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Paybacks a Bitch (so is my Brother)

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Paybacks a Bitch (so is my Brother) Part 1

This is all about Tyson, my straight of a jock younger brother who turned 18 the summer before his senior year in high school.  My parents held him back a year since he demonstrated exceptional athletic skills paying Pop Warner.  It paid off for him when he became the starting QB in the middle of the season during his sophomore year.  For me it reminded my father that his other son was a ‘flaming fag'.

I never blamed my brother for any of the animosity I received from my father.  It was Tyson’s cockiness that pissed me off the most.  While I was being abused by his fellow jocks Tyson was fucking any girl he wanted.

I can’t really call what the jocks did to be as abuse, I sucked a good number of jock cock and took a few you the ass.  The one time I will never forget was the end of my senior year (the same year my brother became the starting quarterback).

This one senior jock I regularly ‘serviced’ had me over his place for what I thought was going to be our typical I suck him, he fucks me.  What ended up happening was they I sucked off and was fucked by a dozen football players including my brother.

It didn’t bother me (that much) that sucked off my brother after he fucked me.  What buttered me was the fact that after that night he thought he had an  open invitation on my ass and mouth.  For the last few weeks of the year he'd walk into my bedroom and without saying a word force his cock down my throat or force me face down and mount my ass.

I endured the humiliation of all this for one reason, actually two reasons.  The first reason was that my brother (along with every guy who fucked me that night) shot their wad of cum I my ass and/or down my throat.  The second reason was that my had a decent cock that was nearly as big as my 8” and be wasn’t that bad with it either.  Tyson did this to me 2 or 3 times a week, but now it was payback time!!

First thing I needed to perform ‘coitus intruptus’ and mess up his plans with his girlfriend.  I knew when he Tyson was giving my parents a ride to the airport.  I figured I’d arrive at the house right after they left allowing me time to set everything up.

One thing you need to know about my brother is that be drinks Gatorade, a lot of Gatorade.  The first thing I needed to do was replace his Gatorade with one’s I prepare special.  The preparation is simple, some Gatorade has a slightly (let’s just say) salty taste to it adding some Tina, Tina piss and GHB wouldn't be easily be overlooked if you didn’t know the taste.  I used some concentrated citrus flavoring to help hide the chems Tyson would be unknowingly consuming.  Once he was horny and loosened up I'd make my move.

He was surprised as all fuck when he walked in and saw me sitting there watching porn on my laptop.  As I watched him grab a bottle of Gatorade from the fridge and star to drink he asked, “What the fuck are you doing here Steph?”

I told him, “My apartment is getting bug bombed this weekend.  I figured if crash here since mom and dad left on there 2 week trip.”

I saw a slight look of disappointment in Tyson's eyes as he continued to guzzle the Gatorade when he replied, “I guess you can crash here as long as you don’t fuck up my plans.”

For a second I thought I’d reply with ‘You having your jock buddies over for a circle jerk?’ and actually responded with, “You having over some girl to play house with?”

As Tyson finished of the 32 ounces bottle he answered with, “You know it.”

I let him know, “I promise I won’t interfere with you getting fucked.”  Of course I my promise didn’t indicate which type of fucking he’d be getting.

He didn’t waste a lot of time as he grabbed another bottle of Gatorade.  I knew the Tina I it would make him thirsty and he liked diving Gatorade to satisfy his thirst.  I should see that the chems were starting to kick in as he rubbed his crotch looking at me sitting there in just a pair of shorts.  It didn’t take long after that when he approached me, pushed my laptop aside, grabbed me behind my neck and pulled my head into his cock.

I pushed him so he was sitting on the couch, pulled his basketball shorts of with his boxer briefs and telling him before I started sucking his chemmed up cock, “Bro, you don’t have to be so forceful, just ask.”

I sucked his cock like normal, but he wasn't getting hard as he expected.  He was still working on his third bottle of my specially mixed Gatorade and I figured the chems were doing their ‘magic’ on his dick.  I could sense he was getting frustrated with his ‘impotence’ I told him, “I have a sure way to get a dick hard.”  Of course it was my dick that was getting hard at the thought of what I was about to go to Tyson.

I pushed his legs up as I began to lick his balls working down towards his virgin hole.  When I licked his taint a couple times he squirmed a bit with a quiet moan escaping his closed mouth.  Knowing I was at the line it was time to cross it and go for broke.  I knew when these two weeks were over Tyson would be changed forever.  Did I really want to turn my straight brother into a Tina addicted HIV positive, cum craving, cock hungry bottom?  I answered this internal question when I began eating his ass.

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Paybacks a Bitch (so is my Brother) Part 2

I heard moans from Tyson as I began to easy his virgin ass.  As I began to when my tongue in deeper I reached for the Tina shards I had stashed just under the couch.  I knew he might be resistant when I opened to slide my finger inside him to press on his prostate.  I knew once I had that under my finger he’d feel the pleasure it would provide and allow me to slip in a nice shard of Tina.

As I continued licking his ass I would brush my thumb across his hole several times to test if he was ready for me to penetrate him with my finger.  After I brushed over his hole for the sixth time I decided ready or not Tyson was getting penetrated.

