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This is my first story.  Let me know what you think!

Rick had been standing in the crowded airport hall for the last 20 minutes and was getting pretty bored when he finally saw him.

"Tony!" he called.

"Hi, Uncle Rick!"

"Come give your uncle a hug!" Rick said happily as his  nephew gave him a warm hug.

"So... how was the flight?"

"It was fine.  Although the food wasn't exactly great," Tony replied as he and Rick made their way home.

Although of necessity Rick was focused on the road, he did his best to casually check-out his nephew who had turned 18 that Spring.  Rick concluded Tony was growing into a fine looking young man.  And Rick wasn't wrong.  Tony was about 6' 1" feet tall, his youthful face with big brown eyes and becoming brown hair was really quite handsome.  As for his build, Rick concluded Tony was neither muscular, nor skinny, but somewhere nicely in between.

Unbeknownst to Rick, Tony was observing his Uncle with similar attention.  Rick was 41 years old, about 6' 2" feet tall, had short brown hair and wore a stubble on his face.  Unlike Tony, Rick was very muscular, and his deltoids, which were decorated by several tattos, were almost three times the size of Tony's.  Rick's legs were bulging out in his jeans and his pecs were ready to rip his tight shirt apart.  Tony couldn't help but conclude his Uncle was one hot hunk!

Finally, they arrived at Rick's house. Tony got out of the car and took all of his stuff out of the trunk. Rick took some of it and together they stepped inside.

"Hey Tony!" Tony heard a voice.
"Hi Dan!" Tony and Rick simultaneously said as, wearing only a tank top and black briefs, Dan came out of the living room to help with the bags, giving Tony a close look at Rick's 38 year old boyfriend.  Again Tony couldn't help but conclude Dan was exceptionally handsome and stunningly well built:  he was abut six feet tall, his carmel-colored arms were fully inked, and his face was as handsome as Rick's. 

The rest of the night was kind of a blur for Tony. They had dinner and his uncle even offered him a drink, but Tony was too tired.  That night, he slept like a log.

Rick had just come back, sweaty from his morning run.  Entering the house, he stripped-off his shirt and was ready to go to the bathroom when Dan stopped him explaining "Wait!  Your nephew is in there."

"Oh, okay.  I'll wait then," replied Rick.

"Well, while you're waiting, check out what I've found in his room!" Dan grinned and waved around with a DVD.

"You went through his stuff?  What the fuck?"  Just then Rick understood what Dan was bringing to his attention.  Dan was holding a porn DVD.  A gay porn DVD!

Tony was gay?  Rick couldn't wrap his head around the idea.  Everyone from his family was automatically straight in his mind, because he had always been the only gay person within the family.  Just then the shower faucet cut out.  Tony was about to step out of the bathroom.

"Quick!  Put it back!"

For the rest of the morning, Rick often found himself looking at his nephew, trying to wrap his head around the idea Tony was gay.  After the three had lunch Rick and Dan were heading to the gym, so Dan asked "You wanna come with us?"

"Yeah, sure.  I was going to start looking for a gym anyway," Tony replied.

Once at the gym Rick asked the girl on the reception desk to give Tony a complementary month-free-trial-card, and once the paperwork was done the three men moved into the locker room, changed into their work-out clothing.  Now it was Dan's turn to notice Tony looked particularly good in his tank top and shorts.  Dan also noticed Tony's shorts nicely showed-off his bulge, but that didn't interfere with the vigorous two-hour workout which the three men commenced.  Rick did notice, however, that several times during the long workout Dan seemed to checking-out Tony, and his assistance to Tony was perhaps a bit more touchy than might have been strictly necessary. 

"Phew," gasped Tony, who was quite winded, asking of Dan "You work out hard!  How often do you come here?"

"Well, we usually work out five times a week, every day except Fridays and Sundays, but it's not always a two-hour workout."

"Wow, I'll get really buff in no time if I'm gonna be working out with you," laughed Tony.

"I hope so," Dan thought to himself as he and Tony moved towards the showers just as a group of men, including Rick, exited the showers.

"It's all cleared out in there now," commented Rick as he passed Tony and Dan as the later two entered the showers.

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The showers were empty.
Daniel and Tony entered and stepped under two showers next to each other, they dropped their towels, hung them on the wall and started showering.

