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Benelux looking for poz tops

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Looking for poz tops in Benelux area, travel everywhere, would love to be converted and try it on chems

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  • Similar Content

    • By putitinmecoach
      This is the time I hooked up with 3 bears in one night.

      I was cruising Scruff for older men looking for a younger twink like myself. You know the types, pale, lean, smooth with very little hair, tight round asses. I found one older guy, Mike, who was looking to fuck someone like me. He was white, fifty-four with a beefy rugby-style kind of build and a self-described "dominant verbal daddy" type. He was perfect for me. We started chatting about all the ways he would "fuck my tight twink ass" and how I would "deepthroat his thick daddy dick" when he messaged me to come over Friday night. So I accept and jack off thinking about what fun I've gotten myself into.

      A few hours before I went over to his place, he tells me that there's been a change in plans. He told a couple of his friends about me and he thought it would be interesting if he shared me. They were both beefy tops, one white, Tom, and the other Latino, Carlos. I immediately responded that I was definitely up to the challenge of handling three top daddies at once. Soon I arrived at Mike's and he tells me to strip as soon as the door is closed. I obey.

      Mike starts by kissing me and feeling my body all over, his tongue overpowering mine and his beard rubbing against my shaved face. Tom and Carlos undress while Mike continues making out with me, running his hands over my ass. Tom and Carlos approach me naked where I kiss Tom while Carlos feels my body from behind, his fingers rubbing and prodding my hole. I switch to kiss Carlos while Tom feels me up.
      Mike comes back over and orders me to my knees.

      "Suck my cock," he demanded

      I suck his cock like he commanded. It was a very thick, beer-can thick, nine-inch cock. It was so large I had trouble sucking on it. Mike pushed my head all the way to the base. I gagged as his cock filled my mouth and throat. Tom and Carlos jack off close to my face while I sucked Mike, occasionally rubbing their cocks on my face, their warm pre-cum leaking on to me.
      I switch to Carlos' cock. It's just as thick as Mike's but a little shorter. It doesn't take long before he pushes on the back of my head to fuck my throat.

      "I am so incredibly turned on right now", I think to myself.

      After a few minutes, I switch to Tom's cock. His is skinnier than the other two, but just as large as Mike's but with an oddly big cockhead. Tom leaks a lot of pre-cum and likes pulling out of my mouth to rub it on my face as if to claim that he will be fucking me. After a while of switching between the three, sucking them in the ways they like, Mike goes and grabs an exercise bench and places it in the middle of the room.

      "Lie on your back," Mike ordered me.

      I do as I'm told and Mike comes over and stands right above my face, his hairy balls and ass inches from my nose. He orders me to suck his balls. I do as I'm told. His musk smells so manly and intoxicating to me that I almost cum right then and there. I suck his balls for a few minutes before he moves a few inches forward as his balls rest on my chin now, his asshole right above my mouth. I had never rimmed an ass before, so I'm hesitant for a moment.

      "Lick daddy's ass, boy. Be a good boy for daddy," he tells me.

      My dick is diamonds right now. I do as I'm told and I start licking and tonguing his ass. Mike start moaning, clearly pleased with his boy's work. Suddenly, Tom starts rimming my ass too, occasionally slapping it as well. I'm moaning and leaking a lot of pre-cum right now. Tom gets my ass nice and wet before he lubes up and places the tip of his cock at my hole. Mike backs up and positions me so that my head is hanging off the bench. He places his cock on my lips and commands me to lick his cockhead all over. I obey. Carlos is jacking off and watching the scene unfold before him as he waits his turn. Mike begins to gradually move his cock in and out my mouth, thrusting deeper and deeper down my throat. As Mike fucks my throat, Tom enters my ass. I squirm not used the sensation of a large cock fucking me.

      "Good boy," Mike says. Mike gets into a rhythm, slowing moving his cock in and out while Tom gets into his own rhythm. They spit roast me at a faster rhythm. I'm feeling incredible now.

