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  1. “Long John longjohn longjohn Don’t you ever go away Cause you thrill me when you drill me and I don’t need no Novocain today!“
  2. That was the last part. I wrote this a long time ago and never really wrapped it up in a bow.....but I'm really glad that you all are liking it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Funny story. When I posted this on Nifty I got a lot of emails from people telling me how much they liked it. And one person (ironically named Adam who happened to be short, young and furry) and I really hit it off. I've never met him (he lurks on here) but we've been online friends for 8 years now because of a porn story. He's a dirty little slut, just like the boy in the story.
  3. Part 6. One Saturday night, while Adam, Jack and I were lying in bed after a nice relaxed fuck, Jack got a phone call and got up to go in the other room to take it. Adam and I were cuddling in bed and he leaned over and laid his head on my chest and said, “Uncle Mike, can I ask you a question?” “Sure, sport, what is it?” “Well, I...” He trailed off, stammering a little bit. “I’m kind of embarrassed about this.” “Baby don’t be embarrassed. You can ask me anything,” I said. “Well, see....I have this fantasy. It kind of involves a bunch of guys...umm...” Ah, I could see where this was going. Our little boy wanted a gang bang, and he wanted to be the star of it. I waited, wanting him to say the words himself. “Well, I don’t know if Daddy would approve, or want to be in on it. I’d want both of you to be there, to make sure nothing happened to me and make sure the guys were cool. Do you think he’d be into it?” “Fuck Adam. You sure are a filthy pig,” I smiled at him and rubbed his head. Adam looked slightly embarrassed and said nothing. “Of course I think he’d approve. He’d want to vet the guys to make sure that anyone who’s fucking you isn’t a sleaze and will treat you with respect. Some guys think they can treat bottoms rudely and I know neither your dad nor I will stand for that, OK?” “Thanks, Uncle Mike. You’re the best.” Adam leaned up and began to kiss me hard on the lips. I already had Jack’s load in my ass, and had fucked Adam. I thought it was going to be a one load evening, but apparently my nephew had other ideas. I reached down and felt his cock hardening in my hand while he reached over and began to play with my ass which he had conveniently spat on so it was slimy with liquid to lube up my hole. I was lying on my back and Adam broke our kiss and rolled me over on my furry stomach and began to eat my ass like a man who hadn’t had a meal in weeks. He was shoving his tongue far up my hole getting it ready to be penetrated by his fat uncut boy dick. I was in for a treat. Adam was mostly a bottom but once in a while he got very toppish and insisted on fucking me, which I was extremely willing to oblige. The boy had a nice fat uncut cock at least 8” long and really thick, just like Jack and I. Whenever we were together, everyone knew we were related. We looked a lot alike, although Adam was a little shorter than Jack and I and not as furry yet. We knew it was a matter of time before his hairy chest blossomed and he was covered in the family fur. I was moaning like a bitch in heat as Adam began playing with my cunt, opening it up with Jack’s load so that he could slide his cock inside me. I got up on my hands and knees and he got behind me. He spat on my spasming hole again and slowly guided the huge head of his cock, barely peeking out from its foreskin home into my cunt. Of the three of us I was the most versatile, but damn I sure loved getting fucked by my nephew. His 18 year old cock was absolutely rock hard, despite having cum just 30 minutes before. He stopped after the head popped in and let me get used to his fat piece. I reached over and grabbed the bottle of poppers off the nightstand and took a huge hit of them, capping them and handing them back to Adam. As soon as the poppers hit me, I just backed up on his cock taking the entire fat length of my nephews cock up my well travelled cunt. I was in fucking heaven. I let out a deep sigh and felt the head of his cock bottom out all the way deep in my ass. Adam leaned over my back and began kissing me and licking my ears which always got me worked up. I was panting heavily, begging my sexy nephew to fuck me harder when I felt someone on the bed next to me. Jack had come back in the room and was lying on the bed grinning at me. He leaned over and kissed me roughly, his beard scratching my face. He kissed me for a long time and when he broke our kiss he said, “Fuck that’s hot. Watching my own son fuck my hot brother up the ass. Damn. I sure the fuck am lucky that all the men in my family are furry big dicked sluts.” We all laughed and Adam pulled his cock all the way out of my hole, making me feel empty and greedy. “You’re such a little bastard, Adam. Shove that back in my cunt and fuck me hard, boy!” “Anything you want Uncle Mike!” With that he rammed his cock all the way inside me as far as he could go, causing me to move on the bed and gasp for breath. Jack laughed and flopped his fat dick in my face. “What do you think, Adam, should we rape both of his holes? Filthy pig seems to want it pretty bad, don’t you think?” “Fuck yeah, Daddy! I love to see you shove your fat cock in Uncle Mike’s mouth. Skewer him from both ends.” Jack got up on his knees, pulled my head roughly around and shoved his cock all the way down my throat. He’s got a really fat, long cock, but I’ve been sucking it since we were teenagers so I’m used to how fat it is. I love his cock in my holes. As soon as his cock hit the back of my throat, as it had so many times since I was 13, I let out a low moan and Jack laughed. “That’s my brother. Always been a whore for cock, always will be a whore for cock.” I took his cock out of my mouth and said, “You wouldn’t have it any other way, you fucking pig.” Jack laughed, shoved his cock back in my mouth and started raping my throat. Just the way I liked it. Both of my holes were filled with the cocks of the two people closest to me. I was in pig heaven. The two of them got a rhythm going fucking both of my holes. My ass was feeling fine, but my jaw was getting sore when Jack leaned over and whispered something to Adam. He got a huge smile on his face and pulled his quickly pulled his dick out of me, The sudden loss of the cock that was setting my cunt on fire made me turn around and say “What?” Jack slid down on the bed next to me, laughing. “Just you wait, brother, just you want.” He laughed some more and said “NOW!” With that, Adam lifted me up, Jack slid under me and Adam lowered my ass onto Jack’s fat Daddy cock. My ass was once again full and very happy. I could hear Adam behind me spitting on his cock. He scooted up behind me and pushed down on my furry back so that I was impaled on Jack’s cock but face down on Jack’s chest. Jack stopped fucking my cunt and wrapped his arms around me. “Uh oh, now I’m in for it!,” I thought. I braced myself for the assault to come. Adam was on his knees behind me and slowly began to insert his cock into my slutty cunt, opening it up for both cocks. I took the largest hit of the poppers I possibly could. My cunt relaxed and I felt Adam’s cockhead pop into my hole. He slowly drove his dick home inside me and my eyes rolled into the back of my head. I was moaning uncontrollably from the poppers and the feeling of my cunt being stretched to the limit by my brother and his son, both raping my willing cunt. Jack was holding onto me so I couldn’t move and he let Adam do all the work. The boy was learning how to be a first rate fucker in addition to becoming the greediest, sluttiest bottom boy I’d ever met. I was in love with how they were assaulting my ass, and I was moaning so loudly that jack reached over and shoved a pair of underwear in my mouth. “Christ, Adam, fucking whore won’t shut his fucking trap. Rape his cunt harder son. You like how that hole feels?” “Shit Daddy. It’s SO fucking hot that your cock is inside Uncle Mike alongside mine. I can’t believe he just opened up for our cocks like that. But your big load of cum was already inside him so I guess it figures. He’s such a pig, isn’t he Daddy?” Adam laughed and pounded my greedy cunt harder. “Damn right he is son. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re all pigs, and we should rut like them. Here smell this.” Jack lifted his arm and I could smell the amazing scent of his sweaty armpit. I’d always loved the way Jack smelled, we’d first started having sex when we were teenagers after he caught me sniffing his underwear one night when he came home from drinking with his buddies. He was a little drunk and I was sitting on my bed furiously jerking my cock with his jockstrap over my face, sniffing it. I heard the door open and saw him standing there with a huge grin on his face. “So my little brother loves cock, huh? Lucky me.” We stayed up half the night and I ended up losing my virginity to his huge fat cock, falling asleep with two loads of teenaged Jack cum in my ass. I’d been hooked on his smell, cock and ass ever since. “Fuck Daddy! I love the way you smell, it makes my cock a little bit harder every time I smell you, even if I’m just walking around the house.” Jack laughed and said “you and your Uncle Mike have that in common, baby boy. I’m glad you like it. It even turns me on sometimes if I catch a whiff of my own armpit while I’m working. But enough talking. FUCK that cunt! Rape his hole and make him feel you inside him!” “YES DADDY!,” Adam yelled and redoubled his assault on my ass which by now was a sloppy stretched out mess of a hole. Luckily the underwear he stuffed in my mouth were Jack’s so I was getting a double dose of him, both the smell from his pit and the taste of his cock and ass in the underwear. It was just like old times. That plus rubbing against Jack’s hairy body were making my dick stiffen. For a few minutes the room was mostly silent with my constant moaning muffled by the underwear in my mouth. Adam began to pant hard and he yelled “Fuck Daddy! I’m going to cum inside Uncle Mike’s pig hole!” “Do it baby boy. Do it, I wanna feel the cum shoot out of your cock! Shoot it boy!” “Yes Daddy! FUCK! I’M CUMMING!! I could feel Adam’s cock pulsing in my wrecked cunt and the cum shooting inside my ass. He left his cock shoved all the way inside me and Jack took over, jackrabbiting for a minute until I could feel his cock in turn begin to pulse and shoot a huge load inside my ass. I was going to be sore in the morning, but I didn’t care. My ass was on fire and felt SO good. Adam slipped his cock out of my ass and it began to leak streams of their related cum. Adam reached down and scooped it up , then reached up and shoved his fingers roughly in my mouth. “Eat those fucking loads, Uncle Mike, you filthy whore.” I moaned and lapped at his fingers, desperate to get the cum off his fingers and into my mouth. We collapsed in a sweaty heap and Jack began to lazily play with my cock which was still rock hard. I smiled at Adam and said, “you should ask your Dad about what we were talking about earlier.” Adam blushed and said “Uncle Mike!” Jack smiled at us but never stopped playing with my cock. “What are you talking about Mike?” “So, Jack, it seems that we’ve created a monster. Little Adam here wants us to arrange a gang bang where he’s the star attraction. You think we can arrange that for our little boy?” Adam turned beet red but I could also see he was excited. Jack laughed loudly and got a big grin on his face. “Fuck yeah!,” he said. “I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than watch my own son get gang fucked by a bunch of strangers. Lots of big fat cocks shooting loads of cum up my boy’s hole. MMMMMM...” I could tell he loved the idea since his cock was beginning to stir. It quickly grew to full mast, he rolled me over on my stomach and slammed it home in my cum filled fuckhole, leaving me moaning like a bitch in heat. It looked like we were going to be here all night. I woke up the next morning with sore a very sore asshole (Adam dumped another load of his thick boy cum up my ass after Jack was done) and nuts completely drained of cum. It was Friday morning and Jack had already gone to work, leaving Adam and I sleeping in the king sized bed. I decided to pay my sexy nephew back for the night before. I dove under the covers and began to gently feel the sleeping boy’s furry butthole. It was still moist and I could see the remains of a bit of cum on the hairs in his crack. I leaned down and began to slowly lick his butthole. Nothing like being awakened by a hot rim job. I began to get rougher with Adam’s hole and he slowly started to make noises as if he was waking up. “Wahhhh? Daddy? What’s going on?” I switched to playing with him with my fingers for a second to respond, “just a little payback for your fat cock invading my cunt so many times last night, baby boy. I wanna send you to school with a load of Uncle cum up your hole.” Adam buried his head in the pillow and moaned. “Oh fuck yeah, Uncle Mike. Breed me like the dirty whore I am.” I went back to rimming him, which elicited constant moans from Adam’s throat. Occasionally globs of cum would ooze out of his hole and I greedily lapped them up. Then when I couldn’t stand it anymore, I mounted Adam’s furry little ass and quickly shoved my entire cock inside him all the way to the hilt. “Fuck yeah, Mike! Fuck my hole. Rape it. Make it yours. I want you inside me!” I began to pound the boy hard. He was going to be very sore sitting down today, if I had anything to say about it. The remains of Jack’s cum from the night before were coating the sides of my prick and I knew I wasn’t going to last long, and after just 5 minutes I knew I was going to cum, and told him so. “Take this fucking cum you dirty little whore,” I whispered in his ear. “Oh yeah, Uncle Mike, breed my hole Knock me up and make me yours!” He was moaning like a bitch in heat and begging for my cum. I tensed up and my cock began spurting a huge load of cum into Adam’s hole. I caught my breath and quickly pulled my cock out with a lewd sound of cock and cum and hole all trying to stay together. Adam turned over and grinned and said “I love you Uncle Mike.” “Come on, Adam, let’s get in the shower and I’ll drop you at school.” Jack and I decided that the gang bang would be a surprise. We’d tell Adam it was going to happen but not when, so we could build up his suspense and keep him on the edge of his seat. We told him to be ready at any time. School was finishing up and he was getting ready to graduate so time would be more free. We knew we’d have to invite John, Alex, Nick and Rob which meant that since our friends were there, none of the strangers would get out of hand. A buddy of mine has a playroom with a sling and enough space for a decent sized group of guys so I asked him if we could use it. “Hell yes, as long as I get to fuck him.” I’d had David’s fat cock up my ass more than once and taken my turn in his sling so I knew Adam would be in good hands. With David included we were now up to eight horny guys to shove their cocks up my slutty nephew’s hole and use him the way he wanted. We decided to post the gang bang on Craig’s List and I also talked to some other piggy buddies who I thought might want to fuck a sloppy 18 year old’s dripping cunt. Jack and I spent some time together coming up with just the wording for the ad. When posted, it read: Come Fuck My Son My brother and I are more than just friends with my 18 year old son. He asked us for a treat, so we’re going to arrange it. Let’s face it, the boy is a filthy cum dump faggot whore and needs men to rape his hole. Any hot guys with fat dicks are welcome....he's a perverted slut who craves cock. Use him hard then dump a load in his cum sloppy cunt. Be as rough as you want, we'll get him fucked up and he'll be begging for more. Once he gets too dirty, we'll hose him down inside and out with piss and then start all over again. Let's see how many loads he can take. The boy is 5’4”, 140 lbs, furry, muscled and a wrestler so he’s got a nice body. You must send photo to be considered for this party. Organizers