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Salem, Oregon Party Pig Looking for Top Breeders

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I'm a discreet 54 yo white masculine Btm cock pig, 5ft 9in, 220 lbs, 36in waist, blonde/blue, some body hair, 6in cut and pierced cock, Pierced nipples, and a few tattoos. I have some Leather, BB Porn, Toys, and a Talented Mouth.

I'm into a wide range of men and activities. Anything from a Casual JO Buddy and/or parTy playmaTe, to a Freaky Sweaty Hot Orgy. Just be Masculine, discreet, and Drama free.
Oh!!! And I go Batshit Crazy while sucking a tasty Cock or getting Fucked while being filmed.

I'm looking to possibly host or meet at a bookstore 6 a.m to 1 p.m. Mon thru Fri

Fuckbuddy Wanted-001.jpg





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  • Similar Content

    • By Bolithouk
      Some true and some fantasy you decide. My first post so hope you’re all kind. 
      Part 1
      I grew up in a VERY Christian family where marriage and kids was the only way to go. 
      For years I lived the “straight” lifestyle but the only fun I had was with my trusty right hand and porn mags as the internet was not around then. Every programme on tv that was gay orientated I’d tape and watch time and time again. 
      When I was nearly 30 I decided enough was enough and came out to my parents. They were actually fine about it and allowed me to be who I wanted to be. 
      The first night I went to a club was in St Helens. It was great all these guys and gals there kissing and dancing. 
      A few guys came over and said hello but then backed off. I didn’t know why what was I doing wrong? Then the barman told me it was because someone had told them I was with the police. Ok I was but did that matter? Yep all down to trust. 
      Weeks went by before they started to open up. There was a really cute twink couple that kept chatting me up but I was really looking for someone older. 
      Along came Steve he was about 30 too. A nicely build Blond haired blue eyed trolly dolly with British Airways. Woof was he nice and he pressed all my buttons. He flattered me so much I was putty in his hands and afterwards we went back to his place. We wasted no time and soon we were both naked and making out. He wanted to fuck me and I wanted him too. Condoms were not mentioned. The lube came out and after fingering me for a while, that drove me crazy as it was the culmination of my fantasies for years, he got me to rub it all over his cock. He was about 7 inches and not thick so when he slid it in it went in fairly easily. Was I happy oh yes. He started slowly and after about 10 mins started getting faster and harder. He hurt a bit being a bit rougher but I knew it must get better and it did. After about 30 mins he started grunting and moaning and then pulled out. “Thanks that was great he said and then I better go as he was up early on the New York flight!” What an anticlimax that was. 
      I drove home with a bit of a smile as I had finally taken a cock and it was raw.
      After that he kept making excuses and I decided good riddance to him. I found out he did this to everyone and he had so many notches on his belt you couldn’t count them. 
      After that I made some good friends and off to Manchester we all went.  The New Union on Canal Street did a stripper every Sunday and I was in for a treat I was told. 
      In we went a few drinks later this big black stripper came out and started his routine. He must have been about 25 and 180lbs at least of pure muscle. When he finally pulled his thong off I burst out laughing. It was SO SMALL! I nearly got kicked out. 
    • By cum4cubber
      Game Time: Prelude
      Jake, Sean, and Owen were bored. The three friends were all in their early 30’s, and the usual hook-up apps and casual sex were no longer doing it for them. They were frustrated, and even with all the hot Chicago men at their disposal, they all were craving something new. Something more adventurous. Something that makes a good story.
      The three friends couldn’t be more different from each other, both in physical description and sexual conquest. Up to this point, Owen was a serial monogamist. Throughout his adult life, he was always the friend in the long-term relationship, who had a partner, who had the tame vanilla stories to share. He was a medium height ginger, formerly a twink that has evolved into a lanky yet sexy nerd. Equipped with a medium girth, veiny 7.5” cock, Owen has been exclusively a top for the last decade. And Owen is on the rebound. After spending the bulk of the last decade in closed relationships and having his heart shattered by discovering his last boyfriend in bed with a passing-through pilot, he is itching to finally have a bit of a slut phase.
      At the other end of the spectrum, Jake has never had a long-term relationship, and has no desire to change this. When he’s not working out at the gym, Jake likes to offer up his hole as a cum dump to anyone that might need a tight hole to unload. Anonymous dark rooms, adult bookstores, glory holes, bathhouses – these are all perfect playgrounds for Jake. With a bottle of poppers and a shot of lube always in his pocket, Jake is prepared at a moment’s notice and perpetually cum-hungry. Jake always has a story or ten for Sean and Owen that blows their minds and hardens their cocks. Fairly muscular, Jake is the type of guy that gets mistaken at first for having “top energy,” but he has no interest in topping whatsoever. A perfectly trimmed beard and impeccably coiffed hair top off his cut physique. That being said, even with taking multiple loads most days, Jake is still looking for a bigger thrill.
