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  1. You are Extremely HOT - Exciting - especially the topic : Ya , He's Gay , He Just Don't Know It Yet !   I had several males who thought they were straight but got them enjoying drinking , smoking weed , feeling and sucking dicks - having them addicted to them !   :)   :)

  2. Amazing stories

  3. Here's something to suck on while ...waiting for a repeat session.

    Always interested in other like minded pigs...

  4. Great storytelling. Totally into the same types of character's and situations. Anytime! 

  5. Just read your "High School Bully" story and my cock is dripping precum on the floor as i type this!  WoW!  It certainly brought back to mind all those hot jocks on my HS football team  that is wanted to suck off + get fucked by but never have i thought of something like this!  Oh, if only!

    As i read stories i am usually spun the fuck up and i and smoke from the glass cock...   So back to reading and ;)


  6. PHXariesAZ

    Bi-The Way

    Part 3 My softening cock slipped out of my friends ass as we smoked another bowl and my horniness grew. My friend asked me if I wanted more cock and ass to which he knew the answer. He told me he knew a pace where I could get all the cock and ass I wanted. We dressed and headed to his car. He drove to a warehouse that had all the windows bricked up and a red light over the entrance. We went in and the guy behind the counter asked for my ID, apparently he already knew my friend. My friends payed for me and we went to a private room where we stripped down and smoked a little more before he offered me something that he said would get me hornier than I had ever been in my life. I was already horny and curious and consented without knowing the details. He pulled syringe from his bag. He said all I needed to do was lay back and relax as he worked a belt on my left bicep. The dominant look in his eyes had me lay still as I felt the coolness of the alcohol on my arm followed by a slight prick of the needle. I was mesmarized as I watched him pull the plunger back to get a small flash of blood before he started to empty the contents into my vein. He told me I will feel a need to cough and probably will cough hard while my heart will beat faster and the room will feel warmer. Once he loosened the belt on my arm I felt a warmth in my chest followed by a need to cough. I coughed out 4, 5 times as my friend apparently did his own shot. I was surprised at how horny I had become but was even more surprised at how soft my cock was now. My friend was drastically different, his cock was rock hard and I had noticed but he opened the door to our room as he climbed between my legs and thrust the full length of his 8” cock into my hungry hole. I wanted his cock, I wanted any and every cock I could get and he was giving me a fucking I needed. I moaned and begged to be fucked as he set about to pound my hole. I took a cue from when I fucked him and began to work my ass for his load. He wasn’t one to disappoint when he finally flooded me with his seed. He kept churning his load inside me as we both looked at the crowd that gathered at the door. He asked me if I wanted more cock although he already knew the answer. He told the crowd to come on in and take a ride in the ass he just bred. I recognized some of the guys I had seen on campus. As each guy took a turn fucking and seeding me I thought I recognized a guy in the distance. I was distracted as my friend began to prepare my arm for another shot. I was watching my friend work the belt on my arm as the mysterious figure slipped his nice size cock into me. As I felt the stick of the needle I looked up to see my roommate was the guy about to fuck me when I felt the strong cough. My roommate kissed me and told me that he heard there was going to be new meat at the baths but never thought it would be me. He then began to fuck me and asked if I really wanted his load inside me. All I could muster between saying ‘holy fuck’ was fuck me and breed me please. My roommate buried his cock deep inside my hole and held it there before bringing his face close to mine asking if I really wanted him to impregnate me with his HIV charged load? The drugs had my brain all fucked up, I could only answer with a loud yes, yes, fuck me full of your HIV charged load, knock me up! My roommate wasn’t one to disappoint me as he fucked my brains out and not only dropped one load in my ass. By the time his cock began to soften he had dropped 3 loads inside my well used ass. He kissed me as another guy took his place. He laid down next to me and let me know the weekends where he went away with his boyfriend he was spending at the baths. He could hardly wait until we were back in our room.
  7. PHXariesAZ

