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  1. Agreed. Use of the n-word is such a deeply divisive and sensitive subject. I've met only a handful of Black Tops that wanted me to say it to them while fucking. One guy that comes to mind was this uber-Alpha, super-Dom Top that was into raceplay and rapeplay/forced sex. Sex with him makes think of those rape tentacle monsters one sees in Japanese anime. He absolutely loved driving his rhino-sized cock balls deep on the first stroke. The more I pleaded for him to stop or cried out in pain, the harder he fucked. We didn't have a safe word, so I had to pterry much trust him that he could walk that tighrope and not actually injure me seriously (or worst). Slapping, spanking, and choking was normal. And, he always made me beg him to fuck me with his "huge n***a dick", scream out that I love being a "n***a's fuck toy" or a "sissy faggot that needs big n***a dicks" and to please breed me with his "n***a nut" while he spat racially charged words back at me. He wasn't the type of Top I wanted to fuck with on the regular as I was usually a wreck in the end. He was one of those guys that always scared me a bit but my inner fuck freak just craved and needed when I couldn't hold it back any longer. He's a maestro of the dick, able to fuel his sexual energy with hate and pain and make it into something painfully beautiful and erotically edgy.
  2. CumBustion

    Curious: Wearing a jockstrap at the gym

    Or Papi 😜 🍆💦😛
  3. Why do the two have to be mutually exclusive? I had a regular Top/semi-live in BF only wanted to try and tear me inhalf with his huge cock every time. There was no "passionate sex", no "making love"; the only way he wanted was to make me swallow his dick until I gagged and my nose was on his pubes/balls and fuck me like a sex-crazed animal trying to kill me. We fucked until HE was done, which usually was at least a couple of hours to an entire weekend. He never jerked off and he liked saving up 3-7 days worth of nut, hence the long fuck sssions. In between rounds, he made me suck him off or sit and grind on his semi-hard dick until he was fully hard and ready to go again. So yeah, regular sex can be rough and hard always, depending on your Top.
  4. CumBustion

    Should a bottom cum dump be in chasity?

    YAAAAASSSSS!! Gawd how I love to cum hands free like a real bitch, the top's huge, turgid, engorged fuckmeat working my slutty boi pussy sooooo good, stretching me sooooo hard, pounding my P-spot soooooo deliciously. I love assgasms way more than my dick as it makes me hornier, sluttier, unsatiable. I usually remain pretty soft while getting fucked, so being locked in chastity might be a blessing in disguise. That way, I wouldn't even be tempted to jack off and force me to seek pleasure from penetration of Alpha cocks.
  5. In my opinion and experience, depending on their circumstance, "straight guys" will get sucked and fuck another dude. I know tons of str8 guys, many that are married or in a LTR with a female, that willcross the line from time to time. Some are sex starved. Others just love the way they get sucked off by another guy (which many will say is way better than a girl", There are a few that love the way a tight ass feels on their dick and but their girl doesn't do anal. One married guy I know, hot older Black guy with a magnificent piece of meat between his legs. He's a father of three. His wife is less than emthusiastic about sex, never gives him oral, and makes him use rubbers because she doesn't want another kid. He has a side piece butt gives him drama. He'll hit me up every so often so he can unload his bloated balls. When we fuck, he turns into a beast, making me gag as he fucks my throat and ass-rapes me for hours. He can nutt several times in one night, usually fucking me until he can't cum anymore. And even at that, because he takes Viagra and wears a cock ring, he stays very hard long after he's done. We alwas fucks me raw and never pulls out unless he wants me to drink his cum. It goes to prove male urges aren't tied to a specific sexual preference.
  6. CumBustion

