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  1. I have told this in other threads as well, I was 18 when I consciously started taking poz loads. I was dating a man that was 6’3” around 210, 34 yo black man with a beautiful 10” dick. I met him from a summer job I had out of high school. It was before my freshman year of college. He was very masculine and always clear on what he wanted. He let me know he was hiv positive and said he would not have sex with me because I was neg. the more I was around him the more I wanted him. I flirted a lot and used all of my boyish charm to get him interested. He said he would fuck me but I needed to know once he starts he does not stop until he finishes. I took the plunge and he bred me for the first time. Taking him was a challenge that I am sure all bottoms know and want. He tore me up good so I can only assume I got converted after our first time. To make a long store more condensed, he fell for me and we started dating. About three months in, not long after my 19th Birthday I got the fuck flu and went in to be tested. I was of course poz and we ended up dating for another 4 years.
  2. Well I have been strictly a bottom my whole life and I can agree that you do start to get a little sloppy as the years go on. I had a trainer once, that was also a fuck bud, tell me to do squats and glute exercises. It’s like keigle exercises for women. They give you better control of your pussy.
  3. It really depends on the man. I was with a guy for a few years that loved to feltch me and feed me his cum. I was cool with it. I had many others that just want to cumband leave their seed inside me. I like that too.
  4. I also have the shower shot and prior to that was just a traditional douche boy. I love it but if you go too far up and use too much water it makes for a longer flush. It takes knowing your body. Once you get use to it you will feel much cleaner. I am also one of those rare people that douches every day. I think the more you do it the better you become.
  5. I was 19 yo so to it has been 19 years ago now. I don’t remember it being any worse than the traditional flu. Aches, headache, graver, chills, etc. I was home from College at the time and my mom is a nurse. She asked me if I had been having unprotected sex. I told her yes and she suggested I get tested. I had been working on conversion from my boyfriend at the time so I was not shocked. I didn’t get tested for a couple of months after. The flu lasted around 7 to 10 days.
  6. I don’t want to brag but I am pretty gettable. Lol. However I have days where I don’t get bred. The longest was 2 weeks. I forget I had sex sometimes because it is so meaningless these days.
  7. Yes I agree. I think it took its toll on MJ as well. There was a reason he couldn’t sleep and had to be put under to get any rest.
  8. I agree with what you are both saying. It is horrible that they went through this. I tried to relate it to my own experience and what see to be really eye opening is how the seduction went. He seduced the whole family. It was not about sex it was about the seduction and how he could manipulate the entire family. I see how that same manipulation was with my family. The other thing I found worth mentioning is that because the sex and affection or attention feels so good most people don’t even know it’s happening to them. Oprah was correct in pointing that out. People think that this type of abuse cannot happen because the person that does it is mean or bad. Well they are but most don’t know it because of the abuser is any good no one catches it. In this case even the parents of those kids.
  9. I watched it was well. I also believe the two now men. I think what resinated with me the most was how the boys whole family were groomed by MJ. I was in the same situation growing up and like the boys I didn’t realize until I was much older what it was. I believed it was love too. The only difference is that I am gay and I knew from an early age. I also know now that liking it and being part of the relationship is common with the victims. I didn’t suffer the trauma the the two men have but maybe it’s because I am gay and I was ok with it? Not really sure. I do think it has effected my relationships throughout my life. It may also have been the reason I chased hiv. Because I subconsciously knew that once I was poz I would not be in a relationship with him anymore. I do think this documentary is a must see for everyone.
  10. Where are the best hook up spots in the Chicago burbs? I have played at busse woods but not in a long time. I hear there are a lot of cops now. I have also heard that the bathroom at sears in the mall is cruisy. Since it is closing soon I don’t think I will try that either.
  11. I too got my nipples pierced. I also got the largest gage I could get. Mine are hard wired also but not to my dick. I think I may have taken them out for a man as well. They have closed up and I have not gotten them re done. I also Had the same reaction when the man that would eventually convert me told me that he was poz. I didn’t hear anything he said after. I just kept thinking.....I have been sucking this mans dick for a few months at that point. I was scared and ineducated at that time. I feel that the decision to convert is similar to the decision to come out. It is personal and comes with time.
  12. I am a moaner. Always have been. I can try to be quiet when asked but it cums natural to me.

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