well. We got off the elevator, walked down the hall and Steven used a key card to open the door to the room. Steven introduced me to everyone there. They all talked about how happy they were they I had decided to play football at their alma mater. Before too long a glad pipe appeared and was starting to get passed around. When it was handed to me I was encouraged to take several hits off it as clothes stared to come off the men standing around me. As I started to lose what I was wearing Steven told me “Enjoy yourself, I have to get back to my new slut” as he headed towards the door. I was completely naked and had someone eating my ass while being given a cock to suck. I heard someone say, “I think our new quarterback needs a slam.” I was carried over to the bed where I was placed on my back. Before I knew it I had the tourniquet on my arm, had the needle suck in my vein and he contents from the rig pushed into me. The tourniquet was snapped off and I coughed out hard. Damn that was a strong slam, all I said was “Holy Fuck. For the next 2 nights I was kept high with multiple slams as each guy their turn breeding me. I was told how good my ass felt and how they each looked forward to seeing me when they visited the school.
  10. Part 8 I texted Steven when I got in my car letting him know ‘the client was very satisfied and I had the task was completed'. Steven texted me ‘right on, here’s your next client’ as he sent me the address and which set of points I was to use. The next guy was a bug chasing jock (my type). He was early to mid 20's, nice muscular build. He had a great cock, not that he’d get to use it. He was an avid partier when never slammed before. But if was brought to be pozzed he wanted too be slammed. We chatted a little bit when I arrived as I pulled out his point. I leaned that he was more of a top and that he has always been turned on by pozzing stories. He also has a cute twink who didn’t just want to be fucked by him, the twink wants the jock to breed his ass. The twink never asked the jock if he was poz or neg. He learned that the twink had never used a condom when fucking. So he started to think about fucking the kid bareback and breed ass. Then his thoughts slipped yup sleazier thoughts of pumping him full of poz cum which turned him on beyond belief. He knew he was ready to take the final plunge and become poz himself. Use coughed that Tina would help him take that final step and not turn back. There were 4 points for him since he was slamming for the first time. The important factor Steven taught me about slamming is that you can always slam more, you can’t slam less. I was to administer one slam and after 5 to 10 minutes then I would see how the client was doing and would then determined if he was to get another one until he was sufficiently cock crazy. Basically I was to get him to the point of having T-dick. I could see that he was a little nervous as I got everything ready. I had him lay back and relax as I got him some Gatorade to drink. Steven’s instructions had me dose the Gatorade with some GHB is he showed any apprehension. The downed the Gatorade quickly and as the G took effect the jock seemed to know that he had been dosed saying to me, “You put G in my Gatorade.” I answered him, “Yes, I am just flowing Steven’s instructions. He knew you might need it to help get you where you really want to be.” He then told me, “Thanks. You know Steven offered to poz me, but since I rarely bottom I wasn’t going to let his horse cock wreck my hole.” I looked at him and as I applied the tourniquet said to him “I think you’re ready you be slammed.” As I swabbed his arm and readied to skip the needle into his vein he answered “Yeah I am ready.” I skillfully hit the big, juicy vein and after getting the red flash emptied the first point into the jock. After I pulled the tourniquet he coughed a little and I knew right away he was going to need more. I was just going to give him the second slam butt he kept telling me to give him 2 more. We quick texted Steven and the jock pled his case. Steven told me to give him 2 more points. After I administer both points he coughed out hard as his hard dick went a little soft. I made note of the amount me has slammed knowing how much the jock could do make T-dick right get him as I administer the fourth slam which, in combination with the G he drank, turned the jock into a cum dump. Over the next 8 hours I proceeded to fill his neg jock ass with my poz cum. I roughly used a dildo to work those loads