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    On PREP. Into Pig sex....Fisting, daddy/boy scenes, ws, underwear, jocks, toys...can be a sadist for the right boy. Hit me up for other stuff. I've been a nasty whore for a long time. Skype/Telegram: sfmike64
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    Dirty chat, pic trade, piss, fist fuck, daddy/boy scenes.....the nastier the better.

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  1. I lived in Boston in the 1980s, and knew a couple who had met exchanging blow jobs in a dirty t-room, and were together for almost 20 years
  2. After one of the bars (Rawhide) sicced the liquor control commission on another bar, the Phoenix, bars in New Orleans are very restrictive about letting people have sex inside now. The Rawhide is owned by a horrible person and no one should patronize that bar. Lately it has also become more of a straight bar, weirdly enough.
  3. I'm ready and eager to be a poz whore

  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm really enjoying writing this one but have had a little writer's block. I promise I'll get back to this one soon.
  5. Ass to Mouth. Sucking a dick after it's been in an ass. Can be risky even if the ass is clean. No one wants Giardia or intestinal amoebas.. TRUST ME on that one.
  6. A friend told me yesterday about someone hitting him up on Manhunt (back when that was a thing) and sent him a photo. The photo that was supposed to be the trick was a picture OF MY FRIEND. Needless to say they didn't hook up. 🙂
  7. This is an explanation of benefits for my latest generic Truvada prescription, which arrived yesterday. My truly awful insurer is Anthem Blue Cross (NEVER CHOOSE THESE HORRIBLE PEOPLE IF YOU HAVE CHOICES OF INSURANCE). ======================= Show Me the Math Average Retail Price $3,680.35 Our Discounted Price $71.43 Amount Plan Paid -$71.43 Your Responsibility $0.00 Plan Savings $3,680.35 ======================= Instead of simply saying "this prescription costs $71 for a 30 day supply there's all of this absurd discount nonsense so you feel like you're getting some kind of bargain. To someone from Europe this must look completely bonkers. Because it is. It's complete lunacy. But Americans LOVE A BARGAIN. So it looks like I got a 99% discount! But of course I got nothing of the sort, and neither did the insurance company.
  8. Yet another way that American health care is completely insane and ruled by insurance bureaucracy instead of actual medicine. We spent $800BN on health care administration in 2017. Four times per capita spending in Canada. It's a completely insane amount of money. 1/3 of overall health care spending is administration. [think before following links] https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-costs-administration/more-than-a-third-of-u-s-healthcare-costs-go-to-bureaucracy-idUSKBN1Z5261
  9. I believe that the no charge for the drugs only applies to generic (i.e. Truvada but in generic form). Yes, that's correct: "Plans and insurers can, for instance, opt to cover only the generic version of PrEP without cost sharing while requiring cost sharing for branded versions (e.g., Truvada)." You should sign up for the Gilead co-pay assistance.[think before following links] https://www.gileadadvancingaccess.com/copay-coupon-card They will cover the co-pay for you. You should NOT be charged any co-pays for labs required for continuing to take Descovy (or Truvada/generic Truvada) for PREP. If you are, your insurance and provider are doing something wrong.
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