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Where and what age was your first anonymous load received?

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does it count if was blindfolded and others used after my date but me thinking he fucking me several times.. then i had 3 anomous when 12 .. but was planned date suck and fuck he wanted more fun and putted blindfold on and held me down and showed me like my third time rawfucking with him

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It has been exciting to read their very young ages, it really gives me perversion. In my case, unfortunately I did not start so young until I was 27 years old in my first cruising, I did not know the world of sex with strangers until then, but I did not download it in the ass but in the mouth. I barely started bareback sex with strangers at 34 and I still haven't stopped.

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September 1973 Akron Ohio.  Old school porn theatre downtown (think needing urban renewal)

I had recently turned 18 and it was the Saturday I picked up my first car.  Clearly remember leaving the Ford Dealer around 10.  Showed off my new ride ('68 ford falcon with v8 and three on the tree).   I picked up one of my high school fuck buds and we headed to the rubber city (tires.....not condoms) to search out the porn theatre we had heard to exist in the blighted part of Akron center city.   By noon Bob and I showed our IDs to the old queen selling tickets and went into a whole new world of queers hooking up for sex.

I had been sexually as a homo since middle school and my "recruitment" by a wonderful gay man who was a paper route customer.  That extended to a good number of others some on time some repeats (now fuck buds) and even a couple who were close to being "steady dates"  But in our rural area and lacking transportation few cruising options existed

But my shiny Falcon had transported two young queer farm boys to an exciting big city gay life with unlimited chances to have sex.     Walking in, it was so dark, black and white straight porn very loud and smells and sounds that indicated a lot of human activity was someplace in the dark.    We saw some couples sitting together and what looked like them masturbating each other.  Seeing that first, we sat down exposed our teenage junk and played with each other.  We both had cocks pointing at our chins in a mere instant.    Bob whispered stop....don't make me cum.   so we just watched hard dicks out and tried to adjust.  A middle age guy soon took the seat next to me and without a word grabbed my still hard dick and engaged in a no lube jack off effort.   It worked....the strangers touch in that strange place loosed my load in a wasted effort.   I deflated as the jack off dude disappeared into another row of seats.   Bob was amazed.....you let him do you....for real....you just had stranger sex that is so cool.   I thought it was a wasted cum shot and orgasm.  I said I need to go wipe up and take a leak so I stumbled out to find the restrooms.

A new surprise  restroom was an open area just to the right of the screen on the level of the stage.   No stalls and no effort for privacy.  If i was gonna drain my post cumshot piss it would be in full view of anyone watching.    Bladder was shouting this was not the time to consider options.  As I got to the urinals i saw a hot younger guy pissing.  He had belt undone, unzipped and his entire junk on display.   A light bulb moment suggested that it pays to advertize your goods.  So I unleashed my much more modest package to my new group of potential sex partners.   I noticed a business type in a suit approach the stall next to me.  He did not take a piss but touched my cock and said in a loud voice can I shake that dry for you.    In a rare moment of thought I repeated a quip most farm boys have heard: If you shake it more than three times you are playing with it.  Boy did i think i was really on top of things.   Then he said great, I get to play with you little dick.   That very loud little rang in my ears and my whole body flushed.

He pulled me by a hand to another stage area behind the screen and with some dividers.  He asked to fuck me again shocking me to near silence.   But as i was rapidly increasing in my desire for dick and level of being horny I say sure.   He bent me over a table of sorts when I noticed an older guy getting hammered across the table from me.  He had some type of lube and was soon doing a nice stroke and speed and my now named LITTLE cock was once again at full erection and drooling precum.   Without much talk or noise he said I am cumming and pumped a few times before pulling out of my freshly fucked ass.

I never saw him again but recognized that I now had a near certified stranger fuck to my name.  And I was horned, flushed and confused.   I felt the cum starting to leak a bit and was not sure where it should go.  I had no idea of butt plugs or thought of having a cum rag.    The cute guy i had seen pissing came to my rescue.  His name was Henry.  He joked that his friends called him HANK THE YANK as he liked jacking off infront of the theater giving his own show.   Hank offer the first butt plug I had ever seen.   He lubed it and helped me plug the hole and save my stranger cum.   It felt nice....very nice.    I asked how to return it  Hank said, I am here every afternoon and look for his jackoff performances.   I could keep the plug if i would let him fuck me in his show.   Maybe next week.

