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    Salem, Oregon, USA
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    Leather, Porn, Anonymous Hook-Ups, Bookstore and Theater Sex, Raw Masculine Cock, Being filmed and/or photographed while being Fed and plowed, Raw group Sex Parties, Chem Parties, Chem Sex, Cruising Public Bathrooms, Parks, Beaches, etc. then getting used in the stalls or bushes.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Poz/Undetectable for 22 years. Very healthy, Horny, and a Proud Pig Slut for Raw Cock.
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    I have worked as a studio intern many years ago (Early 90s) in San Diego and Palm Springs, California. Which, to my complete enjoyment, included the duties of Entertainer Preparation (AKA "Fluffer").
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    I like 'em Big and Small, Str8, Gay, Bi and Curious, Age is not a half-hour, as long as you're Legal and not Geriatric. Just be Healthy, Clean (as in Hygiene), Chem & 420 friendly, Drama free, discreet, and not Possessive, Abusive, Psychotic, or Needy. Mutual respect for person and space is important.

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  1. I'll be on the prowl for a Bookstore Hook Up, tomorrow, Monday, February 10th, in Salem, Oregon. Looking for parTy Tops that want to get Spun and Sloppy with me.

    HMU if you might be interested.


  2. Damn! I'm so freakin Horned Up right now! Unfortunately, I live in a town populated by nothing but Fellow bottoms. The one or two Tops that do live here are in such high demand, they're exhausted by the weekend, and we're left with internet porn and a giant bottle of lube!

    I Need a Stiff Cock inside me, filling my guts with his hot juice!!




    1. Fillitup57


      o fuck me with that cock and pa


  3. I'm a discreet 54 yo white masculine Btm cock pig, 5ft 9in, 220 lbs, 36in waist, blonde/blue, some body hair, 6in cut and pierced cock, Pierced nipples, and a few tattoos. I have some Leather, BB Porn, Toys, and a Talented Mouth. I'm into a wide range of men and activities. Anything from a Casual JO Buddy and/or parTy playmaTe, to a Freaky Sweaty Hot Orgy. Just be Masculine, discreet, and Drama free. Oh!!! And I go Batshit Crazy while sucking a tasty Cock or getting Fucked while being filmed. I'm looking to possibly host or meet at a bookstore 6 a.m to 1 p.m. Mon thru Fri
  4. I'm looking for a weekday morning Fuck Buddy, someone to come over to my place, watch some porn, maybe parTy a little, then see where it goes from there. With any luck, the place it goes, is the place where everyone ends up sweaty and sticky, my guest (or guests) are satisfied that their fluids were well drained, and I feel full of those said fluids. Maybe we could add a little fun by filming the action. Or hell, we can even just stroke ourselves and/or each other while we watch some Hot Porn.

    So, who wants a Cum Pig to worship their Cocks, Balls, and Ass with his Tongue? Who wants to pump load after load into my very willing guts? 






    Fuckbuddy Wanted-001.jpg

  5. I need a horny Top Man come over here and take care of my ass! I need a couple wet loads dripping down my thighs and cheeks.



  6. one hot fucker you are!  

  7. Wow! I had no idea at all that so many men actually feel this way about their Ass! I am totally Opposite of Damn near every single one of you. Don't EVER call my Ass a Pussy, Cunt, Boipussy, or Mangina! I will get the fuck up and walk out on you ... Regardless of how good the Fucking is! You see, I'm gay because I LOVE MEN ... I am in no way effeminate, nor am I in anyway sexually attracted to anything/anyone that is. I understand that this is a very personal choice for many Men, and I totally respect that. It's just not for me. And I feel just as strongly about my choice and opinion, as I'm s
  8. Horned up, and looking for breeder!

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