    Married but wanting to bareback

    Sex and love are two different things. You can have sex without catching feelings. You can also love someone without having sex with them. Women feel more betrayed by emotional cheating (men falling for another woman/person) vs physical cheating (just doing it to get your rocks off). Besides, you're not the insertive partner, so that alleviates you of your dick being in someone else. Monogamy is a made up notion by the church, anyway...
  7. There have been countless times where either the Top fucking me pulled off the rubber, I pulled it off and he kept going, or it fell off/broke and the Top went to town. My fav is when a Top's dick is so lng that the rubber ring ends halfway on his dick. When he pushes deep inside into me, making the ring go inside, it slowly starts unrolling, often times because I clamp my hile down hard on the out stroke. Before you know it, I manage to pull the whole thing off and the Top is not n heaven, feeling my hot, wet, walls milking his huge cock. This one Top I met in Vegas couldn't get fully hard with the rubber on. I could feel his fustration as it was taking him over an hour to cum, even though he insisted on using a condom. I suggested we take a break, I had him lie back and I got him hard again usng mu mouth and tongue. I relube my hole and his dick, and put fresh condom on him. However, I didn't "seat" the condom snuggly on his cock head and stretched out the base a lil bit. I got on him and rode hard. Before long, he let out a gasp and uttered that the rubber came off inside me. I played it off and kept going....I had him cumming hard in less than a minute. I milked that shit hard and had him jerking and mummbling for a good a while as I kept grindng. He apologized for cumming in me and I asked why. Apparently, he hadn't fucked raw in years and forgot how it felt to have real, flesh to flesh contact while fucking. We ended up fucking fuve more times that night, sans condom. The bad part is that he pushed the previous condom so far in me, I couldn't fish it out later and it had to come out "the natural way".
  8. Unless I know for sure I'm gonna fuck first thing in the morn, I usually just give guys oral for midday hookups. But, I do try to eat a hight fiber diet, take Pure for Men, and I have a douche bulb in my locker at work for quick clean outs.
  9. CumBustion

    Out in public with cum on face?

    It happened to me once. Was at the club, blew a guy in a booth. Black light did some CSI-Miami shit on face and made it look like a Jackson Pollack painting (I rubbed his cock all over my lips and face after he came). Funny thing is that I wasn't the only guy that had jizz on their face, and the DJ called us out on it...lol. What happens a lot more is that I had cum running down my inner thigh or a big wet spot on the ass part of my pants. During one stay at a resort in PS, I was taking random loads during a big pool party turned orgy. I was getting fucked in the bushes, in the pools, the grotto, etc. Cum kept running out of my gaping hole and down my inner thighs...wore it like a badge of honor and a callng card for other Tops that I was open for bisiness.
  10. CumBustion

    Fetish for bald guys?

    Mmmmmm, big, muscular, bald dudes with a nicely trimmed goatee, the kind that have a huge cock and act like it, so full of that aggressive, Alpha-Top, dom attitude...the type that will walk right up to me in a bar, rub his hard dick against my thigh or put his crotch inches from my face as he looks straight into my eyes and tells me he is going to fuck me...my absolute kryptonite.
  11. CumBustion

    Married men prefer going raw

    Total bottom here. All the married guys I encounter want to fuck raw. A lot of them have wives that stopped giving up the pussy or just lay there during sex, not saying anything while he does all the work. They miss getting some good, sloppy, throat gagging head and dumping their load in a hole in someone begging for their cum. A lot of women forget their place in a man's life, which causs them to cheat....but I ain't complaining.
  12. CumBustion

    Anal Play and Not Touching Cock

    I never touch myself while getting fucked. If I cum by jerking off, the fuck feeling goes away and I hate that. I want to keep taking his dick until HE'S done. Plus, getting an intense P-spot, hands-free, orgasm is like a billion times better that jacking it.
  13. CumBustion

    What do u wear as daily underwear

    Boxer briefs for normal, for normal "going to work wear. If I'm going to hook up or going out, usually a jockstrap or commando. For the beach or pool, boy shorts.
  14. CumBustion

    Little dick bottoms

    I guess b/c most of the dudes I fuck with are total Tops, most of them didn't seem interested in my dick (which is about 5in erect). Some will play with it while fucking me or try to reciprocate by sucking me off, but I usually stop them and tell them I want to hit my P-spot till I cum. The better the fuck, the softer I get. My body knows to derive pleasure from the huge cock buried in my hole.
  15. CumBustion

    Anyone Here Never Top?

    💯 bottom, never Topped in my life. I've had guys suck me off before, but not my fav way of cumming. I've gotten to the point where I prefer to cum through P-spot stimulation from nice, thick cocks. A far second is riding one of my huge dildos or e-stim the hell out of my hole. Another good one is having my hole finger blasted or fisted by a dude that knows who to make a bitch cum. The only time I actually touch my dick is when Imtomjerk one out b/c I'm so horny I can't stand the feeling anymore and that I don't have a lot of time to shove a dildo up in me.

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