in deep and help insure the pozzing process. I also inserted a butt plug before I left to keep the loaded inside him while putting a pair a locking charity shorts so he couldn’t remove the but plug. I was to come back by Saturday night to breed him some more. The next client was a simple party-n-play fuck. The guy was a bug chaser who was tired of not getting converted after 6 years of barebacking. The last client before he had to go back over to the jocks was a partier who wanted to get his conservative, straight laced, neg boyfriend to party for the very first time along with pozzing his ass. They had talked about him trying Tina for the first time and him converting only to have him back out. The client was determined to finally make it all happen. The apartment door was left open for me to get in. I would find the client fucking his boyfriend who was to be slammed and pozzed. Once in the bedroom the client would good his boyfriend down while I administered the slam. Then the two of us would tag team his neg ass filling him with poz loads. As I was about to walk into the bedroom I could hear the neg boyfriend say something about hearing someone in the apartment. By the time I entered that bedroom the client had the boyfriend pinned to the mattress as I quick applied the tourniquet and before he knee what was happening the neg boyfriend was coughing out hard. It was apparent that they were about to fuck since the client had a condom on his cock. He quickly pulled the condom off as his boyfriend rode his first rush. He then administered his slam and proceeded to fuck and breed his boyfriend. When it was my turn the client told his neg boyfriend “The guy fucking you just recently converted HIV+ and between me and him breeding you're sure to convert.” I was about to dump my first load inside his neg ass when he surprisingly answered, “Thank you for helping me experience Tina and making a take raw cock.” This was a quick job as I dumped 2 poz loads into his ass and left after double fucking him, but I had to get back to the jock and remove the butt plug and dump some more of cum into his ass. It wasn't easy to get the plug out of his ass but with some lube, effort and a nice slam the plug came out. He had absorbed the cum I had dumped inside him the night before. For tonight the jock asked that I get a few poz tops to help breed him. His only stipulation was not to have anyone over 7” to 8” fuck him. It was decided to get a hotel room for the night. I had placed ads on BBRT and Craig’s List and was going to have him pick out the guys he wanted to have fuck him. He opened his laptop, I logged into BBRT and the email I had set up the Craig’s List ad. Had him get on all fours and I slowly fucked him while he looked through the replies. He set it up for 6 guys to come by the hotel room while I made sure that the guys coming over were the righT Type. As we waited for our visitors to arrive I made sure there was a well packed pipe and bong along with clean pints and Gatorade to take GHB with. I had our slams ready to go and convinced the jock to let me slam him as he let the next guy fuck him. I told him we’d have the guy lay on his back so that jock could mount him.. The jock was down to try only if he coughed fuck me at the end of the night. The first got showed up was a college frat boy type who quickly started smoking. He was also down for getting his dick inside the jock’s ass as I slammed him only if I could administer a slam for him. I mixed the slams and our visiting top laid down, the jock slowly worked his tight ass slowly down the guy’s 7½” cock. There was still about ½” to ¾” left when I gave the jock his slam flowed by the visiting top. As they both coughed out I saw the rest of that cock disappear as the jock proceeded to fuck himself as the top laid back enjoying the rush. A few minutes later the top began to fuck him below as the two began to get a nice rhythm going. I stood up letting the jock suck my cock. Soon we are joined by a couple more tops. It of the 6 the were invited only 4 showed up. Each one partying up and fucking a load or two (or four) pinto the jock's neg ass. He took a dozen loads that night and when we were left just the two of us I fixed is a couple more slams, had him lay on his back as I straddled him felt his 8” cock balls deep in my ass then administered his slam. While he coughed or I quickly did my own slam and then let him fuck me. He turned out to be a great top and rushed me for a good 2 hours before we quit.
