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    Dom, verbal, well built, hung tops that know how to fuck my body as well as my mind. Marathon sex sessions that leave me exhausted and sore with my boi pussy gaping open, raw, with cum leaking out my crack and down my thighs. And oh, Bobby Blake, if you're reading this, I want to fuck you so bad!

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  1. What factors got you to start barebacking?

    Getting fucked by raw dick just feels natural...is there any other reason?
  2. Sucking with condoms

    The only thing more annoying than having latex shoved up my hole is tasting it. The fake smell and texture in my mouth mixed with the weird lube they put on condoms is enough to make me vomit. If I'm sucking on rubber coverd dick, I might "accidentally" nibble on the reservoir tip which might make it break while I'm getting fucked.
  3. Cum in mouth or ass?

    Breed me raw, hard, and deep! But just know that as soon as you're done cumming, I'm prolly gonna turn around and suck out the rest of your nut, clean the rest of your jizz off your dick head and shaft, then slowly give your balls a tongue bath until you're fully hard again.
  4. Oh man, where do I start? 10. Who doesn't love a sea of endless dicks? 9. What bottom doesn't like being an attention whore? 8. One word....Finger-cuffs. 7. Two words...Double Penetration. 6. Another two words...Air Tight. 5. A bucket full of cum in both holes. 4. The bottom won't get mind if you're a two-pump chump. 3. I can enjoy the vastly different flavors of the cum and jizz buffet laid before me. 2. The prolonged, endless hours of fucking sets my P-spot on fire. ....and 1. It satiates my need to be a the true whore that I am.
  5. condoms or no condoms?

    While I can truly appreciate a Top's decision to wear a condom, my personal preference is to have a wonderfully long, thick, rigid, RAW cock tearing me apart all night long. What surprises me is how, when the condom breaks or slips off and get trapped inside me, the Top will continue fucking me. Its like a "Jesus take the wheel" moment and he gives in to human nature to deposit his seed in me. In fact, there are some Tops that will practically rips the condom off because, well, you know why, and jump back on the saddle. Just goes to show you that, deep down, nobody wanrs to wear or get fucked by plastic.
  6. Fuck a guy who passed out?

    I used to suck on my former BF's morning wood...his most fav alarm clock everrrrr!
  7. Looking GREAT...there's nothing better than being a total CUMDUMP and sharing it with other's...NO TABOOS between ourselves.  

  8. Tops: Letting a bottom cum

    One other option is missing....enjoying a skilled Top so fucking much that a bottom cums hands free. Yes, I agree that a true bottom's role is to satiate the Top's cock until he can no longer become fully erect and his balls are completely drained. However, there are those rare Tops who's cock size and fuck skills are so fucking outstanding that they can give their bottom the truly amazing experience of a P-spot orgasm.
  9. Ass to mouth

