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    Cock, cock, more cock, uncut cock especially, and cum. Lots and lots of cum.

    Getting fucked, sucking cock, swallowing cum, taking multiple loads deep in my ass, anonymous hookups, bathhouse sex, spit-roasts, getting gang-banged, and just being a total bottom slut
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    I'm looking for NSA hookups with fit, well-hung tops. I love sucking cock, especially uncut cocks, and I'd love to taste your cum and swallow every drop. But the thing I love the most and the reason I sign up to sites like this is to get my ass fucked. I want you to fuck me and breed me over and over. I want you to fill my hungry fuckhole with cum

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  1. your ass is to hot I could fuck that for days

  2. barenekkid

    Need to get fucked so bad

    Looking for any tops in the area that want to breed me. Total bottom, ass built for fucking. I need to get used hard and loaded up with cum. I’m near hunt Club and Conroy road and can host. Message me here or at barenekkid@gmail.com
  3. barenekkid

    First Fuck Location

    I don’t remember which was first, but it was one of these two occasions when I was 24. I used to go in the back rooms of adult bookstores to watch porn and play. I got sucked off a few times and then switched to doing the sucking myself. Usually I’d go in one of the booths, strip completely naked, and open the door so I was fully on display. Then I’d invite any of the guys who had their cock out in with me and I’d suck them off. I was really into it one time and tried to have the guy fuck me, but even though I had lube and condoms, I just wasn’t ready for it and I couldn’t get his cock inside me. Probably if I’d tried to take him bare it would have worked out but I wasn’t doing that back then. Anyway, I went back to sucking him, despite the taste of condom on his cock and be shot a big load down my throat. The other time was a guy I invited to my apartment after chatting briefly on gay.com. In that case I was SO READY to get fucked. I’d been working my ass with my fingers and edging for hours already when he showed up. He wasn’t super well hung either, so he had no problem shoving his dick into me. We were on my bed, I was lying on my back with my legs on his shoulders and it felt so fucking good but he only lasted for like 2 minutes before he blew his load. I took the condom off and licked him clean but I was pretty disappointed that he finished so quickly. After that I started going to the bath house and the sex got better with more experience. A few years later I took my first raw cock which was mind-blowing and now I can’t get enough.
  4. barenekkid

    Why do you like bareback?

    I love the feeling of skin-on-skin of course. I hate the way condoms feel in my hole. I love that I don’t have to use much lube to take a big cock if it’s raw. And I can take a good long hard pounding from a raw cock that I could never handle from a covered one. And the best part is the hot load shot deep inside me. I love that warm gushy feeling when I can feel him squirting it in me. I love the way his load feels as it drips out of me. I love licking his cock clean after he pulls out. I love playing with my ass after I’ve been seeded and tasting his cum on my fingers. And usually I find I’m desperately craving another load when I’ve just been filled. Maybe it’s that I love getting fucked with cum as lube or the cum is just addictive and I need more as soon as I get some. All of this stuff can only happen with bareback sex. I never knew just how slutty I could be until I started getting fucked raw. Now I’ll never get fucked any other way. If they don’t want to fuck me bare then they can either settle for a blowjob or go home.
  5. I need cock right now. So fucking horny. 

  6. barenekkid

    I Do Not Want To Pull Out!

    People are going to like what they like but I personally would always beg you not to pull out so I could have your every bit of your load deep in my ass. No pulling out. Ever.
  7. barenekkid

    First time raw, planned or unplanned?

    My first raw fuck was unplanned. I was at a bathhouse and I was there to get fucked. I wandered around the place carrying the complimentary condom, with my ass lubed up and ready. I was in the steam room when i spotted a nice looking middle aged guy stroking his cock. I went over and started sucking him. Then I asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He nodded yes and I climbed on top of him, straddling him and kissing him. His cock was up against my hole and I just decided I wanted it raw. I eased down on it, and it felt SO FUCKING GOOD sliding into me I couldn’t even believe it. I asked him not to cum in me, which I’ll always regret, but it was still the best fuck I’d ever had up to that point. I had one more fuck after that with a condom and it was terrible. Everybody since then has fucked me raw and shot their load inside me and I won’t have it any other way.
  8. barenekkid

    Anyone Here Never Top?

    I've topped one time and never will again. It's not what I'm here for. My ass is my primary sex organ and nothing gets me off like getting fucked and filled with cum.
  9. if it's too quick then I feel like I better find another top as soon as possible. if I find another top, then the previous short fuck isn't a big deal. It's just foreplay. He supplied the lube for the next guy. More cum is always welcome.
  10. barenekkid

    Is Your Pussy/cunt Your Primary Sex Organ?

    I prefer not to call my ass a pussy or cunt. It’s my ass or my fuckhole or just my hole and it very much is my primary sex organ. I have internal orgasms. My ass lubes itself if I’m really aroused. My cock sometimes gets hard and sometimes stays limp but it doesn’t matter to me either way because all I’m thinking about is my hole and the cock filling it. I don’t know what being bitched out means so I can’t answer that. And I don’t see the point in getting fucked if he isn’t going to cum in me.
  11. barenekkid

    Double Penetration

    More and more I’m finding myself fantasizing about taking two cocks in my ass at the same time. I’ve had threesomes, and love getting spit-roasted (just about my favourite thing ever) but double penetration has never come up. I would love to feel two men grinding into me and stretching me out then filling me with cum together. Has anyone had this experience? Care to share some details? Am also open to offers to make it happen of course.
  12. horny as fuck ... need cum inside me

  13. barenekkid

    shoot inside

    Sometimes I find the "cum on the hole and push it in with more fucking" thing really sexy, but it's definitely not my preference. When I'm watching porn I'm imagining what it feels like, and I know I prefer my top to cum deep inside me, so it's always better to see that kind of action on screen. Even better if he pulls out and his cum leaks out afterward.
  14. barenekkid


    LOVE swallowing cum. I usually prefer to get fucked and take the load in my ass, but I do love the taste of fresh cum as it squirts onto my tongue. And precum may be my favourite taste in the whole world.
  15. barenekkid

    First Time You Got Sucked

    The first time I got sucked off by a man was in my early twenties in a video booth in the back room of a sex shop. I have no idea how old the guy was. I don’t even remember what he looked like. I remember he made me cum and he swallowed all of it. It wasn’t long after that before I sucked my first cock in the back room of that same sex shop. I enjoyed that even more.

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