  11. Part 7 The fuck I received was a reward for bringing Bruce over. Bruce was getting fucked more intensely them I had ever been. I kept hearing him meeting referred to as a ‘pig’ and I had a good idea what that meant. It meant that Bruce was going to be changed from this innocent gay boi into a dirty fuck toy. He was going to learn how to do all sorts of extreme things that I'd never me asked to do. As the day progressed I thought I saw Bruce being forced to drink a guys piss straight from his dick. He also was double fucked numerous times as well as having his of all shapes and sizes shoved up his ass. It was also at this point I started to feel not that great as Steven finally took his turn at my ass. It had been almost a week since Steven had last fucked me. I really liked getting Steven’s horse cock plunging deep inside me and especially loved it when he would breed me over and over again. This time as he filed me with his poz load he looked into my eyes and could tell I was not feeling well. Steven wouldn’t let anyone else fuck me after he was done breeding me and sent me home to bed trekking me, “Looks like my little high price whore has finally got the fuck flu. You are to call me when your feeling better and ready to fuck. I have a number of people who will want your high viral load cum once you are done sero converting.” After the week with my older brother and now my time working as Steven's whore I learned that I was exposed to HIV and knew I was expected to become HIV+. As I drove home the thought that what coursed through my brother’s veins, and her possibly Steven’s veins, was at this very moment changing my body from a clean cut jock into a positive whore had my dick hard as a rock. When I got home I climbed into bed with the cum I got at Steven's still stewing inside my ass. I called Jason to tell him all about Bruce and my fuck flu. Steven was excited for me and let me know he was in his way to Steven's to help with training Bruce to be a pig. I spent the weekend in bed and all the time I was horny as fuck, I must have jerked my cock half a dozed times a day. On Tuesday I was starting to feel a little better when Bruce surprised me by coming into my room after my parents had left for work. They had let him in as they left the house. He told me that he spent 2 days doing with a could days over the past weekend at Steven's and enjoyed every thing he did with Steven and his friends. Bruce added, “Thank you for introducing me to Tina and Steven. I now work for him with a select group.” I knew that Steven was looking for a new boy to pick for one that recently…… let’s just say ‘he left’. This boy was an extreme leather boy who was into BDSM and a particular client paid Steven a large sum of cash for the boy’s ass on a permanent basis. Steven told me about this when I mentioned Bruce to him and the plan to corrupt him was hatched. Steven said he can turn any boy into a leather pig, even one as straight laced as Bruce was with Miss Tina. Tina is what turned me from a straight jock into a Tina whore. Steven selling this boy made me wonder if he'd ever sell me to someone. He told me, “I can make more money on my ass with the high price clientele I was going to service then he made selling this boy off. I need another boy to fill the role and with Tina I’m going to turn Bruce into a leather pig.” As I sat up in bed with my sheets barely covering my raging hard cock, Bruce asked me “Do you have any Tina, I could use a hit.” Bruce licked his lips as he stared at my hard cock that was very noticeable through my sheets. I Reached into the table next to my bed as Bruce quickly stripped as i pulled out my kit. Bruce quickly began to suck my cock as I pulled out my pipe. He paused his cock sucking to ask me, “Got any points, I’d prefer to slam if you know how.” I put the pipe on the table next to my bed and pulled out 2 fresh new rigs asking Bruce, “How many times did you slam while at Steven’s?” Bruce surprised me when he answered, “If I remember correctly I was given a slam every 2 hours so I’d have to say at least 18.” I know the week that my bro hey me high I may have been slammed a total of 18 over the week. Although, when I met Steven for the first time I was slammed over half a dozen times. I remember being slammed 3 times during the 9 hours I was at his place and at the party that night I received 4 maybe 5 slams. I had both slams ready when Bruce lubed up my rock hard cock and slid his ass down on it ready to ride my cock right after I administer his slam. I applied the tourniquet, you’d a good vein and gave him his slam. After I removed the tourniquet and he began to cough I realized why Steven enjoys slamming guys when they are in his cock. I quickly administered my own slam and as I coughed out Bruce began to work his ass I my cock. I could tell he had learned a few things in his time with Steven. He quickly brought me to my first orgasm (from fucking) in days. After he milked that load of me he continued to river my cock until he got a second load from me and speaking for the first time “Fuck yeah, give me that dirty cum.” I wasn’t sure if he knew what he said and what it meant or if he was parroting what he had heard woke at Steven's. I knew that there was a lot of poz talk going on with Bruce, but I wasn’t sure if he knew the meaning. After I dumped that second load I took control