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    On PREP. Into Pig sex....Fisting, daddy/boy scenes, ws, underwear, jocks, toys...can be a sadist for the right boy. Hit me up for other stuff. I've been a nasty whore for a long time. Kik: sfmike64
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    Dirty chat, (Skype and Yahoo sfmike64)pic trade, piss, fist fuck, daddy/boy scenes the nastier the better.

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  1. If anyone put that beautiful, fat, curved, uncut dick of yours in a rubber it would be a crime.
  2. Hi how are you? I hope this posts cuz I can’t post posts I’m over the limit they say? I’m up for some dirty chat if you are if not have a good night!


  3. This fucking story is amazingly sexy......!
  4. Would love you to be my nasty pig daddy! 😉

    1. Sfmike64


      Then you should be sitting on my cock, faggot......

    2. wantingnow


      This faggot will make your daddy cock feel the best it’s ever felt. It’s what I’m meant to do. DM and tell me exactly how this faggot can make daddy feel good 😉

  5. Really digging this story.....so fucking hot
  6. Gotta day I’m salivating at this story..... love corrupting young guys and turning them into cumdumpster.
  7. Like your posts man! You and I have similar taste in men
  8. A friend of mine who at the time was kind of skinny Twink answer the door in his boxer shorts months and it was Jehovah’s Witnesses, and he was trying to get rid of them when he has sex for 220 pound Dominican boyfriend came up behind him completely naked and said “who is it honey?“
  9. Go on prep and also remember to get regularly tested for STIs if you have multiple partners.......
  10. Can’t wait till this boy is leaking jizz from his cumdump.
  11. “Long John longjohn longjohn Don’t you ever go away Cause you thrill me when you drill me and I don’t need no Novocain today!“
  12. That was the last part. I wrote this a long time ago and never really wrapped it up in a bow.....but I'm really glad that you all are liking it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Funny story. When I posted this on Nifty I got a lot of emails from people telling me how much they liked it. And one person (ironically named Adam who happened to be short, young and furry) and I really hit it off. I've never met him (he lurks on here) but we've been online friends for 8 years now because of a porn story. He's a dirty little slut, just like the boy in the story.
  13. Part 6. One Saturday night, while Adam, Jack and I were lying in bed after a nice relaxed fuck, Jack got a phone call and got up to go in the other room to take it. Adam and I were cuddling in bed and he leaned over and laid his head on my chest and said, “Uncle Mike, can I ask you a question?” “Sure, sport, what is it?” “Well, I...” He trailed off, stammering a little bit. “I’m kind of embarrassed about this.” “Baby don’t be embarrassed. You can ask me anything,” I said. “Well, see....I have this fantasy. It kind of involve
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