will be in touch with the details. Don’t be a flake. ============ It also contained a photo of his furry little ass, which we both thought would be sure to have the guys beating down the door. It’s a mighty fine little ass. As soon as we posted it, Jack reached over and pulled me down to his crotch and I started lazily sucking his fat cock, one of my favorite things to do in the whole world. He took off his shirt and scooted his shorts down so we could spend some quality brother time alone. But the internet quickly had other ideas. After a few minutes of mellow blowjob, I noticed that every minute or two, the computer on the coffee table was dinging. Over and over again, it insisted on being paid attention to. I pulled off of Jack’s cock (something I’m usually loath to do) and looked up at him, laughing. “Are you going to get that? I think we may have actually created a monster.” Jack grinned and laughed and said, “yeah, I guess my dick can wait. I’ll just fuck your cunt while you’re sleeping.” I sat up, and he pulled the computer into his naked lap. “Holy shit, Mike, look at all these responses!” I looked at the email program and saw that, indeed, there were at least 10 responses already and the ad had only been live for 15 minutes. “I think we’ve got a jackpot here, Mike,” Jack said. “And look at some of these guys!” Jack was right. The first ten guys were all hot. All different body types, bears, twinks, thin, muscled, hairy, smooth. But they all had something about them that made them hot. We both knew from past experience that any sort of party like this was bound to attract a certain group of flakes who were just in it for the thrill but would never show up. But if this was any indication of who was interested in gang banging Adam, it was going to be a fun evening. “Damn, I’d let any of them fuck my ass,” I said. “Well that’s not much of a stretch you fucking slut.” Jack closed the lid and set the computer back on the table and said “Back to sucking my fucking cock, you filthy pig.” “You sure do know how to sweet talk a guy, Jack.” I smiled and went back down to my rightful place with my sexy brother’s cock in my mouth, knowing this was just a warmup for him shoving it up my ass, the place where it belonged. Jack and I told Adam that the plan was progressing, but we were maddeningly (to him anyway) light on details. We wanted the whole thing to be a surprise and were determined that it stay that way. We let Alex, Nick, John and Rob in on the details because they were crucial to our plan coming off without a hitch, but both of us swore them to secrecy. On the appointed Friday night, we told Nick to take Adam to the movies after school, a late afternoon matinee. That way we could have him in place to be kidnapped for the gang bang around the time the men who responded to the ad were getting off work. We figured we’d load him up for the first round and then keep the guys coming all night. So to speak. As they were leaving the movie, Nick texted me “The balloon has gone up.” I turned my phone around and showed it to Jack, Alex and David. We were all sitting on the sofa in David’s playroom in our jockstraps, waiting for this moment. I had instructed Nick to put a little present in Adam’s drink. I told him to make sure that Adam had a little bit of his drink left and then put a few drops of very strong Ecstasy dissolved in liquid in the drink and make sure Adam drank it all. This had apparently gone off without a hitch. We wanted Adam horny and ready for cock when he arrived at the play space. David’s a hot fuck buddy...a doctor and a total versatile ass pig. He’s 35, 6’ tall and 180 lbs. of lean muscle and also the furriest motherfucker I’ve ever seen which is saying something. Every inch of his body is covered in dark hair, except his face, which he defiantly keeps clean shaven. But he’s also one of those hot hairy guys who instantly needs a shave right after he finishes shaving. David also has a nice fat cock which he loves shoving up hairy assholes. I knew he was going to be a good start to the evening. Jack and I got to be the first fucks of the evening, being family and all, but David was our gracious host and I wasn’t about to deny him the pleasure of sloppy thirds. Adam and Nick were leaving the movie theatre when the rest of Jack’s and my plan kicked into gear. As they were walking up to Nick’s car, John and Rob walked up behind them with ski masks on and shoved a ball gag in Adam’s mouth and handcuffed his hands behind his back. They put a hat over his head and quickly shoved him in the back of the car. John climbed into the car next to Adam and Rob rode shotgun up front and they quickly drove to David’s house. Adam knew it was going down and the E was already kicking in so his hole was starting to get hungry. He had never rolled before and was beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed when the car pulled to a stop. Rob and John pulled Adam out of the car in front of David’s house and hustled him into the garage. They were all excited and their cocks were hard at the thought of what was about to happen. They knew this was going to be a night to remember. Rob pulled the hat off of Adam’s head, took the ball gag out and said “Are you ready little buddy?” “I’m so ready, I feel really strange and I’m SO horny! I love you guys for doing this for me!,” Adam said gushing in the way that people high on ecstasy do. He hugged Rob tightly, letting his hand drift down to Rob’s fat cock, knowing that soon it and a bunch of other men’s dicks were all going to be inside him, making him feel like the slutty pig he knew he really was. Adam couldn’t wait to see what his Daddy and Uncle had in store for him. There was a knock on the door and Jack stood up in his hot jockstrap and said “It’s showtime men!” It was 630 and we had until 730 before the first of the guests were supposed to arrive. Adam walked into the room, followed by Nick, John and Rob who were quickly shedding their clothes. We told them all to wear jockstraps and Jack brought Adam’s favorite slutty jock with him for him to wear. “How’s Daddy’s boy feeling?,” Jack asked. “Oh Daddy, I’m the happiest boy ever. I can’t believe you set this up for me. How many guys are coming?,” Adam said. “You’ll just have to keep count of how many of them blow a load up your hot little hole, now won’t you?,” Jack told him slyly. “How’s the ecstasy treating you?” “The what? Oh! Is that why I feel so amazing! Daddy you know how to treat me. Thank you.” Adam reached over and hugged his Daddy tightly. “You’ve got too many clothes on, baby boy. Men let’s strip this cumdump and get started.” All of the guys laughed and began pulling Adam’s clothes off until his furry little body was naked. Jack looked over at his son and said “here, put this on. I brought your favorite jock. Hurry up. Daddy gets to go first.” “Oh Daddy, thank you!” Adam quickly put the jockstrap on and looked to Jack for guidance. “What do you think, Mike? Start with the bed or the sling?” “Let’s start with the bed and move him to the sling when he gets nice and sloppy.” Jack pulled Adam onto the bed with him and I could see the rest of the group taking their hits of E. Jack, David, Alex and I took them as soon as the text came telling us they were on the way. This was going to be a nice roll. I knew that within an hour hands were going to be everywhere and we’d be dealing with the strangers we’d invited to use Adam’s sloppy cunt. Jack and Adam were lying on the bed passionately kissing each other, on fire really. The E was having its effect and they were talking quietly to each other, I knew that Jack was whispering in Adam’s ear how much he loved his son and how Jack couldn’t wait to see a bunch of men dump their loads of cum up his beautiful furry little butt. Adam had a huge smile on his face the whole time and kept quietly saying “thank you Daddy, thank you Daddy.” I grabbed a bottle of lube, reached down and greased up Jack’s fat cock and Adam’s hole. Jack smiled at me and hoisted Adam’s legs over his shoulders and said “here we go men, let’s get this party started! You ready baby boy?” “Please fuck me Daddy. I need you inside me!,” Adam said. “Now please!” With that he sank his cock all the way into Adam’s hole, which made both Jack and Adam moan deeply. Around the room, hands and mouths were playing with cocks. This was Adam’s party, but I had a feeling everyone here was going to leave the room with at least one load of cum up his butt. Jack’s cock was slowly moving in and out of Adam’s furry hole, which was making my cock hard. I never got tired of watching my brother fuck his hot young son. I laid down on the bed next to Adam and leaned up next to his face. “Are you feeling good baby boy? Do you like the present that Daddy and Uncle Mike got for you?” “Oh yes, Uncle Mike. Thank you!” He moaned as Jack’s cock hit bottom again and massaged his prostate. “I want to feel like a totally depraved whore tonight. I can’t believe how good I feel! I love you both SO much!” I laughed. I’d seen this before with newbies to taking ecstasy. I leaned over and touched his slightly furry nipples and kissed his full lips. “Just wait until you see some of the cocks that are coming over later to use you. You’re going to be glad that you got started with Jack because some of them make him look small.” Adam got a slightly panicked look in his eyes until I said “don’t worry baby, no one’s going to hurt you. But they’re sure as hell going to stretch your cunt out. You never know what’s going to end up in your ass when you’re at a party like this.” With that, I heard a squeeze bottle of lube behind me and could feel David’s hot furry chest behind me. “Mind if I drop in?,” he said. With that he laid down behind me and quickly shoved his cock all the way up my ass, making me groan and beg him, not to stop but to fuck me hard and rough. I could feel every inch of his 9” cock throbbing inside me. “Oh fuck that feels good,” I said. “But remember Adam’s the star here, I’m just one of the supporting cast.” “Oh don’t worry,” David said. “I can come as many times as I want. E does that to me. I also haven’t jerked off in a week in anticipation of this!” David began to pound me hard from behind and I held on to Adam who was getting pounded from above by his Dad. I leaned over and whispered in Adam’s ear “I guess we’re both whores tonight, eh boy?” Adam smiled and pulled my face to him and kissed me deeply and hard. “I guess we are, Uncle Pig.” I glanced around the room and both John and Nick were bent over the couch moaning like slutty whores. John was getting fucked by Rob and Alex was fucking his son up the ass. It was a beautiful thing. So many hot guys and this was just the beginnin g! Jack started to speed up on Adam’s ass and began to pant. “OK, baby here’s the first load for you. Right out of the cock that made you.” “Oh yes, Daddy, your cock feels so good inside me! Give me your load, breed your boy! Make me your whore!” “Oh fuck boy, you sure know how to sweet talk Daddy. Here comes that load. you want it? Tell Daddy what you want!” “Give it to me! Shoot that fucking load deep up my cunt Daddy! I need it! Give it to me hard!” Jack sped up even more and everyone else in the room stopped fucking and held still with fat cocks buried up hot asses and watched. Jack mercilessly pounded his son’s hole, and Adam took it like the champion bottom we knew he was. Suddenly Jack held still and I could see his ass clenching. I knew he was cumming his usual first huge load of cum. “YES DADDY!!,” Adam yelled. I kissed him hard on the mouth and whispered in his ear that he was a good little whore and that I was next. Jack collapsed on top of his son and, slowly, his cock slipped out of Adam’s now sticky hole. David was balls deep in my ass and I turned around to kiss him on the mouth. I whispered to him, “when Jack moves, let’s get into position with your cock still inside me!” David kissed me again and nodded enthusiastically. Jack moaned and then rolled off of Adam and yelled “NEXT!” and we all laughed. His cock was glistening with cum, including some that was still dripping from his foreskin. I turned to David and asked him if he was ready. I told Adam to roll over on his stomach and stick his ass in the air, and like the good little whore he is, he quickly complied. “Uncle Mike gets to be Lucky Pierre tonight, baby boy. You read for a helping of Uncle cum up your sexy little hole?” “Fuck yeah, Uncle Mike! My cunt is so hungry for cock right now. I’ve never been this horny before!” I knew Adam was going to be begging for cock for hours, since we had more E where the first one came from and maybe another surprise or two for Adam. His hole was glistening with lube and little streaks of Jack’s cum, so I just rubbed the head of my cock, which was just peeking out from the foreskin, in the cum to lube it up a little bit. David’s cock was still buried inside me and he reached his already lubed up hand around to give my cock a little help. He pulled my foreskin back and lubed up the shaft of my cock so it would have no trouble slipping inside Adam. Underneath me, Adam moaned loudly and I asked him “what do you want baby boy? Huh? Tell Uncle Piggy what you want?” “Oh please let me have your cock Mike, please. I need it inside me.” I had a feeling we were going to be hearing this line a lot tonight. The boy was a true cock hound, made only to be filled with dick and used for men’s pleasure. Their pleasure was enough for him, I half expected his head to explode. I slid into Adam’s silky smooth cunt and drove my dick all the way inside him causing him to moan loudly. From across the room, Nick and John took a break from kissing each other while their asses were getting nailed and cheered him on. “Take that cock! Take that cock!,” they chanted. We all laughed some more and Adam said “Like I have a choice? Like I’d ever say no to a fat uncut dick up my ass?” We all laughed again and I pulled my cock almost all the way out and plunged it back in Adam’s cunt as hard as I could, almost causing David’s cock to fall out of my ass. But David was a champ and kept my ass filled with his dick while my cock was reaming Adam out. Adam’s hole felt warm and smooth and slippery. It really made me extra hard that Jack’s cum was already inside him, lubing the way. I laid down on Adam’s back with my cock buried all the way inside his ass, and David laid on my back so I was truly sandwiched between these two incredibly hot men. Jack was lying beside Adam, kissing him passionately as only a Dad and son can do. I leaned in and stuck my tongue in to kissed my sexy brother and nephew. David and I quickly developed a rhythm. It was almost as if he was fucking Adam with my cock. The pressure of his fat 8” cock on my prostate was intense and I knew I wasn’t going to last very long on this first load. David could sense that I was getting close and he just let his cock rest all the way up my ass while I pounded Adam’s cunt mercilessly, whispering a nonstop stream of filth in his ear. “You dirty fucking cumdump. You asked for this, didn’t you, you filthy fucking faggot? You want all these men’s cocks inside you, don’t you? You want them all to knock you up and shoot their cum inside your cunt don’t you?” Adam moaned loudly and kept repeating in a low voice “yes, yes, yes, oh, yes, please fuck me. Never stop fucking me! Oh my god, I love you so much Daddy, I love you Uncle Mike, please keep fucking me!” I knew that wasn’t just the E talking. I pounded three last times, as hard as I could manage with a slab of furry muscles on top of me and a fat 8” of cock buried inside my hole, and yelled “Here it comes, you fucking whore. Another load to grease up your cunt!” I could feel my balls contract four or five times and shoot a huge load of semen into my nephew’s ass. “Oh thank you! Thank you Uncle Mike! Thank you!” Jack had been idly playing with Adam’s nipples while he watched his son get pounded and when it was over I caught my breath and said “OK, the host is next. The family has greased you up, baby boy, now it’s time for a stranger. I hope David won’t be a stranger for long!” David slipped his cock out of my greedy ass (which didn’t want to let him go) and stood up. I rolled over off of Adam’s