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  1. Eventually as a bottom you get used to not getting hard and not cumming. I used to be that way several years ago especially when I was on top riding a guy's dick that I hooked up with often. I would cum before him. Without taking about it I/we stopped putting me in that position and I got to where we would cum at the same time. Then it got to where I rarely get hard when getting fucked. I enjoy taking dick and cum and don't think about cumming myself.
  2. Been horny as fuck lately, but due to company travel suspension I haven't had any opportunities. Have a regular guy when I travel that has fucked me probably 20 times anon ass up face down and I have only seen a dick pic of him. He's 18, mix, slender guy according to his profile. Usually likes to fuck me after I have taken a couple loads. I messaged him a couple days ago that I was travelling and we planned for him whore me out last night starting at 6pm. Got to the Days Inn, prepped and messaged him on Grindr that I was ready. He said the first guy would be there around 6:25 and three others were on the way. Got in position ass up face down, blindfold on and door propped open. In all I took 8 loads including one from the guy that was whoring me out. Never saw any pics of the guys before they arrived and didn't see them when they were in the room. He messaged afterwards and said that I felt so good with all that cum in me. He was load #5. Later he messaged and said guy number 8 was on the way a bbc. Damn the guy must have been 9", but felt great! I messaged to see if any others were coming and he said that was all. I replied that that was enough for the night. First time I had been fucked in 2 months. Ready to get whored out again though.
  3. Just remembered an anon hotel encounter I had last spring at the beach. Was staying by myself in the hotel room so I changed my grindr profile to anon ass up face down with blindfold. Early 30s black guy with blank profile picture sent a dick pic said he was within a half-mile of the hotel. He came fucked me pretty good. Couple hours later he messaged and asked if I was still taking loads and I said yes. Said he would be there in 10 mins. Got in position door propped open. He came in fucked me...at least I thought it was him, but he brought a friend and it was his friend fucking me. Heard him ask me how I liked his friends dick. I never hesitated and said it felt good. After his friend bred me he mounted and then bred me.
  4. I usually travel a lot with work and go anonymous ass up face down with a blindfold on. I have a few regulars that have fucked me a number of times and all I've ever seen is a dick pic of them. But with my company's travel restrictions the last 2 months on overnight travel it is driving me crazy.
  5. When I first started going to bath houses couple years ago I hated dark rooms. Then one trip to manifest in Atlanta I got fucked a couple times in the slings but was extremely horny. Wearing nothing but a jockstrap I went into the dark room where a bunch of guys were standing around. Without really looking at them I bent over the bench and within seconds I could feel it guy sliding inside me fucking me until he shot his load in me. As he pulled out another cock slid in me and I guess I took five or six guys right in a row all loaded me up.
  6. My company has restricted travel and so I'm working from home. I usually go anon ass up face down with blindfold on in hotels and get a lot of action. Was hoping to go to Horsemarket in DC in June at the DC Eagle, but that will probably be cancelled.
  7. Yeah I have a few guys that fuck me somewhat regular when I travel to their area with work and I've only seen a dick pic of them. They always fuck me anon ass up face down and I wear a blindfold.
  8. Been reading up about this for a while and didn't know where in the US they were held. I may go to the one in DC in June as a mare.
  9. Travelling with work yesterday as I got to the hotel I opened up Grindr. Before I even got out of the car a 30 year old white guy hit me up asking if I was looking. I said yes looking to get fucked anon ass up face down bareback. He sent me a dick pic and he was about 7 in. I sent two ass pics and he said he could be there in 10 minutes. I was ass up face down with blindfold on, door propped open I heard him enter the room and undress. He got on the bed behind me rubbing my ass then grab the bottle of lube and lubed up. He slid in slow but after a minute or two started picking up the pace pounding my ass. When I heard him start to breathe heavy after about 10 minutes I told him to breed my ass and within seconds he pushed in and held it as a started cumming deep. Just before the first guy got here a 22 year old white guy message asking if I was looking and sent a dick pic. He was about 7 in. I sent one ass pic and asked if he was into bareback and he said yes and could be there in 5 minutes. While getting fucked by the first guy I got a message said he was in the parking lot. As the first guy was walking out I messaged and told him the room number and he said he was on the way up. I can hear him unbuckle and unzip his pants as he told me to slide down to the edge of the bed. He lubed up slid in and after a minute or two started to pound me pretty good and within five minutes he said I'm ready to cum and I told him to breed that fuckhole. He unleashed a pretty good load inside me as I could feel him pumping several times inside. He pulled out zipped up and left. Few minutes later I got a message from a 35 yr old athletic black guy I've hooked up with several times. he's about 8 inches nice dick. Said he was leaving work and could head right over. Before he said he loves my ass and that there's chemistry even though he's only fucked me anonymous ass up face down. I've only seen a dick pic of him. He comes in on dresses and begins to rim my ass. After a few minutes he positions behind me lubes up and slides in. He fucks me for a good 10 minutes and then pushes in and holds it as he breeds my ass. After he leaves he messages back that he hasn't cum in days. After he leaves I looked to see if I can find a 4th load before going to dinner. About 30 minutes later he messages again saying he's leaving the grocery store and wondered if I wanted a second load. I said sure. He came back and fucked my ass for about 5 minutes and then loaded my ass a second time. Four loads in 1.5 hrs. Afterwards I showered and headed to dinner.