    I'm pretty religious when it comes to cleaning myself so I have no qualms about sucking and cleaning off a cock that was (only) in my hole. Plus, what better way to warm up to round two than reenergizing a dick, that just came in my ass, with a nice, slow, blowjob?
  10. I can't vouch how str8 a dude is, but I've had a few married/attached w/ GF guys. Probably the straightest guy I had was my bestie's roomie. There was a party at their place, He was drunk, hadn't been getting it from his GF in a while, and was sporting a hard on all night (it was super obvious thru his sweat pants). To top it off, he was rather cute, like if Chris Pratt and Chris Pine had a lovechild. He was eye fucking my bestie hard as well as the other girls, but all had their significant other with them or they wasn't his type. As the night wore on, I could tell it was on his mind. He approached me kinda weird in the hallway, telling me he knows I'm gay, and that he's not gay, but he needed a "hand" with taking care of his urges. A few minutes later we ended up in his room. I told him to turn on some porn on his lap top, lay back, and just relax. I pulled off his sweatpants and a very nice, 8 inch-ish cock leapt out. He also had a very muscular ass and thighs from playing collegiate lacross. My hands wandered all over his legs, cock, and balls, in order to see how he'd respond to a man's touch. He just sighed and I continued. I nuzzled his balls, then licked them. Eventually I took each one n my mouth and tongue bathed them. His balls felt heavy and sloshy, like he hasn't cum in weeks. I kissed his taint then started working on his cock. I took it slow at first with very light licks across the shaft and cock head. He moaned his approval then I went to town. A blonde with huge tits moaned in a rather fake enthusiastic fashion as she titty fucked and sucked a nice, long cock on the computer screen. His eyes were glued to the hetero action. I tried to mimick the pornstar's sucking style but noticed she couldn't deepthroat worth a damn so I reverted to my technique. Before long, I was gagging on all 8 inches as my nose was in his pubes. It helped that he was sort of whiskey dicked and it allowed his cock to bend. I played with his balls while sucking him off and before I knew it, he unloaded his bloated balls down my throat. His orgasm felt like it went on forever, to the point that I coughed and some jizz came out my nose. Shame hung in the air as he put his pants back on. I reassured him that I'd take our encounter to my grave. He said thanks, as well as, "Damn, I gotta admit, you suck dick better than any chick I know..." We left the room and I went to the kitchen to get a drink. While there, my bestie comes up to me and she just kind of glares at me for a quick minute then starts laughing. She punches my arm and hisses "You...are...such...a...fucking...slut..." I feign ignorance. She adds "Fuck you, you lil' whore, you just had sex with ****!" I ask her, "Ok Sherlock McSmarty pants, how do YOU know?" She replies, "1- you and **** was gone for a while and ****'s door was locked. 2- **** is acting a lil strange, like he just got some but it was from some streetwhore. And 3- you have fuckin' jizz on your collar...I can smell it from here." "Hmmm, you can tell its cum by the way it looks and smells," I reply. "Youre just as much a cum guzzling, cock slut as I am, you fuckin' Vietnamese massage parlor whore." She punches my arm again. She really is a physical therapy assistant, albeit still Vietnamese. She pries me for details and I give her the gory, gooey news. She seems intrigued by my story, especially the part about **** having an 8 inch dick. She asks me for more details: Is it thick? Veiny? Juicy? I tell her she should go do **** a solid and fnd out herself while letting **** blow off some pent up steam. "Pfffff, shiiit hoe, you know my cooch is Ni**as Only." she replies while walking away.
  11. I dont mind if you call it an ass, hole, or asshole, just as long as you say it with confidence and conviction to me (i.e. "I'm gonna tear that ass up.", "I'm gonna breed that hole.", or "Your asshole is mines, bitch.") However, if you wanna get my juices going, fuck with my mind as well as my body. Establish dominance of me like how a real animal establishes dominance over his bitch in heat. Tell me "I'm gonna slay your fucking cunt like a whore." or "I'm going to breed your fucking pussy all night long." or "I'm gonna tear your bitch hole apart till you cant walk or sit for a week!" Use your words and make me feel like a true slut that was put on this Earth to satify your lustful urges until your dick is raw and your balls are completely empty.
  12. What's The Most Loads You've Taken In A Day?

    Attended CumUnion several years ago in my more "reckless" days. I don't exactly know how many loads I took as the Tops were swapping off every so often. From what I remember, it was definitely more than a dozen, probably closer to the 20 mark. I do recall taking 4 loads in my throat/face.
  13. Ass "slurping" noise whilst getting fucked

    Mmmmm yeah, I totally feel ya on dat! I love that transition as my hole gradually stretches and turns into that good, gushy, type pussy that squishes and leaks all over the place. At that point, even the bi-Tops tell me it feels exactly like a real bitch's cunt, ready and ripe for a nice, hot load of jizz. The rhythmic sounds of skin slapping skin, the headboard bangng off the wall, moans echoing around the room, low hushed growls of profanity filling the air, and the squishing of a fat cock pounding a loosened boi-pussy filled with cum... *shivers*
  14. Bareback IS the norm. Raw sex IS the way nature intended for people to fuck and breed. Skin to skin contact IS a healthy human need that enhances us physically, mentally, and emotionally. Condoms, while a necessary inconvenience for some, inhibits the true human connection. Aside from the clitoris, the human penis has more nerve endings per square inch than any other human tissue on the body. Yet, that is the one body part that is denied sexual contact desipte the fact that we maybe naked and every other body part being able to enjoy skin to skin contact. It is my truest wish that a HIV vaccine and cure (as well as other STIs) is developed soon. I will revel in the day, the second coming of true sexual emancipation for all men to be able to again fuck freely and openly.
  15. I fuck for the fuck. Unless I'm in some kind of group sex situation, I'd be pissed if he was a two pump chump and could not go for round two.

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