back and began making out with Jack. I could hear panting from the other side of the room as well as low moans from both John and Nick. I knew they were both in good hands since Alex and Rob had a lot of stamina and could fuck for hours. David tapped Adam on the ass and the boy got on his hands and knees with his beautiful furry ass sticking straight out. David spread Adam’s cheeks and spat into his crack, then shoved his thick finger into Adam’s greedy fuckhole, causing the boy to moan. “Please David....” “Please what, pig? Tell me what you want! A good pig asks for what he wants, so do it. What do you want pig?” Adam was clearly rolling really really hard on the E and desperately wanted his cunt filled. “Please David... please.” “Please what, whore?” David slapped Adam hard on his ass cheek, causing a red mark to form. “Tell me what you want!” “Cock. Oh fuck, please. Cock. I have to have cock. FUCK ME! Please FUCK ME!” David spat again, this time in his hand. He knew there wouldn’t be much need for cum, now that Jack and I had both deposited our loads inside Adam. He rubbed the spit on his cock which was already lubed up with my ass slime and silicone lube. “You want cock boy? You deserve cock?” “I need cock. I don’t deserve it but I need it! Please I have to have cock. I NEED cock inside me!” David looked at me with a wicked, shit eating grin on his face and said “here we go, whore!” With that he slammed all 8 really fat inches of his cock into Adam’s cunt which was becoming sloppier with each stroke. David began to pound Adam hard with his dick, telling the boy what a sloppy two bit whore he was and how he lived for cock in his filthy cunt. I knew David was into talking dirty and he was really good at it. I’d been on the receiving end of his filthy mouth more times than I could count. Jack was still lying next to me, holding onto Adam to keep him from falling off the bed from David’s rough, intense fuck. I turned around and scooted down under Adam, took his limp cock in my mouth and began pinching his nipples hard the way I knew he liked it. Adam was panting hard as David’s fat piece of meat slammed in and out of his cunt over and over again. David was breathing equally heavily and his stream of talk about Adam’s sloppy whore cunt hadn’t stopped. The man did good work. From underneath, I was transfixed on David’s fat cock (which had split my hole open on many a night) as it slammed into Adam’s hole just a few inches from my nose. I could see that the cock was coated in butt juices and frothy cum and I flicked my tongue out and could taste the amazing flavor of Jack’s and my cum mixed with Adam’s hole. David kept fucking Adam hard and both of them could sense it was near the end. But before he came he wanted some answers from the star of the evening. David was panting heavily until finally he pulled his cock out of Adam’s hole and stopped. “What do you want, boy? Tell me what you want.” Adam just moaned and said “COCK! I need COCK.” My nephew had been fucked into oblivion by cock and the E. The others had stopped what they were doing again and watched. They all wanted to see David dump his load in Adam’s ass. We all laughed and Adam just moaned again. He could barely speak. The E had apparently hit our boy pretty hard. Jack was holding his head and kissing him hard while he moaned some more. Softly, I could hear Jack say “tell the nice man what you want, baby. Come on, tell him.” “I need your load inside me, David. Give it to me! Fuck me until you shoot your cum in my cunt! I need as many cocks and loads as I can get!” “That’s my boy,” David said. His cock was hard as a rock and glistening with the froth of the two loads of cum that were already inside Adam’s pussy. He roughly slapped Adam’s ass and shoved it back inside. “Here it comes baby! Number 3!” David shoved his cock all the way into Adam’s ass. “Thank you! Thank you! Fuck me!,” Adam said. David pulled his cock out of Adam’s ass and cum began to dribble out of his hole. I leaned over and caught the drips of cum that were running down Adam’s asscrack, then turned around and fed them to him. After I passed him the cum from my mouth to his, I held his hands in mine and smiled. He laughed and said “Oh god, Uncle Mike! I’ve never felt this good before. My hole feels like it’s on fire. I have to have cock in it! Somebody please fill me up with cock!” All of us laughed, and the four others, separated, and lined up behind Adam to dump their loads. One after the other Alex, Nick, John and Rob all took a break from fucking each other to dump a load into the star of the evening. It was almost time for the Craig’s list boys to start showing up, and I wanted Adam to be dripping cum. First up was Alex. He knelt behind Adam and just roughly shoved his cock in his son’s friend’s hole. Adam moaned loudly and begged Alex for more. “Please fuck my cunt Alex. Fill me up with your cock and cum. I have to have it.” Alex grinned and fucked harder and very quickly he filled Adam with load #4. Next was John, who mostly bottomed, but had a really fat cock. He knew Adam was the star tonight, but I could tell he was jealous of all the attention Adam’s hole was getting. I knew I was going to have to surprise him with a load of Uncle Mike jizz later on in the evening when he wasn’t expecting it. John pounded hard at Adam’s cunt and very quickly added load #5 to the frothy mixture that was roiling in Adam’s guts. The last two were Nick and Rob. Nick was Adam’s best friend (and maybe lover? Jack and I weren’t sure). Nick pushed Adam down on the bed on his stomach and laid on top of him. He slowly slid his cock inside his best friend’s cunt hole. I could hear him whispering in Adam’s ear, but I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying. I could only tell that it was causing Adam to moan in ecstasy as his hole was filled with Nick’s fat boy dick. Nick held Adam down on the bed and pounded his hole mercilessly, banging his cock into that cunt until it the 5 loads of cum were frothing all over his hole, ass cheeks and taint. There was frothy cum everywhere, and still Nick pounded, letting loose a stream of invective which caused Adam to moan louder and louder. “You’re just a filthy cumdump, aren’t you Adam? I’ve known you since we were kids, and now I find out you just live to have cock and cum up your cunt. Right?” “Oh, Nick, baby, fuck me harder. Give me your load! I have to have it. I need it inside me. Please fuck me!” “Fucking faggot hole.” Nick grinned at the rest of us who were watching this hot scene unfold. Suddenly he slowed down and slid his cock out of Adam’s hole until he was hovering over it. He had Adam’s cheeks spread open and I could see the hole pulsing slowly, ready to be slam fucked again. “Give it back to me! Please, Nick! Please give it back to me! I have to have it inside me!” Damn. The boy was on another planet from all the cock and the E we’d given him. “Do you deserve this cock baby? Tell me you deserve my cock and cum inside you. Beg for it some more.” “Oh Nick, you know I have to have it. I need cum inside me. I need cocks splitting me open and fucking my cunt. My cunt isn’t happy unless it has a cock inside it. Please give it back to me!” Adam tried to back up onto Nick’s cock and after a bit of teasing, Nick finally allowed Adam’s ass to impale itself on his dick. Adam moaned deeply and said “oh thank you Nick! Thank you for your cock!” I was beginning to think we had created a little furry monster. Nick laid down fully on top of Adam who was moaning like a crack whore, and pounded his cunt until he started to get short of breath. “Here it comes baby. Tell Nick what you want!” “Oh Nick, baby, cum inside me. I have to have your cum in my hole! FUCK ME!” Nick grunted loudly and released his cum into Adam’s hole causing the boy to groan some more. Just then I heard my phone let me know I had a text message. I ran over and grabbed it off the shelf and looked at it. “Hey man, is the gang bang still on?” I texted the guy back that it was and gave him instructions on how to find us. “Cool, I’ll be there in 10 minutes.” So here we go. The strangers were on their way and we weren’t even finished with the friends. It was going to be a fun night.
  4. How much is that dumpster worth, Whore ?
  5. Chapter 5 The next few weeks were a blur of sex and cum. Alex came over frequently and we all fucked our brains out in all sort of combinations. Jack even let Alex fuck his hole. He’s mostly a top, but after seeing Alex’s thick cut piece, Jack got on his hands and knees, I licked his hole until it was dripping and Alex slipped Jack his fat cock. Jack was soon begging for it harder. That day, we all fucked Jack hard and rough. Like I said, Jack’s mostly a top but I’d seen him in these situations before. Once he gets a cock up his ass, he can’t get enough. So Adam, Alex and I I each fucked his hot furry little cunt twice, and pretty soon he had six loads of cum up his ass before he made us call it quits. I think Adam could’ve fucked him four more times, the boy was so horny to fuck his Daddy. I’d rarely seen such passion. The next day I was talking to Adam and he mentioned that he wanted to invite Alex’s son, his friend Nick, to play with us. He wasn’t sure whether Nick was gay but they had played around a few times, and Nick had fucked Adam. They were on the wrestling team at school together, and Nick was also 18. I’d met him a few times and thought him a handsome boy. Dark hair, getting a little furry patch on his chest and tummy (but nothing like Adam) and a big beefy round ass. He was tall, like his Dad, and broad shouldered. He wrestled in a much heavier weight class than Adam who only weighed about 130 lbs. on his 5’4” frame. Nick was 6’2” and weighed about 190. I told Adam I thought that would be hot, that I’d love to see two Dads fucking their sons while the two sons were making out. Adam just smiled and told me he’d see what he could do. One day, Adam decided to broach the subject with Nick. But we all thought Alex’s participation should be a surprise. I knew Nick idolized his Dad and Alex loved his son. After practice one day, Nick and Alex were taking off their sweaty singlets and jocks and getting ready for the showers. They had stayed after to do some extra workouts as they often did after wrestling practice was over. It was late and most everyone else had gone home, or so they thought. They were in the shower room shooting the breeze and talking about school when Adam reached over and playfully tugged on Nick’s fat cock. “You getting much action with that thing these days,” Adam asked his friend. “Nah, I’ve been jerking off like mad lately, but nothing else. It sucks. I’m horny all the time and it makes me a little crazy.” “Well we could play around again, anytime you want, Nick. You know that,” Adam responded, feeling Nick’s cock start to get hard. “Really, man? That’d be awesome, you’ve got such a great, tight ass. I’d love to fuck it again,” Nick said, looking around. “You think we could do it now? I’ve gotta cum.” Adam didn’t say a word but leaned down and started sucking on Nick’s now fully hard cock, eliciting a low moan from his buddy. “Fuck man, that’s so fucking awesome,” Nick said. Adam continued to suck on Nick’s cock under the warm water of the shower, all the while reaching around to use his fingers to loosen up his ass so he could take all of Nick inside him. After a few minutes of sucking Nick’s cock and Nick moaning quietly, Adam stood up, leaned over and presented his hole to Nick. “Shove it inside me, buddy. I like it rough, you can do it hard,” Adam said, pulling his ass cheeks apart. Nick lined up his cock and with one thrust shoved all 8” of it inside Adam’s little furry ass, eliciting a grunt and a moan of pleasure from Adam. “Dude, you OK?,” Nick asked. “Oh fuck, I’m so OK, man, just fuck me now,” Adam loudly whispered back. They fucked with quiet abandon for a few minutes and were caught up in the moment when they heard a noise. Nick quickly pulled his fat cock out of Adam’s ass, which elicited a hiss from Adam, and turned toward the wall so their cocks could deflate a little bit. Two of their teammates had entered the shower area, and all four began talking while the new new guys showered off their sweaty, tired bodies after a long practice. Adam had secretly lusted after all of the members of his team and these two, John and Rob were no exception. John was small, like Adam, they competed in similar weight classes but Rob was just the opposite. He was huge and built and very hairy, especially for an 18 year old. Adam had always assumed that Rob was straight, but that hadn’t stopped Adam from beating off imagining Rob fucking his hole. Rob and John seemed to be taking a very long shower, and Adam looked over at Nick who had also noticed this. It was clear that they were waiting for Nick and Adam to leave. Adam turned off the water and went to dry off. Nick followed and they chatted in low voices about what to do. “Rob and John?,” Adam said. “Fucking hot. I’d like to see that.” “Let’s pretend to sneak out and then spy on them,” Nick said grinning. Nick and Adam quickly got dressed except for their shoes, and took their gym bags and called out to the guys in the shower. “See you tomorrow,” Adam said. Rob and John responded and Nick and Adam walked toward the door, opened it and then let it shut wile remaining inside the locker room. Nick and Adam quietly set down their gym bags and tiptoed back over to where they could see the showers from behind a row of lockers. It was exactly as they suspected, Rob and John were locked in a passionate kiss with Rob holding the much smaller man in his arms, John’s powerful wrestler’s legs locked around Rob’s waist. From his hiding place, Adam could see that Rob’s thick finger was working its way into John’s tight little asshole, to make way for one of the fattest cocks Adam had ever seen. Rob’s cock looked like him, broad, thick and veiny. Adam’s hole puckered just looking at it. He badly wanted that cock inside him and he wondered how he was going to manage it. Nick’s aborted fucking had made Adam incredibly horny and he rally wanted cock inside him. He looked over at Nick who smiled a huge smile and reached over to touch Adam’s tight ass inside his shorts. Back in the shower, Rob had guided his cock inside John’s tight hairless ass and was beginning to fuck him in earnest. They still hadn’t broken their kiss and were fucking as if no one was watching. John took a deep breath and the look of ecstasy on his face told the tale. He was in heaven, filled with Rob’s long fat cock and loving every minute of it. They had clearly done this before. After a few minutes, Rob was clearly getting close to cumming, as his breath became fast and his strokes into John’s ass were getting faster. “Fuck me baby, oh yeah, I need your fucking load inside me!,” John said, egging Rob on. “Breed my hole, big bro, breed my hole.” “Oh Johnny, fuck yeah, your hole is sucking the cum out of my dick, here it comes!” With that, Rob stopped thrusting and his whole body throbbed. He was shooting a huge load inside John’s hole, while John gripped Rob even tighter with his legs. Nick and Adam were playing with each other’s dicks through their shorts, and at that moment, they nodded to each other, and came out from behind the lockers. “Damn, guys. Why didn’t you invite us to the party?,” Adam said, pulling his shorts down to expose his hard, fat, uncut dick. Rob and John turned, terrified at being discovered. Rob was still holding John in his arms, his cock still buried up the much smaller guy’s hole. “Adam, Nick, um, we were just.....,” John said. “Getting Rob’s fat cock up your cunt? Is that what you were doing John? That I can see. The question is why didn’t you invite me and Nick to play too?” “We, um, well....uhh...we didn’t know you wanted to,” John said, blushing. Rob lifted John off his cock and set him down on the floor. He got a big smile on his face and said, “Damn I do love you short boys. You next, Adam?” “I thought you’d never ask,” Adam said, reaching over to touch Rob’s still hard cock. “Can you go again?” “He can usually fuck me four or five times without stopping,” John said. “It usually makes me cum too.” “I have an idea,” Adam