Daniel was looking over at Tony's naked body.
He wasn't too muscular, but he definitely had started showing some abs on his belly and his biceps and pecs were starting to fill out a little bit.
Daniel's gaze continued down and stopped at Tony's butt and crotch. Then Daniel focused on Tony's bodyhair, his pecs were sporting a little hair already and so were his arms, while his legs were actually quite hairy. His pubes were trimmed to the same lenght as was his treasure trail. Beneath awaited a surprise. An unexpectadly large soft cock, thick, with a big vein, and nice, relatively big balls.

Then It started to get hard slowly.
Daniel guessed it was a consequence of his own slowly hardening cock, big muscles and tattoos.
As it continued to grow, the vein was sticking out even more. It never seemed to stop growing! It was really big and thick as a beer can!
Daniel was impressed, and wildly turned on.
Daniel's dick grew to it's own thick 7.5 inches.

"That's quite a boner you have there." said Daniel in awe.
"Uhmm... thanks?" said Tony, all confused.
"Can say the same about you." he added.
"Not as big as yours though. Damn, how big is that pipe?"
"9 inches, last time i checked." said Tony, flattered and confused at the same.
"Wow, that's really big, but definitely looks bigger than that to me! It's fucking big!"
"Can I touch it?"
Daniel didn't wait for a clear answer. He came closer and took Tony's cock into both his hands. He started stroking it and a soft moan escaped Tony's mouth.
"Like it?"
"Yeah." said Tony, brrathing heavily.
Daniel moved closer and stopped a few inches away from Tony's mouth.
Daniel pushed Tony against the cold wall, their dicks squished together, Their hands on each other's asses.
They started kissing passionately.
Tony broke off the kiss.
"But what about uncle Rick!?"
"Oh trust me, he wouldn't mind I promise you, but we don't have to tell him if you don't want to."
"Uhm.... ok." said Tony slowly.

They started making out again.
Daniel started to go down on Tony. He kissed his neck, then moved to his nipples, he kissed them, bit them and then further down, kissing and licking Tony's abdomen.
Tony was going crazy, moaning and panting. Was he really about to fuck his uncle's boyfriend? It felt kind of wrong, but it was really exciting at the same time.
Plus Daniel was super hot! His bulging muscles and handsome face made his dick throb.
And the tatooos! Daniel's arm's were covered in flames and tribal designs. There was a scorpion with a skull for a head on his left shoulder and his nipples were pierced with big gold rings. And the most interesting one was a big red and black biohazard symbol with it's center hole around Daniel's bellybutton.

Daniel finally got to Tony's cock. He kissed the head, licked the whole lenght of the monster and then started sucking it.
Slowly at first, but then he speeded it up. He tried to swallow the whole dick, but always ended up choking, which was strange, because it was rare for him to ever choke on a cock.
Daniel was giving Tony one of, if not the best blowjob he ever had. He was a real pro, Tony was moaning like crazy and thought, if Daniel will continue like this, he won't last long.
Then Daniel stopped, stood up and passionately kissed Tony again.

"I want your cock in my ass." Daniel whispered.
Tony just moaned and shook his head yes.
Daniel turned around, stroking his cock and bent over against the wall.
"Daniel? I don't have a condom."
"Fuck it. I don't use them. It's so much better raw, you'll see." chuckled Daniel.
Slowly, Tony slid his dick in. Daniel moaned as the monster dick slid up his ass.

"Fuck me!" ordered Daniel.
Tony started fucking. He went slow for a few seconds, but then he started going faster and faster, until he was fucking like crazy.
Damn, this boy is a beast! thought Daniel.

He didn't last long. Tony didn't jerk off since he left home and he was already all horned up from Daniel's blowjob.

"I'm gonna, I'm....gonna.....CUM!" Tony moaned, as he rammed his cock balls deep into Daniel's ass and started cumming inside, roarig like an animal as his cock was throbbing and getting milked by Daniel's ass
"That was so hot." said Tony as he kissed Daniel again.
"It was so fucking hot" agreed Daniel.
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The rest of the afternoon wasn't that interesting for Dan, although his dick was constantly getting hard from thinking about the gym showers and Tony.
That boy was horse-hung, good looking, nice AND wild!
Damn was he a knockout.