I pushed my index finger into Tyson at which he first yelled out, “What the fuck are you doing?”

I answered with, “Getting you hard bro.”

I pushed in far enough to start rubbing his prostate causing him to change his tune suddenly hearing him moan and say “Oh fuck.”

I worked my finger around before slipping in a savings finger along with a nice size shard or Tina.  Tyson’s cock was kind of responding to the prostate stimulation, but with the Tina I was shoving into his ass I was sure it would keep him soft.

Tyson made a quick comment about the burn from the Tina just pushed into his ass.  As I felt it melt I readied another shard as I worked the two fingers currently inside my bro.

Tyson was moaning like the bitch I was turning him into.  I pushed a third finger ambit with two shards of Tina into his ass.  I knew the Tina as not only going to give him a good case of Tina dick while making his hole very hungry.  I continued to work his hole with my fingers as he continued to moan and his dick began to soften as I sucked it.

As I worked the two shards of Tina into the walls of Tyson’s ass I could feel a change occurring in his ass, I felt his hole trying to sucking my fingers in deeper.  I knew that he was ready for my 8.5” cock that was stuck hard.  I had freed it from my shorts when I first pushed my index finger inside him.  And as my three fingers teased him with the Tina and G clouding his thoughts I was getting it lubed up and ready to fuck him.

It was time, I pulled my fingers from within Tyson eliciting a moan of disappointment and a request I had hoped for, “Damn bro, or your fingers back in my ass.  That felt so damn good.”

I didn’t say a word at first as I stood up between Tyson's legs, pushing his legs back as my cock lined up with his hungry hole.  I spoke to him as the tip of my cock teased his hole, “I’ve got something I know you’re going enjoy much better.”

I then pushed forward forcing my cock inside my brother’s straight ass.  I expected some resistance or complaints from my new bottom bitch of a brother, but instead he moaned.  The look on his face told me that he was conflicted between the pleasure my cock was giving him and the thought that he was getting fucked.  It too me 5 strokes before I was balls deep.

After a few minutes of my fucking him I paused and held still deep inside Tyson.  I pulled out my well packed Tina pipe, lit my torch heating the bowl and sucking in the white smoke.  I took 3 good hits as my brother looked up at me while I took a 4th hit which I intended to shotgun to Tyson.

I leaned down placing my mouth over my brother's mouth and as I felt him to start to inhale I released the simple from my lungs.  Tyson easily sucked in most of the smoke I released.  The shotgun turned into a kiss that Tyson seemed to resist at first but as the Tina continued to take over his mind he began to kiss back.

I resumed fucking my Tyson as I continued to smoke from my pipe and shotgun the smoke to, a now very willing, Tyson.  My brother continued to kiss me along with taking the Tina I was giving him.  The other thing he didn't know here was getting from me was my un medicated HIV.  It dick was spewing forth a steady stream of my pre cum and soon he'd get a huge load of my dirty, poz cum.

I planned to give him my first load without him knowing was going to be easy.  When I smoke Tina I tend to have multiple orgasms and I was about to have the first of many.  I felt my cock swell, could feel my balls pulled tight and then filled Tyson’s ass when a months worth of cum.

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Paybacks a Bitch (so is my Brother) Part 3
Tyson looked you at me as I continued to fuck my I un medicated poz cum into his formerly straight (and eventually to become his formerly negative) ass.  After I left home I met a number of older men who introduced me to the party scene and it didn’t take long before I was pozzed.

In fact a pozzing party was held in my honor when I agreed to be the star of a porn video that would capture the event.  I made some good money on that video along with a second one I’ve done where I finally showed my silks as a top.  Some of my friends wanted me to record my brother’s transformation from straight jock to poz, bottom cum dump.  Since I was practically ‘raping’ him I felt that it wasn’t a good idea to record the events.

My cock was still rock hard (thanks to Cialis) and I knew I needed to take this to the next level and start the mental aspect of his transformation.  This was going to require slamming him into the stratosphere.  With the Tina he consumed through the Gatorade and from my shotguns I hoped for an easy time administering his slam.  Luckily I planned for this and had a friend hiding in a bedroom upstairs ready to help me slam my brother.

Rod was listening in and was set to join us when I stared the metal aspect of transiting Tyson.  As I Looked at my brother I asked him, “How are you liking that cock of mine inside your no longer straight ass?”

Tyson definitely seemed conflicted as he struggled between the pleasure he was receiving and the idea that he was having gay sex.  That question also was the signal for my friend Rod to join us as I pushed his legs back a little more keeping him pinned on the couch as Rod quickly place the tourniquet on his right arm and swabbed a good vein.  Tyson started to object, “What the fuck are you doing?”

Rod was very skillful as he slid the point in, registered the familiar flash and face Tyson a big slam.  When the tourniquet was removed Tyson coughed out hard as his brain tried to wrap around what the Tina was starting to do to his mind and body.  I felt his body convulsed with each cough as I felt the chems take effect and see the change in his face as he rode the rush of his first slam with more to come.