of fucking him. I pushed him over telling him “Get on your hands and knees bitch.” He quickly complied as I mounted his ass, pushed his upper back down to the mattress so that his back arched and giving me the best access to his hole. I then proceeded to pound the hell out of him occasionally slapping his ass I the process. Bruce then answered my internal questioning when he said, “Fuck yeah, give me that poz cock.” Bruce then let me know that Steven told him to come over and check on me and if possible you get high with me and get me to need his ass with my poz cum. Bruce’s conversion to pig was so complete I even tied him up and fucked a could more loads into him before we you a break for a swim. During the swim break I texted Steven, ‘bruce came over, planted several poz loads into his neg ass’ He replied, ‘sounds good, have several special jobs for you this weekend’ I asked ‘special jobs?’ To which he answered, ‘yes special, they are guys that are looking to becum poz and with your growing viral load you’re the prefect person to convert them……I want to use this for a while until I put you on meds’ My answer was short and simple, ‘cool' The idea of converting willing guys had me turned on and hard again. Bruce noticed my rock hard cock and without saying a word we went back to my room for a could more slams and my breeding him. He took 4 more loads from me before my parents got home and he left. Before he left me asked “Can I come over later in the week for more of your cum?’ Knowing I’d need to save my poz juice for the weekend’s paying customers I had to tell him “No.” It was agonizing trying not to cum the rest of the week, but when I finally got to Friday and the first client I was ready. Friday morning Steven texted me to stop by his place at 2 pm. I was to pick up supplies before I headed over to my first client of the weekend. I was to party with all of the clients and was told that 3 of then would be partying for their first time. Steven would give me instructor before I met each client. I got up Steven’s he had prepared points for me. Each at was in a bag with a number of it. The instructions were simple, Steven would tell me which bag was for use with each client and the point with the red mark was for my use. He gave me the first clients address telling me, “You will be told by the client what to do when you get there and you are to follow his instructions without question, understood?” I answered him as I only knew how, “Yes sir, I will do as he tells me.” I was given the address and told that I had to be there exactly at 3 pm. I had just enough time to drive over to the guy’s house. I parked in the driveway as instructed and went to the back door. I was to meet myself in and I’d find the client in the bedroom I the left at the end off the hall. I walked in to find a teen aged boy, probably my about 18, tied up with his hand tied to the head board of the bed and his feet tired up to his arms with his hole exposed and gagged.. As I looked the boy over we were joined by an older man. As we walked closer to the bed the man told me, “This is my faggot son. He came out to me last week. I want you to slam him up and you’re to tell him every time you need his neg ass that you’re dumpinga dirty load of poz cum inside his ass.” I now knew why Steven didn’t give me a lot of details, not that I want cared about the situation, actually the idea of giving this kid his very first slam then fucking him full of poz cum had me already rock hard. I decided I’d start to fuck him then slam him up with my cock inside his neg cunt and then I’d slam myself. The bag for this client had 3 points in it, one for me and 2 for the kid. I was to be here about 2½ hours so I figured the kid would get the second slam about an hour later. I stripped and climbed on the bed, applied a little amount of lube on the boy’s hole and slid my cock in an the way. I could see a sign of discomfort as I penetrated the boy as I asked him, “First time getting fucked?” With the gag in his mouth he answered the only way he could by nodding ‘Yes’. The thought that I was the first guy to get inside this boys ass had my cock get even harder as I could tell I was what doing my poz pre cum inside his neg hole. I skillfully applied the tourniquet you guys arm and found a nice plump vein telling the boy, “You better keep still so that you don’t get hurt.” I then slid the needle home, registered the familiar red flash then emptied the contents giving this boy his very first slam. I quickly administered my own then pulled both tourniquets simultaneously. The boy went into a huge coughing fit b only matched by my own coupe of coughs. As he coughed I vent his ass spasm as I began to fuck him. His ass was nice, warm and tight as I returned my cock in and out of his hungry hole. I could tell he was moaning as I was fucking him which caused his father to remove his gag. The first thing his said was, “Fuck yeah, fuck me.” I was turned on by his naivety as I fucked him. He had no clue that he was getting fucked by a poz top, but he was about to learn his fate. As I got closer to breeding him for the first time I spoke to him, “You like that cock fucking you?” He answered, “Fuck yeah, keep fucking me. Please don’t stop.” I then told him, “Trust me bitch, I ain’t gonna stop until I’ve fled you with enough of my cum. I’m gonna bed your ass again and