Rick had some sort of meeting in the evening, athough it was Saturday, so at around 7, he left and said he wasn't gonna be home until 10.
Tony and Dan were sitting in the livingroom and talking a little. Talking about how it works in the city, what places should Tony check out and so on.
It wasn't long before they started talking about what happened earlier in the gym showers.
"Uhm.... Dan, where... and why did you get those tattoos and piercings?"
"Please Tony, call me Danny like everyone does." laughed Danny.
"Well I know a guy, who runs a tatoo and piercing parlor, who I can hook you up with by the way, if you want. And well, I just thought most of them looked really hot, but some have a special meaning.
"How about that biohazard symbol?"
"Oh, well that one means...that I... have HIV."
said Danny carefully.
Tony looked confused.
"Tony, I'm poz.
"Oh, I..."
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you before."
"It's... ok." said Tony.
"Wait! You don't mind? You aren't freaked out?" asked Danny suprised.
"Actually It...it actually made the shower scene so much hotter" confessed Tony.
"Really? Well that's nothing to be ashamed of. Many guys think it's hot to be poz, they even try to get HIV! Before we got it, me and your uncle were chasing as well." said Danny.
"Uhmm...oh." said Tony confused, not sure how to process this information.
"Anyway, I'm off to the shower. If you wanna talk about it some more, I'll be happy to help Tony." said Danny with a wink and left for the bathroom.

Danny was in the shower, his dick hard from all the thoughts of Tony and his big cock, that were overflowing him.
Suddenly, he heard the bathroom door open and soon the shower door did as well. He turned around.
Tony was standing in front of the shower. Naked. His full 9 inches hard and dripping precum.
"Come on in!" said Danny with a grin.
Tony stepped into the shower and started kissing Danny all over.

Damn this is getting interesting. Thought Danny.
They made out, kissed each other necks and Tony started to go down down on Danny, licking and kissing every inch of his body, stopping at the nipple rings and twisting them, which made Danny go crazy.
He got to Danny's cock, started sucking it furiously and even licked his balls a few times!
He was good. Real good for an 18 year old.
After a few minutes, he popped out the cock from his mouth and slapped it on his tongue again.

"You want some piss baby?" asked Danny.
"What? I've never done that before."
"We can try if you want."
"Uhm...ok I guess."
"Well open up then!"
Tony opened his mouth wide.
"Here it comes!" said Danny as he released the pressure and started pissing in Tony's mouth.
Tony was barely fast enough to swallow. He was gulping down the piss and then decided to let it pour all over his body.
Danny finished pissing and asked: "You like it?"
"Fuck yeah!" said Tony.
"Let's switch."
Danny got on his knees and Tony stood up and leaned against the wall.
Danny sucked him off. And then after a few minutes, Tony asked: "Can I piss on you?"
"Hell yeah you can!" said Danny.
With that Tony let out a thick stream of piss from his huge dick. Danny drank a bit and let the rest of it rain all over him.

"Fuck me Danny!" said Tony all of a sudden.
"Really? Are you sure? I only fuck bare and I am poz, remember?"
"I don't fucking care!" moaned Tony.
"Fuck, you're turning into one wild pig!" exclaimed Danny.
Tony bent over against the wall, just like Danny in the gym earlier.

Danny got on his knees and started eating out Tony's tight ass, sticking his tongue in and out, while Tony's cock was throbbing and he was moaning.
Then he did the same with his fingers. One at first, then two and then three.
Then he stood up and was so horny he didn't think anymore really.
He rammed his 7.5 inches into Tony's tight ass. Tony roared.

Danny started fucking him like a rabbit! He was going really fast, plowing the teen boy's ass with his hard dick.

I'm gonna fill this boy's ass with my poz load soon. He thought as he was getting close.
They decided to change the position.
Danny picked Tony up and turned him belly up, fucking him as he was holding him in the air, ramming Tony into the wall. They were going at it for a few minutes and Danny was getting real close.
"I'm close!" he roared.
"Oh fuck!" was Tony's response.
"I'm about to fill your hot ass with my toxic load!"
"Fuck yeah, dump it inside me!"
"Yeah? You want me to poz you up?"
"Fuck yeah, poz me!"
"HERE IT CUMS, BOY!" roared Danny and started shooting gallons of his highly viral load inside Tony's hole just as Tony shot his hot neg load all over his chest and face.

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Fuck this is amazing hot!

Plenty of “uncle fucks nephew” stories out there, but adding an uncles Boyfriend to the mix certainly changes it up!

Hot to see the bottom doing the corruption of the innocent. going to be one big toxic family soon!

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11 minutes ago, Bbpigsterxxx said:

@Beastboy42 wait til you meet uncle's friends😈😁

Thanks for such pozitive feedback. Just your comment alone got me a little hard!

I’ve been reading Toxic conversion stories as far back as the early days of Bugshare back when they had a forum similar to this one.

father/son and uncle/nephew stories have always been some of the best due to the added perversion of having incest put into the mix. 