said. “Let’s go to my house. We can get naked and have a bed to fuck on there and not worry about being caught.” John and Rob grinned at each other, quickly got dressed and they all piled into Adam’s car and drove the short distance to Adam’s house. When they arrived, no one was home and they quickly dropped their bags and trooped back to Adam’s room at the back of the house, quickly ripping off their clothes so they were all four naked. John, just 5’5” and hairless, with a ripped body, Adam, 5’4” and the start of a fur farm on his chest and ass, Nick, 6’2”, lanky and muscled and Rob, 5’11” and built like a fur covered brick shit house. Adam quickly laid on the bed, pulled his knees to his chest and begged Rob to fuck his hole. Rob quickly sank his super fat cock into Adam’s cunt. Adam’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and he took in a sharp breath as he felt the fat cock enter him and take possession of his hole. “Nick hand me that bottle,” Adam said, pointing at the poppers on his nightstand. Nick grabbed the bottle and held it under Adam’s nose while he took a huge hit, relaxing his ass for Rob’s assault. “What’s that,” John asked. “Try it,” Nick said, holding the bottle under John’s nose. He closed off one of John’s nostrils and said “breathe in deeply and hold it.” Then he did the other one. John began to feel the effects of the great poppers I had given Adam, rolled over on his stomach and said “Oh fuck, Nick, you need to fuck me NOW!” Nick handed the popppers to Adam, then reached over to touch John’s hole, sliding his finger inside, and felt Rob’s huge load of cum on his finger. He lubed up his cock with some spit and slid his cock into John’s pussy, making him moan with delight. “Oh fuck Nick. Only Rob has ever fucked me, but damn that feels good.” Nick reached down and began kissing John while he began to deeply fuck John’s cunt, eliciting deep moans of pleasure from him. “Hand me that bottle again, that’s amazing,” John said, reaching over to get the poppers back. Adam took a huge hit of them and handed the little brown bottle over to John who also took a large sniff and replaced the cap. I had been spending a lot of time with Adam and Jack lately, fucking our brains out, so I had let myself in with a key again and heard the telltale sounds of moaning and groaning coming, once again, from Adam’s slutty den of pleasure, aka his bedroom. This time I knew I didn’t have to hide myself, so I just walked up to the doorway and began rubbing my cock through my jeans. I knew Adam and his friend Nick, but I didn’t know the other two boys who were helping the room to smell like sex and poppers. “Hey boys, can an old guy get in on some of this action?,” I said. Nick, John and Rob looked at me, startled and I could tell they were uncomfortable for a second, but Adam put them all at ease. “Hey Uncle Mike! Guys, this is my Uncle Mike, he’s totally hot and a pig like me. Come here Uncle Mike, stick that cock in my mouth, let me suck on your foreskin!” I pulled off my t-shirt and jeans and left my red jockstrap on, pulling the pouch aside to release my quickly hardening cock. I walked over to the bed, leaned down to kiss my piggy nephew and shoved my cock all the way into his throat in one quick move. He gagged for just a second and then he showed them all what a first class cocksucker he was by repeatedly deep throating my cock. “Dude, that’s fucking HOT,” Rob said. I wanna try that next. “Can I fuck your throat after I bust a nut up your ass, Adam?” Adam started to take my cock out of his mouth to reply, but I slapped him lightly across the face and said “Don’t talk with your mouth full, slut. Of course you can fuck Adam’s throat, that’s what it’s there for. What’s your name, son?” “Rob,” he said. “Well Rob, you’re doing a fine job of fucking my nephew’s hot little cunt, but I’d love to have sloppy seconds after you’re done shooting a load of jizz up there. Best lube there is.” Rob grinned, leaned over and kissed me deeply while he sped up his assault on Adam’s slutty little cunt. Adam was moaning uncontrollably with his mouth full of my fat cock, and pretty soon Rob tensed up and I could tell he was shooting his load. He broke our kiss and said “fuck that was hot!” I didn’t want to blow my load in Adam’s mouth but was waiting for his asshole to be free for a deposit of Uncle cum. Rob slowly pulled his still rock hard cock (that’s the one thing I miss about being 18!) out of Adam, much to my nephew’s displeasure. Adam moaned loudly when his gaping cunt was emptied of Rob’s fat dick. Rob and I quickly switched places and I leaned down to suck on Adam’s hole before I shoved my cock inside him, being careful not to dig out the load of cum Rob had just deposited up there. After I had eaten Adam’s pussy for a few minutes I came up for air and saw that John and Adam were both of their backs, deeply kissing while John got his pussy pounded hard by Nick. It was really hot to watch both of the small guys passionately kissing each other while one of them got his cunt raped. I could tell that Adam was quietly whispering in John’s ear as well. I couldn’t quite hear what he was saying but I could tell it was filthy. Nick sped up his fucking and I could tell he was about to blow, so I reached over and roughly pinched his nipples, which surprised him, but also caused him to close his eyes and moan loudly. “Oh fuck, Mike, that’s so good. Harder, please. Fuck yeah, I’m gonna blow!” Nick tensed up and I pinched his tits as hard as I could while he was shooting his load of cum inside John’s cunt. John was kissing Adam furiously and his cock was rock hard. John and Nick collapsed into a heap and began making out, coming down off the high of their intense fuck. I took this as my cue to roll my nephew over on his belly and have him stick his furry little ass up in the air. I quickly licked his crack and got a little taste of Rob’s load which was just beginning to seep out of Adam’s hole. I pulled back my foreskin the rest of the way and started to tease Adam’s hole with the fat head of my cock. He mumbled something but like the champion cocksucker he was, his mouth was full of Rob’s cock so I didn’t understand a word. “What did you say, slut? Were you trying to say something with your mouth full of cock?” Adam briefly took Rob’s cock out of his mouth and said “Fuck me hard Uncle PIG!!” “That’s my boy,” I said, ramming my cock home in one thrust inside his sloppy cunt, eliciting a deep, furious moan from deep within Adam. I knew I wasn’t going to last very long, surrounded by four hot young men, while fucking my nephew’s slutty cunt, which was already full of a hot load of Rob’s cum. Indeed, I only lasted a few minutes, during which time Rob was steadily fucking Adam’s throat with his still steel hard cock. “Damn, boy how do you DO that?,” I asked Rob. “I dunno. I can cum a bunch of times in a row. Ten times in about 2 hours is my record,” he said sheepishly, grinning a goofy grin. “I wanna hear all about that sometime, boy, but for now, I’m gonna add to the loads up Adam’s hole. You ready slutty nephew?” “Fuck yeah! Breed my cunt Uncle Mike!” I pounded faster and faster, all the while frothing up the cum that was already up his cunt. After just a few minutes of hard pounding, I shot an enormous load of jizz up his ass, and pretty soon Rob was right behind me. “Fuck Adam, your throat is amazing, I’m gonna shoot again!,” he said. I reached over to kiss him while my cock was still shoved all the way up inside Adam and felt Rob tense up and with a shudder, he came. The entire room smelled of poppers, cum and sex, and Adam couldn’t have been happier. “Who wants to fuck my cunt next?,” he said, offering his hole to any of the four of us who wanted to use it.
  6. Treasure island has an older video of two brothers having sex and the older one is telling how they started hooking up......I think it’s really hot.... [think before following links] https://timfuck.treasureislandmedia.com/scenes/brothers-nick-and-tyler-russell
  7. Chapter 4 I opened my eyes Saturday morning, groggy with sleep, and smiled to myself, thinking about yesterday. I turned to my right and saw that Adam and Jack were still asleep, with Jack snuggled up behind Adam, his arm around Adam’s chest. They looked so cute together like that. I sat up, went to the bathroom to pee, and when I returned, I could see that Adam and Jack were beginning to stir. Adam’s eyes were closed, but he had a big smile on his face. Jack’s eyes were also closed, but I could see that he was humping Adam’s butt. I climbed back into bed and laid down next to Adam, kissing him deeply on the mouth. He opened his eyes and smiled at me. “Morning Uncle Mike,” he said. “Hi baby. How you feeling?,” I asked. “Oh, horny as usual. Daddy’s cock is up my ass, so I can’t move. It’s so hard being me right now,” Adam joked and then leaned up to kiss me again. I kissed Adam for a long time, then broke away saying “Morning pig brother. Getting an early start, I see!” “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of fucking Adam’s ass,” Jack said. “Thank you Daddy. I don’t have to tell you you can fuck it any time you want,” Adam replied. I leaned over to kiss Adam some more, and reached down to play with his cock, which was rock hard and his foreskin had fully retracted to reveal the sexy fat head. I slowly jerked Adam’s cock while Jack methodically slid his cock in and out of his son’s ass, making the boy purr with delight. “Oh Daddy, I love how your cock feels buried inside me. Just exactly where it belongs. Please just shove it all the way inside my ass, and hold it there.” I looked over at Adam’s ass and could see that Jack’s whole cock was inside Adam, his pubic hair crushed against Adam’s furry butt. “Please just hold me tight, Daddy,” Adam said, and Jack put both of his arms around his boy and held onto him. “Oh Daddy, thank you. I love you so much Daddy, your cock is making me feel so good. I can’t believe how lucky I am that Uncle Mike found me yesterday and that you discovered us. I would’ve never had the courage to ask you to fuck me but it’s something I’ve wanted ever since I knew I liked men.” “Oh baby boy. I love you,” Jack said, holding Adam as tightly as he could, and nuzzling his neck. I could see him begin to move his hips back and forth, making Adam moan with pleasure. “OK, daddy now fuck me hard. Make me really feel your cock inside me. Take charge of my ass, own it. Make it yours, even more than it already is,” Adam said, thrusting his ass back onto Jack’s fat cock which was picking up speed, pummeling Adam’s hole. I reached up to kiss Adam again and he pulled my face hard toward his. I was still idly stroking his dick which, coupled with the pounding his ass was receiving made him moan deeply with pleasure. I broke our kiss and leaned down to take Adam’s fat, hard prick in my mouth, deep throating him and making him moan even louder. I maneuvered myself around so that my cock was staring him in the face and it quickly hit the back of his throat like the great cocksucker he was. We began sixty-nining with me fucking Adam’s throat just as his Dad was fucking his cunt. I knew that Jack wouldn’t last long and I wanted Adam to cum right after his Dad bred his hole so I tried to pace it. I could feel that Jack was beginning to speed up in his pounding of Adam’s ass, and Adam was moving his ass back to meet Jack’s every thrust, which meant he was basically fucking my mouth. I loved it and tried to deep throat Adam’s cock every time he thrust it into me. Jack began to pant loudly and said “Oh baby, I’m gonna fill your your hot little pussy with Daddy cream. Are you ready for me, baby?” Adam let my cock fall out of his mouth and leaned around to look at his Dad. “Oh yes, Daddy. Breed your boy. Mark my ass as your property with your load of cum. Shoot it inside me,” he said. Jack was pounding Adam’s cunt really hard and then I felt him tense up and release his load. Adam was moaning loudly saying “thank you Daddy, thank you” I kept up my mouth work on Adam’s fat dick, while Jack kept his cock buried inside Adam to the hilt. “Oh, fuck! Uncle Mike, you’re making me cum!,” Adam said, groaning loudly. Just then the first of five spurts of cum hit my mouth as Adam unloaded a huge wad of boy cream into me. I kept it in my mouth as his breathing began to return to normal, then I sat up, leaned over and kissed Jack, passing his son’s load of cum to him. Jack eagerly sucked the load of cum from my mouth as we kissed deeply. Then he reached around and passed the load to Adam, completing the circle. Adam swallowed his own load of cum and laid back with a contented look on his face. “Wow, guys, what a way to wake up. Can we do that every morning, Daddy?,” he asked. “You bet, sport. Every night too,” Jack said. We all lay back in a heap and enjoyed the afterglow. After lying in bed for an hour, talking, cuddling and laughing, we all got up and showered together in Jack’s bathroom which has a shower big enough for 6 guys, with shower heads everywhere, and endless hot water. I reached over and soaped up Adam’s back making sure to clean the crack of his hot little butt. I let my finger reach inside once or twice and Adam moaned like the little whore I knew he was growing to be. “OK, boys none of that, we’ve got Alex later,” Jack said, grinning. He slapped me on the ass and I finished washing Adam’s back, reaching around to playfully kiss him. Jack threw on some shorts and went downstairs to make us breakfast while I rummaged in his dresser for something clean to put on. I availed myself of one of my brother’s hot jockstraps. I pulled it out and could smell that it was unwashed, and a bit ripe. I pressed it to my nose and inhaled the amazing scent of Jack’s cock and body. I pulled the jock on, which felt hot even though it was slightly large on me, since Jack was bigger than I. Adam came in as I was putting it on and wolf whistled. “Damn, Uncle Mike, you shouldn’t wear anything but jockstraps. That makes your ass look amazing,” he said. “Thanks baby. Glad you like it,” I replied, bending over so he could get a good look at my furry asscrack. Adam walked up behind me and roughly shoved his index finger up my hole, eliciting a moan from me. I could’ve easily let him take me right there, but I remembered what Jack had said, so I reached around, kissed him roughly and slapped his hand away. “There’ll be time for that later, pig,” I said. “No fair, Mikey, you show off your cunt to me like that, how can I resist wanting to touch it and and fuck it?,” Adam replied, rubbing my hairy ass. We both laughed and I finished getting dressed so we could go have breakfast. Jack was calling us to come down and eat. We sat down and quickly wolfed down the food Jack had made for us. “Did Alex text you again?,” Jack asked Adam. “He did. He wants to know when he can come over and fuck me,” Adam said. “You just tell him that you’ll be ready for him around Noon. Lubed up and waiting, just like he asked last night,” Jack said with a big smile. “He won’t know what hit him.” “What’re you going to do Daddy?,” Adam smiled and asked. “First of all I’m gonna scare the shit out of him, then I’m going to fuck him hard. You watch, your Uncle and I will turn butch old Alex into a greedy cum dump in no time.” Jack smiled and started to laugh. “OK Daddy,” Adam said. “You’re the boss!” “I sure am, baby. Now text him and go get ready. Wear a nice tight jockstrap for Alex and lube up your cunt really well. I’m sure you won’t have any problem convincing Uncle Mike to help you with that.,” Jack said laughing and winking at me. It was already 11 and we figured that Alex was pretty horned up and would be over right on the dot of 12. Adam and I went into his room and picked out a sexy yellow jockstrap for him to wear. It was a little on the tight side to show off his nice package, and framed his furry ass cheeks really well. I kissed Adam and had him get on all fours on the bed. I reached over to get the lube from his nightstand and began to lovingly grease up his pussy so that it would be ready for what was coming. I reached as far inside his hole as I could, and could feel the, still warm, load that his dad had shot inside him just a few hours before. I pulled