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The smell of piss


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It all started many years ago. I had a straight roomie who played soccer. Anyway one day we were giving each other a hard time. He was joking around and threw his jockstrap and it hit me in the face. And I noticed that it smelled  sweaty and pissed. I guess some guys piss a little while running around the field. Anyway it turned me on that smell of dry piss. Then later on I got to see him change one day at the beach and he had this huge fat Colombian dick with a huge head. I start sniffing his jocks, underwear, and gear. ( when he was away) It turned me on and made me cum harder. We only lived together for one year. But  to this day I love to have a pair of underwear or sweaty jock in my face. My favorite is a construction worker who I met at a taco stand in LA he put his sweaty white Calvins over my face with a hot piss stain in the crotch while he drank vodka and fucked  me raw and deep. The smell of piss turns me on. Is this strange?   For me it has to be the right amount and fragrant sweet and sexy. Also one time a leather daddy put my face in a urinal at a leather bar and plowed me while I sniffed the piss smells.  

[think before following links] https://assets.s3xstatic.com/bz/uploads/monthly_2019_11/E1A51CCF-83F2-482E-AFD6-15151008706F.jpeg.40d56f17bb0abe8555a33a9aaf6a34f2.jpeg



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I love the smell of drying/dried pee so much. It just makes me feel hot and horny. A couple weeks ago I wore a top's pee home. It was in my hair and on my body and clothes, and I loved it. I didn't wash my clothes for a week until my room stunk so bad that it was making the hallway smell. Otherwise I'd still have them in my laundry basket so I could sniff them whenever I want.

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Hi Just want to say that I wonder if I’m addicted to the smell of mens piss. If I find it in a public mens toilet not flushed but still warm sitting there golden yellow then I splash it over myself and wear it on my jeans on my hoodie in my hair.It’s such a cosmic turn on its insane - I just want it more and more. Am I addicted ?


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The smell of stale piss on the floor as you're being fucked raw in a public toilet is such a turnon for me.  I used to love cottaging in the dirtiest toilets I could find & stripping in the cubicle, smelling the aroma on the floor and walls from the piss.

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