  10. Went to Crew Club Thurs night around 9:30pm and got a larger room. As I started making the first round to see who is around I locked onto a nice mid 20s white guy athletic build. We headed to my room and sucked him for a few before I got into doggystyle position and he fucked me for a while although with a condom. Nice fuck but he wasn't ready to cum yet. So I walked around a lap or two then proceeded to my room and put a blindfold on and waited ass up face down. Shortly a guy walked in and left the door open. I felt a hand rub my ass, then got behind me and after lubing up pressed a nice thick dick into my hole. As he pounded me I could tell there were others in the room watching. He eventually pulled out cause he wasn't ready to cum yet. As soon as he pulled out another dick went in. This guy fucked me for a short time before he unloaded in my hole. Within seconds another dick pushed into my hole and felt like the previous guy. He pounded me again pretty good before shooting his load inside me. Then those watching seemed to disperse. I got up and walked around a little and in the way to my room the mid 40s white guy in the next room was standing there stroking a nice long thick dick. I asked him if he was looking for a nice ass to fuck and he said yes. So I started sucking him for a few before i got on all fours on the bed with my ass hanging off. I lubed my ass and his bare cock as he started sliding in he started to pound me pretty good bj. then pulled out not wanting to cum. A few mins later walking back to the room had said he was ready to cum and bend me over and pounded me until.he shot his load inside. Then after a while i walked back to the hotel and called it a night. On a side note Crew Club is closing Feb 29, 2020, according to a large sign in the club.
  11. Got to the hotel yesterday afternoon and changed my grindr profile to "anon b b⬇️👀4⬆️". One guy, 38 white athletic build, messaged and sent dick pics. Said he would like to tag team me with another guy that we chatted with. Other guy is 38 also. Door propped open, ass up face down with blindfold on they tag teamed me until they both came inside me. Then a 19yr old black, athletic build college guy I was planning to hook up with again messaged he was free. He's fucked me probably 20 times and all I've ever seen of him is a dick pic. Pounded me from behind and after 15 or so minutes he unloaded in me. Within 10 mins of him leaving got hit up by a 24yr old black guy, athletic/muscular build and nice dick. He comes in and fucks me from behind for about 10 mins and unloads inside me. Then decided to take a break and went to dinner. Called it a night after I got back.
  12. Travel for work often and usually go anon ass up face down. A college guy has fucked me probably 20 times and other than a dick pic I've never seen him.
  13. Will be staying downtown on Main St looking to get fucked. Also want to host a group Wednesday night. Posted a party on BBRT.com.
  14. Another back to back load. Got back to the hotel after dinner tonight. Wasn't expecting much on Grindr. Guy messages and we figure out we're in the same hotel. He's 29, 5'10", 190, white guy. From his profile face pic wasn't my type, but he sent a dick pic. I said I'm looking to get fucked here anon ass up face down. I sent a couple ass pics. He asked how many loads I had and I said none yet, but ready when you are. He said he was and I sent the room number. Propped the door open, got ass up face down on the bed and put the blindfold on. He came in and lubed up, sliding in me slowly. We shared a hit of poppers. He started slow then picked up the pace. After pounding me for 10 minutes I felt him unload inside me. He pulled out, wiped off with the towel and left. A couple messages were exchanged talking about how good it felt. After a few minutes he asked if his load was still in me. I said yes I try to hold them as long as I can. Few minutes later he said he was hard again and wanted to fuck me again and try to cum. I said I was ready. He messaged he was on the way down again. Getting in position ass up face down with the blindfold again, he came in and fucked me another 10-15 minutes before he unloaded load #2 in my ass. Pulled out, cleaned off with the towel and left. Haven't heard anything from him since. Think he went to sleep after round 2.

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