my finger out of his ass, tasted it myself and then stuck it in his mouth so he could taste the hot daddy cream that was inside him. Adam sucked on my finger, licked it clean of the jizz and turned to look at me and said “is that from Daddy?” I nodded and he moaned and said “fuck that’s hot.” I pulled my shorts down and greased up my already rock hard cock, and slid it into Adam’s cunt until it hit bottom. I could feel Jack’s load of jizz inside him and I wanted to lube Adam’s hole with it, to spread it around. I had just started to fuck Adam slowly when Jack came into the room. “Hey, slow down guys. Alex will be here soon!” “I know, I just wanted to spread your load around inside Adam’s cunt for Alex,” I said. I pulled my cock out of Adam’s hole, much to his displeasure. He whined a little when I pulled it out, saying “oh please fuck me some more, Uncle Mike!” “You little whore. We’ve created a monster, Mike,” Jack said, grinning. He reached over and slapped Adam’s furry butt and said “Just you wait, baby boy. You’re going to have all the cock and ass you can handle this afternoon.” “Thanks Daddy. I know you’re going to make sure I have fun. You get to shoot the last load inside me,” Adam said looking at his father with lust. Jack glanced over at the clock and noticed that it was 11:55. Almost time for our plan to go into action. “OK, Adam, you get ready for Alex, Mike and I are going to hide in the laundry room and when he gets started fucking you, we’ll come into the room and ‘confront’ him about what he’s been doing. You play along and act surprised and scared of me, got it?,” Jack said, smiling at his son. He reached over and kissed Adam on the mouth which automatically made Adam close his eyes and moan. “I got it Daddy. You’ll be proud of me,” Adam said. Jack and I went into the laundry room where we could see through Adam’s door if we carefully peered around the corner. We quietly closed the laundry room door most of the way, leaving it unlatched so we could open it without making a sound. On the dot of Noon, we heard the front door open and footsteps walk through the house. We heard the footsteps come near and enter Adam’s room, and a low voice said “There you are, whore. Just like I asked you. All lubed up and ready for me to rape. I was going to bring a buddy from work along today. I told him all about you, but he could get away. Next time. You’ll love him. I saw him in the shower at the gym once and he has a huge cock. It’ll split your hot little cunt right open. But that’ll have to wait until next time. For now, it’s my turn.” Jack and I could hear Alex removing his clothes. A belt hit the floor and shoes being kicked off. Then the splorch of the lube bottle and soon there was heavy moaning coming from Adam’s room. “Oh yes, sir! Thank you, sir! Thank you for raping my cunt today, sir!,” Adam said. This, I knew, wasn’t play acting. He loved getting his ass fucked. and Alex was a hot man. Jack and I listened to this go on for a few minutes, grunting and dirty talk and moaning from Adam’s throat. I sure as hell was hard. This was going to be fun. Jack tapped me on the shoulder and mouthed the word “NOW” and I very quietly pulled the laundry room door open. Neither Jack nor I was wearing shoes, and we were able to creep silently in the direction of the moans and groans coming from Adam’s room. Standing in the doorway, I had an intense feeling of de ja vu. I had just seen this yesterday. Alex’s powerful frame was standing behind Adam, cock buried all the way in his ass. Alex was a tall man and had a big, broad, furry ass, and strong legs to match. It was clear he had played some kind of sport like hockey or soccer in his past. His big beefy body was still well muscled with a hint of a beer belly. Jack was the first to speak. “Excuse me, but you seem to be fucking my son. What’s up with that?,” he said calmly. Alex turned toward us, yanking his dick out of Adam’s ass and began to splutter. “Um, hey Jack, um, it’s not what it looks like, it’s, um, we were, um wrestling,” he said. Adam turned around saying “Daddy don’t do anything rash!” He was playing it up to the hilt, exactly as Jack had asked him to do. “Don’t worry baby, Daddy knows this isn’t your fault. Wrestling your cock inside my son’s furry little ass? Practicing your ‘holds’ on him? Or is he practicing his sphincter’s holds on your cock? He’s pretty good at those, as Mike and I have recently found out,” Jack said. “What? You’ve been fucking him too?” “Only since yesterday. Mike here let himself into the house with his key and saw you pounding Adam’s cunt. He hid until you left and then I repeated the discovery when I came home and found Mike balls deep in my boy. Let’s just say I’m not especially mad at you Alex, I’m mad at you for not sharing,” Jack said, laughing. Alex let out a deep breath. He knew we weren’t going to kick his ass for fucking Adam. “So what do you wanna do now,” Alex asked. “I think you should go back to what you were doing when we walked in on you. Sorry to interrupt. But I also think you owe me now,” Jack said. “You’ve been fucking my property and there’s payment due for the use of that property.” Alex smiled uneasily. “What exactly did you have in mind?” “Oh just your ass. Repeatedly and at great length. With our cocks. Probably going to make Adam fuck you too. Then you’ll have all three of our loads inside you and you’ll have fully paid the debt. What do you think? That fair?” “I don’t get fucked,” Alex said, frowning. “I’m a top.” “Oh come on, Alex. Never once? Never wanted it?,” I said, teasing him brutally. Alex turned beet red and said “well yeah, once. A buddy of mine in college fucked my ass.” “And did you like it?,” I asked, moving toward him. Alex turned redder still and stammered in a low voice. “Um, well, um, yeah. But only faggots get fucked in the ass and I’m not a fucking faggot.” Jack looked at Alex and smiled. “Well, I think you are. You’ve been fucking my son for a year now, yes, I know all about it, Adam told me everything. How you picked him up in the toilet (naughty naughty!) and have been fucking him right here under my nose, in my house. We’re gonna make you pay and you don’t have a choice. So you might as well relax and enjoy it. Right, Mike?” “Right, Jack,” I said. Adam was lying on his back on the bed, looking incredibly sexy, and smiling the whole time. “The jig is up Alex,” Adam said. Lie down and take it. Daddy and Uncle Mike will fuck you good. Alex kept saying no, but his cock was screaming ‘YES!’ He fell onto the bed next to Adam, face down in the blankets, defeated. “Be gentle,” he said. “It’s been a long time.” “Jack, you do the honors. I’ll take sloppy seconds,” I said, laughing. “Alex, don’t look at this as getting your ass roughly violated, look at it as opening up a new horizon of pleasure and orgasms. If this works out, the four of us could have a lot of fun together.” Alex turned and looked at us, wanly smiling. “You think? My wife and I haven’t had sex in years, and so I started getting my cock sucked in t-rooms and adult bookstores. Anywhere it was anonymous. It’d be nice to have some buddies I could have a beer with and fuck our brains out.” I could see that his cock was still rock hard. Damn, the man was blessed. I finally got a good look at it and it had to be 8.5”, really thick and cut. No wonder Adam had gotten addicted to it. “OK, ass in the air, big guy,” Jack said. “Remember I’m short so you gotta crouch down so I can fuck you.” Alex got on his hands and knees and I handed the lube to Jack. Adam maneuvered himself in front of Alex and started swatting Alex’s handsome Daddy face with his fat cock. Alex was sticking his tongue out so he could lick the head of it and finally opened his mouth and took the whole thing in. It was clear he had sucked a few cocks in his day. Meantime, Jack was lubing up his fat uncut cock and Alex’s ass. I laid down on the bed next to Alex and leaned in close to him and said, “Don’t worry, we’re not going to hurt you. Just relax and let Jack drive. Trust me, I know more than anyone that he knows what he’s doing.” Alex looked at me, took Adam’s cock out of his mouth and smiled and then closed his eyes and kissed me passionately. I could feel him relax, as if a huge burden was being lifted from his shoulders. I knew this was going to be hot. Watching Jack fuck anyone was intensely sexy, but watching him fuck a beefy man almost a foot taller than he was really turned me on. I continued to make out with Alex while Jack opened up his cunt for the assault to come. I could feel Alex tense up a little bit, and knew that Jack was beginning to enter him. I broke our kiss and looked up to see Jack’s greasy cock slowly slide up Alex’s chute. I handed Alex the bottle of poppers and he took a huge hit. As soon as he did, I saw Jack’s cock slide the rest of the way to the hilt in Alex’s cunt. Jack was still for a moment to allow Alex to get used to the huge schlong penetrating him. Fuck that’s hot. I leaned down again and whispered to Alex “that’s it baby, you’ve got my brother’s whole fat uncut dick inside you. How’s it feel? I know I’ve loved it since we were kids.” Alex’s eyes rolled back in his head for a minute and then he looked at me and said “It feels amazing. I lied earlier. My college buddy used to fuck me 2-3 times a week, and I loved it. But I chickened out and thought I was being less of a man for loving cock up my ass.” I smiled and looked at him. “You’re not less of a man. You’re a hot fucker and your cunt’s getting fucked by one of the best.” He smiled, laughed and started to speak when he starting moaning uncontrollably. I looked up and saw that Jack was beginning to pump his huge dick in and out of Alex’s ass. I went back to kissing the moaning Alex. Adam was beginning to feel a bit left out of all of this, so he managed to slide under Alex, grabbing hold of his fat cock and sliding it up his cunt. So Alex was the meat in an Adam and Jack sandwich. All of the moaning was making the room sound like a cheap whorehouse, which it kind of was. I whispered in Alex’s ear “can you feel the load of cum that Jack deposited in Adam’s cunt this morning when we woke up? Drilled him hard and good.” “Oh fuck, that’s what’s lubing up his ass and making it all wet. What a dirty whore this boy is. I knew it when I picked him up in that bathroom,” he said with a smirk. I just smiled and said “I’m glad you broke him in. I’m glad I watched you yesterday. It was really hot.” Alex moaned loudly as Jack’s cock bottomed out hard in his cunt. “Oh fuck this is great. My ass feels so fucking good with his cock inside it. I’ve never felt this turned on!” More loudly he said “Fuck yeah, Jack, rape my cunt. Fuck that pussy hard and breed it.” Jack grunted and picked up speed in Alex’s hole. “You’ve got a tight fucking hole, you nasty pig. Think you could just come into my house and fuck my only son up the ass? Now you’re paying for that, you dirty pig.” Alex moaned louder and said “you’re right Jack, make my ass pay for what I did to Adam. Make me your bitch and breed that bitch. Knock me up.” Alex was caught between Jack and Adam. Jack pumping his ass full of fat uncut dick, and Adam sliding up and down on Alex’s cock. I was just along for the ride, kissing him, playing with his hairy chest, nipples and balls. I squeezed his balls and he moaned really loudly. “Harder,” Alex whispered in my ear. I obliged him by squeezing his nuts harder which elicited deep moans from his throat. “I....I....I.....I’m CUMMMMMMMMMING!,” Alex moaned and I could feel his whole body tense up. Adam began to moan, “fuck yeah, Alex, fuck my cunt, breed my hole again. Add your load to Daddy’s load in my pussy. Give it to me.” Alex stopped moving and I could tell he was shooting an enormous load into Adam’s asshole. Jack, however had not stopped his assault on Alex’s ass. “You ready boy fucker? You ready for Jack to breed your big hairy cunt?,” he asked Alex. “Fuck yes, give it to me. Make me remember what getting my cunt bred feels like. Shoot it inside me,” he moaned. Jack pounded Alex mercilessly and then held still. He was shaking all over, I could tell he was shooting an enormous load inside Alex’s ass. “Fuck yeah, give it to me, breed my cunt. Give it all to me, don’t waste a drop. I need it all inside me, Jack. Make me pay,” he said, panting hard. I sat up and laughed. “OK, my turn!” “Um, I’m not sure I can take another pounding like that, Mike,” Alex said. “Tough shit. You’re a man, you can take it. Outta my way, Jack.” I pushed Jack aside and his cock popped out of Alex’s ass with an audible noise. Jack flopped down on the bed and he began making out with Adam. I could hear Adam quietly whispering in Jack’s ear. “Oh Daddy. Thank you, thank you.” He leaned over and passionately kissed his father. Meantime, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t need much lube since Alex’s ass was wide open and full of Jack’s cum. I spit in my hand and slid my cock into Alex’s hole, eliciting a deep moan from him. Damn it felt nice and tight. The man hadn’t been fucked in a long time, that much was clear. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, since I’d been watching what amounted to a porn movie play out in front of me for the last 30 minutes, so I just started in to pounding Alex’s ass. He moaned loudly saying, “Oh fuck yeah Mike. I can take it. Oh god, I fucking need cock inside me. Fuck my cunt. Fuck me hard.” I laughed and obliged him by unleashing a fury on his ass. I began to pound Alex’s big furry butt hard and Adam and Jack were egging me on. “Fuck yeah, Uncle Mike, rape his cunt. Mark it with your seed,” Adam said, laughing and playing with his still rock hard cock. Jack leaned down and sucked on Adam’s cock a bit and said “Adam’s next. He gets the last load. Then payment is made in full, Alex. Three loads up your cunt, three breedings, Daddy, brother and boy, all seeding your cunt.” Alex moaned louder and said “yes, yes, yes, I need another load. I need to pay for what I did. Over and over again.” We all laughed. Jack had been right, it wasn’t hard to turn Alex into a begging whore for cum loads, once the proposal was put to him the right way. I sped up and said “here it comes, bitch. You want it, don’t you?” I pulled my cock most of the way out of Alex’s ass, as if I was going to stop fucking him. He moaned loudly and said, “Please, please don’t stop fucking me, Mike. I need your cock. Please breed my slutty cunt. It needs your load to add to Jack’s load.” Alex pushed back hard taking my fat cock all the way back up to the hilt in one fell swoop. He moaned loudly when I hit bottom and I began fucking him even harder. I could feel that I was just seconds away from blasting his cunt full of cream and said, “Fuck you, pig. Take my fucking load of filthy cum in your cunt. Take it!” I stopped fucking him and my huge, fat cock was throbbing and shooting load after load of jizz into Alex’s cunt. Alex had been turned into a blubbering idiot. “Fuck yeah. Oh fuck yeah, thank you for breeding my cunt. Fuck that load of jizz feels good inside me.” “Next!,” I said. Adam came around behind Alex and pushed him face down on the bed. He climbed on top of the much larger man, his short muscular boy’s frame looking very sexy against the beefy, furry body beneath him. “You ready for me, sir? This boy’s gonna rape your cunt, and return the favor you’ve done me so many times,” Adam said. “Oh fuck yeah, Adam, fuck me you hot little pig boy,” Alex said. “You say the nicest things, Sir. Here comes pig boy’s fat cock,” Adam replied. Adam pointed his thick piece at Alex’s hole which was throbbing and covered in ass juice and cum slime. I had a feeling he wasn’t going to last very long and within 2 minutes he was panting loudly. “Here it comes, Sir. Pig boy is going to breed you. Are you ready?,” he said. Alex just moaned assent by saying “yesssssss” and Adam went rigid while I kissed him long and hard. I reached around to stick my fingers in his wet, juicy cunt right as he began to shoot. He climaxed so hard I thought he was going to break my fingers. I massaged the sloppy insides of his pussy and then slowly felt him relax. We all collapsed into a heap on the bed. The room reeked of sweat, cum and sex. My favorite smell.
