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  1. My husband and I are getting a room at the Holiday Inn Express in downtown Baltimore on 2/14-2/17, and we’re looking to get my hole gang fucked by as many masculine, dl tops as we can. Message me for room number. Send a dick pic and stats to get room number. Looking to get 30 loads minimum by Sunday.
  2. I put an ad on Doublelist, since Craigslist’s demise, and put up an ad to take any married men’s raw cock. I got a couple hits, and the first guy wanted to swing by on his lunch break. I opened up the garage door, pulled my pants down, and stood up holding a stool, until he came in. He unzipped and slapped his already hard cock against my ass. Next thing I know, he shoves it in dry. I yelp a little, but he whispers “take it, faggot. This is what you wanted”. He continues to fuck me mercilessly until he grips my hips and shoves his dick in as deep as he could, where I felt the cum pump in my cunt. Second guy lives around the corner. He also answered my ad, and wanted me in thigh high stockings, and panties, and my head under a sheet, which I happily obliged. He came in after leaving the gym, and I could smell his sweaty body under the sheet. Turned me on so much. He spit on my hole, and slid his head in. Went slow, and felt my hole grip his fat dick. It was a good 7-8 inches, and he pumped my pussy hard. He and his wife have been having troubles at home, and he hadn’t fucked in two months. He kept pumping for about 3-4 minutes, and shot his load. I turned around, head still covered, and sucked his cock. The sweaty, cummy dick tasted and smelled so good. I’m sucking hard, when he tells me to turn around again. I turned around, and he shoved his hard dick in. He wanted to hurt my hole, and he pumped for 2 minutes before he shot another load in. Pulled out, wiped his dick on my sheet, and said later.
  3. It’s amazing. I just love being a filthy slut.
  4. The older black top fucked me again, as top 2 and my husband got ready to take top 2 back. Before they left, my husband asked to suck top 2’s dick, because he needed to feel how magnificent that dick was. Turns out top 2 is dl, and has a gf and kids. His phone was going off almost the entire time he was there, dodging calls and texts from his gf. Older black top said he was cumming in me, but most of that was just piss. I don’t mind getting pissed in, but he just wouldn’t leave, and he pissed so much, I needed a shower afterwards. Finally fucked me a couple more times, then left. My husband fucks me shortly afterwards. Top 4 arrives, and he’s a skinny, long dicked hairy mixed guy who likes to get sucked. I get him hard, and he has me ride him. I can’t ride for long, my legs are pretty weak at this point, so we flip to doggy, where he pumps me until he cums inside of me. Leaves fairly quickly. I had 3 more tops lined up, when I text this guy I’m falling in love with (trying to set up a polyamorist relationship, but my husband is taking it pretty hard), and was about to get my very first gang bang. Top 5, an aggressive, young, 20 something black guy shows up, gets undressed, and shoves his cock in my throat. Pretty small at first, but he’s a grower. Top 6, a 20 something white guy, gets there, with a decent sized cock, but nothing as big as top 1’s Dick. I go back and forth to sucking these guys off, when top 5 starts to fuck me, while I worship top 6’s dick with my throat. They switch, and I’m back to sucking top 5’s dick, they switch back and forth for about 5 minutes, when top 5 says “you wanna get fucked by both of them?”, to which I replied I never had before. He directed the 6th top to lie down and have me ride him, which we did. He then proceeds to push my back so I’m closer to the 6th top. Top 5 then proceeded to slide his dick in me. It feels amazing. It probably would have hurt, had I not been fucked so much before, but I loved it. They start slow, with top 6 gripping my hips, pushing his dick in balls deep, while top 5 starts pumping my pussy faster and harder. It’s not long before top 6 cums deep in me. I can feel the cum gushing out while top pounds my hole mercilessly. Top 5 pulls out so I can get off top 6, and he can get ready to cum in me. I’m sucking top 6, while top 5 pounds me deeper and harder than before. Suddenly he pumps a huge load inside of me. I’m sucking both tops again, when this guy I’m falling in love with gets there. I start sucking him, and top 5 cock, when top 6 gets in on it. Lover tells me to get on the floor so he can eat my hole, which I gladly do. He likes blowing air inside of me so I fart on his dick, which oddly turns me on. Top 5 eats lovers hole, then starts fucking him, while lovers eating me out. I start sucking top 6’s dick, until he wants to fuck again. Top 5 fucking lover, top 6 fucking me, then they switch. They fuck us both for quite some time, until top 8 arrives. Top 8 is a fuzzy, built black top, 8-9 long, and thick. I start sucking him, while everyone else focuses on fucking lover. I start riding him, but couldn’t do it. My legs were really shot at this time, so top 5 tries to ride him, but he’s not into other black guys at all. So I start sucking him again, when top 5 starts fucking me again. He blows another load in me, when the other tops start to leave. My pussy is literally throbbing at this point. Top 8 and I start fucking doggy again, but I can’t take his dick. So we switch to on my back, where he continues to make me have anal orgasm after oral orgasm, until I can’t take him anymore. I start sucking his dick, until he starts jacking it. He does this until he’s ready to cum, and I jump back on his dick again, and he pumps a huge load in me. I get off, after every drop is inside of me, when I start sucking his cock again. I’m sucking his dick almost non-stop until he leaves, and he is very happy with the results. Moral of the story is, I’m addicted to getting dp’d hopefully many more times to come.
