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    Wild, Kinky Pig Sex!
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    Closeted and married (to a woman). Experienced safer play piggy. I'm looking to bare back with tops or other pig bottoms that are Poz undetectable.

    Love to give as much as I get, lately it's been all about fisting and piss, so any so cal Dom Tops hit me up.
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    None, but really want to do some rough play on cam while hooded and leathered up. I need a top or tops to make this happen for me!
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    FF, WS, poppers, chemsex, bdsm, cbt, leather, nipple play, rimming, giving deep throat oral and face fucking, sounds, electro, breath control, man smells, pits, uncut cocks, toys (the bigger the better), groups, taboo.

    I really need some fist work done. I want a good punch fucking and really want my rosebud pulled out.

    Bring on the parTy and let's get really wild!

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  1. I’ve never been in a truckers cab, have serviced a few in my time. One of my favorites was when I was traveling for work in OKC. I put up an ad on Craigslist with my room number and said the door was ajar, all were welcome pics appreciated. I turned off the lights, put my ass in the air and just kept looking for guys on my phone. I was sniffing poppers and was rock hard to begin with, but got a number of emails from guys who where in a truck stop a few blocks away from my hotel, and got really homey. I think I took at least three trucker loads and then 3 more random loads that night. No questions no condoms just hard raw sex the way god intended. My hole was full all the next day during my meetings thanks to my favorite butt plug that I can wear all day. It was one of my favorite visits to OKC.
  2. While I haven’t swapped underwear with any members, I have done so a few time before with guys I’ve hooked up with. Definitely love man smells, especially love sweaty, piss and cum stained jocks. The smell is euphoric!
  3. @MuscledHorse That place sounds like heaven. If I’m ever in Knoxville, I’m there!!!!
  4. @Sunovabesh I agree with everything you said and love being with tops that are willing to connect for a moment and give both of us pleasure. I also think that that just goes to not being a selfish lover. I will also say, as a small dick bottom I have learned to own that fact over many years. I’m a man who is now comfortable in his body and with his healthy masculinity, but love to ride a dick like a slut. That being said I truly enjoy a big dick top dominating me and making me feel small, showing me who the alpha is. The dirty talk and submissiveness are even more enjoyable if you’re both into it and are able to just let go and be a cock whore in the moment. Thanks for the post it was excellent.
  5. Im a total horny slut for usually 3-5 days a month, it absolutely feels like a hormonal heat. I just want it any way I can get it, and then after that I’m just at my normal level of constantly horny.
  6. Love to drink straight from the tap...the warm feeling of being full and the look of satisfaction that the top has as i look into his eyes while he gives a bladder full and I swallow every drop.
  7. For me it’s the musky smell and salty fleshy taste. The feeling of a cock (no matter what size) swelling him my mouth, and then pushing in the back of my throat. The amazing pop I feel in my throat when I have a man down to the base. If I’m lucky I can suck his balls into my mouth as well so I can tongue his taint. I feel complete. I feel a sense of fulfillment and joy when I had a load pumped down my throat, that nothing else in my life can match.
  8. So HOT! I can’t wait to hear about the next encounter
  9. I've only ever been film from behind when being fucked anon, so I'm sure they're out there somewhere. I would love to do a full scene while hooded with @MuscledHorse showing me the ropes while getting fisted open and then fucked deep and raw. ?
  10. Love the profile pic with the sound and clamps...very hot!

  11. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

  12. Thanks for the follow!

  13. Thanks for the follow!

  14. Hot as fuck! A good piss fucking is what every bottom deserves ?
  15. Hey all, Im going to be in London for a layover at Heathrow on Sunday 25NOV starting @ 10PM - 26NOV until 12 noon. I'd love to find a hot dom top or another kinky vers guy to play with for the evening. Check out my profile and let me know. As an FYI, I have already booked my tickets so I'm confirmed to be there.

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