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    Being converted from neg to poz. Aids loads, Collecting STDs, generally just getting fucked is hot. I like to be filmed getting fucked and enjoy being watched. Live cams are hot. If anyone is interested in phone sex or texting hit me up to exchange numbers.
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    Not Sure, Probably Poz
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    I have taken 5 unmedicated tops since Jan so probably poz by now. Hopefully gonna get this Aids guy soon. Horny bttm here. I love to be bred and been doing it since my teen years.
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    Amateur porn with a friend, but open to do more or try professional porn. I have done some live cams.
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    Top gift giver. I'll take HIV, AIDS, and any STDs.
    The dirtier the better.

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  1. Depends. Fantasy V Reality. Of course 18+. Not worth risking jail. In fantasy the age basis is from the scenario im thinking about.
  2. Isaiah Maxwell. He usually does interracial teen porn. He has a biohazard tattoo on his chest and a huge bbc. Love watching him tear up some pussy.
  3. I have a fwb i hookup with occasionally and it sounds weird but he loves for me to say racial slurs and he knows im not racist, but it makes him harder and drive deeper. He is a very hung black top and as long as it gets him going i guess im down. Anything to please the top. Not really my thing but i do it when he asks me too.
  4. Love to be filled deep by a poz top that gets dominate and makes me take their load. Verbal is big for me it sets the hole mood. Dislike: a top who is verbal online then barely talks in person. I dont hear very well on my right side so i need the communication.
  5. Poz talk Chemsex/pigs being pigs Incest My ultimate is when a top tells me true stories of there conquests. Love the feeling of getting pounded while they tell me all the dirty things they have done. Knowing the cock that is breeding my hole has done some dirty things always gets my hole wet. Specially poz talk.
  6. I agree and disagree. I dont think im picky per say, but if im into something like idk BB i dont want to be lumped in with a bunch of guys who are safe only. On the other had what grinds my gears are guys that are "open to anything and anyone" as long as it fits in this small box of criteria, then get all snooty when you message. Communication is key. Dont say "open" if your not. But for all i know it could just be Illinoisians.
  7. I can only speak for me in my area but it seems the apps are allowing ppl to be more open about what they want or are into. Mostly due to filters and hashtags and such that can help specify. It has def made it easier for me at least. Plus things that were shunned 10 years ago are becoming more acceptable. Idk.
  8. Also i get that there are some people that would blow off a message like i was talking about and not everyone would go back to read the rules. But for one took me over a month before i could even see what my mistakes were. Two i have reread the rules and saw what my mistakes were. I did that in one day.....what. Crazy!
  9. I get what your saying but it would seem to me to be more beneficial to keep up traffic. If i got a email or ANYTHING saying hey man your posting topics in the wrong place...link to said rules. Delete or have me move my post so a REAL lesson could be learned. Not banning me for ridiculous amounts of time. I doubt it takes them any longer to be a little more helpful and more adult when someone makes mistakes. Also in my opinion if it seems someone is being dickish i will call them a dick. If it hurts their feelings ilk get them a tissue. Its what i do. I was banned because i was answ
  10. I have also been looking around at other info here and there. And a small chance i am immune but other factors such as diabetes and a few of my other health issues can also play a factor in how my body absorbs the virus or lack of. In no way am i from the medical field so i cant say im accurate or even reading it correctly so. Still interesting. Could be i am poz and my meds give me false readings. I dont know for sure.
  11. I dont really hookup thru this site...but it happens a lot on other sites. Gifters talk a nasty game online and when it comes down to it they are just not sure. Or the other end of "open for anything no discrimination". Then its oh well i only like this type. Your to old. I dont like guys with beards. So then dont put open to anyone. Im just bitching now.
  12. I have to admit i do love this site. Stories are great, ive talked to a lot of ppl with similar interests so i know im not alone. But i do have to say the moderator(s) are way to damn harsh. I have made a few mistakes ill be the first to admit it. Posted wrong topic wrong forum. Most the time i blame the vodka and me simply not paying attention. But a month banned and 15 days without being able to comment. Now your just being a dick. Calm down guys there has to be better ways to handle things. Hope this was right forum for this topic. Dont want to banned again.
  13. So did you get the fuk flu yet?

  14. Woof

    1. bottombehr


      Did you get fuk flu And covert yet

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