  8. Chapter 3 It was Friday night and after a post sex nap, the three of us hung out at Adam and Jack’s house. We ordered dinner in, and were sitting on the sofa chilling out when Adam’s phone buzzed on the table. He picked it up and smiled, and since we were all sitting around naked, I noticed his cock twitch. “Who’s that?,” I asked Adam. Adam blushed slightly, so I really began to wonder who it was. I glanced over at Jack and could tell that he was thinking the same thing as I was. “Um, it’s Nick’s Dad,” Adam said. “Oh really?,” said Jack grinning. “What, did he want?” Adam was snuggled up next to his Dad, and he handed to phone to Jack, who took it and smiled. He turned it around and showed it to me. On the screen the text message said “Your cunt was good today. Need to knock it up again tomorrow. Tell me what time. Be ready for an assault.” Jack smiled, and said “leave Alex to me, baby boy.” Adam snuggled up closer to his Dad and nuzzled Jack’s shoulder. “Thanks Daddy. I’m the happiest boy in the world right now.” Jack looked intently at Adam’s phone and began pecking at the keyboard. “There we go,” Jack said. He held the phone up for me to see and I read his reply to Alex. “I’ll be in my room, naked, lubed up and ready for whatever you have to dish out, Sir.” Quickly, Alex’s reply flashed on the screen: “Good. I’m gonna rape your hot little pussy hard. I’m bringing a friend with a huge cock too.” Jack and I both laughed. I’d figured out his plan, but Alex had drifted off to sleep, curled up next to his father. Jack set the phone down, and leaned over to kiss me on the lips. “You’re a hot little fucker, Mike. I’m really happy about this afternoon. I don’t know when I was that hard or that turned on,” he said. “I don’t know that you’ve ever shot that huge a load in my ass, big brother,” I said. I leaned in and kissed him again, more gently than earlier. We kissed for a long time, then laid together watching a movie, until it was time for bed. Adam had been sleeping the whole time, quietly, and when the movie was over, Jack leaned in and said “Spend the night.” He nudged Adam and said “hey baby boy, it’s time to go to sleep.” “OK Daddy. Can I sleep with you tonight?,” Adam asked. “I’m not going to let you sleep in your own bed very often from now on, Adam. Your old man’s a horny goat 24x7 and one of your jobs from now on is to take care of my cock,” Jack said. Adam smiled a huge sleepy smile and looked up at Jack lovingly. “Any time you want, Daddy. My cock and ass are your property.” Adam stood up and Jack smacked him on his furry little ass. “That’s my boy,” Jack said. “Now get in bed.” We all trooped into Jack’s bedroom. We’re all pretty small, but having a king sized bed makes sleeping three to the bed a lot easier. Adam laid down on the bed first, and Jack and I slid in on either side of him. Jack leaned over and started making out with his son, gently pulling on Adam’s nipples while they kissed each other deeply. Despite having 5 or 6 loads of jizz up his ass, Adam hadn’t cum today. Like both myself and his dad, Adam was blessed with a fat, uncut dick and I had decided it was my mission to stuff it up my ass, which was still lubed by the huge load Jack had deposited inside me several hours earlier. I leaned down and began sucking on Adam’s cock which was partly hard from the make out session with his dad. He began to moan when I deep throated his thick dick, and very quickly it reached its full hardness. I made sure that I left a generous amount of spit all over the head, which was just peeking out of his foreskin. Adam was laying on his back, with his father on his right, so I just spit on my hand, applied the spit to my hole, climbed on top of him and slid down on his dick in one movement. “FUCK Uncle Mike!,” Adam said. “Your hole is so fucking juicy. Damn it feels good.” Jack chuckled and said “it’s full of daddy juice, baby. The best kind of lube there is. I want you to fuck your Uncle as hard and as deep as I did this afternoon. I know you’re a fantastic bottom slut, baby, but Daddy wants to turn you into a stud fucker as well. Now go to town on your Uncle’s slutty whore cunt.” My brother knew the nicest things to say. Jack leaned over and began biting and pinching Adam’s nipples hard, which elicited moans of excitement from the teen’s throat. Moans of “FUUUUUUCK Daddy!” and “Harder Daddy!” I started to ride Adam’s fat dick more quickly, feeling the head of it pounding against my ass walls and prostate. My nephew was going to be one hot little fucker when Jack and I got done with him. Quickly, Jack moved around behind me but I was far too lost in feeling Adam’s fat cock raping my hole to notice. Suddenly I heard a squirt bottle of lube and felt Jack’s hand on my upper back, pushing me down onto Adam’s torso. “Uh oh. Here it comes,” I thought. “Hold him down, Adam,” Jack said. “He may try to squirm away, but his slutty hole has done this before, many times. He’ll get used to it in a minute. If he screams, just gag him with that jockstrap.” Adam reached up and put his strong arms around me and held me down, kissing me hard on my mouth. With that, Jack began determinedly sliding his huge cock inside my pussy, right next to his son’s. I started to scream involuntarily and was rewarded with a ripe, smelly, sweaty jockstrap in my mouth, the funky odor and taste of it quickly took my mind off the fact that I was being split open by two really fat dicks. The moans coming from all three of us were loud enough to wake the dead. Jack leaned over to the nightstand and handed me a bottle of poppers and I took a huge sniff in each nostril, making my head spin. The poppers helped my hole quickly get used to the assault it was getting from both cocks, and opened me up to a gaping size to accommodate the massive girth of the two dicks that were raping my pussy. “Just sit still and let Daddy drive, baby boy,” Jack said. Adam was lying beneath me moaning like a bitch in heat as the heat from my slutty hole and the friction from his father’s cock made his dick feel amazing. Meanwhile my deep moans were turning from pain to pleasure and were muffled by the smelly jock in my mouth, which I was getting off on sucking and sniffing while my anus was ravaged by two fat cocks. Jack picked up speed and began to really assault my cunt, and every time he pulled all the way out my muscles were so relaxed and spread that my hole was left gaping open ready for the next long stroke of his fat cock up against Adam’s schlong already nestled inside my hole. Jack pounded me harder and harder, until I was reduced to a moaning idiot. I never shot a load of cum, but my ass made me cum at least three times while he was assaulting my cunt with his cock. I could feel him building to a huge orgasm and after about 10 minutes of full on ass raping, Jack finally shouted “I’m gonna breed you little brother!” and I could feel his huge cock throbbing all the way inside me as he deposited his sperm as far up my ass canal as his cock could go. All of the friction from his dad’s cock had left Adam moaning and groaning below me. He was solidly holding on to me, and I was frantically kissing him hard on the mouth while he and his father raped me from behind. After he came, Jack kept on pistoning his cock in and out of my gaping cunt, knowing that the lube of his loads would make Adam shoot his load of boy cum up my pussy. Soon enough Adam, too, shouted “You fucking whore, Uncle Mike, I’m gonna breed you too!,” and I could feel him loading my hole with a huge load of cream, while I desperately held on to him, shoving my tongue into his mouth. Jack rolled off me and streams of cum dripped from my sloppy cunt. Adam’s piece was still buried deep in my gaping, sloppy, cum-filled ass. He was still rock hard as only an 18 year old can be. Jack turned around, leaned over and began licking he outside of my ass, paying special attention to licking up the wads of cum that were dripping from my chute. He licked around the shaft of Adam’s cock, still buried inside my cunt, eliciting moans from the kid, who began to slowly hump my ravaged, sloppy, greedy pussy. Jack came up gasping for air, and moved up the bed and began kissing both Adam and I, with his beard and mouth covered in cum. We both eagerly licked the loads from his lips and beard while intensely kissing each other. I came up for air and looked at my big brother smiling and said, “you are such a bastard. I’m not going to walk straight for a week.” Jack got a shit-eating grin on his face and said “you deserved it, you dirty pig. and don’t tell me you didn’t love getting split open.” He was right, I was in heaven, and had rarely felt so much pleasure in any part of my body. I was completely spent, but Adam wasn’t finished with me yet. “Uncle Mike, can I fuck you again, my cock is still SO hard,” he said. I leaned down to kiss him again and said “of course baby boy.” I took a huge snort of poppers, and started gripping his dick with my ass muscles, which elicited moans of pleasure from him. “Do you wanna fuck your slutty Uncle’s hole again, boy? Is that what you want? Tell your dirty piggy Uncle what you want, baby,” I said. I continued to flex my muscles and grip his cock. Adam got a nasty glint in his eye and said “you’re such a fucking dirty whore, Uncle Mike. Dad said it himself. Your slutty cunt just opened up for both our cocks at once, and after getting raped by two cocks all you want is more. You know what I think, Uncle Pigboy?” “No, what’s that boy?,” I replied. “I think you’re nothing but a filthy cumdump for our loads. Isn’t that right, Uncle Mike?,” Adam said, pulling his cock all the way out of my gash and roughly jabbing it back inside me, making me groan loudly. “That’s what I thought. See, Dad, he’s nothing but a whore for our dicks!” “If anybody knows how much of a whore my brother is, it’s me,” Jack said. Adam quickly rolled me over on my back with my legs over his shoulders and began to pummel my ass with his fat uncut boy cock. It felt so good in my ass, I began to moan and groan and beg him for his dick. “Oh please, Adam, fuck your slutty Uncle’s hole. Give me that fat cock, I need it inside me. You’re right, I’m just a cumdump for you and your dad. Load me up with your cum. Breed that fucking ass of mine,” I said, loving how my ass was making me feel. “You’re such a dirty pig, but I love fucking your sweet hairy cunt. It makes my dick feel so good. All that cum in your chute is just lubing up my cock so it’s all frothy and slick,” Adam said. Adam continued his stream of filthy talk and fucked my cunt as hard as he could. Jack laid next to me and played with my cock while he passionately kissed me and whispered in my ear how hot the whole scene was. “Oh god, you can’t imagine how turned on I am watching Adam rape your pussy, little bro. I can’t wait until he shoots in your cunt again and breeds that hole with another load of family cum,” Jack whispered in my ear. “He’s going to turn into as much of a whore pig as you if I have anything to say about it. And wait until you see what I have planned for Alex.” Jack leaned away from me and smiled at me with a huge evil smile. He sat up and leaned over to kiss his boy. “Fuck his whore cunt, boy. Rape that cunt hard. I wanna see you shoot another load up there, so we can knock him up good.” Adam kissed Jack hard and said “Yes, Daddy! You tell me when you want me to cum and I will!” “That’s my boy,” Jack said. Adam picked up speed and was brutally raping my cunt, just like Daddy asked, for a few more minutes, letting a stream of filth come out of his mouth. Jack then licked his fingers on his left hand, leaned over and roughly shoved four of them up Adam’s hole in one fell swoop. “Oh FUCK YES DADDY!,” Adam said. “Oh my god that feels great! Please fuck my pussy, Daddy! Please make me cum inside Uncle Mike!” Jack was roughly fucking four fingers in and out of Adam’s ass which was still sloppy from being fucked earlier. I could tell he was playing with Adam’s prostate and Adam kept gasping every time Jack would touch it. “COME NOW BOY!,” Jack said. “Of FUCK DADDY! I’m shooting my load! Uncle Mike, I’m BREEDING YOUR HOLE!,” Adam said. “Fuck me baby boy! Fuck your slutty uncle’s cunt! Breed my ass, shoot that load inside me!” I was begging for his cum and could feel his cock throbbing hard and another huge load of creamy boy cum shot into the depths of my pussy. Jack was holding Adam up since he seemed a little shaky from the intense orgasm, and he slowly relaxed and laid down next to me. My hole was a sloppy mess and I could feel little bits of cum dribble out of my ass onto the bed. Jack leaned down and licked it up from the bed and from my ass and fed it to me again. I greedily licked it up. Jack laid down next to me and we all fell fast asleep, covered in sweat and smelling like the whores we were..
