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  1. Locked & Horny! 

    Need to have my holes destroyed ASAP

    1. evilalex


      Such a good boy.

    2. Pozmetexasboi


      I want my holes destroyed also

  2. Since my BF and i started BB and prep, 2019 was the first time I knowingly took poz loads also, first time in Berlin for folsom weekend and I took all loads my bf pimped me, no condom used (and thankfully no STI's) including Fickstutenmarkt, Lab, Boiler, open door policy in our hotel (Axel) and more... oink!
  3. Thank you to follow me,soon I will add pics

  4. Definitely got what I needed last night 😈

    since my bf and we’re traveling for work we haven’t seen each other for over a week and although we were having fun (and even FaceTime while we’re fucking) last night I needed some someone to use me hard (you could see my previous post lol) 

    As it happens, the start aligned and my fav fuck buddy with his enormous donkey cock was also in town when I texted him. 
    I plainly told him I needed him to use me however he wants and as always, he sure delivered! 

    Side note, I posted about him a couple of times, he has this amazing dick that is just long and thick all the way from tip to base, almost 13” of pure ecstasy.

    Last night was just what I needed.  Informed the BF that he’s coming over (we all played together too) and he responded that he’s jealous lol 

    we have this intense Sexual chemistry, we make out kissing, I suck him gently before he starts face fucking me and getting most of his monster down my throat (still have 2” to go), he loves eating my hole and making me beg for him to just push in, usually just with my ass juices or a previous load deposited by my bf, this time he worked extra hard getting me moist since I didn’t have any loads in me that day, then the fun really begins, my legs are over his shoulders as he’s leaning in to kiss me while pushing his monster cock head in me, no poppers, no lube, just spit and my cunt juices, and he’s IN! 
    I was gasping and panting like a lull bitch but I got just what I wanted, he had this amazing grin as he pushed through and inched his way deep in my guts, passing through my second hole, till he was balls deep in, he looked at me, gave me a passionate kiss and told me to embrace myself, 

    then everything changes, like he flicked a switch, he started POUNDING my hole, I was smiling, crying, begging for more, and all these primal emotions and feeling took over, it was intense and just amazing.

    this went on like that for hours, he stayed through the night, depositing 5 loads deep in my pussy, making sure his babies stick lol 

    I especially love when we do ass yo mouth, tasing my deep ass juices like no once else can reach and also, he turns into a real pig with me so we usually have some piss play together, he can piss directly down my throat or deep up my hole which leaves me with a warm, full feeling and it doesn’t even spill out. 

    we fell asleep with his dick lodged deep in me and he stated like that all night (we were both spent) 

    when we woke up we continued having a quick morning session and he unloaded twice more in me before he had to leave to meet his family 

    my pussy lips were all puffy and red from the pounding I received and I just love this feeling! 

    now we’re texting to see if he can come over tonight as well 😈


    1. justsexnowatl


      If I were your bf I'd be a little nervous about this one.  This sounds fucking amazing.  I just wrote a post myself about size.  That kind of size makes a world of difference and nothing compares.  That amazing number of orgasms is also hot as fuck.  I can sort of imagine how your hole feels today.  Wish I was there to suck on your trashed hole and let my cock swim around in your loose hole till I dropped another load in!!!!

    2. Hunter22


      My BF has nothing to be nervous about, He's 10" and regardless, I love him like no other, no matter what dick size lol

      my bf also organizes gangbangs on me to see my hole ruined and full of cum for him to munch on 😉 

      and i'd love to have someone lick my pussy lips and suck on the cum buried deep inside from my monster friend 😉 

  5. I'm in the mood to have my hole used and abused by as many men possible, need to feel the soreness after and have cum dribbling our of my gaping hole. 

  6. They very very real! Had experienced multiple anal orgasms over the weekend. They are earth shattering lol
  7. Woohoo! Reached the 1000 milestone 


  8. Well, after that happened on Friday night, I was so turned on the whole day and my hole was buzzing so I kept begging my bf for more, he gave me his famous grin and started texting and told me to get cleaned for some fun... the evening came and right after my bf and finished a nice love making session and he gave me his load, I was told to get myself on the sling in our play room 😈 this time I was able to hear and see and in came 8 of our friends (they all were also in the previous night) and one by one they started using my holes as they pleased, I needed it hard and rough and
  9. It’s a combination of practice with toys and the real thing alongside experimenting with angles, you’d be surprised what a change a different position or a slight angle change can do to ease your hole taking a huge cock
  10. Last nigh was such a blur...

