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  1. [Admin note: this comment was broken out of another thread where I had mentioned that I was developing new sites and the content on here would eventually be moved to those other sites. But the the question of "free speech" and "freedom" comes up a lot and is worth a separate discussion.] What, if any, are the limitations going to be on this site for discussion-total freedom, or more PC skirting!
  2. No & Yes-I don't get "hypnotized" but as I get set to go out and whore, they help reinforce my excitement!
  3. You are just soooo cute!💄👙👗

    1. FAyre


      XXXX Thank Suze :)  Keep on bottoming for guys :)

    2. SuzeFagRag


      Always! MMMM😛👠

  4. As a fag pain is what happens. I've no say-my only reason for existing is to provide dom bulls pleasure.
  5. I've been filmed and had photos taken countless times and have no idea where or what has happened to them. But as a faggot I have no say. If you find it post it.
  6. Yes-luv how it smells, but the taste is divine-being a toilet is the best there is to show how worthless I am.
  7. I've never found a top who cared-tops know if you are fucking dump and just use you. After a prior load means they don't need lube!?
  8. I am changing my sexual status on all my IDs to Faggot!. I am a faggot and it is how I see me and want others to see me.

  9. As a bottom pig I luv have a dinky-dickie, it looks better in panties, but I adore huge hung tops to rip me open.??
  10. Have another thought about how porn has saved me. I was in a fast food joint when I saw a "cute" little girl in a flashy skirt. All I could think about was how her panties must stink from her toxic leaking hole. 

    Porn has turned me into a total homo-pig! I used to like both boys and girls-now all I can think of is how icky-disgusting female holes and saggy (all females are saggy) meat bags are. 

    Anyone else feel this way? I hope so. I luv Goddess Porn!👠:*

  11. I luv being a masochist-pain makes me feel alive. I luv having cigarettes burn my useless dick and balls. It's so hot being duct-taped to a chair and having my tit meat sewn together. I've had my dick stapled shut and my nut sac stapled over it. Then I was jerked and couldn't cum. The staples made me cry-but I wanted more. I've had nails in my tit meat and needles in my balls. I've had tacks in my ass then had it paddled. Pain-I luv it.!!??
  12. When I was 15 I had a crush on a teacher-he was hot and well built-yes-he took me and used me like a piece of shit paper and laughed at me. I cried-and then-I became his pig! Age is meaningless-fuck is all!!
  13. I have thought about a topic that was posted on which Hollywood Celeb I would pig for. Idres Elba-What a hunk-huge cock and balls-Black as Night and hard as steel. I would sell myself to be his living slave-his share of reparations for past wrongs. I would be his human toilet!


  14. Makes no difference-a cock and cum are all I want-age doesn't matter.?

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