Rod prepared to give me my slam as I held my cock still inside my brother.  I knew the slam would release the fuck beast within me and that Tyson was about to be on the receiving end.  I’ve been told by the that bottomed for me after I have worked tell me what a brutal pounding that received from me after get fucked.  But they all enjoyed it as well so I figured as long as Tyson was kept high and horny had learn to enjoy getting his hole wrecked by his older brother.

With Tyson intently watching, Rod applied the tourniquet, swabbed my arm and administered my slam.  As he released the tourniquet I felt the Tina moving into my chest as I coughed out a could times.  I leaned I and gave my brother a deep kiss forcing my tongue deep into his mouth as I began to fuck him spent at first until I broke off the kiss.

Then with my face still close to his face I began to fuck him when more force.  The animal within had been released.  Rod was familiar with my beast, had been on the receiving end numerous times, in fact, he was one of a few guys who preferred me in beast mode.  He too had his own animalistic way of fucking that I liked being on the receiving end.

Tyson was going to learn that a hard pounding made for a good fucking.  As my tweaked out brother took the full onslaught of my 8+” cock he was still trying to grasp a hold of everything he was feeling from the drugs too my cock reaming out his now well fucked hole.  I continued with the mental since I knew it would work better with him in this tweaked out state, “Fuck Tyson, I can tell your starting to really like getting fucked by a real man.  Before you know it you’ll be begging for any guy you fuck and breed your ass.  You’re not going to be satisfied with pussy, you’ll only get satisfaction for a cock in your ass.  And just wait until you learn how to suck cock.”

With that said Rod climbed on the couch, straddled Tyson’s chest and began to feed him his 9”, uncut cock as I was getting ready to breed my brother again.  Tyson seemed to start to gain some sense of what was going on as he began to moan when every thrust of my cock or maybe it was the cock starting to work its way into his throat.  I knew Rod and he eventually demanded a cock sucker's throat.

As I was about to bed my brother with a fourth load (I’m good for five or six) I let him know, “I’m going to breed your ass again Tyson.  You’re learning quickly that you’re nothing more than a cum dump.  Ready or not here comes another dirty load of my cum bro.”

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54 minutes ago, boy4you said:

I have a younger brother living with me and my BF. 

is he your real brother?

you & the bf fucking him?

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Paybacks a Bitch (so is my Brother) Part 4
Tyson could only moan with Rod’s cock stuffed in his mouth as I dumped another load on toxic cum inside his ass.  I could see Rod grab my brother’s skull between his two hands as he let the new cock sucker, “Time for you to learn that a real man’s cock belongs in a cock suckers throat.”  I felt Tyson’s body convulsing and heard a “Oompha” from him and knew that Rod’s cock was inching its way into my brother’s throat as he was being taught the proper way to suck cock.

Rod continued to mental challenge Tyson, “That’s it jock boy, suck that cock.  Use for throat of yours and make me feel good.”

With Rod’s ass right in front of my face I could tell he was slowly working his 9” in and out of Tyson’s throat while providing instruction as he pulled out, “Breath I through your nose before you suck my cock into your throat again.”

I continued to work my poz load deeper into my brother’s as I knew something that would help get Rod to cum down Tyson’s throat.  I wanted him to know what cum tasted like as he was going to be consuming it frequently over the next two weeks.

I leaned in and began to eat Rod’s ass.  His moans told me I was thing it right, his comment told me he wanted more, “Fuck yeah Steph, eat my ass.  Fuck jock boy, your bro’s going to mage me cum soon.  You better be ready to eat some sperm cause I’m going to be feeding you real soon.”

I kept my tongue I Rod’s ass as he kept fucking my brother's mouth and throat. I could feel his ass start to clench as ha was getting closer to fling Tyson’s mouth with a load of his own dirty cum.  I figured a few more thrusts and Tyson would have those baby makers shot into his tongue.  Rod showed a kind streak he rarely shows a but he's skull fucking, “Jock boy better me ready to swallow my sperm cause I’m about to fill your mouth with enough sperm to choke a horse.”

I knew Rod always shot huge loads, I’m usually able to keep up but wondered how my bro was going to handle the cum he was about to receive.  This action also had be ready to deliver another load before I’d turn his ass over for Rod to breed.

Rod was ready to give Tyson his first taste of creamy sperm as I felt his ass spam and he moaned if, “Oh yeah jock boy, taste that dirty sperm.  I’m know you’ll enjoy the taste and it’ll go better when I breed your jock boy ass.  Just savor the taste.  I think you should use my sperm as tooth paste and brush your teeth with it.”

With Tyson’s head still I Rod’s hands he finished filling up his mouth as a little dribbled of the corners if his lips and which Rod licked up as I finished filling Tyson’s ass one more time before I was ready to pull out.  I was able to grab the toothbrush Rod asked me to have on hand.

Rod took the toothbrush from me and as he told Tyson to hold his sperm he inserted the toothbrush into Tyson’s mouth and began to vigorously brush Tyson’s teeth.  I knew the objective was to use the toothbrush to massage the virus present on Rod’s jiz into Tyson's gums.

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