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    Dana Point, CA
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    Wild, Kinky Pig Sex!
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Closeted and married (to a woman). Experienced safer play piggy. I'm looking to bare back with tops or other pig bottoms that are Poz undetectable.

    Love to give as much as I get, lately it's been all about fisting and piss, so any so cal Dom Tops hit me up.
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    None, but really want to do some rough play on cam while hooded and leathered up. I need a top or tops to make this happen for me!
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    FF, WS, poppers, chemsex, bdsm, cbt, leather, nipple play, rimming, giving deep throat oral and face fucking, sounds, electro, breath control, man smells, pits, uncut cocks, toys (the bigger the better), groups, taboo.

    I really need some fist work done. I want a good punch fucking and really want my rosebud pulled out.

    Bring on the parTy and let's get really wild!

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  1. HornyInDP

    Drinking my Piss

    OMG one if my favorite things to do. Great minds think alike! I always drink my own and others when I party, but also love regular drink from my own tap.
  2. This is one if my bucket list items, especially while chem’d up. Anyone in SoCal wanna help me make this happen?
  3. HornyInDP

    Best age for starting sucking cocks

    I started when I was 8 I sucked an older friends dick at a sleep over, he was 12. I didnt hesitate when he pulled it out, I’d always known I wanted men sexually. He didnt come the first time but after that we spent a lot more time together. I spent the next year sucking him every chance I could get.
  4. HornyInDP

    How Rank Can clothes get.

    The smell of a mans filthy musk is intoxicating and make the sex that much better. I love being soaked in piss the smell gets my dick hard. Im also of fan if public bathrooms. I’ll stand at an unflushed urinal rubbing my cock all over the rim and dipping it in old piss to jerk off. When im done i make sure to splash a good amount on my underwear to smell later. 😈
  5. Once in ABS drank from the tap and got hosed down by two different guys in the same afternoon. 🍆💦💦💦😛
  6. HornyInDP

    how many loads can you swallow?

    Adult bookstore 16 guys in 2 hours. I left work early, wife was out of town. Swallowed 13 loads, 3 on my face and chest (I was naked in the booth huffing poppers the whole time), drank two loads of piss from the tap, and had some of each sprayed all over me. Place emptied out after the lunch crowd died down. When I left I proudly walked out with cum drying in my beard and stinking like piss. Clerk winked and chuckled as I walked out the door. Didn’t shower that night when I got home, jerked off, shot a huge load and ate it (I always do 😉) and rolled over after and went to sleep happy. Best time I’ve ever had at ABS to date.
  7. HornyInDP

    Update since starting BB 4 months ago.

    Wish i could have a sex pleasure palace!
  8. HornyInDP

    Had my first gang bang last weekend.

    Give us the scoop!
  9. 😘 Thans for following!


    1. HornyInDP


      Right back at ya cutie!

  10. HornyInDP


    Love to felch a loose, sloppy hole with big lips. Also love to be felched by a dom top who will spit it all back in my mouth while I watch. Love the taste and the smell, the feeling of it being pushed out and rushing onto my eager tongue as his hole pulses open and shut. Never felched multiple load from different guys out of a single pigs ass, but it’s on my short list. 😈
  11. Thanks for the follow! Would love to play some time and get piggy.

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    2. evilqueerpig


      LOADS of fun.....wanna swap cum/piss with you!

    3. HornyInDP


      Mmmm...that would be amazing, piss and cum in my ass and mouth. Maybe a fist or two?

    4. evilqueerpig


      Sounds like a plan!

