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    On PREP. Into Pig sex....Fisting, daddy/boy scenes, ws, underwear, jocks, toys...can be a sadist for the right boy. Hit me up for other stuff. I've been a nasty whore for a long time. Kik: sfmike64
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    Dirty chat, (Skype and Yahoo sfmike64)pic trade, piss, fist fuck, daddy/boy scenes the nastier the better.

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  1. Wait until you, like me, are diagnosed with cancer that you didn’t know you had and the treatment costs $65,000. Unless you don’t plan on reaching an old age, universal healthcare is the best thing for everyone.
  2. The problem with any oil based lube is that it will stain absolutely everything. Sheets, clothes, mattresses…..doesn’t matter it will stain them and it’s impossible to get those stains out. And when that oil gets rancid, the item in question will have a stain and smell bad. Oil based lubes will also destroy any latex fetish wear you have.
  3. I think we as men can only hint at how painful childbirth is. A friend of my sister's told me that when she had diverticulitis (which I've also had, it SUCCCCCKS) it was ALMOST as painful as giving birth to her kid. I felt like I finally had some clue as to how painful it was.
  4. Bet your cunt was sloppy as fuck. Love the pic too, that's an amazing buttplug.
  5. This is a situation where practice, easy relaxed practice, with both toys and other people will help. Find a buddy who has some toys (large ones can be expensive) and play with those. Your sphincter is a muscle that you need to train. So enjoy the process. Working up to bigger and bigger toys and increasing depth and width will bring you a lot of pleasure. But do not rush things. You can't go from tiny buttplug to giant dong in one session. Avoid adding drugs like K or T to the mix if you can (if you like it, maybe smoke a little weed to relax you). They can make it easier for you to take a fist or large toy but can also mean you're not aware when you have a tear or are overdoing it.
  6. PART 3 Josh rolled over next to Adam on the bed and his cock slipped out of Adam’s hole with a pop. The whore’s cunt didn’t close right away, it was nice and gaped open from the cock that had been using it all day. He and Adam started making out like crazy while I played with Adam’s hole with my fingers. I pushed two fingers in his pussy roughly and tapped Josh on the shoulder. He pulled his tongue out of Adam’s mouth and greedily sucked on my fingers, tasting a mix of his own cum and the random tricks Adam had turned all day. I continued to play with Adam’s hole, opening it up so that it was gaping widely. Josh’s extra fat dick along with the copious amounts of jizz inside made his cunt sloppy, so my fingers easily slid in and out, three, then four fingers. Each additional finger made Adam moan more loudly, like the bitch in heat that he was. I wondered if he was in heat 24x7. Finally the whore spoke, “Please, Daddy. Please!” I just laughed and said “Please what, boy? You want my cock, faggot? You want the cock that made you inside your whore cunt? Who the fuck knows who’s DNA is already inside you. Nasty little whore pig.” Adam just moaned more loudly as he and Josh made out and I continued to saw most of my fist in and out of his pussy. I didn’t quite push my hand all the way inside, but I knew that I could whenever I wanted. “Yessssssss……god……DADDY, please fuck me! Use my pussy.” My fingers were now coated in all the loads that were inside my whore, so I used that to lube up my cock and got behind him. I slapped Adam hard on the ass, which made him yelp, and said “up, faggot. Cunt in the air.” Adam immediately pulled away from Josh and backed his ass up so that it was right in front of my dick. Dribbles of cum were leaking from his gaping cunt and running down his taint. I scooped them up and shoved them back in his pussy. Can’t waste cum. It all goes in the dumpster. I motioned for Josh to hand me the bag of T that was on the table and pulled out a nice sized shard. I tucked it inside my piss slit so that just a little bit was sticking out. It burned just a little bit but not nearly as much as it was going to burn when it dissolved into the pool of sperm inside Adam’s hole. Josh got a huge grin on his face and said “FUCK, Da…uh, man. That’s so fucking hot. Give it to him. Adam is such a dirty little cumdump, but that’s the way I like my little bro. Give it to him, Daddy.” I could hear a little hesitation in his voice before he said ‘Daddy,’ but I could also tell it turned him on. His cock was rock hard again (oh to be young again and have a boner 24x7). I started to tease Adam’s pussy with my fat cock, making sure that the shard stayed in my piss slit. “You want it baby boy!? Tell Daddy and your big bro what you want.” I rubbed my cock