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    Swansea IL
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    Being converted from neg to poz. Aids loads, Collecting STDs, generally just getting fucked is hot. I like to be filmed getting fucked and enjoy being watched. Live cams are hot. If anyone is interested in phone sex or texting hit me up to exchange numbers.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Horny bttm here. I love to be bred and been doing it since my teen years.
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    Amateur porn with a friend, but open to do more or try professional porn. I have done some live cams.
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    Top gift giver. I'll take HIV, AIDS, and any STDs.
    The dirtier the better.

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  1. Well a buddy of mine is going in today to find out if he has hiv. If he comes back poz we plan on having sex all night with him seeding me several times. 

    I have been unlucky many times before bit hopefully this is the one. Wish me luck fellas

  2. BgChsr35

    At what age did you first ejaculate?

    I was 14 and it was when I was seeded raw for the first time.
  3. Well met a guy who is detectable and not on meds, he seeded me and now I'm holding the nut in. 

    Hopefully it takes.

    I'm so excited.

    1. Guest


      lucky you I can't wait for my turn, I want to get knocked up so bad.

    2. BgChsr35


      It's taken me years of searching, with very little luck. 

      Crossing my fingers

  4. BgChsr35

    Diabetes And HIV/AIDS

    Type 2
  5. Hey Dickluva, I'd love to communicate. 

  6. So I have been chasing for half my life with no luck so far. I have talked to a few people that say I might be "immune" to the gift. I don't think it's likely however I have been very unlucky in receiving HIV. Am I really immune or am I doing something wrong. I don't know if it's my imagine or what but I have been with a lot of undetectable guys and several who claim to be detectable. Any thoughts?
  7. BgChsr35

    Porn Producers

    I was just wondering if there is any porn producers in the St. Louis area. I've heard they made a law against it but also heard that it is still going on. Just wondering if anyone had any info on the subject. I am a bottom guy and would love to be on film in a real movie.
  8. BgChsr35

    Ever gone full blown AIDS?

    I've been chasing since I was younger and still neg so I'm thinking maybe I need a guy with full blown aids in order to convert. Idk maybe I'm wrong.
  9. I forget to post a story about yesterday. It's kinda amusing to me.

    So I was with a friend on Chaturbate and I was bent over a chair getting fucked. We went from 11 ppl viewing to over 821. I'm not kidding 821 was the last number of viewers I saw. Anyway for over an hour he was fucking me and fucking me hard when suddenly just before he is about to cum in me we get kicked off. Why you asked, apparently someone or someone's complained about us hogging the server and said something about me being underage. 

    The only thing I can assume was because you couldn't see my face, and I think people were getting mad because we don't except tips we play for fun and free so guys were watching us and not going to other camers and tipping.

    Anyway just a fun but true story.

  10. I wonder how many guys on here actually have full blow aids. I see a few posts here and there but not many.

    I was thinking there should be a section dedicated to FBA guys. Maybe I can find one near me. 

    Not a lot of gifters in my area, most are either fakes or flakes.

  11. BgChsr35

    Personal information

    Right on man thanks. I really don't want to break any rules.
  12. I was trying to look through the rules about posting such personal information like putting my phone number in my profile. Is that a no no or is it ok for me to do? I want ppl to be able to contact me but sometimes it takes a day or two before I can log back in. Thanks for any help.
  13. BgChsr35

    Best darkrooms in the USA

    My first real gangbang was at "The Club" in STL. In the porn room blindfolded.
  14. BgChsr35

    Getting blown with an audience

    I'm always up for ppl watching me suck or get bred. The more the merrier I say. Doesn't matter in public or private. My favorite part is hearing other guys cheer me on and comment as I swallow and take a load.
  15. BgChsr35

    Craziest Public Sex Stories

    I have to say I have had sex in many many public places, however my favorite was when I was 19ish a buddy told me about a bridge down by the Mississippi River on the STL side. I ended up getting fucked and seeded by two homeless black men in mid afternoon.

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