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  1. It’s really hot, i was on my knees for an evening of sucking alone and cum was flying on my face, body and open mouth! still prefer it up my pussy
  2. What a beautiful hole! Love to stick my tongue up there!

  3. You’ll just need to get yourself a close group of friends sharing the same desires besides that, my pussy feel soooooo good after all it took. I love this feeling!
  4. Most important is breathing and taking your time and just enjoy the ride 😂
  5. +1 for Berlin make sure you plan it when there’s a fickstutenmarkt event
  6. Make sure you keep a strict diet the day before and start prepping earlier in the day, then rest a bit and play with a toy (preferably long one) that’ll help stretch you out and make sure you don’t have anything left up there, if needed go through a second douche session till it’s all clear and test yourself with the toy chances are that by this point you’ll be ready for a royal gang fuck and worst case scenario you’ll need just a quick touch up during the venue (I never needed myself after prepping in this method) you can also take an Imodium pill just to be safe ( I never did but heard it could help) Land have fun!
  7. Friday. After almost an entire week that my partner locked my cock in chastity and me being in heat, hunting for cock to fill me up and scratch my itch cause getting a rough fuck and having anal orgasms were my only relief, my bf announced that this weekend I would be released, “with a bang” he said. I was naturally intrigued and my hole was twitching in anticipation so naturally during Friday I was horny all day and collected 8 loads before I got back home to prepare for Friday night fuckathon. So after my bf had his protein shake directly from my hole I went on and prepped my pussy having it squeaky clean and ready for my bf to deposit his load that will serve as lube for the night, and then I was led down to our play room, got locked on the fuck bench and waited. After was seemed like 20 minutes during which I heard the guys gathering up upstairs, they began coming down and I had my first cock in front of me directed at my mouth and a second guy from behind playing with my hole till I felt his cock head pressing in, this gave the signal for the rest of the night, I had a fresh bottle of poppers up my nose, a cock buried in my throat and the guy behind, shoved his entire cock up my pussy till he was balls deep and I was fucked hard in both ends. Guys came and went during the night, I was spit roasted for hours (gotta love how comfy the fuck bench is!) and they just kept cumming up my hole. During this my locked cock kept oozing cum and my entire body shuddered from having anal orgasms till after about 5 hours they guys were all spent and tired from fucking and cumming in me 2-3 times each (25-30 loads in total) and I was released from the bench and my partner had a feast from my hole and we got cleaned up and went to bed, me feeling my used and abused hole still filled with some of the cum left in me. Saturday. We woke up and after having our morning fuck, I told my partner how hard it is and how bad I need a release, so he just told me that I better rest my ass today and have it ready cause the tonight is going to be the grand finale gang fuck and at some point I will be released. I was so excited from both possibilities that I went on and got thoroughly cleaned and used some of our large toys to stretch my hole ready for the night. This time I was to be on the sling, blindfolded and with noise cancellation headphones to make sure I was concentrating only on the pounding I would receive and the sensation of getting filled up. I don’t know how long it took before the first guy started pounding me but it was like going 0-200mph in 2 seconds i was moaning like a bitch in heat and it was so strange cause I could hear myself! I was fucked on the sling and the fuck bench for hours, each guy fucked me harder than the previous one, obviously they were putting on a show and making sure I felt them. Then I was moved again, I was led to the big mattress we have in the room and was guided down to ride the cock of the guy laying down, when he was balls deep, the fun began cause a second cock was gaining access to my used pussy till I felt that wonderful “pop” and he in, they were starting to fuck me in a beautiful pace and I couldn’t take in anymore, my cock was oozing cum and I was having the most intense anal orgasms and they just kept on going. This whole scenes started a whole different fun, I was presented with a cock in my mouth and when I opened up and had the cock head only in I felt that wonderful warmth of the guy starting to piss so I began swallowing as much as I could while another guy started pissing all over me and the guys that were fucking me. This went on for hours more and the guys just kept switching places, making sure I was filled with 2 cocks in my pussy and on in my mouth while I took each and every load up my hole. 12 hours later, as I was riding 2 dicks, I felt my bf removing the headphone and blindfold and told me it was time, so he unlocked me and my poor cock that was leaking cum the entire night just sprang to full mast and he sucked me off while the guys behind me buried themselves as deep as possible depositing 2 loads of cum and I just exploded in my bfs mouth at this point I was totally spent and drained and just collapse on them while they were still in me till we all could move again. my bf places me on my back and lifted my legs and pushed his dick in me for the last fuck of the night and he deposited his load deep in me while we were kissing and making love then we said our goodbyes to the remaining guests, went upstairs to get cleaned up and my bf sucked out as much cum he could and we shared it with a very sloppy piggy kiss before I was plugged and we took a well needed shower and collapsed on the bed with a huge smile on our faces overall I services 24 guys that night and most guys came in me more than twice, so do the math how many loads were deposited up my sloppy hole 😈 Sunday Today we just spent relaxing and I was recovering my well spent, sore hole (I just fucking love that used hole feeling!!!) and just fucking each other x
  8. My pussy is so sore today after the beating it took the past couple of days. I just fucking love this feeling!!! 

