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  1. bend4it

    A Brother in Trouble

    Hot, well thought chapter.
  2. Hi Buttb4, any chance you have another chapter of Lyle's adventures for us soon? Very hot first chapter would like to see what happens to the boy and i am sure his future friends.
  3. bend4it

    Becoming Pa's Cunt

    Hope the next part is posted soon....Great read....Thanks.
  4. bend4it

    A Brother in Trouble

    Mmmm think Daddy Greg is going to be a bit possessive with his boy, so how will this work out with Joe and Kyle being together?? However it works out I am sure Chi will tell the story with as much horny poz spunk laden chapters as we have cum to expect from this great story. Thanks Chi.
  5. Mmmm many times on nudist beaches I have seen this happen, brings back happy memories.
  6. bend4it

    Bi-sex Saunas

    Does anyone know of any saunas in London or as far north as Luton which have Bi-sex days and bareback is popular? Thanks.
  7. bend4it


    Hope you continue this hot story.
  8. bend4it

    Colin Smith.....

    Does anyone have bio info on porn actor Colin Smith, he's in the Mormonboyz and Familydick films.
  9. bend4it

    A Brother in Trouble

    shit, that chapter was so fucking hot..................
  10. bend4it


    Please carry on this story, hope the boy gets poppered up and becomes a real slut for gramps.
  11. Think one of my hottest scenes in a video is "What I can't see" has Jay Taylor fucking a drugged passed out guy who wants to be fucked bare but does not want to know its happening, SOoooooo fucking hot never last to the end so I have to cum twice . For some reason all the other scenes are available except this one so cant find it on any of the sites.
  12. bend4it

    Chaser Film

    Hi guys, thanks for the replies. I found the entire film on youtube. It is only about 15 mins long and to be honest a real let down, so glad I did not spend good money on something so worthless.
  13. Anyone know the name of this film and where it can be found?? http://www.xvideos.com/video16802245/chaser
  14. bend4it


    I hope you are going to continue ?
  15. bend4it

    Looking For A Story

    Thanks biwolfkid, your a star, thats the story, not read it all yet but yeah thats it. Big Thankyou for all you guys who helped. Now got to get in the mood and read it through and blow a few loads

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