When I got back to where I left Bob he was gone.  I walked in the near darkness looking but only heard the sounds and grunts of a bunch of queers engaged in a variety of sex acts.   I was sure I had gone to a gay heaven.   Unlimited fucking in the free sex days of the pre aids era.  And I was ready to try it all.   Then I heard Bob call to me.  He was nude from the waist down stting in a seat with his cock up a very small guy our age's ass.  They were bouncing to the rhythm of the porn beat and both were looking satisfied.  He whispered I beat you to getting sex with a stranger.   I turned, dropped my pants and asked to feel my ass.   I had sealed in proof that my trip to the pisser netted me first cock in that race.  He said shit and never changed his pace with the guy riding his cock.

I went back to where I got fucked.  Looked like guys were hanging there wait for a chance to fuck.   Kinda liking it, I went back to the table and dropped trou and waited.   In less than a minute a new set hands touched my back and ass.   I mentioned the plug and he jerked it out.   This guy just spit in his hand and rammed in a pretty fair cock with little time to prepare and I squealed like a girl.  He growled shut the fuck up and take my cock or go home with the little boys   I bit my lip as he fucked me to a clumsy and dry orgasm.   I started to replace my new toy only to feel more hands.  I glanced over my shoulder and saw a line of 5-6 men of all sorts in a loose line to dump a load in the new kids ass.  Oh what the fuck have I done.

Next guy was my first street person smelled of shit, cum and piss and covered in dirt he did not even use spit.  Took a finger to gather up what was on my rim and proceed to shove his stinking cock into my hole.   He lasted the longest of the day at that point.   I was not sure he would ever bust the nut.   Eventually I got his load and the line move up a spot...then again.

Then a guy pushed the line a way and suggested I pull up my britches only to find large wads of spent cum painting the crotch.   Gonna have soggy crotch for sure.  And I felt the different cum wads ooze around and smear on my ass.  Now I was sure to smell of sex and soon did.

This day was monumental.  Bob and I had a combined score of 13 loads given and taken between us.  And none of the sex was with anyone we had a clue of their identity.   We saw ourselves as skilled gay sex workers   And had a pride in knowing that.   Went back the next week to use my anal currency to pay for my now beloved ass plug.   

Since then, those mental images is what I measure all other fuck experiences to   All the sex you can stand when you want it where you need it.   With in weeks the score flipped as to the relationship between known and unknown sex partners.

If We could concoct reasons for full days we hit scores in the 20+ each many nice Saturdays.  We also got to know some of the guys and even dated some later when I was in Akron for college.   

And yeah, I did screw up the courage to let my butt plug friend drill me on stage.  Very average cock but long ass fuck with many speed changes angle changes talking.  But he was verbal and coached me to cum just moments after he released.    We repeated the show every week for over a month and I learned a huge lesson in syncing up top and bottom.  It also was proof a very average cock can give an amazing fuck if the operator has the skill and experience.   And the verbal....still love hot talk when being fucked.....even more so if it is a POZ dick stroking in and out of my now 45 more year experienced ass.

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19, sneaked in to a underground porn cinema. In a narrow dark room next to the washroom,  I was giving blow jobs to men whom I could not see clearly, just shadows. Suddenly, someone pushed me to bend over and started to bare fuck me. I would not say it was raping as I did not resist. He shot his load in me. The others were standing nearby watching. I quickly grabbed my pants and ran out after he finished. I was horny, excited, scared, and ashamed all at the same time. 

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when I was 15 my Daddy had been fucking me for well over a year so I was used to taking his 7 inch thick cock. Out of the blue he announced that 2 of his buddies were cumin over on Saturday night and he wanted to watch them fuck me. I was both nervous and excited. On the night he stripped me and made me get on all 4s on his bed and he blindfolded me. I heard them enter the bedroom and could tell they were undressing. Then I felt the first man's hands on my ass and his cock between my legs. He pressed his cock on my hole and thrust in. He fucked me for 5 minutes and shot. He pulled out and immediately the next man shoved his hard cock in me. He lasted longer and was a better fuck - also he was bigger than the first man and my daddy. He emptied his balls in my ass. The 2 men left and my daddy took of the blindfold and said "I'm gunna enjoy this: and he fucked my seeded hole. He'd always wanted to fuck my pre-loaded ass. He never told me who fucked my asshole.

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