    1. backdoorjimmy


      Hot! I've been so horny lately that it's making me crazy. I don't think the bf can keep up with my horny hole right now. 

    2. Hunter22


      If you’re bf can’t keep up then there are always others who fill up your hole 😈

  9. Earlier today, I’m still locked and horny as fuck so Grindr is always open with the line “need cock now!” this anonymous profile hits me, sends a pic of his dick, looks nice and thick and only 200m away, I immediately replied, “on my way” and he sent me his location and tells me he doesn’t have much time which is perfect for me i arrived and this hot 20 something stud opens the door, naked and rock hard with a thick 9” cock (at least) so I just lowered my pants bent over and told him to go for it, with just a bit of spit he shoved his cock balls deep in one go, causing me to gasp from pleasure and I just told him to fuck me hard, and hard he fucked! Within 10 minutes he dumped a load in my pussy, I cleaned him up cause I love ATM and was on my way out
  10. I agree with you, been to both FSM and MM and in Amsterdam the MM is far better, but FSM in Berlin is way better than both. I also enjoy the “rules” it makes us bottoms feel used and there just for the purpose of pleasuring the stallions
  11. Locked & Horny!

    my bf locked my cock in a cage since Friday and I am so fucking horny! After having a great weekend getting fucked basically non stop, causing my locked cock to constantly leak from having my prostate pounded and my hole stretched, I’ve found myself in heat when the weekend ended and I had to head back to reality. 

    So I’ve been hunting for any cock that’ll fill my pussy and get me off, heading off lunch hours or just running out of the office when someone hits me up on Grindr telling me to get my ass over for a pounding. 

    I just can’t get enough and I’m craving a proper release (my bf said he might unlock me on Sunday) 

    anyone else been in this position?


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Hunter22


      I know! I just left a top after he pounded me. The second I got in I dropped my pants and bent over, he started slow and I just yelled at him “pound me balls deep now!” 😈


    3. mjkuhl


      It is a need that no one who hasn't been locked understands.  It is a need from deep inside almost from the soul

    4. Hunter22


      Exactly! Feels like my hole is on fire and the only thing that can calm it down (temporarily) is a good pounding! 

      I was just getting pounded for 40 minutes from another couple nearby that needed hole to use. When they DP’d me, my eyes rolled back from having my pussy so stretched and full! My bf is going to have a feast munching on my used, cum filled hole later 

  12. it's an amazing party! i attended a few times already in Amsterdam, always a great time! great job taking it all Charlie! we should meet up next time I'm there, we can be ass next to ass as my bf pimp out our holes !
  13. Thanks for the follow!

  14. my partner and I installed in our house a few wall size mirror in our play room including one on the ceiling above the sling, love watching myself getting pounded (specially in a group fun )

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