  12. My vote would be to go back to the mid-70s at the height of disco and drugs...hit the bath houses and take on all cumers!
  13. HornyInDP

    Making Him Piss Himself

    This is one of my biggest fantasies!
  14. HornyInDP

    First Fuck Location

    Part 3 We went into his bedroom, and I laid down on the bed. I had never felt so sexy or wanted by another person in my life. I had been with my fair share of women to this point so I was no stranger to sex in general. But this was different. I was so relaxed and ready for anything. Now I’m sure many of you are calling bullshit. That there is no way this was my first experience, but it’s totally true. I remember is so vividly just like it was yesterday. At this point in my life I had soooo much pent up gay sexual energy that I was at a point where I would do just about anything for the feeling being with a man was giving me. Which in hindsight probably wasn’t the smartest thing but I was so aroused and blinded by passion I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to. I had only been chatting with this guy for a few week. He could have been a totally psycho for all I knew, but I was too far gone to care so i basically convinced myself that this was going to be a one time only thing and that I should open to anything. I guess being on here telling you all my story you can see how well that went. Anyway, back to the fun... As I laid on the bed he again said that I needed to trust him, and again I blindly did. He pulled a blindfold out of the Rubbermaid bin and put it on me. He handed me the poppers, told me to lie down on the bed face down and relax. He pulled my hips up a bit and place some pillows under the so my has was pointing up in the air. I could feel the cool air on my asshole as he pulled my legs apart. I hit the poppers again and Inwas flying. I heard him rummaging around in the bin. He can to the head of the bed, gently grabbed my wrists and told me don’t freak out. He was very gentle during our entire encounter never making me feel rushed and always reminded me to tell him to stop if I didn’t like what he as doing. He secured my wrists together with a set of soft restraints, I was so high on poppers that I didn’t even think twice. I then felt home tie the restraints to a rope and heard it pull tight agains the headboard. I hit the poppers and drifted into a sex starved haze. Next he put a ball gag in my mouth and tightened It behind my head. He started rubbing his hands all over my naked, vulnerable body. He reached under my hips and gave my cock a few firm strokes, commenting on how much pre-cum was leaking out. He move to my cunt and began to finger it, first on them two fingers slid in easily. When he pushed in a third I pulled away a bit as my hole had never need stretched like that before and he withdrew. Continuing down my body to my legs and feet massaging me which only made my cock even harder. Again I heard him taking something out of the bin. He spread my legs wide and secured them with a restraint on each ankle. When I tried to move a little I felt a bar keeping my legs spread wide. I hit the poppers and and felt my hole warm up and twitch. He slowly ran his hands all over my body stopping at my ass to smack it, harder each time. I was groaning with pleasure. I never knew that the pain, though only a light swat could feel so good. He told me don’t worry he wouldn’t leave any marks for my wife to find. This went on for a few minutes until I felt something else hit my ass like a soft piece of leather. He asked me if I liked it and I moaned yeah. He brought the strap to my nose and said to take a deep sniff of the leather, the smell was amazing, he said you’ll learn to love that smell and the feeling of it on your body. My spanking came. After a few minutes of this I was writhing in the bed not knowing what to do with myself. He laughed and said I think your ready. I felt him move between my legs and rub more and more lube on and in my ass. I could hear him masturbating and felt him slapping his ever hardening cock on my ass cheeks and quivering hole. He told me to take a few really deep hits of the poppers and get ready, and that I could tell him to stop anytime if it hurt too much. He fingered me a few time and then pressed the head of his cock against my swollen lips and told me to push my hole out like I was taking a shit. I did and the head of his cock popped right into my hole. Now his cock, which I realize I haven’t described to this point, wasn’t anything over the top. It was about 6 inches uncut with an average thickness, but I was really pretty and perfectly shaped. He started to rock back and forth his cock moving in deeper and deep each time. I was hitting the poppers pretty hard by this point (this was definitely the start of me becoming a poppers piggy) so my ass felt amazing and I knew I wanted more. I was quietly moaning and enjoying every inch of it. When he finally bottomed out he stopped and held it inside me moving his hips in a circular motion. He asked me how it felt and I just grunted, he laughed a sweet laugh and said he was really glad I was enjoying myself. He started to fuck me slowly at first but he eventually broke into a stride and was pounding my hole firmly. I could hear the sound of my wet ass taking his cock and it only made me harder. This went on for another ten or so minutes and I began to feel a strange sensation deep in my ass. It was this building feeling that surged through cock with his every stroke. I was shaking and started to push back on his cock meeting each thrust. I was getting dizzy and my vision was blurry to the point I thought I was going to black out, but then it started to happen. My hole throbbed and pushed this intense feeling into my balls which then shot up through my cock like a bolt of lightning. I aches my back feeling my hole squeeze hard on his cock. We both started grunting like two animals in heat rutting. With his final massive thrust he groaned that he was cunning and I felt his cum pulse into me which pushed me over the edge, and I shot what I think was the biggest load in my life, spasm after spasm of cum forced into pillow under my hips. His slow stroking while his cock dumped every drop of him into me. I may blacked out for a moment and we just stay like that with his full weight collapsed on top of me while his cock rest tightly in my warm hole. After a few minutes he kissed my back and pulled out. I could feel his cum leak out of me as he did. He put his fingers in my hole pull out some of the cum and fed it to me, which I greedily lapped up. He then reached under my hips pulled as much of my cm back as he could and put it in his mouth, Came around the bed, removed the gag, and kissed me deeply for what seemed like an eternity. When he was done he remove the blindfold started deep into my eyes and asked me if I like it. I told him yes and we began to kiss again. He removed the restraints, I rolled over and he laid down beside. I put my arm over his chest, my thigh over his cock and nuzzled into his neck. We both knew I was hooked. We spent the rest of the afternoon making love, him showing me how to ride and suck a cock the right way, each of use shoot a few more kids until we colllapsed into a heap and fell asleep in each other’s arms. He imparted many lessons about how men should have sex and awakened something inside me that had been yearning to get out my entire life. Over the next year we spent many afternoons together and were lucky enough to have one overnight while my wife was out of town. He eventually moved to Houston to be closer to the airline hub and we lost touch. I will never forget that day (and those that followed) or exactly what his room looked and smelled like, as well as his musk and the smell of sex that permeated the room. I would love to go back and relive that day, but we all know you can never go home again. The End.
  15. HornyInDP

