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Hung and thick black top

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    • By bbcumlover81
      I'm looking for one or maybe two older gentlemen. Top, vers/top, even bi. Some older men that enjoy both straight and gay porn. Prefer older men that are friends with Tina. I wanna role play older man/younger guy scenarios (daddy/son, uncle/nephew). I'm into pig play so I'm looking for total pervs with toys and a huge sex drive. I love giving long head session, Tina makes me hungry for precum. I wanna have toys in my ass while I suck your cock, l wanna make out while we rub our dicks together and lick your chest. I like them hairier and taller than me (I'm 5'4").
      I wanna play with Tina before you and I start role playing, I want you to start rubbing my legs while I rub your chest, put me against the wall, rubbing my ass while you dirty talk to my ear> You start pulling my pants down slowly, rubbing my ass and trying to finger me, making me moan and making me beg for more.
      Slam me and fuck me bareback for hours. Breed my tight hole. I wanna be your chem slut, daddy. Use and share my holes. Let me show you how much I love cock. 
      Fuck me, daddy
    • By Azcumdump91
      I decided to be very bad. I have a cousin who doesn't know I'm gay and he's the super asshole anti gay religious type. Sooo I let a bunch of men fuck my ass in his house. I was house sitting for a couple days and I literally invited every top I could think of.  prepped myself and once the tops started responding my ass was getting pounded. 
      I heard a knock at the door and an older fuckbuddy was there he didn't hesitate to strip me down and force me to my knees. I pulled down his pants to revile his big daddy dick. I started sucking it nice and slow going balls deep until it grew to its full size and barely fit in my mouth. Once he was hard daddy fucked me, bent over the couch. Nice and hard braking my ass in for what was to cum. Pumping a load into my ass he left letting another man in behind him, a guy from grindr. Superised he showed. He wouldn't go bare but I figured fuck it and let him go to town using the other guys cum as lube. He came pretty quick. Added twsit he made me get on my knees and dumped the load on my face, I guess begging for it worked out. No other tops till that night. The rest showed up all at 8pm, I let them in, just in a thong I lead them to the bed room. I got in doggy position and bam a nice cock was fucking me, then a second in my mouth. I could see the third jerking. The guy in my mouth told the other to come and share it. He came over and I was switching between the two cocks I loves this. Two big thick white cocks one happy mouth. The guy fucking me started to moan and dropped his load he switch with the first guy he was spit roasting me with. I cleaned his thin short little cock, he was super chubby and great full. The other guy took over using my mouth and he started to moan he pushed my head down and came down my throat. The other guy got so turned on he wanted to do the same. I prefer it in the ass but the top was so excited I figured it would be hot. I got on my knees and his hard cock filled my mouth he started pumping his hips and moaning. He pulled out and covered my face with a big load. 
      Fuck yeah I hope they go out of town again so I can take more loads in there house for revenge 
    • By KyleCumSlut
      I’m a 38 year old bottom slut in the Nashville area looking for a Sadistic Master to take me away, drug me up, and whore me out for His pleasure. ZERO limits, no resistance, no questions. Please take me, enslave me, poz me, slam me, use my worthless body as you see fit Sir. I will answer any and all questions from serious Masters at kparks2721@icloud.com
    • By cumdumpinmesa87
      Seeking men with hard topping abilities to provide my ass with the deep pounding and breeding that it needs. 
      Please be serious. Condom free philosophy. 
      Looking for NSA, and as anonymous as possible. 
      Hosting today in the Southern and Dobson area, very close to Tempe, but in Mesa. Contact via TEXT ONLY to 3125729236. 
    • By Hijinx33
      I will be hosting a gangbang, train, party, whatever you want to call it. It will be Thursday night, 22 March, at a hotel near the airport. Easy in and out, unlocked door, dark room.  Bbrt party set up as well, hoping for a good turn out before i fly out of town.  
      Verseforfun on bbrt if interested or message me here. 

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