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    Cock, cock, more cock, uncut cock especially, and cum. Lots and lots of cum.

    I LOVE getting fucked and bred more than anything, but I also love sucking cock and swallowing loads, deep throating, getting face-fucked, anonymous hookups, bathhouse sex, spit-roasts, getting gang-banged, and just being a total cumdump. My stretch goal is to get fucked and bred by every top in Ottawa at least once
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    I’m a bi-sexual bottom and a total slut. I’ve been on PrEP since June 2019 and I love the freedom of taking every raw load that cums my way, no questions asked. It just makes me want more and more. If you’re in Ottawa, and you haven’t cum inside me yet, please don’t hesitate to send me a message ASAP
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    If you’ve got a hard cock and know how to use it then I want to hook up with you. I live in the south end of Ottawa, off Blohm, near Hunt Club Road. I can host sometimes during the day. When I can’t host I can travel anywhere In Ottawa. I also go to the baths and the ABS semi-regularly. If you’re in Ottawa, or plan to be anytime soon, send me a message so we can hook up. I want your cum inside me.

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  1. My first time getting fucked was a guy I invited over from a chat room on gay.com. I was young and nervous. And we used a condom. I was so excited to have him inside me, even with the condom. Unfortunately so was he and he came in like 2 minutes. It was a disappointing start, but it felt good enough that I kept hooking up with more and more men. And got fucked much better. Now that I only get fucked bare, I’m never disappointed if they cum too fast, as long as I get their load inside me.
  2. Can’t take it anymore! I need to get fucked and bred. Hit me up if you’ve got a place where we can hookup. My asshole will thank you
  3. I love it. I probably know it’s happening anyway. But I love hearing them tell me they’re about to fill me up
  4. It’s hard to choose between the moment the top first enters me and the moment he cums inside me. I think today it’s when the head of his penis pops into my hole and I can feel his thickness as he slides into me up to his balls.
  5. I mostly push it out onto my fingers and then lick them clean and swallow it all. So I guess I absorb it in my stomach after it’s been in my ass.
  6. When the COVID crisis is over and the bathhouses can open safely again, I’m planning at least two road trips to Montreal and Toronto to spend a day at each of them taking all loads. That counts right?
  7. I don’t think my body type had much to do with my being a total bottom. I think it’s just that I love getting fucked
  8. Not every guy is into it, but I’m always up for kissing when I’m hooking up
  9. Stealthing is never morally ok. and I might add, completely unnecessary. I’m right here eager to take any raw cock, no questions asked. And I’m not alone. If you want to pretend to stealth me I suppose I’ll go along with it but you’ll always know there’s nothing I want more than to have your cum inside me.
  10. As much as I love the taste of cum, and I LOVE the taste of cum, there is no better feeling than when a top shoots his load deep in my ass. I will always want that the most. Mind you, just because he’s cum in my ass doesn’t mean I can’t still taste it. Usually after I get fucked I’ll catch the cum as it’s leaking out of me onto my fingers and then lick them clean. So I get to swallow his load after it’s mixed with my own juices and that’s even better.
  11. When I hook up at my place or their place I always strip down completely naked. At a bathhouse I like to wear a really skimpy jockstrap to keep the focus on my hole where it belongs
  12. A little over a year ago, I posted ads on both Squirt and bbrt that I was going to be at the local ABS in one of the glory holes taking all loads. I picked a booth, stripped naked, and camped out all day, sucking and getting fucked by every one who came in. Not a single condom was used. I got 10 loads total. Not a total pig-out, but still pretty good.
  13. hey very cool profile indeed - would LOVE to visit your beautiful city



  14. There was one many years ago. I hooked up with him on squirt I think. He was a perfect thick 8 inches and uncut. Prettiest cock I’ve ever seen. And the best part was his cum tasted amazing, thick, creamy, almost sweet. I swallowed every drop and saw him a few more times after that.
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