      Then there is Sean. Sean is a 5’11” cub with scruffy and dark hair who is highly involved in the kink community. With a love for leather, Sean is a bottom verse when fucking, but loves to fist a nice hole. Sean has a prolific Instagram filled with thotty pics of him in jock straps, harnesses, pup hoods, and body suits (and surprisingly has only been reported twice!). That said, for all the gear and toys Sean has collected over the years, he has gotten into a rut with his scenes. Being a very picky person that meticulously plans, it takes a lot to get an invite into Sean’s playroom. This pickiness, however, has led Sean to be somewhat frustrated with his sex life. Despite all his followers online and his likes, he is jealous of Jake’s ability to just let go and enjoy sex wherever, whenever.
      Based on their personalities, it is obvious why Sean and Jake were surprised one day when Owen made an interesting proposal over brunch at their favorite diner.
      “I think we should play a game, kinda like a truth or dare, but only dares.” Owen blurted out to the other two. See, Owen was itching to let it all go and slut out, but his guilt complex needed someone else to pull the trigger for him. He dreamed of having a dominant man tell him what to do and how to be a cumpig, but he didn’t want to trust just anyone. So, who better than his best friends Sean and Jake to control the fate of his slutty coming of age?
      “Oh? Like what? Daring you to dye your hair blue? Or actually show up late one time somewhere?” Jake asked, poking fun at Owen’s obsession for perfection.
      “No, like, sexual dares. Like we set up scenes for each other, send time and location, maybe minimal instructions, and then we must carry out the dares from each other.”
      Sean was so shocked at the suggestion he choked on his coffee. Jake, however, could see exactly what was happening. His dear tightly wound friend needed a release and was ready to let it all explode. A huge smirk spread across his face. His mind was already reeling at what trouble he could prescribe for his dear friends. He had plenty of favors to call in to give Owen exactly what he was craving.
      “Wait, why?” Sean inquired.
      “Well, it’s rare that all three of us are available at the same time, and what better way to celebrate the three of us being single than helping each other explore our kinks and expand our horizons. Plus, think of the stories we will have during brunch.”
      “I’m in.” Jake interjected. He’s already hard under the table thinking about this. He never would have predicted Owen would make this suggestion, but he is happy he did.
      “So, that is two of us. Sean, it’ll be fun… and you always say I need to be more adventurous and spontaneous.” Owen added.
      “Fine, let’s see where this goes.” Sean gave in.
      “Perfect, the first set of dares have to be executed in the next two weeks. We know each other’s schedules pretty well, so that will help. Let’s start clockwise. Jake, you make a dare for me. I will make a dare for Sean, and Sean dares Jake. At any time, we will text each other at minimum a place and time. Little more instruction if need, but not too much. And any extras we might need to bring. And if this works out, we go counterclockwise and dare some more. Sound good?” Owen said.
      “You had this all planned out before even getting here today, didn’t you?” Sean responded.
      “Of course, you know me.” Owen answered.
      “Well boys, let’s have some fun with each other. No limits here, this is going to be good.” Jake added.
      And with that, the game began. The boys continue their normal brunch conversation, but each of them starts planning what mischief they can get their friends into over the next few weeks.
      To be continued…
    • By Cockdumb&Cute
      I wanna be used for days as a Bareback Cumdump/ChemSlut...COLLAR ME, LEASH ME, CHAIN ME, USE ME, TOUCH ME, FUCK ME, BREED ME!!!!!!
      I am party friendly- I especially love being on g h b...I will be used however you decide, by whoever you decide and as often as you decide ect...limits will be discussed ahead so I will only be able to answer with "Yes" and "No" will most definitely NOT be an option. 
      Ideally a regular thing to happen at least once(or more, ideally) every month.
      Looking even further ahead, should you choose to pursue this direction(I.e. relationship/dating me..Ect..)it could eventually ecome a PERMANENT thing(i.e. - I relocate/move in with you as your FUCK-PET/MAID/SEX-SLAVE.
      I live in Cambridge Ontario, 5'11"-6', 163lbs, toned/slim, Poz-Undetectable, BB ONLY, BOTTOM ONLY, Power Bottom/Cockslut, Chem Friendly, Party Friendly....Let me know.  You can pick me up asap.   Hmu & ask for my number to txt.
    • By earlystart
      Hey guys I've been reading hot stories for longer than I should say so I finally decided to try writing one myself. Let me know what you think!