again. In fact, I’m about to bed your ass. You want my cum don’t you?” I could tell he was trying to process what I had just told him when he asked me “You’re not really a condom?” My answer was silent as I was about to blow my poz load deep inside the boy’s ass as I shook my head ‘No'. I could see the panic in his eyes as he tried to push my cock out with his ass muscles and squirmed beneath me as I began to shoot. And as his father wanted me I looked at the boy and let him know, “Fuck yeah, take my dirty load bitch. I’m dumping my HIV positive cum deep inside you boy. I now own your ass bitch.” I kept on fucking him as he began to cry. It had only been about 40 minutes since I first slammed him, but I figured he was ready for the second one. So as I held my cock deep inside his cum filled hole I applied n the tourniquet to his arm and when the same instructions as before for him not to move, I have him his second slam. When I removed the tourniquet me went into a coughing fit that was bigger then his first. I could tell by the expression on his face along with his hard coughing that this slam was much stronger then his first one. It felt great on my cock as I continued to fuck him as he only could moan in pleasure. Between the kids ass convulsing with his coughing, the fact I took his cherry and had given him his first raw fuck and breeding had me ready to dump load number 2. Of course I let him know “Bitch you have me so turned on. You’re gonna feet a second charged load out of me. Fuck here is cums bitch.” I slammed my cock I as deep as I could and knew he cloud feel me shooting my load. Unlike the first time I filled his ass he seemed to be wanting my cum now. The Tina mass changed his mind set at me looked up at me and said “Fuck me, breed me, fill me with your cum.” I replied to him “If my bitch wanting my dirty cum? Is my bitch wanting me to poz his neg ass?” The kid shook his head ‘Yes’ as I continued to fuck him. By the time I dress due I gave him 5 loads of poz cum and for the last 30 to 45 minutes his father untied him. He was so wanting to have the crumb in his ass that his father had ads placed on a few strategic hook-up sites and had a few guys lined up to breed his boy for a price. He was turning his son into his personal whore, one that he told me I could need anytime.
  12. Part 6 Just after I had just deposited my third load of cum inside Bruce I collapsed on top of him as I tried to catch my breath. As we both lay there on my bed I looked into the camera I had hidden in my bedroom knowing Steven was watching as smiled. The next part of Bruce’s corruption was about to be put into motion. Almost on cue my phone rang. I knew it would be Steven and one exactly what to say to her this chic to the next step. As I continued to feed Bruce smoke from my pipe I answered, “Hi mom…………..I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well………..ok…………I may not be here when you get home……………..bye.” I looked at Bruce just as he was taking his 6th hit from the pipe and said, Mom will be home in about 20 minutes, she’s got a migraine. If you want to keep the party going I have a friend that is always open to having guys over.” Bruce blew out a huge cloud with an enthusiastic “Yes, let’s go.” We grabbed our clothes from by the pool and I drove us let to Steven's condo. Not much was said as we drove over to Steven's except Bruce telling me “That's only the third time I've bottomed but it's the first time it didn’t hurt like hell.” I knew it was risky, but I told Bruce, “Keep hitting that pipe bro, you’ll need that for my friend Steven.” We arrived at Steven's building, went up to his floor and, like the first time I came here, the for was unlocked. Like that first I met him he was sitting on the couch naked with his hard cock pointing up. Bruce’s eyes were transfixed on Steven's massive cock leaving me to think if he was wondering how it was going to for inside him or was he thinking that he couldn’t wait to get that massive cock inside his hungry hole. Steven held up a full rig and told Bruce, “Not to worry my new pig, this will help you discover your hidden talents. Now strip and get ready to go into the stratosphere.” Bruce was so high from the smoking he did on the drive over to Steven's to understand everything Steven had said to him when he quickly removed he board shorts and t-shirt. I’m pretty sir Bruce was clueless as Steven tied off his arm and quickly administer three entire slam. As Steven pushed the plunger I could tell that the slam was very thick meaning that it was very concentrated. When he released the tourniquet I Bruce was going to be seriously fucking high. He coughed so hard Steven had no problem getting him to sit his ass down on to his cock. Steven began fucking Bruce while he was still coughing and trying too figure out what was going on as he was experiencing his first rush. I could tell when Steven delivered his first load as he picked up the second point on the table next to him. I noticed a third prepared point which Steven indicated I should use letting me know me has friends over. I picked up the point and slammed myself just as a few guys joined us in the living room. As I coughed out I noticed that Steven had Bruce on all fours so that he could suck cock while getting fucked. I knew what was expected as I took a cock down my throat while another guy rimmed my ass.
