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i would love to get together with you. im a total bottom, no loads refused. i will take care of many tops, bare back. i will be a woman in my little nighty for all.

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    • By tomwills
      Hey 😈
      23yo cumdump taking loads at EasyHotel in Leeds Sat & Sun day and night.
      Door latched open, head down, ass up and lubed, lights off or on, blindfolded anon, up to you. Fuck, dump and go.
      Snapchat t_wills96 or will be on Grindr as Hotel Cumdump
      See you there 😉
      Tom x

    • By FillMyManhole
      Hampstead Heath early evening sweltering day lightweight shorts commando singlet so hot. Plenty of guys cruising few familiar faces found a log squatted drank water heard trees rustle went to look 3 guys are hard at it shorts on ankles. One guys arms tied around a tree other 2 taking turns barebacking him. 
      I continued thru trees saw 3 guys naked clearly buddies beckoned me over in their late 50’s early 60’s next thing my shorts are pulled off I’m giving 2 of them head they had PA’s. The 3rd is rimming me his tongue full of saliva really deep inside my butt my pucker is clenching writhing with glee.  He then puts a saliva wet finger in slowly stroking my prostrate I gasp follows with two in same slow stroking of my prostrate my mancunt is writhing squeezing them in me saying more, more a third follows he then withdraws. 
      Do you wanna be used boy from other 2 who start dirty talk my mouth full of cock I frantically nod. The guy pulled his shaft out of my mouth said they shared a flat close by we dressed.
      I was offered a beer we sat chatted about what we were into all on PreP regular STD checks they’d had Cialis (type of viagra) works fast about an hr or so gave me one.  One returned from a room had huge ringed nipples wore studded metal jock held a body harness, cock ring, I put ‘em on the other 2 went came back in Leather they had the PA’s large thick cock rings( one had huge hung balls) nipple studs bar vests.
      Next am in a playroom had everything from cage, fuck hoarse even stocks shelves loads of toys  manacles, spreader bars next wrist ankle cuffs fitted I’m  in a sling arms & legs up wide apart mirrored ceiling and walls cameras hooks my cock was rock hard they then sprayed it and theirs to stay so.  One says “this boy is my cum those are theirs” they all held small bottles my hole was loobed with it so was his shaft slid easily into my hungry mancunt slowly thrust in/out then heavily pounded me I was in heaven squeezing his shaft working it with him his balls slapping my ass another was fitting chain tit clamps on me a cock entered my mouth I could taste the sweet cum sucked it like mad cleaning swallowing he squealed with joy.  One guy said call me Sir another said I’m Boss obediently replied OH YES. The guy shafting me was really power pounding me “you like that boy yes yes”. 
      Sir was btwn his legs filming his cock in and out of my mancunt cld see it in the mirror then one after the other they loobed their cocks with their cum fucked me another filming then their cocks sliding over my tongue deep into my throat to clean suck off cum I couldn’t get enough.
      3rd guy came over unhooked my arms/legs removed my harness lifted me over his shldr slapped my cheeks  hard next my front was  over the Lthr fck horse legs spread, arm cuffs hooked to sides. I could see all in the side mirror A “SLUT” paddle in his hand saw it in mirror want a glowing butt boy PLEASE then thwack b4 long my ass cheeks glowed! He tied a cord hanging from ceiling round my balls and cock hauled ‘em up as his PA’d cock slid over my tongue to back of my throat he thrust it in and out “enjoy it boy” I delightedly complied.
      Other 2 came over unhooked me am on the Lthr bed ass in the air elbows down my cum loobed mancunt welcomed  a funnel a bottle poured cum in minutes later am being dble fkd guy laying on bed me on top he’s thrusting my hips back/forth their cocks the PA sending my hole and prostrate into ecstasy one standing gasps ejaculates loads of cum in me I felt it his cock up and down  like a yo yo pulls out my pucker felt within seconds the other guy entering his PA hit me he power plows me seems for ages I moan with pleasure the guy on bed shouts shoots load of cum in me so many ejaculations.  It loobs up the other ones PA cock that is hammering me faster he sure can fuck my prostate causes me to gasp with glee & shouting more more eventually he cried out my mancunt savoured every drop of his cum . I’d had my days creampies!  One by one my tongue cleans their dicks of cum then on my knees again elbows down ass in air they each felch me after their tongues in my mouth we snowball I swallow. My rock hard cock is given head I come Boss’s tongue then empties the cum in my mancunt.  We collapsed on the bed, Would I like to stay? YES PLEASE.  
      In Lounge they poured drinks 2 tops one vers’ and me 100% sub slut btm. They were into amazing kinks liked to have an oiled up orgy use toys speculums you name it seemed they did it. Not brown blood or serious pain. I told them had over the years had fun in sex Clubs used in Berlin, France mostly USA BDSM where anything goes. I so regretted not going to PlayPit in London as nobody cared about your body it was what you did with it. I have a bit of a tum. They all went there said it was the sluttiest kinkiest BB sex place. PreP regular STD checks we agreed made sex great. Couldn’t wait for next day!
      To be continued………

    • By Bokkierob
      I met a 30 something muscle bear off scruff. I agreed I would suck his balls dry. when I got to his he was naked except for his jockstrap - massive bulge. I serviced his bulge then got his cock out - not the longest but he ws so fukkin thick with a big 4skin. I put my mouth round his shaft and started sucking. I must have been doing something good cuz he was groaning and grunting and holding my head on his cock pulling my mouth further on to his shaft till my nose was buried in his crotch. he told me he hates coming on a dude's face and he needs to cum in my mouth and swallow. then he asks if I'm ok if he holds my head so I don't pull off -I said yeah won't be a problem. I've been sucking cock for years. so I'm working on his shaft and massaging his balls. his breathing gets shallower and I can tell he's getting close. he grunts that he's gunna cum, he pulls my head on to his cock and his first jolt of seed hits the back of my throat - now it's not just a squirt - it's like I'm sucking on a meaty super soaker - that's followed by at least 8 more powerful shots - I haven't swallowed yet so my mouth is full of sperm. finally I start to swallow it all down. he thanked me and told that was the best blow job he had. I told him he was the most powerful shooter ever to cum in my mouth. I still blow him bout once a month. I still haven't met a man who can shoot such a huge load
    • By nantzjt
      Hey all! Wondering if there were any tops in the middle TN area looking to breed a hungry ass! Would love to find someone to help set up a gang bang as well!

    • By cumbox
      cum breed my throat and man-cunt - available anytime W/E locale - here or a place of your choosing - public or private

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