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    Dick, dom tops, cock, cum, huge balls, penis, muscle studs, schlongs, double penetration, male genetalia, MoC, seXXX...did I mention I love the D??
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    Asian-mix, X-Fit/jogs 5X a week, nice thick firm bubble butt, natural born slut.
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    Did some real shitty amateur crap back in college....I needed the money.
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    Dom, verbal, well built, hung tops that know how to fuck my body as well as my mind. Marathon sex sessions that leave me exhausted and sore with my boi pussy gaping open, raw, with cum leaking out my crack and down my thighs. And oh, Bobby Blake, if you're reading this, I want to fuck you so bad!

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  1. These are for YOU, CumBustion! I hope you like! :) 




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    2. Saturn1


      You ALWAYS sound SO excited, ronnie4u! Lol! You are either the happiest guy on Earth or you have some sweet drugs!!! :P 🚀 🌟

    3. ronnie4u


      Saturn1 - you might be right - single , vers and always open / ready  !  I been trained early and enjoy what is offered to you  !  My Dream would be Fucking rawly - being the 3rd or 4th male to breed and seed someone - allowing my uncut dick absorbing others seed - a big sloppy fucking session !  Fucking / Breeding them - Seeding them until they drop !  :)

    4. Saturn1


      You CAN make any dream into a reality...

  2. CumBustion

    Anal Orgasms

    For maybe a few years now, I've completely stopped jerking off, except for the few times a just need to get one off just to calm my horniess. Usualy I'm doing one of the things: 1) Using my Lelo Loki Wave 2 (by fR the best P-spot stimulator IMO), 2) e-stimimg the fuck out of my prostate with a Tens hooked up to a buttplug about 3in diameter, and ridingone of my several large dildos. By ignoring my dick and concentrating on my hole has enabled me to cum hands free nearly everytime I get freeky, provided the top has enough girth and stamina to get me off. The next step is to getva fucking machine. Looking for some recommendations for a good one if you have one.
  3. Thank You being my friend - you , profile is Extremely HOT  , Beautiful , Delicious and Exciting - wishing I was there to Pleasing you and your friends !   :)

  4. CumBustion

    Kissing; Yes or No No??

    1. Yes, it is more personal/intimate. 2. Dependson the chemistry we have and the type of sex were having. If it's someone I have feelings for, kissing is great. If it's just a fuck sesh and he only wants to pound my ass into next week, I go for the porno-tongue kissing or having him ram his tongue down my throat. 3. Ni, it's still relevant. 4. No issues.
  5. Size matters. But for me, it's more about the girth than the length. I just love that P-spot stimulation that triggers me hands-free orgasms. That being said, I've been with average guys (5-6 inches) that inew how to angle themselves so that they strke the prostate with each thrust. Having a big dick is a huge +, but it dont mean shit if they dont know how to use it or cum too quickly.
  6. CumBustion

    Loose or tight hole

    In my experience (total bottom here), a lot of Tops love a "looser" hole so that they don't spend a lot of time trying to get in me. During times where I'm not gettng dick regularly, I do a lot of anal play with huge dildos or "weight lifting" with a buttplug (wearing it for hours at a time). My hole generally has the oval slit appearance. If I bear down and push, my hole will open up to take a reasonably thick cock with ease. Bi tops have tild me that, even if my hole is loose by anal standards, it feels like a tight pussy. This is especially so since I like to tighten my hole on the out stroke if he's slow fucking me as well as tightly grip his cock as he cumming.
  7. CumBustion

    POLL: Ever fuck a "Safe Sex Only" guy bare?

    It isnt difficult to convince a "safe/condoms only" Top to go raw....its only human nature.
  8. CumBustion

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Continued from my previous post. Saw this stud several more times, to include spending a weekend. He really let his inner beast out, getting increasingly more aggressive and dom. Dudn't see him for a few days before the weekend, where he got down right rapey. He ptretty much shoved his magnificent dick in me the moment I entered the door and dropped my pants. His dick was in ms nearly the whole time, either in my hole or mouth, except the the teo occasions that his other half Facetimed him (had to hide in another room). Definately one of the most virile men I ever fucked. It felt good to be "owned" for that time, sevicing him how he wanted, when he wanted.
  9. Done it with several medical professionals bareback. One particular doctor really sticks out in my mind. Older 50-ish guy, Top, slim in-shape, nice sized cock. He was very verbal, overtly aggressive, super dom. He loved spanking me, spitting on me, gagging me with his dick, fucking me with huge dildos, and busting his nuts deep in me after fucking the shit outta me for hours. I almost believe he was taking V or Cialis (or something stronger) as his dick stayed rock hard even after cumming a few times. He even arranged sex parties with a bunch of his older Top friends and Asian or twink bottoms. These two to three day parties were an alcohol fueled (as well as other stuff) festival of raw cocks and ass in every square foot of the property.
  10. CumBustion

