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    Asian-mix, X-Fit/jogs 5X a week, nice thick firm bubble butt, natural born slut.
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    Did some real shitty amateur crap back in college....I needed the money.
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    Dom, verbal, well built, hung tops that know how to fuck my body as well as my mind. Marathon sex sessions that leave me exhausted and sore with my boi pussy gaping open, raw, with cum leaking out my crack and down my thighs. And oh, Bobby Blake, if you're reading this, I want to fuck you so bad!

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  1. I was in one, very serious, LTR. BF was military and he just came back from a deployment to Iraq. We got a nice hotel and we spent three days with his dick in me. We weren’t exactly fucking the entire time. Hours were spent with us just reconnecting, I just wanted him inside me so badly. I remember him sitting on the sofa and me, sitting on his lap, slow fucking, while we kissed or talked or just held each other.
  2. during my 20s, I never had any difficulty finding matured guys. Then again, this before this whole sugar baby/daddy craze took off. I always was attracted to older men; they just know things (in bed), more sexually self assured/assertive, and can deliver quality fuck seshs.
  3. Government contractor and p/t jizz sommelier.
  4. About a 100 months shy of my 20th birthday.
  5. I’d love to see your application and waiver. I fuck with some Tops that have a rape fetish or into rape play, but it really just boils down to aggressive fucking mixed with some rough play and dom-sub verbal. Only one dude I know was heavy into BDSM and CNC. The man was a true sex artist. Sessions got pretty heavy and my first time with him, I needed considerable aftercare. Stupid me thought I was man enough to handle the heat he was gonna bring down on me and agreed to not have a safe word. I’ve been sexually assaulted before and this was worst in most respects. He did have a one page “agreem
  6. Guy from corporate come to town every few months. Older, silver fox type who is addicted to jogging, gin tonics, and younger Asian ass. While not physically imposing (he’s about 5’10” and has a runner’s bod), you can tell he’s used to being in charge. He likes his dick sucked while he’s standing and I’m on my knees or while he sitting on a sofa while having a drink and I’m on the ground between his legs. He likes being on top always. While there never was any quid pro quo, he does things at work that would normally be sexual harassment (grab my ass at the office, sexual innuendo in conve
  7. Oh man, there’s so many, but here’s the one’s that cum to mind: I’m gonna rape your hole until it bleeds. FUCK LOOK AT THAT GAPE! Push your guts out at me! GAT-DAYUM! You need to teach my wife how to suck dick! Faggots know how to choke on a dick! You think you can take all of this meat, bitch? I’m about go dig so deep, I’m gonna push your shit up into your lungs! (truthfully, he was LITERALLY was 13 inches fully erect, felt like he was in my lungs) <sent via text> Cum over dis aftrn. Told my ni**az how much you like suckin on diks. Gonna pass u around and t
  8. Getting fucked in the ear with some nasty lines is just as important as getting fucked in the boi-pussy with a big dick. Been a while since I got fucked by an ultra-Dom Top with a silver tongue that hate fucked my hole until made me cum hands-free like a real bitch.
  9. It really depends on the Top’s size, penis shape, and fucking style. What ever position gets him to hit dat p-spot nice and good will do it for me, even if it means I have to take over and ride that dick like a slutty jockey on a hung stallion until my thighs are on fire.
  10. LONG THICK VEINY HARD CUT ( Preferred)
  11. Sex parties and orgies (such as CumUnion) usually scratch that itch for me. I’m already pretty slutty but every so often my inner whore cums out to play.
  12. That delicious moment when a Top has condom fatigue and is having a difficult time staying hard or getting his nut and says “fuck it” and pulls it off and dives back in raw, or the condom breaks and he keeps going, sooooooo fucking good! I’d say over half the time when a Top starts off covered, ihe usually ends up raw. Nature intended for Tops to blow their load in a hole and Bottoms to receive nut. It’s not just physical, it’s also a mental and spiritual need to breed.
  13. If I didn’t get off while getting fucked, I usually go home and shove a fat dildo or an estim buttplug up my boi-pussy and try to get my own self off.
  14. I’m usually pretty soft when getting fucked, and yes, I’ve taken many dicks past my s-curve, but I’m not so sure about the “neuter” thing. I still can get hard, despite the number of deep dicking I’ve taken.
  15. Good! More for me! Loooooooove dark meat 😘🍆♠️
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