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    bug chazing, gift giving, sex, some wild, some mild, cigars, pup play, leather.
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    Cigar puffing pig that is poz, willin to take and give loads.
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    Bareback sex, both with those who are and are not

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  1. I was 21. The man was older, red hair, and a projectionest in a theater. He had me hide after he closed up the theater, and then let him in. He fucked me long and hard, and a bit dry, building up and shooting his load right into my ass. After that I decided never to use a condom ever again, was hot and enjoyable and one that I would repeat many times.
  2. Have hotel for a week, looking to service and take loads, out in Grapevine Tx.
  3. Have hotel for a week, looking to service and take loads, out in Grapevine Tx.
  4. Made a connection the other night and it was something I needed. Had not been in a horny mood, then lately have been in a restless and horny mood, wanting to top and fuck. Talked to a guy on bbrts, and he came over. He got down and sucked on my hard cock, and liked that I have been drinking a bit of beer, so you can guess what all he got in addition to my cock. I did not take out the 0 ga pa or the ampallang and let him go at it. We moved to the room that I had ready and we did a bit of oral, then when I was ready, he got into position and then I started to fuck him, and went balls deep, thick and hard, thrusting like there is no tomorrow. I shot a large load in him as deep as I could and then kept thrusting after to make sure it was going to keep and be in deep.
  5. When I get fucked raw, I like to keep it in as long as I can. It helps getting things in and letting things slide out. I also get off on fucking a hole with cum in it already, the feeling of it coating my cock, oozing out and down the balls is a real turn on as well.
  6. You have to decide for yourself. But if they are insistent on you fucking them, then make it very clear in the email exchange that you are HIV POZ and play raw, that you will not use condoms, you will not pull out and that there is a chance that they may end up with HIV. I have found that most neg guys who contact me on A4A or bbrts, tend to only look at a few stats and not want to see a persons status. But here is the other question for you, what if the person has in their profile, when it comes to HIV the answer does not care. Would you still be willing to fuck them? In this day and age, if a person is going to bareback, or engage in sex, they should also be willing to accept the risks and be under the belief that the person they are having sex with may have some STD or multiple STD's.
  7. The only real way to know if you are hiv poz or not it to go and get tested. The symptoms that you describe could be any number of things, and there really is no way to tell, beyond medical testing if it is or is not.

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