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  1. Exactly! I’ll just add that usually I signal the top that it’s ok to go ahead is by driving my hole all the way on his cock in a swift move, after that it’s free for all 😈
  2. Cum breath 🐽

    Had a quick meeting near a college today and my Grindr notifications went off the hook, when I was done I started replying and in 5 minutes I was in the dorm on my way to the first guy, great body, 7” cock and needed a quick bj before class, got in, on my knees and started servicing him, in no time he was moaning and started throat fucking me, I was moaning with him in my mouth which only encouraged him to go faster till he shot a thick load in my mouth. Score! 

    As I was leaving I checked my messages and saw another guy 10m away needing a bj too, who am I to refuse? He was just one floor up so I was there quickly, he opened the door, completely naked, ripped body and with a 6” beer can thick dick, he wanted to lay on his bed so we went to his bedroom and I began giving him a mind blowing bj, he was moaning like crazy and I was fondling his balls and started touching his hole, bingo! He was precuming like crazy now so I started licking my was down to his hole and gave him a rim job, he was going crazy shaking and moaning so I went back to his cock, in the mean time I pulled out my cock which was rock hard already and it was rubbing on his hole, I sensed it was clear so I lifted his legs and he just gave me a nod, grabbed some lube from his nightstand and pushed my cock head in, he was SUPER tight but took it like a champ, I knew I wouldn’t last long and by feeling him contracting round my cock I felt like he was really close too so I leaned and sucked on him and within seconds he blew his load in my mouth and milking my cock with his ass which caused me to blow my load deep in him. That was 20 minutes we’ll spent 💦

    left his place and checked my next Grindr messages. Another guy very close needed a bj, I was already super horny and he was in the next building so off I went to his, great smooth body, shaved balls and an 8” perfect dick, I was on my knees as he sat on the couch and I was servicing him, he took his time and was rock hard the entire time, kept telling me that I was giving him the best bj he ever got, I also sucked on his balls and licked his taint, which he loved and when I licked his hole he just shoved my face closer so I dove in with my tongue, gave him a deep rim job and he was getting close, went back sucking his dick while shoving a finger up his hole, he instantly blew his load in my mouth almost cutting off my finger with his tight hole lol 

    he surprised me by thanking me with a kiss, he wanted to taste him hole and cum, so I told him he was tasting a couple more loads from earlier, which sent him to overdrive and he got hard again! Back on my knees sucking another quick load from him. Definitely a keeper so we exchanged number. 

    Last one for the day was the biggest and thickest and he sent me this pic of his still not hard cock so I was on my way in a heartbeat! 

    He was tall, black and very masculine but what drew my attention was the beast dangling between his legs, it was big and thick and juicy I was slobbering all over, he was being rough and went deep shoving it down my throat fucking it, I asked/begged him to fuck me but he said he didn’t have the time now (but I should come back for more 😉) and he wanted to but a quick load. I went to town on his meat getting it nice and slick til he announced he was about to cum. I sucked his cock head hard like my life depended on it till it burst in my mouth, a fucking huge thick load filled my mouth and I had to begin swallowing so I won’t miss a drop and he just kept cumming, he was so cute too moaning and shaking his legs while I nursed his spent cock head in my mouth. He quickly pulled his pants up and wrote down my number for next time ;) 

    didn't get a load in my ass but at least I swallowed a few and loaded a college boy. 

    Gotta love those horny college boys 🐽


  3. Fort troff fuck machine and the real deal 8” 😈 opens me up very nicely
  4. It feels incredible having a large cock ram all the way in till I can feel his balls slapping, for me I need to be loosened up a bit before or it’ll hurt like a hell, specially if he can reach my second hole
  5. For me I find this place as a safe place to share my personal experiences with people who can understand and relate without any judgement.
  6. Thanks for the follow back stud!

  7. thanks for the folliow x

    1. Hunter22


      Pleasure meeting a fellow pig 😉

    2. Eycurious
  8. I’ve had both cum hands free and had anal orgasms while getting fucked by just my BF or by a group amazing feeling! Specially love it when I’m locked in chastity and oozing cum while I’m getting plowed
  9. Big fan of DP here 😈 the feeling of having two cocks pushing, stretching and fucking my hole deep is incredible! You’ll need to stretch your hole to accommodate two cocks, use plugs and large dildos to make sure you can both stretch and take it deep i replied to a similar post here but basically, practice, practice, practice 🐽 and let us know how your first time goes!
  10. Practice, practice, practice! and when you’re done, practice some more lol but seriously, for depth training, get yourself a set of dildos varying in sizes, get comfortable with the smallest and move up till you reach that second hole (for me it’s the best part when I feel a top pushing through that part, my eyes roll lol) As for your hole, also a set of training plugs, and move up in sizes, push your limits on for how long you can keep it up your hole for the gangbang (but not just), you can always get some help to relax your holes with some good old poppers for me, being able to take dick for such long period of times is being in the right mindset (slut mode dialed up to 11 😈) x
  11. When I’m in a gangbang or the FSM party my cock stays down cause my focus is on my hole for extra safety sometime I wear a chastity cage (you can see in my album)
  12. Besides going through a thorough cleaning regime beforehand (preferably couple of hours before) the stretch with dildos and plugs, make sure your hole can take it poppers can also help keeping you horny as of the mental part, you need to be in the right mindset, horny, submissive, cumdump, slut etc. 😈 be there to pleasure your tops and be sure to thank each and ever one for loading you up and suck clean their cock after they finish breeding you and don’t forget to report back how it went 🐽
  13. Oh yeah, the soldier is back! Got a text he’ll be around this weekend and he wanted to hook up

    i wonder if I should introduce him to my bf to have fun together or keep him to myself 😉


    1. Read1


      The more bb fun, the more cum, the better it'll be! Be a triad of play!

    2. Hunter22
    3. Read1


      AHHHHH-MEN, pigbro!!

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