      At some point, Mike stops and switches places with Carlos. Carlos immediately starts to fuck my throat aggressively, fucking me all the way down his shaft. I'm enjoying every minute of it and I moan like hell at every thrust. Tom starts fucking my ass faster and faster and more aggressively than when he first started. Tom moans and I feel his hot load spurt inside me. After a minute, he steps out and Mike steps up.
      Mike slaps his cock on my hole a few times, making me moan, my hole tender from Tom. Carlos stops for a second and Tom places his cock at my mouth.

      "Open up, boy," Tom commands. I refuse.

      "I don't really like ass-to-mouth," I say.

      "You want daddy's cock, boy?" Mike suddenly says as he slowly rubs his cock back and forth on my hole, still leaking cum from Tom.

      "Yes, daddy," I reply.

      "Then you better clean that cock, boy" Mike demands. Tom grins as I open up and he places his cock in my mouth.

      "Place your lips tighter around it, boy," Tom tells me. I obey and I clean his cock.

      Mike slaps my ass. "Good boy," he tells me, as he continues to tease my hole.

      Carlos reenters my mouth and I focus on becoming the best fuckhole I can be. Mike slowly enters me and I squirm and whimper. His cock definitely feels bigger than Tom's. Mike shushes me and rubs my thighs and presses on, pushing deep into my ass. Carlos keeps fucking my throat, his musky balls slapping against my face with each thrust. Mike waits until I've stopped whimpering and slowly starts fucking me. For a minute, I'm still in pain from the size of his fat cock, but then I become more accustomed to it, and as it starts feeling better, I find myself in an incredible state of arousal I've never experienced before. Mike starts fucking me faster and more aggressively, dirty talking like a pro as he fucks me. I feel so dominated by these men and it feels so good.

      They both spit-roast me hard for about 20 or so minutes and then they both start getting close.

      "You want daddy and his friend to cum in both your holes?" Mike asks. Carlos pulls out for a split second so I can answer.

      "Yes daddy, please cum in me," I tell them, meekly. Carlos goes back to fucking my cocksucker's throat.

      "Good boy," Mike says.
      Mike and Carlos fuck me even faster and more aggressively than I've seen yet. Tom is hard again and is jacking off over my lean chest. They all get closer and closer until Mike finally lets out a loud moan. He cums deep into my ass and I feel his cock gushing load after a load of cum inside of me. Carlos cums right after Mike and I swallow his load to the last drop, like the good slut that I am. As I swallow all of Carlos' cum, I cum all over my chest, a white-hot explosion erupted from my cock. Tom cums all over my chest shortly after.

      We all sit in the afterglow for a minute or so. Mike chuckles to break the silence.

      "That was fun," Tom says.
      Everybody agrees. I ask to use Mike's shower to get cleaned up.
      As I bathe in the hot shower, I hear a knock at the door. It's Carlos. He opens the door to the bathroom and enters the shower.
      "You know, with all the excitement, I didn't get my turn with that sweet ass," he tells me coolly.

      He's ready for round two. He starts grinding on my ass, rubbing his cock up and down my crack. He kisses me hard and deep, his tongue swirling around mine in my mouth. I kneel down and lick his cock. Up and down, moving my tongue and stopping at the head to swirl it around. I move to get ready to suck it and I slowly go to the base. He's gentler this time and doesn't force my head down. He lets me work. His moans muffled by the sound of the shower.

      "That's a good boy. Right there," he moans.

      I deep throat his cock and hold it there for a few seconds. I gag and come up for air and he kisses me again.

      "Now bend over and let me eat that ass," he tells me.

      I do as I'm told and bend over. His tongue swirls around my hole, probing it deep. I moan and grab his head and force it deeper into my ass. His tongue goes deeper and I moan louder.

      "Shhhh, not so loud," Carlos tells me.

      I place my hand over my mouth as Carlos starts to poke my tender and wet hole with his cock. He pushes his head in and lets it sit there.

      "Do you want the whole thing?" He asks me.

      I nod my head. He slams his cock into me and I'm taken aback. I let out an audible gasp as Carlos is balls deep inside me. He slowly starts working his rhythm, getting faster and harder with each thrust, grunting as he fucks me. He keeps at it when he grips my shoulders hard and cums deep in my ass. Meanwhile, I cum, too, on to the shower floor. He pulls out and orders me to clean his cock again. I do so.