      I woke up on the morning of my birthday to find a bunch of texts from friends and family. I read Mike's first. "happy birthday boy maybe now we can meet :)" I was already hard when I woke up but that got me stroking. I met Mike on Grindr a few months before when I downloaded the app on my phone and said I was 18. I was curious and I couldn't wait. I had to see it for myself. I put up a pic of my smooth chest. I also cropped one of my swim team pics so you could only see me and just from my neck down. I was wearing my speedo. Mike messaged me and we started to chat about what I was interested in doing. I think he could tell that I wasn't 18 pretty quick so during that first conversation he said "so when do you really turn 18 🙂?" I came clean and let him know that I was 17 and a total virgin. I had made out with a guy on the team at a party once and I loved that but we were both drunk and never talked about it after. Mike didn't ask to meet that first time the way some of the other guys who messaged me did. He took things really slow and I really liked him. When he did mention meeting he said that we had to wait until I was 18 but if I still wanted to meet when my birthday came around he would be willing to show me everything I wanted to experience and some things I probably didn't know about yet. He let me ask him about anything I wanted even stuff that I was scared of. He said he wouldn't judge because he wished he had someone to ask when he was younger. Over the months that we chatted he basically knew all of my fantasies. Most people would say they were pretty vanilla but I didn't really know what was out there. But the one thing that I found so hot that I was scared to share was how much the idea of incest got me off. I don't know what it was because I actually was not attracted to anyone in my family but thinking about a father and son messing around always put me over the edge. Mike said it was normal and there were ways to explore that without messing around with actual members of my family.
      Mike was 42 the same age as my dad. He lived alone and was never married or had kids. He had two pics on his profile. One was a body pic. He looked fit like he took care of himself but not like a big muscled guy who goes to the gym all the time. The second pic was of his entire body but fully clothed in what looked like an outfit my dad would wear when he went to work. Button down shirt and pants. But in the pic he was also wearing a baseball cap and was looking down so you still couldn't see his face. All these months he never asked me for a pic of my face. I think he knew I was scared to do that. I wasn't out yet to anyone and I didn't want anyone to find out. So I didn't ask to see his face either.
      After I thanked him for the birthday text he asked me what I thought about meeting IRL. Was I ready? I said I think I was as long as we go really slow and maybe not do everything the first time. Could we just meet and hang out and maybe just watch some porn and leave it at that? I developed a lot of trust in Mike those months and knew that he would be the kind of guy that I would want to be my first. He said of course we could take it slow. That's the best way because there's no rush. We made plans to hang out at his place that weekend.
      The anticipation over the next few days made me the horniest I had ever been. We actually didn't even message each other until that Saturday. "You still up for coming over and hanging out a bit?" I told him I was as the anticipation turned to nervousness. He sent me his address. He was really close. I knew from Grindr that he was not too far but I didn't calculate what that might mean. I could bike there and be there fast. We decided to meet at 3 so I could finish this one lab that I had to turn in that was already late. He told me to text him when I was about to leave my house so when I did I told him that I was really nervous. He texted me back immediately like he knew I would say that. "I understand. Everyone's first time doing anything can make people nervous. We are just going to hang out. No pressure. You told me you smoked pot before and like it right? We can just kick back and smoke a little to relax us." He was right. Nothing was going to happen this time. We were just going to meet and put a face to the last few months. What if one of us thought the other was ugly? Maybe he wouldn't be attracted to me and I had to be ready for that. I texted back that I was heading over.
      That was the longest bike ride I ever took. Now that I was on my way, I just wanted to get there. But I got to his house and started shaking. I couldn't control it. He told me to bring my bike into the back so that it would be safe left alone. I parked my bike right by his back door and then knocked. He didn't answer right away and while I waited I thought there was still time to get back on my bike and go home. But I couldn't move. And then I heard the chain on the door and then it opened. Mr. Kelly, my 10th grade math teacher stood in front of me. "Hi Jake." I couldn't speak. My only thought was that I was in trouble. Now everyone would know. But Mr. Kelly is gay? He was one of the chill teachers at school that everyone loved. I never thought he could be gay but I guess I never really thought about my teachers actually having lives. He was smiling as though he was not surprised that the person who was at his door was a student he had just a couple years ago, who was still a few months away from graduating. "uhhh Mr. Kelly? I'm so sorry...I...this is a mistake...I won't tell..." He reached out and held my arm. "It's ok. Come inside and let's talk." He pulled me gently and I followed him into his house.

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