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  1. Yes-I try to meet where ever guys hang out and just let them piss on me. They laugh and spit too, soo degrading, that's why i do it. I luv being degraded.👠
  2. 13 year old to my dad and neighbor-they said I was a fag and made one. Never was sad-luv cum and fuck from start.
  3. Wow! Never had that problem-I just whore on the streets and give my bod for free-half the men fucking whores are POZ. Maybe cum to U.S. and try it.
  4. The time I was stealthed was about 15 years ago-Some time later found I was POZ! Greatest 2 days in my life. Now-I never care about the man being POZ at all!
  5. Spit I luv it as a lube. A raw dick covered in spit is the hottest there is. Nothing between my hole and a man's meat! Mmm-give me spit.
  6. I luv drinking piss. I luv being a urinal. When a guy shoves his hose in my mouth grabs my hair and pisses-so many different tastes. If he smokes, uses pot, or dinks I can taste it. Best of all is the look of disgust I get from a guy. He knows i'm worthless and I do to. I luv when they humiliate me and piss on me and leave me on the bathroom floor of a bathhouse, stinking of piss and wanting more.💋👗👙
  7. Deep in my hole with his throbbing meat spewing his thick seed. I luv the slime feeling the feeling of being nothing more than a breeding bitch.💊👠
  8. I'm a living urinal. I can't get enough piss in me or on me. Anyone is free to turn me into a piss bucket. Just let me know when and where. Group pissing is best, I luv licking it off gound while being fucked!
  9. Didn't need hospital, but had fever, sores and was sick. Luv being POZ. I luv getting infected time and time again. I'm now drug resistant.
  10. [Admin note: this comment was broken out of another thread where I had mentioned that I was developing new sites and the content on here would eventually be moved to those other sites. But the the question of "free speech" and "freedom" comes up a lot and is worth a separate discussion.] What, if any, are the limitations going to be on this site for discussion-total freedom, or more PC skirting!
  11. No & Yes-I don't get "hypnotized" but as I get set to go out and whore, they help reinforce my excitement!
  12. As a fag pain is what happens. I've no say-my only reason for existing is to provide dom bulls pleasure.
  13. I've been filmed and had photos taken countless times and have no idea where or what has happened to them. But as a faggot I have no say. If you find it post it.
  14. Yes-luv how it smells, but the taste is divine-being a toilet is the best there is to show how worthless I am.
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