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    Dom, verbal, well built, hung tops that know how to fuck my body as well as my mind. Marathon sex sessions that leave me exhausted and sore with my boi pussy gaping open, raw, with cum leaking out my crack and down my thighs. And oh, Bobby Blake, if you're reading this, I want to fuck you so bad!

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  1. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    For me, it depends on the top. There are some that prefer that I push it out for "visual effect". I guess they like to see their handiwork and watch how much of their cum they busted in me. This is especially so for the ones rhat like to make fuck videos. Other than that, I'll usually absorb it, sometimes slipping my buttplug back in after we're done to hold it in.
  2. Being called a whore

    I luv being called a whore (and slut, bitch, etc.), but if you do, you better mean it. Man up and say it with conviction. Growl it in the deepest voice you can muster while you're power fucking me balls deep from behind, one hand with a fist full of my hair or on my shoulder while you use your other hand to leave your red hand prints all over ass. Whisper it in my ear while I'm on my back as you slowly long dick my boi pussy until I cum hands free from the most intense P-spot orgasm I ever had. Order me to scream out "I'm your cum whore!" as you pump shot after creamy, thick shot of your sweet jizz into my slutty boi cunt until your balls are completely drained of every last drop of cum.
  3. Guys with a big cock who fuck

    Once you learn to get a dick past your S-curve, you'll awaken the size queen in you. I used to be plagued by the pain associated with a cock that's too long banging into the "pocket' at the beginning of the Sigmoid. I wondered how porn stars could take such huge, long, cocks in their ass, so I read up on their sex tips. After some patience and practice, I was able to get a 22" dildo in me. The feeling was surreal. When I get fucked by top with a really long cock, ideally I like it when are only about 90% hard so that there is some give in their erection and that it can slip past my S-curve easily.
  4. What is too big?

    I haven't met a cock that I couldn't handle in my boi pussy yet. Given enough poppers, lube, and will power, anything is possible.
  5. Hands-Free Orgasm while getting FUCKED

    OMG, I still can remember the first time I got a P-spot, hands-free orgasm several years ago. This hot, dark, muscular top was working my hole for over an hour and knew the right angle to get his python past my S-curve while long stroking my P-spot. He had me bent over the arm of a sofa, holding me down just ploughing into me when I felt a weird tingling in my cock and hole. It felt like I had to pee but nothing was gonna stop this top from getting his second nut of the day. My dick, which was soft, started leaking precum like crazy then it happened. It felt like something exploded in me then waves of orgasms rushed over me. My whole body shook uncontrollably and my still soft dick started leaking cum. It wasn't like an ejaculation, cum just slowly leaked out for minutes on end. I felt fucking high and didn't want it to stop. After he came deep in me, I ws still shaking. He laughed and spanked my ass playfully, sayng that he made me cum like a real bitch. Tull today, I prefer a P-spot orgasm over a conventional one. I own several dildos and P-spot vibrators that hold me over until I can get a real talented cock in me that can make me cum hands-free.
  6. I'm semi-successful hooking up on A4A. Bigger cities or areas with a big gay community are usually easier (i.e. Vegas, ATL, NY, LA, etc.)
  7. ".....but Don't Cum Inside Me."

    I have told a Top not to cum in me before while he was fucking me raw...but it was fully knowing he had every intention on busting his nut deep in me. He got off on being very aggressive and dom. Our fuck session regularly included simulated rape play and doing things to me "against my will". Man, I miss getting fucked by him....
  8. Bottom here. If I cum "conventionally" with my dick, the fuck feeling quickly disappears. I will wear a jock on purpose so we can just concentrate on my hole. If a top starts playing with my dick while we're fucking, I'll swat his hand away. I usually don't get hard if the dick in me is making my boi-pussy feeling real good, like hitting my P-spot just right. If a Top insists that he wants my dick to cum, I usually try to talk him out of it or I make him cum first. His cock needs to be in me (or at least a dildo) in order for me to cum conventionally or it wont work. My body is pretty used to having something jammed up my hole if I play with myself. On the other hand, if a Top is skilled enough, and has the right size, he can give me some mind imploding, hands-free, P-spot orgasms. If you never had one of those, its a life altering experience. The feeling is totally different.Conventional orgasms only makes my dick feel good and lasts the few seconds it takes to spurt some jizz. P-spot orgasms feel like a wave slowly crashing into me. Its like I lose touch with my consciousness for a while as this tide of pleasure washes thru my body. Instead of shooting a load, my dick just constantly leaks jizz as I convulse all over the Top's wonderful cock inside of me. Skilled Tops can read this very well and will fuck me with the same speed and depth making my orgasms last for several minutes. Its turns a switch in me and I become a total whore for his cock. Its like I can't get enough and I feel this need to take his cum inside me over and over until his balls are completly drained.
  9. How much cock can you fit in your ass?