  5. So my husband and I have set up weekly breeding schedules for him to cuck out in front of as many anon raw tops as possible, while I’m blindfolded, and yesterday (12/3/19) was the biggest night to date. I’ll go into detail from the beginning, starting at 7:30 pm, and went on until 2:30 am. The night began with a married top who has only fucked and bred one ass (mine) once, to date, and came back for round two. Our roommate had literally left for work 5 minutes before he walked in. He took off his clothes, and fed me his semi-hard cock til he got rock. He spit on his dick and rammed his cock into me, but kept going soft. I have a feeling it was because of an audience, so he couldn’t perform. So I began to blow him until he blasted a huge load down my throat. His balls were massive, and his cock was a thick 7. After he finished, my husband went to grab top #2, when an older gentleman arrived. I blew him until my husband and the other top got back. I then switched to the 2nd top, where I blew his dick. This dick almost broke me. It was literally the biggest dick I have taken to date, being at least 13 inches, and 8 inches thick. We started fucking on my back, where we had to stop and start several times. The older gentleman finally stepped up, and shoved his cock in my very wet, and sloppy pussy. He nut. Fast. Not sure why, but my pussy can make most tops cum very quickly. I kept in the doggy position so the second top could fuck me again. I still couldn’t take it, so we went back to the me on my back. He kept working it in, until he started getting in some good strokes. Didn’t know it then, but I realized later he was making me have anal orgasms over and over again. We switched to me on my stomach, where he really got it in. He was pumping my pussy balls deep, with his full, low balls, and fuzzy black bush (I love black men who don’t shave their dick). I beg him to fuck deeper, which he did. He started to get sweaty, dripping all over me, when he let me know he was ready to cum. I begged him to shoot it in me, which he happily did. That dick fucked me full. At least 5-6 bursts of cum shot in me. He got up, and being the good slut that I am, cleaned his dick off with my mouth.
  6. So I’ve been chatting up this big dick bottom who works for the same company I do for quite awhile now, but it never really amounted to anything. Two bottoms does not a top make, but tonight something must have changed his mind. He messaged me “let’s do it”, so we met in the restroom in the back hallway that never gets used, and we met in the stall. Not having much time, I started worshipping his dick like I’m at my moms house, and he put as much spit on my hole as he could. I turned around and put my knees on the toilet, spreading my ass to accommodate his 9” thick dick. It hurts a little until the head pops through, and then my ass just opened up for him. He’s a bottom, so he got about 3-4 good pumps before the cum started flowing. As soon as he was done, he pulled out, licked my cummy hole, and left.