    Bi-The Way

    Part 2 I avoided my friend for a few days after that night until the weekend my roommate went away with his boyfriend. I was lying in bed with my morning wood when there was a knock at the door. I opened the door without even asking who was there. It was my friend from the other night all by himself with me standing there only in a pair of boxers and my morning wood pointing his way. For some strange reason I didn’t go soft but seemed to grow harder as thoughts of that night from the previous weekend seemed to flow through my mind. My friend reached down and grabbed my hard cock letting me know that he was glad to see that I was excited to see him. A slight moan escaped through my lips as he walked in telling me to shut the door. He had his ‘pipe’ with him and I needed no coaxing to smoke with him. Soon enough we were feeling really good as we kissed. He said I had a couple more lessons and he was my private tutor. I wasn’t sure what he meant until he pushed my head into his crotch telling me it was time to learn to suck dick. The drugs had me going as I opened my mouth and he slid his 8” cock inside. He coached me about breathing through my nose as I attempted to do the best I could at sucking him. Of course through all this I found my own cock hard and throbbing. He whispered to me that if I gave him a good blow job he’d let me fuck him as he fucked me the week before. The idea of experiencing what it would be like to fuck a guy and compare that t fucking a chick. I did my best to work his rod with my mouth and tongue. My bud began to run his hands through my hair as I heard his breathing begin to quicken and his cock seemed to grow harder in my mouth. I knew he was going to blow his load and wasn’t sure I was ready to swallow another guys sperm until he said fuck yeah, you know you want to swallow my cum, yeah bro suck my cock, eat my cum. He then fired into my mouth as I was shocked at first until I got a really good taste of his spunk. It was kind of sweet with a slight salty taste, tangy in a way. I then hungrily sucked for all I could get out of his cock. When he pulled his softening cock from my hungry mouth I looked up at him and knew it was time to fuck him. We hit the pipe a few more times and he taught me how to shotgun the smoke to each other before laying back, grabbing some lube and greasing up my hard cock and his hole. He guided me between his legs as I needed no help guiding my cock to his hungry hole. He urged me to sink in balls deep in a single thrust. The look in his eyes was pure lust as he urged me to fuck him and breed his ass. His ass was nice, warm and tighter than any pussy I ever fucked. He knew what I was thinking as he urged me on telling me to enjoy my first ass. I could feel him work his ass muscles, making note to do the same the next time he was to fuck me……..OH MY GOD! DID I REALLY WANT TO GET FUCKED AGAIN?? Between the warmth, the tightness and how he worked his ass it didn’t take long before I was really pounding his hole and getting close to cumming. He told me to breed his ass just before kissed me, That’s when I felt a strong orgasm start and I flooded his ass with my load.
  8. PHXariesAZ

    Bi-The Way

    Bi-the way…… I have always considered myself tolerant of guys who were not like me, straight, especially when one of my best friends came out to me my senior year in high school. We had been planning to room together in college and his news didn’t change my mind. In fact I was somewhat intrigued at the thought of having a gay roommate. We never did anything with each other and had our own friends. One of my other friend said he knew two roommates who were bisexual, and he thought they would go out with us and we’d have a good time. They were very sexual and it would be easy to score some college pussy off these girls. We planned an easy evening and ended up in the girls' one bedroom apartment off campus (It was apparent the girls slept together all the time.) We were drinking all night long when one of the girls pulled out a strange glass pipe and began smoking some strange white crystal. The girls remarked the crystal really got them horny with the intense desire to be fucked. At first I was reluctant to indulge, but my friend lit up and exhaled a big white cloud, handed me the pipe and torch, grunting I’d love the feeling of fucking on this shit. I decided 'what the hell', lit the pipe and took in a big hit. After that we got down to business. We were all kissing and peeling off our clothing as the first hit affected me in a positive way. We all kept smoking as we kissed, licked, sucked and eventually fucked. Both girls were hot and my bud and I took turns fucking each girl. Then something strange happened. I was eating one of the girls out when I started getting the best blow job of my life. As I paused in eating the pussy, the second girl kissed me, leaving me wondering in my drugged-up mind, who's hot mouth was on my hard cock. You guessed it: looking down I saw my buddy sucking my cock. "What the fuck?" I exclaimed. "Oh, I didn't tell you - I'm also bisexual," he remarked and then went back to servicing my my cock. One of the girls urged me to take another hit from the pipe. One hit turned into five big hits. While my buddy sucked my cock one of the girls began to lick my ass. This was also a new sensation for me and it drove me crazy. I quickly shot my load down my buddy’s throat as the girl kept sticking her tongue deep inside my hole. I zoned-out in pleasure, and when I began to resurface, I found my buddy was crouched between my legs, face to face with me. Looking into my eyes he asked "Enjoying yourself?" "Hell, yeah," I groaned in replied, whereupon I received my first man to man kiss. His hard cock was also prodding my soaked hole. For some strange reason I can’t explain I let him continue and the tip of his hard cock penetrated my virgin ass. There was a noticeable pain as he started to breach my hole. He seemed to know I was in some discomfort as he broke our kiss instructing me "Breathe in deep, breathe with my cock," adding "Give this a minute or so - I'll stop if you want, but within a couple of minutes I would think you'll be begging for me to fuck you." As he anticipated, gradually my ass relaxed and my buddy was able to slide his entire eight inch rock hard cock deep into my (formerly) tight ass. When he reached full depth he began to slowly rock in and out as he gave me another kiss. This time I let his tongue enter my mouth. While his kiss had me slightly distracted he began to slowly pull out and slide back in. While he began to slowly fuck me, the girls were making out and 69’ing eating each other’s pussies. I’m not sure when it happened but my friend stroked my hard cock telling me "It looks like you are really enjoying being fucked." He wasn’t kidding, as he fucked me all I could do was moan and grunt my approval. I then surprised myself when I asked him to fuck me, fuck me hard. I heard his breathing change as his cock grew harder deep in my hole. I knew what was about to happen but didn’t try to stop it as he grunted out and I felt his cock spasm inside me.

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