    I was still locked when the time came and my bf was getting close I was told to get myself in the sling, blindfolded and with the noise cancellation headphones (with ear plugs underneath to be extra safe) 

    then after what could be 15 minutes later, I felt a presence in the room and immediately after felt a tongue on my hole, that drove me wild! 
    I could recognize my bfs tongue and technique and begged him to please fuck me hard (I haven’t been fucked for over a week while in chastity) 

    moments later I got what I needed, I felt his 9” thick cock ram deep inside me all the way with nothing but spit and I was in heaven! 
    he fucked me hard and I kept asking for him to go harder and rougher and he sure did

    then I started to feel someone else touching me and I realized the guys my bf invited arrived ( I didn’t know who and how many) when I had the first cock enter my mouth and more hands touching me

    the fact that I was blindfolded and completely unable to hear what’s around me drove me crazy as I started shouting for them “please use me, wreck my hole however you please” 

    that started a chain reaction, my bf dumped his load in me, giving me the first load after a week as I was almost in tears of joy, thanking him...

    he pulled out and immediately someone replaced him and shoved his cock all the way as someone else fueled me with poppers and I felt a cock on my lips, I recognized the smell of cum and my ass juices and knew it belonged to my bf who gave me his cock to clean, so I of course devoured it like it was my last meal! Oink! 

    The rest of the night was a blur after that,  I was constantly fucked hard and rough, was tossed around to the play matters where I was being double penetrated for what could only be an hour straight, opening my cunt with huge cocks as the kept cumming in me.

    I was DP’d, fisted, punch fisted, pissed on and drank a few loads of piss and even had a first time that someone had his cock deep in my throat as he pissed directly to my gut - AMAZING FEELING!

    9 hours later they removed the headphones and blindfold and I finally saw the guys that remained, they were 24 that stayed and more that came and left during the night (according to my bf a total of 38) and at least more than double the loads 

    at that point I was returned to the sling, my bf removed the chastity cage and then the biggest guy in the room (12”and thick as an arm) rammed his monster deep in me as my bf sucked my cock and two others were in my mouth

    even though I was leaking cum thro the night while I was locked and had countless anal orgasms I came so hard and so much in his mouth as the guy pounding me came in my hole 

    at that point I was exhausted as they carried me up to our shower and left us. my bf ate all the cum out of my gaping hole,  bathed me and we got in our bed as he spooned me and the first thing I heard him say was how proud he was of me for being a good boy and we both fell asleep with him deep inside of me...




    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Hunter22


      quoting myself from the chat:

      Best part was having a guy lodged deep in my throat as he pissed straight down my stomach, since I wad noise cancelling headphones and couldn’t hear anything beside my breath and heartbeat, I heard the stream of piss flowing. It was insane!

    3. backdoorjimmy



      Best part was having a guy lodged deep in my throat as he pissed straight down my stomach, since I wad noise cancelling headphones and couldn’t hear anything beside my breath and heartbeat, I heard the stream of piss flowing. It was insane!

      That's just magical. Seriously, my pussy is trembling right now. I'm so happy for you 🙂 

    4. Hunter22


      It’s was such an intense first time experience!

      I've had guys cum down my throat as I was deep throating them but piss was such an amazing feeling combined with the fact I couldn’t hear or see anything 

  11. I love sucking someone till he cums in my mouth and keep the head in, nursing it gently in my mouth so even guys who get super sensitive after can enjoy it
  12. I used to keep track years ago but got bored with it after passing 400 and started doing more anon and gang fucks. At this point I’m definitely in the 4 digit mark
  13. I’ve been locked in this micro cage for a week and my BF traveling for work the whole time and told me I’m not allowed to have any kind of sex (not even toys or using our fuck machine) 

    needless to say, I’m so fucking horny my hole has been actually twitching this whole time in anticipation!

    he’s getting back in a bit and planning on destroying my hole with his friends that he invited over (have no idea how many) 

    I feel like a bitch in heat! 



  14. Going to bed with a wrecked hole after a full night of constant pounding and load taking, thanks to the gang fuck my amazing bf set up for me.

    I might post the details later but going to bed spooning my bf with his cock lodged deep in me is the best feeling ever 

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