  7. Today’s exploits. So this hung married cop who I’ve given head to multiple times behind factories multiple times decided he wants to fuck. He only fucks with condoms, so I agreed. He asked me to pick them up, and I did. I begged him to fuck me raw, but he kept refusing, so before he got to the abandoned house, I decided to tamper with the condom. I took a safety pin and poked some tiny holes into one side of the condom. I headed over to the back yard, and wait for him. I brought a towel to lay across the central air unit, and waited for him. It couldn’t have been more than 3-4 minutes when he finally walked around the house. He looks so sexy in his uniform. Thick, built, late 30’s, sporting a dad bod, and his dick sat just right in his underwear that the bulge was all I could look at. He unzipped his pants, and pulled his dick out, and it was beautiful. Thick. Veiny. A good 7” not even hard yet. I took it in my mouth, and began to worship that dick like never before. I was so excited that I was finally going to get fucked by him, my dick started leaking. I worked that dick until it was so hard, I had a hard time deep throating it. I pulled out the condom out, and put in on the head of his dick. Then I started pushing the condom down his shaft with my mouth, and keep gagging on it to get it all wet before this big dick starts fucking my pussy. I get up, with my hand holding his cock like a leash to the AC unit, and spit into my hand. I’m only in flip flops, a hat, and my jockstrap at this point, while he’s still in full cop gear, with his cock hanging out. I can feel it throbbing through the condom. He wants this pussy bad. I put one knee up on the unit, with the other still planted on the ground. I use one to cup my ass, while the other one to help keep my balance, and he does something I wasn’t ready for: he started eating my hole out, and I gasped. I don’t know what it is, but dl guys know how to eat some boipussy. He does this for about two minutes until I beg him for his dick. Like I said, it’s thick, so he starts very slowly until my hole starts to loosen up some. It’s a little clumsy at first, but once he finds him rhythm, I’m in ecstasy. He’s fucking me really sensual, until I gasp to pound me harder. He starts pounding me, but pulls out suddenly. He was about to cum. I grab his dick, feeling it throb hard. I coach it back to my hole, rubbing it up and down, and he whispers “oh fuck”, I run my nail against the tip, hoping it might snag a pin prick and make it break when we start fucking again. I get on my back, and he stoops down pushing the tip in my now loosened pussy. He closes his eyes, and his mouth is wide open. I think I might be his first boy he’s ever fucked. He starts getting back into his rhythm, enjoying it. He opens his eyes and stares at his monster married cop dick fucking this boihole. He likes it. He grabs my legs and starts pounding hard. I get ready to start moaning, so I clutch my mouth to muffle my moans of passion. This dick feels amazing. He asks me to start riding him. I prefer missionary or doggy, but I figured I’ll do anything for this dick. I start riding him side saddle, and he’s loving it. Clutching my thigh with one hand, and my ass with the other. As he’s pounding my hole, I hear it. The condom broke. He whispers “oh fuck”, and tells me to get off. I’m still stroking his dick with my velvet like hole. I said “are you sure!”, and the answer was yes. I keep pumping a couple more then get off. I start sucking his dick, begging for him to fuck me raw. Asking if it felt good, he said yes. He finally said fuck it. He tells me to bend over, so I did and he starts pounding my swollen hole. He pounds my hole like he’s hate fucking me. I just gasp. I want to moan so bad, but it’s only noon, and I don’t want to draw attention to us. All of a sudden he whispers “fuck”, and just stops. His fingers tightly digging into my hips. He’s about to cum. He starts trying to pull out, but I grab his ass, and tell him to breed me. He whispers, “yeah? Cum inside of you?” And I quickly beg for it. He unloads. I don’t know how many days it’s been since he’s cum, but he just kept cumming. He quickly pulls out, and grabs the towel, but I grab his hand, and shakily get on my knees to clean his dick off with my mouth. He’s literally dumbfounded. Just keeps muttering “damn”, over and over again. I get up, put my shorts back on and said, “let’s do that again soon.” With winter approaching, I’m going to miss my little cum dump area.
  8. Same. That’s the point of being a cumdump. Take any and every load I can. Unless they smell. I can get over ugly.
  9. Tonight’s escapade. So last Tuesday this guy who lives 2 miles from me came and pounded my boipussy behind the house, messaged me and wanted to meet me again tonight. He had a friend that wanted to come too. Me being the cumdump slut that I am obliged. Went back there, and a few minutes later they both came back. We started making out, me dropping to my knees immediately, took both of their dicks in my mouth. The guy I fucked last week bent me over the junk in the backyard, and started eating my pussy. Said he wanted to blow some air in it, and have me push the air out while he was fucking me. While he prepped my pussy with spit, (I always prefer spit over lube), then the other top started to face fuck me. It’s one of the thicket dicks I’ve ever had. So the first top starts fucking my hole. Asking if I was his good little cumdump, slut, etc. He pumps my pussy until he almost had to cum. He pulled out and smacked my pussy. He then said your turn. So the other too goes around to my ass. He starts sucking on my raw whore pussy, and calls me a good slut, and my juicy pussy tastes good. He gets up, and pushes me down. He then proceeds to stick his hard cock inside me, hard. He didn’t try to ease it in, he just mounted me. It hurt, a lot. The other top held me down it hurt that bad. He kept fucking, while the other top told me what a good little cum pussyboy I was. I started sucking his dick for a few minutes, before he gave his buddy the sign, and moved to blow his load up my pussy. He keeps pumping til he knows he’s drained, and let the other top start fucking again. The first top went back to my face and made me clean his cummy cock off. Suddenly the other top moaned he he’s about to cum, and he did. He filled my guts, with cum dripping down my wrecked hole. He pulls out and starts eating my stretched out cummy hole. He gets up then they pull their pants up and tell me to lay there until they’re gone. I pull my jock strap and shorts back up and walk home. I’m keeping these loads in me all night.
