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  1. I am in good shape and work out every day. I would say my overall body but I know that is just what brings men to my insatiable pussy. It was broke in when I was an early teen and had never let me down since.
  2. I know for sure it was at least week. My mom is a nurse and I was home on spring break. She said she suspected what it was right away but didn’t tell me. I didn’t figure it out right away. All I can say is that it’s like the flu but more extreme. I had the worst headache I have ever had. When you say body aches it’s like a 12 on a scale from one to 10. I almost went to the hospital but thought against it because my mom was around.
  3. Yes of course. The best part is feeling all stretched out and used after.
  4. It’s really mind over matter. I have a few things I focus on. One is that All of my bottom contemporaries are lined up to take my place if I don’t. The second is that it’s my job.
  5. I don’t feel I was raped but I guess it was molestation. At 10 I started having a relationship with my step father. It was very sensual at first with a lot of touching and sucking on nipples and eventually me on his dick. I was 12 almost 13 the first time he bred me. I can only say it felt natural and I didn’t feel dirty at all. We made love almost daily until I went off to college. I eventually found a boyfriend in college. Much older and poz. He converted me. After that my dad never made love to me again. It was so confusing for me. I now tend to go for men that resemble my dad.
  6. I think that men are generally this sexual. Everything I comment on is true as well. I do not glorify my status but rather state the facts. I have been poz as long as I have been neg so it’s really just a way of life now. I do think that some of the guys that post about chasing would chose to stay neg if they had the option. I know I would be on prep if it was available 19 years ago. I have always been healthy and have not had issues with my status. I do however know a lot of men that have so the decision to convert should not be taken lightly.
  7. I love a man that smells natural. It reminds me of my dad and how he smelled working in the yard or around the house. Ummmmm.
  8. I was in a long term relationship where it was called nothing but a pussy. He is a dominant man and it was a way to better define gender roles in our relationship. It just feels normal now to call it a pussy. I am with a lot of guys now that also call it a pussy. We also use the term breed but that is designated for a hetero relationship. Words mean different things in different contexts.
  9. I have the great fortune to have sensitive nipples. I had them pierced about 6 years ago and it has only made them more sensitive. I like others feel it in my pussy. I rarely get hard from touching them or having them worked.
  10. It’s really just a part of life. I have a close relationship with my dr and now that I have had some stds multiple times I don’t even have to go in. As a total bottom you have to expect that your pussy is a breeding ground for lots of things. They are not pleasant but it’s part of life. I don’t see any other option.
  11. I have always shaved. I am not hairy in general but my pussy is and I feel gross if I don’t shave it. Most men I am with love it too.
  12. My body always seems to want to abort. I have had only a few instances where it absorbed. I will fletch on request though.
  13. I am not 14 anymore so I have to have some girth in a man. It’s not all about length. I will take a beer can with a smile on my face.
  14. I was in a relationship for 10 years with an alpha male whom I was very loyal to. I was bred by other men but only at his request. He pozzed me and even though he has chosen to have a relationship with someone that is more equal to him, he still has the use of me whenever he wants. I will forever be greatful to him. He changed my life and showed me what my true purpose in life is.

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