    First Fuck Location

    Part 2 I was in heaven. Dazed from the poppers, my cock stiff and leaking, with my ass and belly swelling with warm water. He only used half the bag, closed the clamp and took out the nozzle. He told me to just relax and let the water do it’s job. He massaged my belly, telling me how it helps the process. Alternating between my belly and slowly stroking my dripping cock. After about 5 minutes he said it’s time to “empty out”. He walked me to the bathroom, I went in and started to close the door, which he stopped with his had, saying he needed to be there to make sure everything was ok. I’ve never had anyone in the both room watch me shit and I hesitated but he said it was for my own safety. Being a total newb and nervous I reluctantly said sure. I sat down, he dropped to his knees between my legs and he told me to release the water. I was really startled, but he pushed down on my thigh and by that point it was too late as the water was coming out. As this happened he started to suck my rock hard cock. I had no idea what to do. I was in shock but it felt so good I just let it happen. When I felt empty I told him I was done and he stopped, flushed and smiled up at me. He asked if that help me relax enough to get the water out. I said yes. He said ok, handed me the poppers and said we have to be sure. I inhaled deeply again and started to push my hole outward. More water flowed, which was a bit smelly. He started to suck me again and I just went with it. The poppers had my head spinning and my asshole throbbing with pleasure as I pushed out the remaining water. He stopped sucking, and flushed again, got up turned on the shower and told me to get in. I was staring to get in the shower and said to hit the poppers again, so I did. When I was in shower he told me to stay out of the water and bend over. He lubed his fingers and slipped to of the in without any resistance. I was shocked and amazed to say the least. My hole felt so good with his fingers sliding in out out. He explained this was to loosen me up and get me ready for sex. He could have said it was to make sure my car started on cold morning because I didn’t care it felt so good. This proceeded for a few minutes until he was happy that everything was good to go. Again he took me out of the shower and lovingly dried me off while hissing my body from head to toe. Once I was dry he gave me a playful smack on the ass, smiled, and said let’s go have some fun.

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