over his ass, and around the inside of his gape which still wasn’t closing from how much it had been used. “Please, Daddy. Please give me your cock. I need your load. I only live for cock, and Daddy always has the best cock. Please cum inside me Daddy, please!” He tried to push his gaping cunt back onto my cock but Josh held him firm and slapped his ass. “Stay still whore!” Damn, Josh was really getting into this. I had figured him for a pretty vanilla kid since we’d never done any kinky stuff when we played in the past. Josh leaned down and tilted Adam’s face, which had a desperate look on it, up and spat a huge loogie that landed right between his eye and nose. He closed his eyes instinctively and opened his mouth to moan. “Thank you Josh! My big bro loves me and knows how to treat me like the whore I am!” Josh just laughed and slapped him hard across the face. He WAS getting into this. “Fucking little faggot.” He slapped Adam again across the face, hard enough to make him flinch and his cheeks turned red. “You ready whore!? Tell me what you’re gonna get, bitch boy.” “I”m gonna get your cock and your load Daddy! I’ve been such a good boy. I deserve your cock and cum! It’s the best cock and cum there is. Please give it to me hard, Daddy. Please use my cumdumpster.” Josh and I both laughed and he shoved his cock into Adam’s mouth. “Christ, Dad, let’s shut this faggot up. His mouth should always be full of cock.” As soon as he said that, Josh shoved his entire fat dick all the way down Adam’s throat and held it there, making him gag. “Gotta work on that gag reflex, faggot. Dad, I think we need to breed him more often, so his throat never closes up and he never gags, no matter how huge the cock is.” Josh and I laughed again and I took that as my cue to sink my dick all the way into the whore in one push. I held my cock all the way inside Adam’s pussy and gave a little push so that a tiny bit of piss came out the end of my cock. I wanted to make sure that the shard of T was deposited in the right place, dissolving in the pool of sperm inside my whore’s cumdump. I could feel his ass clench on my cock as the T dissolved and Adam said “oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck” under his breath. “You feel that, whore? Daddy’s giving you a little present wrapped up in some nice warm piss.” He sucked in his breath deeply, clearly it was hitting him hard now, and just hissed “thank you, Daddy” over and over again. I left my cock shoved all the way inside him and could feel his hole getting warmer as the T dissolved and was absorbed by the walls of his cunt. Josh slapped Adam’s face again and barked “OPEN, fag” and he did. Josh grinned and started fucking his mouth again. “I can’t wait to put another load of sperm in your pussy, baby brother. It’s a good thing you’re such a whore. Can’t knock you up and fucking you hard only makes you beg louder for more cock. Dirty little faggot.” He slapped Adam again and grinned at me. I pulled my cock all the way out of Adam’s hole and he pulled his face off Josh’s dick begging me to stick it back in. “Pleeeasse Daddy! I have to have your cock. Please give it back to me. It belongs shoved all the way up my pussy.” Then Josh grabbed him behind the head and shoved his cock into Adam’s throat again. “Shut the fuck up, fag. You’re just a fucking set of holes for men to stick their dicks in.” Josh leaned over and passed me another shotgun from the pipe and we took turns passing the smoke back and forth as we pounded our whore from both ends. I passed Josh another shotgun and whispered to him “don’t cum in his mouth. All your loads have to go in his pussy.” He grinned, holding the smoke in and nodded, passing it back to me and said “Fuck yeah, Dad. I gotta get back in that hot furry little fag dump.” Josh slowed down fucking Adam’s face, while I continued to pound him hard. The only sounds Adam made were the sloppy squishing noises, from all the jizz inside his cunt and the occasional grunt from his mouth that was full of college boy cock. Suddenly I had an idea. I pulled my cock out of Adam’s hole and he started begging for me to put it back in so I slapped his ass and said “don’t worry, whore, you’re going to get it back. And then some.” I moved him over and laid down on my back, maneuvering Adam so that he quickly sat back down on my fat cock, moaning as the entire length easily slid into his sloppy cum hole. I motioned to Josh to get behind Adam and he quickly understood what I wanted him to do. He scooped up some of the jizz dripping out of Adam’s cunt and spread it over the head of his cock. Then he pushed down on Adam’s back and said “down, faggot. Arch your back like a good little jizz rag. Adam quickly complied and I pulled him in close, making out with his sexy face, holding him tight. I knew this was going to be hot but not easy, even for someone as slutty as Adam