  9. Greedy pig boy.... 🙂 there are seven pretty long parts. WilL post more tomorrow!
  10. Part 2 My brother Jack was standing there looking at me, with my rapidly deflating cock still inside his son’s hole. I started to say something, but Jack spoke first. “Damn, I’ve rarely seen something so fucking hot. My two favorite men in the world, fucking their brains out,” and with that he got a huge grin on his face, and dropped his toolbox on the floor of Adam’s bedroom. I looked down at my nephew who a moment before had been scared shitless of what his father was going to do, and saw him smile and sit up. My cock slipped out of his slutty cunt followed by a trickle of ass juice and my cum, mixed with Nick’s dad’s three loads. Jack walked over to Adam’s bed, and started shucking his clothes, jeans, work shirt, wife beater and really sexy boxer briefs. Damn he’s a hot little fucker. Every time I see him naked, my cock gives a little start and I want him to fuck my pussy hard and give me his load of jizz. It was still pretty hot out and Jack had been working outside all day so he was incredibly ripe. I could smell him from across the room, and when he lifted his arms, I thought I was going to pass out it smelled so good. He walked up to the bed, leaned down and very tenderly kissed his boy, pulling Adam tight to his chest, and almost crushing him he hugged him so tightly. “You dirty little fuck,” Jack said, breaking their kiss and smiling at Adam. “You nasty, filthy little whore. Seducing your Uncle like that. I’m shocked,” Jack said sarcastically. “Baby boy, I just wish you had saved your ass cherry for your dear old Daddy.” “Oh Daddy, I love you so much,” Adam said, kissing Jack intensely again. “But Uncle Mike didn’t take my cherry, Daddy,” Adam said, looking down, slightly embarrassed. “Oh, who did?,” Jack asked, surprised. “How long have you been getting it up the ass, you little slut?” “Since my Junior year,” Adam said. “With.....um.....Nick’s Dad.” “Well son of a bitch,” Jack said. “That dirty pig Alex has been fucking my boy for almost two years, and never let on.” “I wanted to tell you so badly, Daddy, but I was afraid you would be mad at me, or get upset,” Adam said. “I just couldn’t stop, once he started fucking me, I got hooked and had to have his cock as often as I could get it. I fucked around with a couple of guys on the team too. When Uncle Mike got here today, Nick’s Dad was fucking me, and Uncle Mike saw the whole thing and waited until he left to talk to me.” “Damn, you’re even hornier than your Uncle Mike,” Jack said. “Which is saying something pretty serious, since I’ve rarely met a horndog more piggy than Mike.” Jack smiled and looked at me. “I set this up today, since I was was hoping that you might break Adam in, Mike. Best to keep it in the family if we can, like you and I have been doing since we were kids. But I see slutty little Adam outsmarted his old Dad.” Jack smiled and looked at both of us with intense affection and lust. “Holy shit Dad! Shut the fuck up!” Adam said. “You guys? Son of a bitch, I’ve died and gone to heaven.” “Yeah, your Dad and I have been fucking around since we were teenagers,” I said. “Nobody throws a fuck in my ass like your Dad. You always know your hole’s been fucked when Jack’s done with you.” Jack looked at me and smiled. “So what are we waiting for,” Jack said. “I’ve got two cunts to breed, and if you’re lucky I’ll have more than one load for both of you!” Adam reached up and started kissing his Dad again, while I leaned down and took Jack’s rapidly expanding 8.5” cock in my mouth. God I loved sucking his fat prong. I could spend hours lazily sucking on it, playing with the foreskin with my tongue and licking inside it, and sucking on the head to get every drop of precum out of it. I took turns back and forth between Adam and Jack’s cocks, marveling at how similar they were, and how much they looked alike. If he stayed in good shape, Adam could easily tell what he would look like in 20 years. Hot as hell and just like his Dad. I got both of their cocks hard, and was enjoying sucking on both foreskins when Jack broke his long make out session with his son and leaned down to touch his boy’s pussy which was wet and pink. Adam looked up at his Daddy and said “I’ve been a very bad, very slutty pigboy, Daddy.” He grinned from ear to ear and then said “Whatcha gonna do about that?” Jack quickly flipped Adam over on his stomach and and moved behind him, slapping his ass hard, saying “Adam has been a dirty, dirty slut, and Daddy’s gonna fuck his pussy, and breed it with the spunk that made him.” “Oh yes, Daddy, PLEASE!,” Adam pleaded. “I’ve gotta have your cock, Daddy, please fuck me!” I could see that need in Adam’s eyes again, this time even more intense. He was about to get fucked and filled with cum by the cock that sired him. Jack roughly pulled Adam’s cheeks apart and hawked a big wad of spit into his gaping butthole and used his finger to push it inside, causing Adam to moan deeply and long. “Oh fuck yeah, Daddy, please, I need it so badly!,” he pleaded. Jack pulled me close to him and whispered in my ear, “this is what I was hoping would happen tonight. I love you Mike, you fucking pig.” He then began tonguing my ear which drives me wild. He leaned up and began to intently kiss me while he played with Adam’s cunt, which was quickly opening up to Jack’s finger. Jack pulled his finger out of Adam’s hole and I could see it was glistening with cum, some of it my own. He broke our kiss and roughly shoved his cum coated finger in my mouth hissing, “lick it off, fucker!” I did exactly what my brother wanted, as always, and leaned back to watch him aim his fat 8.5” cock at his son’s gaping pussy. I laid down on the bed next to Adam and began to kiss him and play with his nipples. I pinched his tits hard and Adam groaned a long, deep groan of intense pleasure, just as I watched Jack slide his entire cock into his son’s big furry ass. Jack kept right on pushing until he was balls deep in Adam’s pussy and Adam was clearly on fire. His ultimate fantasy was being fulfilled, he was getting fucked by his own Dad. As Jack began to fuck Adam’s cunt, varying the speed and length of his thrusts, Adam was reduced to a blubbering idiot, barely able to make out a word. He was moaning and groaning like the filthy pig he was, occasionally yelling “harder” or “OH DADDY!” which just served to make Jack’s assault on his own boy rougher and hotter. I kept up pinching Adam’s firm boy tits, and laughed as he became more and more incoherent the rougher his father fucked his slutty little hole. I moved up and shoved my fat cock in his mouth in order to fill it so he would have another cock to concentrate on rather than just the one in his ass. Now my sexy little nephew was being spit roasted by his two closest relatives, and I couldn’t imagine a boy being happier. Some moans still escaped from his lips, despite being stuffed with my fat piece of meat. A blow job was just a warmup, though, I was determined to dump another load of jizz in Adam’s hole. Jack and I developed a rhythm with Adam, fucking in and out of him in tandem, using each of his holes for exactly their intended purpose, pleasing cocks. I could see Jack begin to speed up so I pulled my cock out of Adam’s mouth which led to him pleading with me to put it back in, but I wanted to save my load to breed his cunt again. Jack was long dicking Adam at this point, pulling his cock all the way out and roughly jamming it back in his boy’s ass as brutally as he could. Every time he pulled it out, I could see the shaft of his fat cock coated in ass juice and bits of the four white frothed up cum loads that were already inside Adam’s pussy. A minute later, Jack jammed his cock back into Adam so hard that Adam moved 2” up on the bed and screamed in pain and pleasure. “Oh Daddy,” he said, “please breed my hole. Please breed me with the cum that made me!” Jack just grunted. I could see his fur covered, beefy ass flexing and I knew he was depositing another huge load of cum up Adam’s ass. He collapsed on his son’s boyish back, panting heavily. Jack began kissing Adam’s neck while his son moaned beneath him. “Thank you Daddy, I love you so much Daddy,” Adam said. I could see both of them smiling and Jack reached up and began to deeply kiss Adam, while his cock was still inside the boy’s ass. Once Jack and Adam’s breathing came back to normal, we all relaxed for a minute. I laid on one side of Adam and Jack laid on the other, basking in the glow of our shared love for each other, and shared lust for each other’s cocks and asses. “So baby boy, the burning question in my mind is how did you ever manage to get together with Alex?,” Jack asked Adam. “I ducked into the bathroom in the park downtown one day to take a leak, on my way home from class. When I walked in, he was getting blown by this blonde guy. The blonde guy got spooked and ran off, leaving Alex standing there with his cock out and hard. He’s got a really big dick and he just stood there while I stared at it. He looked at me and said ‘well, why don’t you suck it, boy?’ so I leaned down and started sucking him, while kneeling on the dirty floor of the public toilet. When he came in my mouth, he pulled out a little bit so some of his load went all over my face. He wanted to humiliate me a little bit and I loved it. He pulled up his pants and looked down at me and demanded to know when he could fuck my ass. I told him a time when I knew you wouldn’t be home, and he’s been fucking me a couple times a week ever since. Nick said he thought his parents hadn’t had sex in years.” “Well, that would explain it, wouldn't it?,” Jack said. “I’ll have to have a little chat with Alex about you.” “Oh Daddy, please don’t get him in trouble! I loved it! He never forced me to do anything I didn’t want to do!,” Adam said. “I know I wasn’t legal yet, but please, please don’t.....” Jack reached over and ruffled Adam’s short buzzed hair and said “don’t worry baby, I know. I’m not going to get Alex in trouble, I’m just going to see if he wants to have some more fun with all of us. Watching that big lug fuck your Uncle Mike would be hot, don’t you think?” Adam smiled and said “Fuck yeah!” Jack looked over at me and smiled an enigmatic smile. He was planning something, but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. “OK, who’s up for round two?,” I said. My cock was still rock hard and I had at least one more load to shoot. “Uncle Mike, my ass is yours any time you want it, you don't even have to ask,” Adam said with a smile. He reached up and deep kissed me. Jack was idly playing with Adam’s sloppy cunt, pulling his fingers out of Adam’s hole and putting them in his mouth, feeding Adam the combined cum of himself, me and Alex. Adam softly moaned while he licked Jack’s fingers clean. I got on top of Adam and moved Jack’s fingers out of his hole, slowly sliding my fat dick inside my sexy nephew’s ass. It was so full of cum there was no need of any lube. I just slid inside all the way to the bottom. Jack leaned down and began kissing Adam again. Adam moaned loudly and kissed his father harder. I laid down on top of Adam’s back, rubbing my furry chest against his smooth back. We’d gotten the urgent, brutal fucks out of the way and this felt more relaxed and easy, like something we were going to repeat often in the coming years. Adam’s pussy felt really warm and sloppy, it was so full of cum that on every stroke my dick came out coated in frothy white stuff. We were all incredibly turned on. I closed my eyes, lost in thought when I felt Adam kiss me hard on the mouth and noticed Jack behind me. Uh oh, better relax. I heard Jack spit into his hand and his fingers roughly open up my cunt. I’d been here many, many times before and was used to taking Jack’s fat cock with just spit for lube. Jack put his hand near Adam’s ass and when I pulled my cock out, he took some of the cum from my cock and put it in his hand. He spit in his hand again and rubbed the spit and assorted cum from Adam’s hole onto his cock. He pulled my furry, beefy cheeks apart with one hand and guided his fat uncut piece into the place it had been hundreds of times over the years. I involuntarily moaned when he hit bottom. Jack began to fuck me hard, saying “I love you fucking pigs, and I’m gonna show you just how much by raping your slutty cunts.” I tried to push back onto Jack’s cock as much as I could, so I stopped fucking Adam. I just held my cock inside his asshole and leaned down and kissed him deeply. “Fuck yeah, Uncle Mike, let Dad fuck your hole. It’s so fucking hot watching the two men I love fuck each other like animals,” Adam said, looking into my eyes with a look only a fellow pig could recognize. “Let him breed your hole, Uncle Mike. Let Daddy knock you up.” I was holding on to Adam for dear life as Jack pummeled my ass with his fat uncut dick. He hadn’t fucked me this hard in a long time, but I think watching me fuck Adam and then fucking his own kid up the ass had turned him on like he hadn’t been turned on in a long time. I had felt relaxed and easy, but apparently Jack didn’t. I could tell this was going to be a short, hard fuck that meant I was just a hole to him, a receptacle for his cock and cum. Exactly what I was meant to be, my big brother’s cumdump. Jack started to talk dirty to me while Adam kissed me and I held on to Adam with my cock still firmly planted up his cunt. “You dirty faggot whore. Coming home after a hard day’s work, walking into my son’s room to find his filthy faggot uncle fucking him up the ass. You dirty....fucking....pig,” he said. After each word he would pull his cock all the way out and ram it all the way up my pussy, taking charge of my cunt. “I fucking own your filthy faggot hole, you dirty filthy pig. Breeding my boy’s cunt before I got a chance myself. Adam’s pussy belongs to me, you dirty faggot,” Jack said. I’d seen him like this a couple of times before, when he was so turned on that he couldn’t stop his filthy mouth from running (I knew the words were just dirty talk) and I loved hearing it. I loved my own brother demeaning me while he virtually raped my asshole with his fat cock. I knew his cock so well I could tell he was extra turned on since I could feel that it was fatter than normal, and I loved it. I loved how he was reaming my cunt and taking what he wanted from me. Both Adam’s and my cunt belonged to Jack and I was fine with that. Jack started picking up the speed and through his ever filthier mouth, I could feel his cock start to throb. Finally, he pulled his cock out one last time all the way, jamming it back in over and over saying “FUCKING FAGGOT, I’M BREEDING YOUR CUNT. IT’S MINE! TAKE MY FUCKING LOAD YOU FILTHY WHORE!” I could feel his cock throb inside my hole, which was aching and begging for his load. I could feel each spurt of cum up my cunt, coating the insides of my asshole with his huge load of creamy white spunk. I broke away from Adam and reached around to kiss Jack on the mouth. He was grinning from ear to ear, and kissed me brutally on the mouth saying “Fuck I love you brother. You filthy faggot whore.” Jack’s cock was still shoved all the way up my cunt, throbbing so hard I could feel him breathing. I knew that I was right on the edge of the precipice. Jack provided the final spark by grabbing my tits and pinching them over and over again, really hard. My cock flooded Adam’s pussy with my spunk. Every time Jack would pinch my tits, my cock would spurt another bit of cum into Adam’s hole. We all collapsed into a heap on the bed, covered in sweat, spunk and ass juice. I snuggled up behind Adam with my cock still inside his pussy and fell fast asleep, with Jack behind me snoring softly, with his cock still firmly planted up my hole.