  13. Part 5 With Tina doesn’t through his body, coding his mind and taking his thoughts to sleazier places I exposed Bruce to his first raw fuck. The expression on his face was a mixture of pure joy from the pleasure he was receiving and worry knowing that he was putting himself at risk with this raw fuck. The deep, sexual moans that he made with every thrust of my cock told me the pleasure side of the internal argument was winning. The entire situation with Bruce had me so turned on my cock deemed you grow harder. The entire situation with Bruce, the way his body responded to my touch, my cock invading his hole, the look in his eye as I bottomed out my cock deep in his hole weigh dry thrust had me so turned on. I’m sure as Bruce looked up at me he saw a jock who was tenderly giving him what he needed, and (more importantly) something extra that he didn’t know he needed. My cock had already started to drop a steady supply of pre cum that I hoped would stay to change him forever. Although I had yet to sero-convert I knew my body was probably already fling up with the virus. The thought of all that cum I took over the week was filled with enough of the bug there was no way I was going to escape it grasp. From the moment I was first fucked and Jason unloaded inside me I started to feel a change inside me. Not just the fact I discover the pleasure of gay sex, or the connection of bare skin on bare skin, or the intimacy of a man injecting his load directly into my body. My mind began to go to a sleazy place of what I wanted to do with man. How I wanted to please him in so many ways. But right know, this was for me, my fucking Bruce was for my pleasure. Yes Bruce was I the receiving end of a nice cock bringing him to heights of pleasure as the drugs took him to a place (like me) he’d want to return to again and again. I was going to show him the way and Steven was thing to take him there. I began to feel my balls tingle and I began to fuck with more ferocity. Cum began to ooze in a steady stream from Bruce's limp Tina dick I was approaching my impending orgasm. I learned down allowing or two foreheads to touch. I looked into his eyes directly into his soul. We spoke to each other without saying a word. Bruce knew he was about to be his first ever breeding from his first every raw fuck. I have him a quick nod of my head as I one I was about to blow my load inside him any second. Bruce nodded back acknowledging what was about to happen between us. I couldn’t hold back any longer add let loose with a giant roar, “FUCK!! I’M CUMMING BRO. I’M FUCKING BREEDING YOUR ASS!!!!” The look on Bruce's far was a combination of fear and contentment. I slowly worked my cock inside Bruce’s well bred ass while I was hang ready for round two. Bruce’s expression changed to me of cock as I began to fuck him did a second time. I knew I had taken him to a whole new level after my third lead.
  14. Part 4 I shortly woke up a few hours waking up before my parents got home. I needed to go on my daily run since I had not worked out at all let week. I don’t regret anything I did it had done to be lay week. Jason helped me discover my true self. I finally admitted to myself I had buried thoughts I had about guys after seeing what Jason why through. Now I was free in more ways then one. Free to enjoy sex another man and free from the fear of HIV since I was exposed to the big multiple times since my older brother first fucked me over a week ago. The only freedom I didn’t have was in my service to Steven as my pimp. The idea of serving as a fuck toy for the wealthy men Steven had looked up was rather exciting. I had a steady supply of Tina, already made $600 I tips and received a great blow job from the twink Steven was fucking. The only restriction was to be available evenings when Steven needed me to meet with whomever he had for me too meet. I was on my run I came across Bruce who was our student trainer a couple years back. This past year he was a freshman at a major college in the state. His father told me he was working with the athletic department's sports medicine department. I heard rumors that he was gay so when I saw him out undying of his house I stopped to say hello. I could tell he was surprised I stopped to talk to him as we chatted about this and that, you know, the usual bull shit about classmates. I asked him how the girls were at college and could tell by his answer that he was embellishing his experiences. Bruce asked me how the high school tail was. I didn’t lie, although I left out some details, when I told him “Lately I’ve discovered an older crowd.” He smiled as I spoke and I could see this cock twitch. I invited him to hang out at my place. I knew his house was one of the new that didn’t have a backyard pool. He happily accepted my invitation and said “I'll come by tomorrow, say 10?” I told him, “Right on, That’ll be great.” When I got back to my house after my run I sent a text to Steven telling him about Bruce and my wanting to corrupt him tomorrow. Steven replied, ‘sounds investing, what does Bruce look like?’ I sent him Bruce’s description, 19, 5’10”, 135 pounds, slim buddy, and promised to send a picture when he comes over tomorrow. Steven texted back, ‘he sounds cute….tell you what, been meaning to tell you to shave your pubes off. with how young you look I know a few guys that would get off on the illusion of you being younger teen your real age’ His text about me shaving my pubes had me stunned. I remember most of the boys who were at the party Friday night along with most of the guys that fucked me last week had little or no pubic hair. I figured why not if he was going to let me work on Bruce. I texted back, ‘i'll shave my pubes’ I then received a video call from Steven. He wanted to watch me shaving my pubes. I shaved my cock and what little hair I had around my ass. Steven commented, “Nice, I like the look. Don’t forget under your arms too.” I followed his direction and shaved under my arms listening to Steven telling me what a hot jock ass I had and what a great fucking my ass gave. My pubes were all gone and Steven gave me the all clear to make a move I Bruce with one more condition, but wanted me to live stream the action for him to watch. I had no problem with that, in fact the thought of Steven watching us turned me on. I woke the next morning excited at Bruce coming over to hangout. I threw on a pair of maternal shorts and went downstairs . I saw my parents who didn’t say a word about the other night and ate breakfast. I took a quick shower and went out by the pool. I had my tablet set up so that it wound capture all the action by the pool. Like clockwork Bruce showed up at 10 am. He had on a pair of board shorts and a tank top. I asked if he’d like something drink. He just nodded his head. I told him, “Have a seat and relax while I go grab drinks.” I fixed a couple Cokes with GHB, putting a larger dose in Bruce’s drink and added a splash of rum and some Tina. I took the drinks out and handed Bruce his spiked cola. I you a could good hefty swigs from my drink and sad down. We chatted some as Bruce nervously gulped his drink. Before he knew it, he had finished off his drink and asked for another one. I finished mine off and headed inside to fix a could more. This time I fixed Bruce the same as I did with his first drink although I put in more Tina. I could see the sweat start to form on his forehead and knew the Tina was working. I took a gulp of my drink and commented, “It’s starting to get pretty hot. I think I’m going to get in the pool.” I quickly dropped my shorts and jumped into the cold water buck ass naked. When I came back to the surface and looked up at Bruce who had a semi shocked look on his face. I wasn’t stud if his shocked look beats he couldn't believing I was skinny dipping or the fact that he caught a glimpse of my hard cock when I dropped my shorts. I watched him take a couple big sips of his drink like he was trying to get courage from the alcohol in his drink. The courage that came from his drink was in the form of G and T. Seeing the glassy looks I his eyes, his pupils growing larger with the increase in the sweat I knew the drugs were flowing and would cloud his judgement. Looking up at him with a big smile I asked him, “Are you going to stand there or join me?” I think he was trying to decide if he should take his board shorts off. I knew what I said too him next would help me get him where I wanted him to be of I was to corrupt him further. “Dude it’s just us. I skinny dip all the time when my parents aren’t around. It’s cool with me either way. You can swim with your board shorts on or you can take them off. That’s up to you as long as you get your ass in the pool.” Without hesitation Bruce pulled the tie in his board shorts and dropped them to the pool deck and jumped in the water. When he finally came back up I smile at him and said, “Nice choice.” Bruce smiled at me and I could see the wheels spinning as he tried to think of what to say to me. I caught his eyes drift down trying to make it my still hard cock. When his eyes came back up to meet my gaze and the shit rang grin on my face. He quickly matched my grin as I silently moved closer to him. I knew he was turned on when the tips of our hard cocks touched right before we leaned in towards each other and kissed. He was great kisser as our tongues dualed in and out of each other’s mouths. I knew we were both on the same wave length when we almost simultaneously reached for each other’s hard cocks. After we stopped kissing I suggested, “Why don’t we take this to my bedroom.” I had a camera hidden in my bedroom to capture the action there as well. Wet picked up some new double I the way to my bedroom (Bruce's was pre spiked with G and T). Bruce had already finished his drink when we got to my bedroom and dropped to his knees taking him cock down to the root. Damn, he was a good cock sucker, I