    Bottom diet

    Damn, that sucks, bro...and not in a good way. I suggest fiber supplements. That's what I did before discovering Pure.
  11. CumBustion

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Two days ago, I got a text from this older, 40-ish guy I know from the gym. He's a married bi-DL Top, military stationed here. Nearly 6 ft, thick body but fit, real nice veiny 7-8 inch mocha colored dick with some good girth to it. We messed around before in his SUV at the gym's parking garage; sucked on his dick and balls while he fingers my hole. Anyway, he texts me that his wife and kid have been out of town at his inlaws and wants me to come over. I go over, ring the door bell, he lets me in and I immediately go to work. He's wearing basketball shorts and when I squat down and pull them down his semi-ridged dick nearly pokes my eye out. I grab it by the base of his shaft and start working it with my mouth , flicking my tongue on the sensitive underpart of this dickhead in the way he always liked. We proceed to the living room floor, get naked, and I continue gagging on his meaty cock and swallowing his sweet precum while he spits in his hand and three fingers my hole. He hones in on my P-spot and it ramps up my inner slut, making be gobble his dick all the way down while I push back on his fingers. Then I hear him utter something he's never said before: "God I wamt your hole. Its been a while since I got any pussy." He leads me to the bedroom and bends me over the bed. I can smell his wife's scent on the comforter and it gets me hornier knowing I'm about to get fucked in her bed. I feel him lube and finger me. I reach back to guide his dick and rub it against my slut-hole. He backs up and tells me no while he's fishing a condom out of the nightstand. I tell him I want him to hit it raw but he continues to roll the condom over his dick. He slides it in in one motion, making me yelp then gasp from the pain then feeling of fullness as his dick bottoms out in me. He starts off slow, moaning as he savors the tightness of my boi-pussy gripping his fat cock, then starts to speed up. I arch my back hard and start to fuck back as he has a tight grip on my waist and fucks me hard and fast like a machine. This lasts for about five minutes when he suddenly stops and pulls me in hard. I feel this dick pulsing in my hole and I grin. Then, I gasp as I feel that all to familiar warmth and fullness filling my insides. When he releases his grip and backs off, I look back and see the condom broken and completely rolled to the base of his cock. Jizz starts to pour out of my gaping hole and runs down my inner thigh. "Woah, you came in me?" I ask. "Yeah, I felt the rubber break right after I put it in you, but you wanted me to fuck you raw and your ass felt sooooo fucking good, I said fuck it and kept going. Prolly serves me right for using an old condom" he replied. We had a good chuckle. We chilled a bit, having a cold beer. As he sat on the bed, I sucked him off, getting him hard again. We fucked two more times, fully raw this time. As I close this, I'm about to go clean myself out as I just got a text from him to come over again. His family won't be back for a couple of more weeks so I'm looking forward to gettng bred several more times by this married stud.
  12. CumBustion

    Bottom diet

    Pure of Men, Pure for Men, Pure for Men!!! (available on Amazon) Pop two in the morning and two in the evening. I promise, this is like a bulldozer for your gut. You will take the most healthiest, life altering, dumps ever! I try to stay away from meat (esp red meat), milk, and greasy, fast foods if I know I'm getting some dick within 24 hours. In fact, I try to not eat in general within at least 12 hours, if not more. I drink a lot of green tea and pop an Immodium a few hours before hand.
  13. CumBustion

    What Celebrities Awakened Your Desires?

    Big dick 90s pornstars like Lex Steele, Mr Marcus, and Shane Diesel. I used to imagine I was one of those sluts they were fucking (I bought some huge dildos in my teens; thank goodness for creepy sex store owners that took money from anyone regardless of their age). Then I discovered Bobby Blake and my world turned upside down. Lord, I wanted to be his bitch sooooooo badly.
  14. It was "sink or swim" for me. First dick I ever sucked was this older guy, mid to late 40s I guess, I was 14. He pretty much grabbed the back of my head and shoved it till my nose was in his pubes. He must have been about 7-8 inches, I gagged hard then ended up puking. Needless to say, he had me practicing on his cock, on dildos, vegetables, my toothbrush, his friends' cocks, anything to kill my gag reflex.

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