  10. You’re not lying. I’m wanting more and more loads in me every day.
  11. Hot. The only thing I’ve done that came close to this was when I was face down, ass up, and took 6 loads. God I miss those days.
  12. So the house next door to me caught fire earlier this year, and the owner has literally done nothing with it. The back yard is pretty closed off from prying eyes. I live on one side, the house on the other side is empty, and for sale, and the garage obstructs the view from the house behind it. Since I don’t live alone, me being able to host is pretty slim, and most of the guys on Grindr around me are middle eastern and black, so most are dl/married. So this guy hits me up one morning, and since I couldn’t host, I decided to try the backyard. We walk back there, and he whips out his big dick. It’s got to at least be 10” long. One of the longest dicks I’ve ever had. I start sucking him, and get his dick wet from spit, then he slowly slides inside of me, and starts pumping my cunt. I start to cream on his dick, which seemed to turn him on, he starts pumping deeper and harder, and then goes balls deep, and I feel it. His dick is throbbing, and his nut is filling me up. We’ve done it back there a few times since then. A couple days later, the kid who mows my lawn was over. He’s sexy af. 18, slim, with a big dick, if the bulge in his basketball shorts is to be believed. I always try to be in something tight around my ass when he’s over, even though I’m sure he’s straight. One day, on a particularly hot day, he came up and asked for some water. I got him a bottle, and looked down, and his dick was rock hard. Like so hard, you can almost see everything. I start to blush, and he said “I need some head. You think you can help me oki?” Since my roommates were home, we went over to the next door backyard, I pull his Dick out, and it’s beautiful. It’s at least 8-9”, and really thick. I had a hard time getting a lot of it in my throat. I’m sucking his dick, when I take my mouth off of it to ask, “you wanna fuck?” He took a second or two to say yeah. He asked for a condom, but since I only fuck raw, I don’t have any on me. I keep sucking, thinking we’re not gonna fuck because of the condom, when he says bend over. We go to the central air machine, and I bend over. It’s thick. It hurts, so I flip over on my back. I don’t know why, but it always goes in easier that way. He slides the tip in, and starts to slowly open me up. I’m a total slut. I’m tight, but once I’m opened, you can pound me as deep and hard as you want. So we get a good rhythm going, and that’s when I hear him mutter “oh fuck.” I knew he was close, I whisper “cum in me, baby. Give me your babies.” He starts to pound it now, and cums. Loads. I mean, when I say he cummed, I mean it was a huge load. Literally was leaking down my legs, there was so much of it. I get back on my knees, and clean his dick off with my throat. He pulls my head in down on his dick, and says “thanks. Don’t tell anyone.” Now we come to today. On Grindr, and another black guy who we’ve chatted with before, hits me up, asking if I’ve been loaded up yet. I hadn’t. I work nights, and wake up in the early afternoon. He asked if he could give me one. I gave him the address, washed my hole, and headed over. He pulls his already thick dick out. 9” long, and 7” thick at least. I’m sucking him, thinking “he’s going to destroy my hole”, til he’s rock hard, and I pull my pants down and bend over. He’s taller than me, and has a hard time getting it in. I start sucking him again, lubing that dick up, then bend over again. He gets his head in, and starts opening me up, getting a little more in every time. We get him in all the way, when I start to cream. Guys love it when your ass creams, idk why. He’s pumping deep, with a good rhythm now. I start cumming without even touching myself. This has only happened once before, this turned him on, and he pushes his dick in as deep as he can. I whisper “cum in me”, and that’s all it took. He started pumping his nut in me. He pulled out, and I started worshipping his Dick again. He puts his thick dick back in his underwear, gets in his car. I get in mine, grab dinner, and here I am with his load still in me. More stories to come of my backyard escapades.
  13. Met a guy on Grindr today. He came over, while my roommate was asleep and my husband was getting the oil changed. Came to my garage, bent me over some boxes, then fucked me til he pumped every drop of cum in me. Pulled up his pants and left.
  14. Not sure. There would be days where I’d get 3-5 in a day

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