who took loads every day for a living. Josh held up a shard of T and grinned at me, then he inserted it into his piss slit and scooted up behind Adam’s big furry ass and slid his cock head in Adam’s hole, delivering another booty bump to the whore. He only sopped to let Adam’s ring expand to take in a second cock. Adam tried to sit upright and let out a yelp like a dog being kicked, but I held him tight and pulled his face in close, and stroked his sweaty forehead and hair. “It’s ok baby boy, Daddy and your big brother are gonna open your sexy hole up even more. You ready for that, son? You want our loads in your pussy? You want Daddy and your big bro to knock you up?” He nodded yes, but I could tell this was going to hurt. I reached over and grabbed the poppers and handed them to him. I could feel Josh’s cock head rubbing against the shaft of my dick as it throbbed inside Adam’s pussy. “That’s a good whore. Take a bunch of hits. Deep as you can.” I could feel Adam’s sphincter start to relax a little bit and Josh slowly pushed his cock inside Adam’s pussy until we were both all the way inside him. I let Josh start fucking the boy slowly and then he picked up speed. We were all three incredibly turned on and I knew this couldn’t last. DP is always a complicated thing and it’s best to let one of the people do the driving. I was just along for the ride, a ride deep inside my whore’s cunt, with Josh driving his college boy cock back and forth, stroking Adam’s cunt and my cock at the same time. It was like someone giving me a handjob inside a hot, furry hole. I knew I couldn’t hold out long, so I egged Josh on. “Come on, son, fuck your little brother. You know you wanna knock up that pussy. Make that little faggot pregnant with our babies. You want our babies in your pussy, Adam? It’s what Daddy made you for.” I grinned at him and could tell that his pussy was finally completely opened up and he was in heaven. “Fuck yes, Daddy. I wanna have both of your babies. Please, please fuck me. Knock me up. Make me fucking pregnant. Please both cum inside my pussy. I gotta have your loads.” Josh closed his eyes and started to speed up. “Gonna breed ya now, bro. Gotta cum in that pussy. You ready for my load, little brother? Cause I’m gonna fuck you till this load come out your nose.” “Please, Josh! Breed me. I gotta have your cum. Shoot it inside me. Knock up my pussy!” Josh kept up the pounding while I just held onto Adam, kissed him and whispered to him what a good whore he was and told him he was gonna get a nice big tip when this was over. Josh started to speed up and I could hear the squishy sound of the cum in Adam’s hole and feel Josh’s huge fat cock rubbing up against mine. I knew I wasn’t going to be far behind my hot college jock. “Fuck yeah, bro. Here it comes. GONNA. FUCKIN. BREED. THAT. PUSSY!” He pounded hard, but slowly the last few strokes and would’ve sent Adam off the edge of the bed if I hadn’t been holding onto him. I could feel Josh’s dick throbbing next to mine inside Adam’s pussy and started to move back and forth a little bit, knowing it wouldn’t take much for me to add my DNA to the soup that was already in the whore cunt. Adam looked at me with his big brown puppy dog eyes, and just said “please Daddy?” I sped up quickly, while Josh’s cock was still wedged inside Adam’s hole and in just a few strokes I started to pant and said “fuck. Here it comes, baby boy. The fucking jizz that made you. The best sperm there is. Daddy’s fucking cum!” My cock had rarely shot such a huge load, but watching this short little furry cub whore take my sexy jock boy’s cock along with mine was such a fucking turn on. Josh collapsed on top of both of us and started licking Adam’s ear, making him shiver. His cock slid out of Adam’s pussy and I could feel jizz start to drip down his ass. But Josh had learned quickly and scooped up the mix of DNA, fed it to the whore, then licked it off his own fingers. Then he reached over on the bed and grabbed the large buttplug and quickly slipped it in the hole where it belonged. Time to let those loads marinate in the whore while we figured out what to do next.
  7. Straight (or mostly straight) guys are used to pulling out so there's less risk of getting you pregnant.
  8. The problem isn’t banks that issue credit cards, it’s the VISA and Mastercard NETWORKS which process transactions. Those are huge corporations in their own right. They find money delicious and porn distasteful, so they pretend that people don’t pay billions for porn every year. It’s rank hypocrisy, and OnlyFans thinks they can survive without it. Of course that’s a delusion.
  9. I’m working on it….promise!
  10. I'd love to be on my knees looking up at your Harry belly , like your profile, with your cock in my mouth 😵

    1. Sfmike64


      Thanks, faggot.

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