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    A nerdy cumpig who loves taking anon loads in my cunt. Would love to become a model for Treasure Island Media.
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    I’ve been fucked by Jay Austin, and Daddy Ali Jay raw in Vegas. Jay Austin has me on his only fans page.
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  1. Been watching a lot of videos on pornhub of guys getting catfished at these gloryholes, so I decided to try it myself. Posted an ad on Doublelist that we were a a married couple, (said I was and my husband wanted to watch men get serviced and bred. So my husband and I got a room for the night, and decided to make a makeshift gloryhole with some cardboard tape, and started to arrive. We started getting ready, while my husband sat in the room, to make sure no one kicked my ass. I got about 15 replies, with 10 who showed, so this was a pretty good night. First guy arrived, an
  2. My husband and I are getting a room at the Holiday Inn Express in downtown Baltimore on 2/14-2/17, and we’re looking to get my hole gang fucked by as many masculine, dl tops as we can. Message me for room number. Send a dick pic and stats to get room number. Looking to get 30 loads minimum by Sunday.
  3. I put an ad on Doublelist, since Craigslist’s demise, and put up an ad to take any married men’s raw cock. I got a couple hits, and the first guy wanted to swing by on his lunch break. I opened up the garage door, pulled my pants down, and stood up holding a stool, until he came in. He unzipped and slapped his already hard cock against my ass. Next thing I know, he shoves it in dry. I yelp a little, but he whispers “take it, faggot. This is what you wanted”. He continues to fuck me mercilessly until he grips my hips and shoves his dick in as deep as he could, where I felt the cum pump in my cu
  4. It’s amazing. I just love being a filthy slut.
  5. The older black top fucked me again, as top 2 and my husband got ready to take top 2 back. Before they left, my husband asked to suck top 2’s dick, because he needed to feel how magnificent that dick was. Turns out top 2 is dl, and has a gf and kids. His phone was going off almost the entire time he was there, dodging calls and texts from his gf. Older black top said he was cumming in me, but most of that was just piss. I don’t mind getting pissed in, but he just wouldn’t leave, and he pissed so much, I needed a shower afterwards. Finally fucked me a couple more times, then left. My husband fu
  6. So my husband and I have set up weekly breeding schedules for him to cuck out in front of as many anon raw tops as possible, while I’m blindfolded, and yesterday (12/3/19) was the biggest night to date. I’ll go into detail from the beginning, starting at 7:30 pm, and went on until 2:30 am. The night began with a married top who has only fucked and bred one ass (mine) once, to date, and came back for round two. Our roommate had literally left for work 5 minutes before he walked in. He took off his clothes, and fed me his semi-hard cock til he got rock. He spit on his dick and rammed h
  7. So I’ve been chatting up this big dick bottom who works for the same company I do for quite awhile now, but it never really amounted to anything. Two bottoms does not a top make, but tonight something must have changed his mind. He messaged me “let’s do it”, so we met in the restroom in the back hallway that never gets used, and we met in the stall. Not having much time, I started worshipping his dick like I’m at my moms house, and he put as much spit on my hole as he could. I turned around and put my knees on the toilet, spreading my ass to accommodate his 9” thick dick. It hurts a little unt
  8. Today’s exploits. So this hung married cop who I’ve given head to multiple times behind factories multiple times decided he wants to fuck. He only fucks with condoms, so I agreed. He asked me to pick them up, and I did. I begged him to fuck me raw, but he kept refusing, so before he got to the abandoned house, I decided to tamper with the condom. I took a safety pin and poked some tiny holes into one side of the condom. I headed over to the back yard, and wait for him. I brought a towel to lay across the central air unit, and waited for him. It couldn’t have been more than 3-4 minutes whe
  9. Same. That’s the point of being a cumdump. Take any and every load I can. Unless they smell. I can get over ugly.
  10. Tonight’s escapade. So last Tuesday this guy who lives 2 miles from me came and pounded my boipussy behind the house, messaged me and wanted to meet me again tonight. He had a friend that wanted to come too. Me being the cumdump slut that I am obliged. Went back there, and a few minutes later they both came back. We started making out, me dropping to my knees immediately, took both of their dicks in my mouth. The guy I fucked last week bent me over the junk in the backyard, and started eating my pussy. Said he wanted to blow some air in it, and have me push the air out while he was fuckin
  11. You’re not lying. I’m wanting more and more loads in me every day.
  12. Hot. The only thing I’ve done that came close to this was when I was face down, ass up, and took 6 loads. God I miss those days.
  13. So the house next door to me caught fire earlier this year, and the owner has literally done nothing with it. The back yard is pretty closed off from prying eyes. I live on one side, the house on the other side is empty, and for sale, and the garage obstructs the view from the house behind it. Since I don’t live alone, me being able to host is pretty slim, and most of the guys on Grindr around me are middle eastern and black, so most are dl/married. So this guy hits me up one morning, and since I couldn’t host, I decided to try the backyard. We walk back there, and he whips out his big di
  14. Met a guy on Grindr today. He came over, while my roommate was asleep and my husband was getting the oil changed. Came to my garage, bent me over some boxes, then fucked me til he pumped every drop of cum in me. Pulled up his pants and left.
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