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  1. In town for the week and next week and the Washington Plaza hotel is sold out for the next couple weeks. Anyone know a good cumdump hotel with easy access? Preferably downtown. The DC/Baltimore regional threads are dead.
  2. Anyone know of any other good hotels in DC? Looks like the Washington Plaza is sold out and no rooms have opened up.
  3. Will be hosting anon ass up face down with blindfold on Friday, Feb 26 until Monday, Mar 1. Up for group play too if you know of any. I'm on BBRT- brianbttm. Since Crew Club closed any other bathhouses or sex clubs open?
  4. Absorb until the cum starts leaking out. I usually try to go to sleep with the cum inside me.
  5. 43 here and in decent shape, but working out to get in better shape. Since I decided mainly to get fucked anon ass up face down with blindfold on 2-3 yrs ago I get alot of younger guys hitting me up. They're horny and just want to get off without a lot of hassle. Have an 18, 19, 21, 27, 35 and 41 yr old guys that fuck and breed me regular. I have only seen a dick or body pic of them. And a couple of them prefer that I have 2-3 loads before they come fuck me. Then there are the other guys that hit me up for a quick anon fuck and never see them again. Getting fucked anon and just seeing
  6. So far 21 anon loads and 1 face to face load.
  7. Was in Atlanta for the weekend to have fun. Was at the Red Roof Inn Thursday and Friday nights. Set Grindr profile to anon bb⬇️👀4⬆️. Went ass up face down with blindfold and took 6 loads on New Year's Eve. That ended 2020 taking 72 anon loads and 1 face to face since Oct 25 when I downloaded a counter app. After midnight took 4 more loads before going to sleep. A 25yr old black guy had a huge almost anaconda dick that made my whole body orgasm. Friday ended up taking 7 loads mostly Friday night. Of course Grindr crashed for a while that night and limited the number of loads taken. Saturday wen
  8. I downloaded a counter app Oct 25 to help track loads. As 2020 closes I took 72 anon, 1 face to face, and swallowed 1 since Oct 25.
  9. Hosting tonight (NYE) and tomorrow at the Red Roof Inn. Thinking about going to Tokyo tomorrow night. Not sure yet. Then will be at Flex Saturday night. Grindr profile: anon bb⬇️👀4⬆️
  10. Washington DC at the Washington Plaza hotel. No card key required to access floors. Red Roof Inn in Druid Hills in ATL.
  11. Loved going to Crew Club. Would put on a blindfold wait ass up face down. One night I guess I took around 15 loads. Another trip a really attractive guy with a gymnast body pounded me in the sling while 20 guys watched.
  12. Planning on going to Atlanta New Years eve for the weekend. Looking to get fucked the entire weekend. Thinking about going to Flex New Years eve night. Then will hit up Tokyo one night. Then plan to go ass up face down with a blindfold on a couple days at Red Roof Inn. Are there any bars that have backrooms that allow fucking? Wouldn't mind having guys line up behind and fuck me one after another.
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