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    Dana Point, CA
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    Wild, Kinky Pig Sex!
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Closeted and married (to a woman). Experienced safer play piggy. I'm looking to bare back with tops or other pig bottoms that are Poz undetectable.

    Love to give as much as I get, lately it's been all about fisting and piss, so any so cal Dom Tops hit me up.
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    None, but really want to do some rough play on cam while hooded and leathered up. I need a top or tops to make this happen for me!
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    FF, WS, poppers, chemsex, bdsm, cbt, leather, nipple play, rimming, giving deep throat oral and face fucking, sounds, electro, breath control, man smells, pits, uncut cocks, toys (the bigger the better), groups, taboo.

    I really need some fist work done. I want a good punch fucking and really want my rosebud pulled out.

    Bring on the parTy and let's get really wild!

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  1. HornyInDP

    Piss Fuck Vids

    Hot as fuck! A good piss fucking is what every bottom deserves 🐽
  2. HornyInDP

    London Layover Hookup

    Hey all, Im going to be in London for a layover at Heathrow on Sunday 25NOV starting @ 10PM - 26NOV until 12 noon. I'd love to find a hot dom top or another kinky vers guy to play with for the evening. Check out my profile and let me know. As an FYI, I have already booked my tickets so I'm confirmed to be there.
  3. HornyInDP

    Blame her / Praise her

    Very relateable...
  4. Thanks for the follow! 🐽

    1. BBiker4Fun


      Would love to connect bud!

    2. HornyInDP


      I need to get out to PS sometime soon! DM and let’s chat and see what happens.

  5. HornyInDP

    Are you capable of monogamy?

    @sthrnguy I’m in the same boat most guys say they’re into kink but freak when u really get into it. If you’re eve im SoCal hit me up and let see how far we can push each other. 😈🐽🐽
  6. Yep, I lay in the bath tub and piss straight into my own mouth. I love to imaging a hot leather day standing there over me feeding me.
  7. Rude/inconsiderate people and poor basic hygiene. Just have some basic manners and common sense. I love man smells to a certain degree, but when it goes beyond musky/hot and moves to I haven't showered in 2 weeks, I'm gonna have to pass.
  8. HornyInDP

    Bottoms getting hard

    For me, it varies. My cock gets its hardest when I'm being pounded by a hot top. However thats not always the case, some time I get really focus only having my hole please, so I usually soft but with a constant dribble of pre-cum and I'll cum hands free. So it just depends on the situation.
  9. HornyInDP

    Length or Girth

    Thicker the better love that stretched, full feelings
  10. Thanks for the follow. Great hole and love the pa!

  11. I would say naked first and leather second. It just feels right both ways.
  12. HornyInDP

    Bred in Bondage

    For me it is definitely mentally freeing just like @ErosWired stated. I have a high stress job and the ability to let go and give up control of your mind and body to a firm handed master is so relaxing. My favorite thing is to be hooded/blind folded, on my back , legs in the air with a spreader and my hands cuffed to my ankles, head hanging over bed. My previous master started me like and taught me the joy of giving in and being used...I miss his firm hand.
  13. HornyInDP

    Rigid Hard versus Hung

    Totally agree hung cocks that are semi rigid are the best to suck because i can basically just swallow them down my esophagus. As for small and rigid, I agree there too, from average down to small I feel like they get rock hard all the way down to the tip. So if they have a big mushroom head you can really feel it pop and stretch out you hole. These are just my opinions, but to be honest hard or soft, big or small, if it’s a dick, I want it in me
  14. HornyInDP

    Bottom diet

    Omg I’m all my years of bottoming, I never once thought of taking Imodium to keep things together. Thanks guys great time! 👍🏼🐽😈🤩
  15. I love bottoming and taking as many loads as I can and get extremely aggressive for more dick when I get going. I’m masculine and believe in men being men and fucking each other to get what a man needs. That’s the best part of being a piggy slut is that you get to be with other MEN and be testasterone driven for each other like two hungry animals.

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