Aside from adding a boyfriend of the uncle to help corrupt, having the kid a “top” adds another level to the perversion with him spreading the strain eventually to a new generation.

i hope as things go on, he is instructed about the importance of passing on his Families Legacy... and DNA

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@Beastboy42 Don't worry. Tony will get there.

If you wait for about 10 minutes, you'll meet Rick and Danny's friends, which (spoiler alert) are two pretty horny pigs as well!

Glad you like the story so much!😈😈

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As soon as they entered the bar, Tony noticed something unusual about the bar. He didn't see any women! The bar was full of men! Even the strippers dressed only in jockstraps or speedos were guys.
Another thing he noticed was, that while some men in the bar were dressed casually, some wore more...revealing clothes, for example: he just spotted a guy on his left that was wearing big leather boots and leather pants with what seemed like a removeable crotch! And on top he was only wearing a harness!
Tony looked at Danny all confused, but he just winked at him.

Rick and Danny finally spotted their friends, who were waving at them, sitting at the bar table on stools.
The two men stood up and hugged Tony's uncle and Danny.

"Guys, this is my nephew Tony that I told you about."  said uncle Rick, nodding his head towards Tony.
"Hi, It's so nice to meet you!" said one of the men and the other one nodded.
" Tony, these are our friends. This is Sam, and this is Duke!"
Tony shook both of their hands and they sat at the bar table.

Tony was checking those two men out. The younger one, Sam, who (as he later found out) was 26 years old. He seemed very tall, around 6.3 and was very good looking with dark hair, hazel eyes and a physique to die for! He was wearing casual jeans, but with leather boots and a tight black shirt showing off his muscles.
The older one, Duke was 39, was about 6 feet tall, was Latin, with darker skin than Danny's was, also muscular and was wearing more casual clothes, although his tanktop was showing off his muscles as well.

"What will you have?" asked Sam.
"Nothing for me." said Rick and added: "but get Tony a drink."
"We're off dancing anyway, so we'll leave you guys to it ." said Danny with a smile and left with Rick towards the dancefloor and the strippers.
"So what will you have stud?" asked Sam with a grin.
"I don't know to be honest, I'm kind of surprised that uncle Rick wants me to get a drink." laughed Tony.
"Why is that?" asked Duke.
"Well, I'm not 21 yet."
"Oh fuck that, the bartenders here don't give a shit. Plus I've always considered that law bullshit."
"Ok then. What are you guys drinking?" asked Tony nervously.
"I'm drinking scotch and here Sammy is having some good beer." replied Duke.
"I think I'll have the beer!"
Sam waved at the bartender and ordered two beers.
The beer came and they started sipping and talking a bit.

"So, how's college Tony?" asked Sam
"It's nice, I've made a few friends and went to a few parties. I like it so far!"
"Any boyfriend?"
"Oh, I'm not out, but I guess my uncle already knows, since he took me a gay bar." he laughed. "But no, I don't have one."
"Really? I would guess guys would tear each other apart for a chance with you." laughed Duke.
Tony chuckled and went a little red.

After the third beer, Tony's bladder started calling.
"Listen guys, I have to go take a piss, does anyone know where the bathroom is?"
"Yeah, sure. I'll go with you. I might have to let it out as well." smiled Sam and led him to the bathroom.

The bathroom was very simple. Plain white everything.
Tony noticed a black door in the back of the bathroom, but didn't really think about where it leads.
He stood up to the nearest urinal and Sam took the one next to him.
Tony pulled his pants down and tried to let out his stream.
He couldn't let the piss out, because his dick had started to go hard!
"Aahh, shit!" he cursed.
"What's wrong?" asked Sam sounding entertained.
"Uhmmm...nothing." said Tony embarassed.
At that moment Sam looked over at Tony's crotch.
"Fuck!" he said.
Tony looked at him confused.
"Someone is packing!"
"Uhmmm...thanks." said Tony, but he couldn't even finish.
Sam reached over and grabbed his dick.
Tony looked at Sam with a question in his eyes.
"Don't worry, not here." Sam laughed.
"Wow, how big are you? It must be bigger than mine! And I'm usually the big one." he continued completely mesmerized by Tony's long, fat cock.

"It's 9 inches." said Tony confidently.
"No! It must be bigger. Mine's 9 inches and this seems bigger." said Sam, while stroking Tony.
"Well....I don't really measure it. Last time I did, was when I turned 17."
"It can be bigger by now for sure." said Sam with a grin.
"Come with me!" said Sam with a grin and led Tony to the black door.

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