    Thickest cock I ever took was from this Hulk of a stud I met in a hotel gym in TX...I mean this guy was just huge. His arms were probably thicker than my thigh. He had this magnificent, veiny, mocha colored dick that was larger than a Foster's beer can. I definitely couldn't even wrap my hand halfway around this monstrosity. I've taken some big dicks before, and I even regularly fuck myself with a Shane Diesel dildo, but this guy was nearly too much. When he initially told me he's too big for rubbers, I scoffed. But after he pulled it out, I could tell this was gonna be Mission Impossible....he'd need to wrap up his dick in a plastic shopping bag to fuck safe. It took a good 10-15 minutes to get it in me. I almost wanted to quit but he was hell bent on getting his rocks off and my BJ skills just wasn't cutting it as I couldn't open my mouth that wide. I was laying on my front, pillow under my stomach, ass in the air, and it wasnt working. He'd push down with all his weight until I couldn't take it, ease off, apply more lube, and try again. To his credit, he was somewhat gentle, not trying to rip me in half. I was determined to get it in me as I felt bad he came to see me and didn't want him leaving all blue balls. I took several good, long sniffs off of my poppers and as he pushed, I bit the pillow and pushed back. I felt my hole tear a bit and his immense dick slowly eased in me. He short stroked me carefully to get me used to it, then went to town. Four nuts and five hours later, he was spent. He pretty much murdered my hole. Blood, mixed with jizz, stained the sheets. My boi-pussy was so busted open, it looked like I just gave birth. But if you saw the grin on his face, it was worth it. He said it was about 3 months since he last got laid. A lotta girls didn't his dick near them, nearly all (bottom) guys ran away when they saw it. The longest dick I ever had belong to a delicious Top I met at a men's resort in Palm Springs. He was a late 30s, 6 ft something, white guy who looked like a corporate-type of professional. Saw him walking around nude and he was a tripod. His dick hung half way down to his knees. Went to his room and started fooling around. What amazed me was that he's a grow-er, not a show-er. I couldn't believe his cock could get even longer. You'd need to be a professional circus sword swallower to get his dick down your throat. His thickness wasn't too bad, gave me a nice full feeling without a lotta pain, so it easily slipped into me. Plus, his dick never so super hard so there was some give to it. He drove deeper into my hole until he bottomed out with more than two of his hand spans worth of dick still outside of me. I could tell he was used to bottoming out in guys as he short stroked me while I wason my back. I decided that I needed to get him balls deep in me so I pulled him closer to me with my legs until his dick butted right up against my S-curve, swiveled my hips around until his cockhead pushed into the pocket, and guided him in me until he was balls deep. He let out a deep groan as his pubes tickled my ass cheeks. He long dicked me good, causing a severe bulge in my abdomen that looked like the creature from Aliens trying to punch out of me. I swear that the tip of his dick was hitting my lungs. Within about 5 minutes I could tell he was about to bust. When he finally came, his load was so deep that nothing leaked out...all I felt was a warmth deep, deep in my core. He later told me I was only the third guy in his life to take all of him in me. That was the reason he came so soon, that the sensation of my hole gripping the base of his shaft was too much for him. For the rest of our stay in PS, I was his main fuck. On a side note: I later saw him again on CNN. I looked him up and he is the aid to a Congresswoman who was on the side that legalized gay marriage. I hoped his future hubby is a sword swallower.
  10. Vaseline for lube