was hoping he’d turn out to be a good bottom. After Bruce had been bobbing up and when in my cock for about 5 minutes I figured it was time to take things up a notch. I reached for my pipe that I had already loaded with an ample amount of Tina, lit my torch and heated the bowl. Bruce let my hard cock slip from his mouth as looked up at me and asked, “You smoking weed?” As I blew out the white smoke from my lungs I replied, “No something better.” He stood up with a curious look in his eye. I knew his inhibitions were definitely lowered by the glassy look I his eyes from the G and T he had consumed I his drink. His pupils were very dilated and glassy. I knew he was G'ed out. So I want surprised when he asked, “Can I try it?” The burn was still warm as I heated it for another hit when he asked me if he could try the pipe. I shook my head yes as I took a second hit completely filling my lungs. Bruce the reached for the pipe, but instead I leaned in to kiss him. He seemed to understand what I was thinking as he emptied the air from his. Lungs in time to take the sole from my lungs. He room as much as he sounds as only a little bit escaped or lip lock. The shotgun turned into a passionate kiss as I let him edge my north with his tongue. When we finally stopped kissing Bruce blew out an impressive cloud and I asked him, “How about another one, but this time you hit the pipe and shotgun it to me.” I explained how to heat the bowl so not to burn what’s I the bowl and to slowly inhale. Bruce did exactly as I instructed. He leaned: and we locked lips as before and I inhaled the smoke from his lungs. This time when we kissed my tongue probed his mouth. I had Bruce sit down on my bed. It was my turn to suck cock while Bruce hit the pipe. He let out a site moan as I began to guide him a good job. While I worked his cock with my oral skills he hit the pipe 5 times. In between his hits he softly moaned letting me know he was ready for more. I lifted his legs and moved down to his taint licking my way towards his hole. I paused to admire the hairless, pink pucker I was ready to introduce to the joy of bareback sex. I waited until he blew out his latest hit of Tina. By my count he had just sucked in his sixth lung full of Tina to go with what he had in hits 3 drinks. I was kissing the areas around the hole, taint, inner thighs and his butt crack. Once be exhaled a huge cloud I dove my tongue into his pink pucker. Three soft moans changed into deeper and louder moans as I probed his hole with my tongue. Bruce's hole opened up altering my tongue you penetrate in further. It was easy to tell that his hole was hungry and eager to be filled ass I felt it trying to suck my tongue inside. I tongued as deep as possible while Bruce ran both of his hand through my hair. Anytime I would slightly pull back to get the air Bruce used the hands on my head to pull me back into his ass. I knew he was you’re duty the pickings and flashed a pre arranged signal for Steven to know that soon Bruce was going to get fucked. I pulled out a bottle of Tina laced lube Steven provided and a good size rock of Tina. I began to alternate between fingering and licking his hungry hole. All this stimulation was driving Bruce crazy as his moaning few louder and he sees moving his ass around. As I worked more of the Tina laced lube into Bruce’s hole he complained, “They burns a little.” I took the opportunity of this distraction to slip the rock of Tina into his ass and answered him, “Yeah I’m using a warning lube. You every had your hope played with before like this?” As I pushed the rock as deep as I possibly could into his ass I also kissed and listed his home and the areas around his home to keep him distracted from the new burn he was about to feel. Bruce’s complaint continued as he says, “Ouch! Now that’s really burning.” Quickly his complaints turned it is soft moans which turned hungry loud moans as he began to buck back against my hand as I continued to finger fuck. I stood up from where I had been on my knees feasting on his hairless ass, looked down at Bruce. He was ready to be fucked. I pulled my fingers out of his hungry hole to hear a whimper of disappointment from Bruce. I picked up his legs and rotated him still his head was on the pillow. I put his calves on my shoulders and teased him with the tip of my rock hard 8”cock. Every time I would brush the trip up against his hole Bruce would try and push back I an attempt to get me inside him. I leaned down, gave him a deep passionate kiss before I told him, “I am going to fuck you so good and breed that cute trainer ass.” Bruce looked at me as I got my cock ready to penetrate him and said, “I only play safe.” I answered him, “You used to play safe.” The pushed ¾ of my cock in one thrust. He looked as if he was trying too process what I had just said to him as I pulled back and half way thrusted all of my cock into his ass.

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