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Blindfolded cumdump in Baltimore

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My husband and I are getting a room at the Holiday Inn Express in downtown Baltimore on 2/14-2/17, and we’re looking to get my hole gang fucked by as many masculine, dl tops as we can.   Message me for room number. Send a dick pic and stats to get room number. Looking to get 30 loads minimum by Sunday. 

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    • By HairyJake
      Went out with some friends last night  to a local leather bar  and ended up naked and bent over a pool table while three beefy Black men in leather vests and harnesses took turns breeding me. My friends watched and let yelling at them to fuck my white slut hole and some guys watching pulled out their dicks and started beating off. I’m still finding it surreal and not sure how I feel about it all . Knowing friends saw it and me moaning and groaning and begging them to fuck me while people watched  is hard to grasp right now.
    • By pig2usect
      Btm looking for the nastiest sleaziest sik [banned word] to host or know isolated space to drg me out and do anything twisted [banned word] or darker with me. Tie me down. Blimdfold me. And. No limits if im KO or so high im like a ragdoll not able to yell no  or able to move my arms to stop 
    • By MuscCumslut
      I'm thinking about hosting my first no loads refused cumdump session in a hotel and I'm looking for tips from any of my fellow cumdump brothers who have done this before. What do I need to know before I take the plunge. I'm neg and on Prep and get tested regularly. Any advice on how to stage it. Should I try a blind fold? What is the best way to get lots of guys to show up? Grindr/BBRT? I'd love to get some advice and learn from your experiences of doing this before. Thanks sluts
    • By LoadMyHoleOAK
      Next up was Hamburg where I checked out the back rooms of TOM’s Saloon. It was a Thursday night and the crowds seem to be dying down a bit, so I was thinking “damn, I should’ve came earlier “. I ordered a beer and started to walk around the place getting to where the dark rooms were in the back of the bar. I started walking down the narrow hallway which had cubbies on one side. Leaning against the wall was an older bear with a full beard and rounded stomach. I barely had time to make eye contact with him before he grabbed me and shoved me into the nearest cubby. He pushed me into the corner while reaching to unbutton my pants and pull them down. Once my ass was exposed, he forced my head down so that my hole was exposed and available. He unzipped and pulled out a decent size dick that I didn’t have time to prepare for before he was shoving it in me. This was literally a raw fuck with no chance for lube. The first few minutes were painful as the friction of his fuck rubbed against my dry hole. Mercifully my ass juices began to flow and the tempo increased. With each charge of his penis as he roughly fucked me, my head banged into the corner of the cubby over and over. He leaned over me and grabbed my shoulders as I went from being impaled on his dick to smacked in the corner. He didn’t care; his needs were going to get met. After 15 minutes, I began to hear some grunts and groans as his cock pulsed his load into me. He pulled out, tucked himself back in, and left the cubby with not a word to me. My ass dripping, I rubbed the top of my head and pulled back up my jeans.
    • By LoadMyHoleOAK
      Took advantage of cheap airfare to bounce around Europe during the holiday season. Had a great time getting my ass used in lots of places but there seem to be a common theme! I was used hard!
      It’s always fun to be the new guy in town that everyone wants to use. While in Munich, I went out one night to camp. I had a lot of use and fun in the cubbies that make up a part of the bar and even got fucked and loaded in the bathroom. After my hole was loose and dripping, I had a couple that commandeered me in one of the cubbies. Both guys had a nice German sized dicks which means they were thick and meaty. For a while both of them switched off using me, all while speaking in German which I don’t understand. Finally one guy took over and just went to town on my hole. He fucked me hard for a good 45 minutes while the other guy just watched him use me. There was an intensity to his fucking and for the whole time he didn’t stop pounding me. Just when I thought my legs were about to give out, his big German sausage unloaded into me. After he was done, the watcher turned to me and spoke in English. He thanked me and stated that his partner rarely found anyone that he could fuck so hard and for so long. I was very pleased to have obliged but I did need a break before starting my next round!

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