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    Cock, cock, more cock, uncut cock especially, and cum. Lots and lots of cum.

    Getting fucked, sucking cock, swallowing cum, taking multiple loads deep in my ass, anonymous hookups, bathhouse sex, spit-roasts, getting gang-banged, and just being a total bottom slut
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    I'm looking for NSA hookups with fit, well-hung tops. I love sucking cock, especially uncut cocks, and I'd love to taste your cum and swallow every drop. But the thing I love the most and the reason I sign up to sites like this is to get my ass fucked. I want you to fuck me and breed me over and over. I want you to fill my hungry fuckhole with cum

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  1. Need cock tonight! Hit me up if you’re local large.69183D9F-CF35-4771-A6A2-14F074F3DD69.jpeg.718e74cd49592b1cef0ff56cbbe3531e.jpeg

  2. barenekkid

    Need to get fucked and bred - will host or travel

    Still looking. Hit me up if you want to fuck
  3. I’m so fucking horny. Need to get bred NOW!!!

  4. barenekkid

    What is your favorite bath house?

    Hard to choose. I know I’m not crazy about the local one, Club Ottawa, but it’s the only one so, not much I can do about that. Steamworks in Toronto was a really nice place. I had a lot of great sex at F212 in Vancouver. The midtowne spa in Houston was where I took my first raw cock so that one will always be special because of that.
  5. Doing a gang bang tonight and want as many horny cocks and loads to deposit their loads in any holes available.  It's going to be fuck'n nutz around here.

    So far 18+ hardcore confirmations


  6. barenekkid

    Do You Like Taking Loads In Dark Rooms?

    Love being used in dark rooms. Nothing to see. Just the feeling of raw cocks using my hole and dumping their loads. Makes me feel like such a slut. I love feeling slutty.
  7. Horny and aching to get fucked. I can host in the Ottawa south area (hunt club, near conroy) or travel. Hit me up if you want to breed me. Message me here or find me on barebackrt or squirt.
  8. barenekkid

    Cum in mouth or ass?

    Always prefer to take the load in my ass. I do still enjoy swallowing but getting my ass filled is what I crave the most
  9. Need this hole fucked and bred tonight. Craving cum like crazylarge.1B2EB4E0-CD8A-4F80-BFC6-BF0D9E9444BB.jpeg.b32cfd2182c21377c939fdda591ecf11.jpeg

    1. PupLucca


      If you were closer I would breed and seed your hole

  10. barenekkid

    When You Let A Guy Bareback You,

    For me, when I’m getting fucked, I expect my top to cum inside me. More than that, I need him to cum inside me. Usually, during the fuck I’m likely to say, “cum inside me” or “fill my ass” or “give me that load.” So there’s never any doubt with me. If you’re fucking me, you’re doing it bareback, and when you cum, you’re cumming in my ass.
  11. The original poster said he couldn’t feel much when he bottomed and the top was wearing a condom and that he couldn’t imagine there’d be that big a difference. I’m here to tell you there’s a HUGE difference. A cock in a condom feels ok. It is nowhere near as good as a raw cock. A raw cock feels warm and slides in easily without need for too much lube. You can feel the head popping up past your sphincter and every inch of his raw flesh as he pushes it in up to his balls. Condoms chafe after too much friction. Skin-on-skin feels good even after a marathon fuck session. And when he cums it’s so fucking got to feel his cock twitching and pulsing and if it’s a big load you can feel your ass getting hotter and wetter inside. Then he pulls out and you can feel his cum leaking out of your hole as you lick him clean. It’s primal for sure. Sex always is. But bareback sex feels like really connecting. It just feels natural and right to get filled with your lover’s seed. Sharing body fluids is what sex is all about. I used to play safe but once I found out how good it felt to play bareback there was no way I could go back to using condoms. Nothing feels as good as getting fucked and bred deep by a raw cock.
  12. barenekkid

    Sucking while getting fucked

    I feel exactly the same way. I love sucking cock and swallowing cum but I love getting fucked and bred even more. So I FUCKING LOVE GETTING SPIT-ROASTED!!!! if it’s a one-on-one scene sometimes the next best thing is licking his cock clean after he cums in my ass. Then I at least get to taste his cum
  13. Need a hot load pumped in my ass tonight. So horny!!!98AD1E94-B245-4BDB-9409-BBADE47EF514.jpeg.b3f282a38c712608ccd1151a56af3948.jpeg

    1. boybottom4use


      totally hot ass! shouldn't have a problem getting fucked and filled!!

  14. So fucking horny!!!! Need my ass bred ASAPAE73616F-42D9-4747-B111-C237E3F19CE2.jpeg.06dbd4b9331203cb3d85a5106fb10981.jpeg

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