  11. (This story only has chem use in the last part, but I'm putting it in this section to make things simpler) Part 1 My brother and I had been fucking each other for most of our lives. He was a year older than I, and the first time he stuck his cock in my ass we were 12 and 13. I didn’t like it at first, but I knew I liked boys and before long I was begging him for his cock and sperm. He was a horny little fucker and every chance he got, he fucked my hole. That’s another story which I’ll share at some point. By the time we were adults, he had gotten married (and divorced after his wife disappeared with some douchebag), but whenever we saw each other he’d manage to slip it to me and I’d leave a family holiday or party with a nice juicy load of brother spunk in my cunt. Sometimes one before the meal and one after. He had a nice fat uncut dick that I loved to feel sliding up my hole. I learned to always arrive at one of these events cleaned out and lubed up and at some point in the evening, I’d probably end up getting a load of my sexy bisexual brother’s spunk up my ass. Like so many men, he had let himself slip a little by the time we were in our 40s, but he was still a powerfully built sexy guy from working construction. Like me, he was short, just 5’6” tall, but at 200 lbs of muscle (with a sexy, furry little gut) he really turned me on. I’m just 5’5” tall (we’re a very short family) and weigh 150 lbs. Like Jack, I’m really furry all over my body. We both have very hairy chests and asses and I like nothing more than to eat out his hole, even though I have to pick hairs out of my teeth afterwards. Jack has a son, Adam, who just turned 18 and he’s the reason for this story. Since Jack and I were really close, he had told me that he thought Adam was gay, and wanted me to talk to him, since Jack obviously didn’t have anything against gay guys, and wanted to make sure that Adam was taking care of himself, and knew that there were no problems with him being gay. Just to feel him out, so to speak. Little did he know how much feeling out would be done. I walked over to their house one day when I knew Jack was still at work, and knocked on the door. No one answered, which was strange since I knew that Adam should be home. I let myself in with my key and heard some noise coming from the back of the house. I quietly followed the noises and walked quietly to the back of the house where the door to Adam’s room was wide open. Inside, Adam was kneeling on the bed with his perfect furry little ass in the air getting drilled by a man as old as his father and I. I quietly watched while this powerfully built, tall, gray haired daddy roughly fucked my hot little nephew in the ass. “You know what a fucking whore you are boy?,” the older man said. “Yes, Daddy, I know I’m a total whore and need your fat daddy cock up my hole, please give it to me hard,” Adam said panting hard and pushing his ass back against the older man. I was getting incredibly turned on watching this older man fuck my nephew. Adam had been morphing into a hot little stud for several years. Like me and his dad, he was short, just 5’4.” But he was muscled and beginning to show the signs of our family’s trademark fur all over his hot little body especially on his ass. The boy clearly worked out and I had seen him wrestle in high school. He was good, and hoping for a college wrestling scholarship. So there he was, the slutty little horndog, ass in the air, letting some older man fuck him raw, all the while begging to have it harder. “Please Sir, please fuck me harder with your fat daddy cock. I have to have it inside me as often as possible, please fuck me,” Adam said. With that the older man sped up and his breathing became short. He stopped and held his cock inside Adam and I could tell he was shooting a load of cum up my nephew’s asshole. Adam was loudly moaning and saying “thank you, Sir, thank you for your load of cum.” He slapped Adam’s ass and pulled out with a pop and I could see a bit of white cum start to leak out of Adam’s ass. I could see the older man was about to turn and dress, so I ducked into the laundry room which was next to Adam’s bedroom and hid behind the door. I heard him put on his clothes and he said to Adam “Same time Thursday, you little whore. Be ready, I might bring a friend.” I knew that my brother worked late several days a week, so Daddy Man was clearly planning something more for my slutty nephew on Thursday. I heard him pull up his pants and pull on his shirt and he quietly walked out of the house. I heard the front door slam and then I heard a loud sigh from Adam’s room. I quietly walked toward the open door and saw him lying face down on the bed with the Daddy’s load of jizz leaking out of his hole and his own fingers playing with his cunt. I tiptoed to the open door and walked up behind Adam and stuck my index finger roughly into his hole and turned it side to side to feel the load (I was guessing there was more than one up there) inside Adam’s ass. He suddenly turned and pulled the sheet over himself, utterly shocked that I was there and mortified when he realized I had seen him getting his ass reamed out by a man my own age. “Uncle Mike! What the fuck are you doing here!?,” Adam said. “I came to talk to you, Adam. Looks like you were having a good time,” I rubbed my crotch a little so he could see that it was OK and because I was incredibly turned on. Adam noticed and relaxed and said “Fuck, I’m not in trouble am I? Please don’t tell Dad, OK!?” He was pleading with his eyes as he said this. He thought I was going to kick his ass. If he only knew. I had always thought that Adam knew I was gay. I never made a big deal out of it, and had lived with a lover when Adam was younger so I just figured he knew the score. Apparently not. I sat down on the messy bed, secretly drinking in the smell of boy sweat, man sweat, cum and sex in the air while I put my hand on Adam’s shoulder. “Adam, it’s OK. I always thought you knew I was gay. Are you saying you didn’t?” “I always wondered what happened to Uncle Justin,” he said, referring to my sexy but utterly insane ex who I had split up with a few years before. “But after he was gone you never talked about it, so I just figured he had been your roommate, and that I had misread the situation. I was just 15 at the time, so I wasn’t sure.” “Justin was my lover,” I said to Adam. I smiled and said “I’ll tell you that story sometime,” getting a slight boner thinking about Justin but the boner disappeared when I remembered his psycho behavior. “But who was that who just left?,”I asked Adam He turned beet red and said “he’s my best friend’s father. Nick and I have been friends since we were little and I’ve always had a crush on his dad. When I got older I figured out that Nick’s dad likes to fuck guys so I hit on him and he’s been fucking me several times a week since my junior year of high school.” “That’s really hot,” I said, giving my nephew a shit eating grin. Watching the beefy hairy daddy fuck my obviously slutty little nephew was one of the hottest things I’d seen in quite a while. Knowing Adam was only 18 and how small he is just turned me on even more. Nick’s dad was 6’3” and built like a football player with a sexy graying goatee and a thick coat of chest and back hair. Adam turned even redder if that’s possible. I’d caught him red handed (or red assed if you will) and the tent in the thin sheet he was using to cover himself made it clear that he was as turned on as I was. I leaned down and kissed Adam on the lips and pulled his face to mine, shoving my tongue in his mouth. I could see he was shocked by the look in his eyes, but he quickly closed them and reached his hand up behind my head, pulling me close to him. I could feel the need inside him as his tongue explored my mouth. We kissed for a long time and when our kiss broke he looked up at me with his beautiful blue puppy dog eyes and said, “Uncle Mike, please. Will you fuck me?” “Yes,” I said. “Yes, beautiful boy. I’ve wanted to fuck your hot pussy for a long time.” In truth was I had watched Adam blossom into a very sexy young man, and had wanted him for a long time, but I wanted to make sure that he was gay, and wanted to have sex with his Uncle before I put the moves on him. The boy was in good shape and the last thing I wanted was to get slugged in the jaw by Adam and lose the good dicking I’d been getting from Jack for years. Adam pushed the sheet off himself, and reached over to touch my cock through my shorts. It was summer and the house wasn’t air conditioned, so we were both sweating. My pits were ripe and my jock (which I rarely washed) was smelling pretty good. Adam played with my fat cock through my shorts and then reached up and pulled on the top button, which opened them up. He looked up at me with a shit eating grin on his face, and said “I love jocks, Uncle Mike,” and buried his face in my crotch. I reached down and put my hand on the top of his head, guiding his face into my jock covered cock. I could feel his tongue through the ridged fabric of the jock trying to reach my foreskin covered dick. I could sense his desire for me, his deep need for my cock and he reached up and pulled the pouch of the jock aside and my fat uncut dick sprang out of the jock and slapped him across the face. Adam looked up at me longingly and said “Uncle Mike, I’ve wanted you since I was a little boy. Before I even knew what sex was, I wanted to be next to you all the time. I’ve only ever loved my dad more than you, and once I figured out how to jerk off I beat my meat thinking about you hundreds of times.” I was astonished. To think that we had spent years wanting each other and only now were figuring out our mutual attraction. I smiled and said “I know, baby boy, I’ve felt the same way for a long time. Since you started to become a man, but I wanted to make sure. To wait until you were ready. I think you’re ready now.” I reached around to the top of his head and guided his pretty lips to my cock and plunged it inside. He gagged a little bit and then got used to the girth of my fat cock in his throat. The boy was a natural. He pulled my shorts down to my knees while my cock was buried in his throat while scooting himself up into a hands and knees position so his beautiful round ass was sticking up in the air. One of the things the men in our family shared (besides copious amounts of body hair and fat uncut dicks) was big round asses. Jack’s ass was amazing, big beefy and covered in dark fur. I jerked off thinking about it all the time. Adam was no exception. His powerfully built wrestler’s legs ended in a big beefy ass that was already covered in dark fur at 18. Watching him stick it up in the air just made my cock harden in his mouth. I reached down and shoved his head all the way down on my cock and this time he didn’t gag at all, he just smoothly took my cock into his throat like the slutty pro he was. The boy had clearly been sucking cock for a while. He deep throated my dick for a few minutes, all the while looking up at me pleadingly. It’s one thing to be turned on by someone you’re having sex with, it’s another to know you’ve known them their whole life and they’ve secretly been in love with you for most of that time. Adam was moaning every time my cock went into his throat and I was feeling pretty good myself. I took my tank top off and smelled my incredibly ripe pits. Fuck yeah. Every time I smelled my own scent my cock got a little harder whether it was on the street, in the locker room or in bed having piggy sex with a hot guy. Adam perked up too, when I lifted my arms up and I could tell that he liked his Uncle’s smell too. “You like those ripe pits, boy?,” I asked. “Yes, Uncle Mike, I love how you smell. Your crotch and balls smell sweaty and amazing too, I’ll bet your pits smell awesome.” He grinned like a kid in a candy store (which he was) and then plunged his mouth back onto my fat uncut cock. I pulled Adam’s face out of my crotch with a little yelp from him, and pulled it up so that it was planted right in my armpit. It was nasty and ripe as fuck, and Adam began to moan like a little whore as he explored my pit with his tongue. “You like that, boy?,” I said. “Oh yes, yes, I fucking love it. I love the way men smell, Uncle Mike, especially you.” I let Adam explore my armpits, and reached down to feel his hole which still had a light sheen of cum on the outside from where his friend’s dad had fucked him. I roughly put my index finger inside him and he moaned even louder. I reached down and felt his cock. It was hard as steel, and just like his old man’s, fat and uncut with a nice overhanging foreskin even when it was fully hard. I pulled my finger out of his hole and put it in my mouth. There had to be more than one load in his ass. Fuck it tasted good. Nick’s dad had nice tasting cum. “How many loads did he shoot in your hole, Adam?,” I asked. Adam pulled himself away from my pit and said “Three today,” Adam said. “Usually he shoots at least three inside me, sometimes one on on my face as well.” He loves using me and treating me like a slut. “I’ve gotta get inside you,” I said. I rolled Adam over on his back. The first time I fucked him I wanted to be able to watch his face while I was inside him. “Oh, Uncle Mike, I’ve wanted this since forever. I hoped I would have it with you one day.” He lifted his powerful wrestler’s legs in the air and rolled up on his back so his hole was exposed to me. The muscles in his big beefy ass were making his hole contract like it was breathing, and I couldn’t resist grabbing onto his butt with my hands and holding him up so I could shove my tongue all the way up his hole. Adam moaned as my tongue made its way into his ass, which was sweaty from the heat and still leaking bits of cum from Nick’s dad. My tongue dove in and slurped up the sweat and jizz from Adam’s hole, getting him wet and sloppy, ready to take my cock. All the while Adam was moaning like a bitch in heat. I positioned myself behind Adam, and pulled on my steely hard cock to retract my thick foreskin. I spit in my palm and rubbed it over my dick and spit again into Adam’s ass. “Please fuck me Uncle Mike, make me your slut, make me your whore, I have to have you inside me, please,” Adam said. Again, I could see the pleading and need in his eyes. I quickly slid my cock inside my nephew’s hole and it was just like velvet. The daddy who had fucked him earlier must’ve shot three huge loads, since my cock was enveloped in slippery cum being used as lube. My cock bottomed out in Adam’s ass and he moaned like a $20 whore. This was a boy who was made to be fucked and fucked roughly. He was lucky that he had discovered his calling early in life and with people he trusted and knew well. I knew that I wouldn’t last long in Adam’s sloppy, wet hole, so I picked up the pace and began to fuck him in earnest, making sure to bottom out in his hole with my fat 8” cock. Adam was moaning constantly and looking into my eyes with lust and need. He kept saying “Please fuck me harder, Uncle Mike, please.” I hadn’t cum in several days and the horniness of the situation turned me on so much that I couldn't last. I kept brutally fucking my nephew’s ass until I felt myself reach the point of no return and shot an enormous load of cum into the boy. My cock must’ve spasmed 7 or 8 times with huge ropes of thick jizz. I couldn’t see it, but I could feel the cum spurting out of the end of my cock. My nephew was moaning with unmitigated lust and passion, begging me over and over for my load of cum. Adam was shooting as well. As soon as I began to slow down my pounding of his hole, he started to shake and huge thick loads of cum came spurting out of the end of his fat cock, without him touching himself at all. I leaned down and licked the cum load up off Adam’s tummy and then reached up to kiss him, passing him his own load of cum. He eagerly played tonsil hockey with me and we were slowly coming back to earth when we both heard “What the FUCK is going on here?” I quickly spun around with my cock still planted up my nephew’s hole and saw my brother Jack standing there, having just come home from work. Busted. Ouch. “Talk to the kid,” Jack said. What did I do? I thought with my cock and ended up fucking his sweet furry hole and blew a fat load of cum inside him. Shit.
  12. I'm going to post the final story (I thought I had done so a long time ago) in a few minutes. It'll be in this section although only the last section has chem sex.
  13. These will eventually go away......
  14. I didn’t object to being edited, I objected to having rules enforced on me that they couldn’t show me. There was literally no place in the posted rules that prohibited but I have done. That’s what pissed me off.

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