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    On PREP. Into Pig sex....Fisting, daddy/boy scenes, ws, underwear, jocks, toys...can be a sadist for the right boy. Hit me up for other stuff. I've been a nasty whore for a long time. Kik: sfmike64
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    Dirty chat, (Skype and Yahoo sfmike64)pic trade, piss, fist fuck, daddy/boy scenes the nastier the better.

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  1. Step into my parlor said the spider to the fly……..
  2. Why are all the nasty Men always on the other side of the world.

    1. Sfmike64


      I could say the same thing, you fucking whore.

    2. takingdeepanal


      I'm a whore who is planning to travel once my stupid femophobic and homophobic govt allows me to (July 2022)

  3. I love this one….the scene where the three guys are fucking in a hotel room when one guy’s family is next door. The clean shaven top has an amazing, enormous uncut cock.
  4. That's the right attitude, son. Now open your mouth like a good boy.
  5. Please use punctuation and paragraphs. Very hot story…….,thanks!
  6. You did just what a dirty little fag should do. You followed orders and took their loads with no questions. Good faggot.
  7. Nice rapehole Faggot …. Let me in to breed your cunt
  8. I’ve seen atlas get fucked in videos…..
  9. Met him at a pool party in NOLA a couple years ago…. He’s massively sexy (I’m super into short hairy guys) and has an amazing uncut cock. He’s gorgeously furry too…
  10. I usually bolt. Anyone who's going to lie to you about what they look like (do they think you won't notice?) isn't going to be any fun.
  11. Part 4 Joey reached over and handed me a bottle of poppers and Tim and Adam stopped for a moment, so I could take five or six greedy pulls on the bottle. I felt the wave of familiar heat move throughout my body and a hot pounding in my head while my hole relaxed around the two dicks that were forcing my cunt open, and taking what they wanted. Whether I liked it or not. Turns out, I did! Tim kept me pulled tight to his chest while we continued to make out. My brain was in sensory overload, but there was no way I was going to make either one of them stop. I had never had so much cock in my
  12. Damn I wish I lived closer to Columbus. 🙂 I'd knock you up any day, son.
  13. FUCK that's hot. Would love to see the actual breeding!
  14. PART 3 I left Adam and Greg in good hands, getting nailed by some other guys who had come up to watch our little show on the sofa and wandered over to the bar area to grab something to drink. The same really tall man was behind the bar, wearing just an apron, jockstrap and boots along with a ball cap. He was easily a foot taller than me, which I love. His body was covered in thick fur and he had a nice big ass, framed by a yellow jockstrap, visible whenever he bent over to grab something from under the bar. I asked him if he had any gatorade since I knew I would need to stay hydrated fro
  15. I was seeing this with other browsers (Firefox and Chrome) on my Mac OS machine (11.3.1) as well. But of course, I just tried a. bunch of clicks through the site and all of them responded just fine, loading quickly without hesitation. With both Firefox and Safari. This is very very strange.
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