    This is a stealthing technique used by some bottoms. They lightly coat the inside of their walls with Vaseline, Top shows up with a rubber, starts fucking, rubber breaks....you'd be surprised how many Tops don't stop to put a new condom on. Next thing you know, he's fucking raw and loving it, eventually unloading his balls deep in a sweet hole. Just we personally, I'm not a fan of Vaseline. I ike water based or slicker variations of silicone lubes. It just feels more natural to me.
  11. About riding a dick

    In my experience, tops fall into two "fuck moods", and their moods can change from day to day, or even during one fuck session. The first is the dominator. He lives up to the title of Top. The positions he chooses to put me in allow the Top most, if not all, of the control. He likes missionary, doggy, pile driver, body guard (rear entry standing) , deep impact (me laying on my back with my ass off the edge of the bed with him standing) or flat on my stomach (putting a pillow under my pelvis so my ass is slightly higher really helps). He can control the depth, angle, and pace of the fuck. Nothing is stopping him from fucking me with his full weight and power of his body, pinning or holdng me down, or choking me. He wants to control how I take his dick and when he wants to cum in me. The two positions that most tops like to finish in is either me laying on my front (maximum penetration and friction) or deep impact (maximum depth and speed). I usually get clued in that he wants to dominate me by the way he initially wants his cock sucked in the beginning: either with him standing and me on my knees or him standing over me as I lay on the bed so he can fuck my face. Next is the chiller. Not quite a pillow princess; he just wants to serviced in a good way. He'll usually lay down while I give him an achingly slow BJ. He likes it when I ride him cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, jockey, spoon, or lap dance. I have to be more intuitive on his needs. I control the depth, speed, and friction. When he cues me in that he wants to nut, I usually finish him off with reverse cowgirl or lap dance. In my experience, as well as in discussions of fucking styles with other guys (and hetero girls), reverse cowgirl and lap dance works best. What I do is get his cock firmly seated deep in me, then scoot forward a bit until I feel his dick pressing against my walls/P-spot. Now I rock my hips back and forth, slowly speeding up until top starts talking gibberish. The reason this technique works is that the sensitive, underside of his dick is in full contact with my walls so the friction of me rocking sends sensations from very tip of his cock head down to the base of his shaft. I clamp my hole hard around his dick. Before I know it, voilá, the top is jerking and stuttering as he unloads his balls into me. After he calms down, I'll slow rock on to squeeze every drop out of him until he starts to go soft. If I'm feeling especially naughty, I'll keep rocking hard until he practically shoves me off because it feels "too good" and his dick is too sensitive after he nuts. During long fuck sessions, I find that tops start off as the dominator. After he's planted his essence deep in me, his body glistening in sweat, he'll dismount and lay back to catch his breath. I'll get him a cold drink to cool off, then start giving his meat a nice slow tongue bath. Before long, he gets hard again and I get on him...he's now the chiller. Its a good way to keep the fuck session going while giving his body a break from the strenuous, back breaking fuck he just gave me.
  12. Deep Dicking is overrated.

    For myself, I LOVE getting long stroked. Even better is when a top is so hung that he can push past my S-curve and really bury it into me balls deep.
  13. When your top/bottom can't perform.

    All the tops I ever encountered that had difficulty getting it up or staying firm was easily solved with one quick move: pulling the damn stupid rubber off. That simple act alone vastly improved penile rigidity and ability to ejaculate.
  14. Fuck music

    Check out Hirsute Pursuit....there's a wholebuch of songs about M2M fucking Link to one of the songs:
  15. Sex For Money

    Never been in a direct money for sex type of deal, but I did have a couple of sugar daddies a few years ago. They wanted something regular without the relationship hangups. One was DL, an older gentleman that had a pretty kinky nature to him. He loved BDSM, video taping or taking pics, water sports, shoving large objects into my hole, and rape fantasies. When ever I made him happy, he'd get me something nice (and often expensive).

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