      "Don't swallow boy, let me have a taste too," Carlos tells me.

      I stand up and kiss him. Swirling the cum around our mouths before his tongue pushes the cum to me. I swallow. He pulls away and says, "Damn, your ass and my cum taste good together. We have to do this again sometime."

      Carlos exits the shower and lets me clean up. My knees still shaking from being fucked thrice in one day.
      I kiss them all goodbye and tell them we have to do this again.
    • By breathdeeper
      I am not much of a writer but I will do my best to tell this tale.
      I don't remember exactly how old I was 18, 19 but that doesn't really matter. As a late bloomer I always knew I was different. I dated a girl once but we never had sex. I stumbled across a porn tape in my dad's draw and used to watch it and always got hard at the guys never the girls. 
      At this time AOL was the big thing with chat rooms. I eventually discovered the gay ones and made a few friends and met in person for socializing. 
      There was another side to these chatrooms that I was naive too...
       One day this older guy in his late fifties started talking to me. He lived kinda close like 15 min. He said we shod meet for a drink one time and chat.
      I agreed and he said he could pick me up if I like and I said ok. I have. Him my cross streets and met him at 9pm on my corner.
      He had a big old Cadillac that reaked of cigarettes and cologne. He looked older than he said and was thin probably 120lbs with bushy black hair and about 5' 5" . I was  5'10 175.
      We got back to his apartment and I sat on the couch and we talked for quite a while. He was nice and we had some things in common. 
      He asked if I wanted something to drink. I agreed and he made us  a southern comfort and coke which I never had beforeand I liked it. A little too much.  Before I knew it I had finished my third. 
      We were just sitting around smoking Marlboroughs and getting drunk. 
      He asked me if I wanted to put on some tv or a movie. I said sure and he turned on his big screen the and fired up the vhs and it started playing gay porn which I had never seen before. I was enthralled. He smiled and asked if I smoked weed. 
      I had a few times with some friends but not for a while. So he asked if I wanted to and I said sure. I was pretty buzzed at this time and once we started smoking and watching the porn I got super horny. 
      He took off his shoes and socks and asked me to get comfortable so I did the same. 
      More drinks and weed were offered and accepted.
      I was flying. He put his hand on mine and moved it to his crotch which was hard and big. I was nervous.and shaking but the weed helped.
      He took off my shirt and pants and did the same. He was very thin but tight and strong. Not usually my type but the weed and drinks made that change.
      We started kissing slow and sensual and caressing each other's bodies. His wet  tongue licking down my throat to my chest and stomach drove me mad he tongues my navel and slowly slipped off my briefs. 
      He then sat back down on the couch and asked me to do the same to him. He was very excited by the buldge in his underwear. Once I slipped them off I saw his big veiny oozing cock for the first time and it looked amazing. The sight and musk off him was driving me mad. He slapped it across my face and the precum went in my mouth and eye and he smiled.
      He rubbed the slick ozing hard on my lips and pulled my head down and slowly enters my mouth.
      I slowly.sucked as much as I could and he guided me as to what he liked. He then did something that I had not know about up until this very moment. He pulled out a little brown bottle and unscrewed it as I sucked him. 
      He offer me some while I was still sucking so I stopped and said what is that? He looked supposed and then realized how little experience i had. He said just inhale it thru your nostril while I hole the other one closed. I obeyed and he quickly switched nostrils and told me to breathdeeper and I did. Wow what a sensation my whole body flushed with heat and I got super horny for his cock and sucked like I was possessed. He laughed and moaned at the same time.
      He got me. From that moment on I would do anything for him.
      I continued to suck for a bit longer feeding more on poppers.
      He then had us switch positions and did the same to me. I was in heaven.
      He was kneeling on the floor in front of my as I was laying back on the couch stroking and sucking my cock. He started poking my balls with his leaking cock and slowly manuvered my legs up onto his shoulders. He was just caressing me and rubbing his cock against my ass crack and feeding me poppers and booze.
      I was flying.
      He lowered his head down and for the first time ever had a tongue licking my hole. I gasped as he lapped at it and clenched my ass in response. He told me to relax and hit the poppers. Once I took a big hit his tongue went in deep and I squirmed and felt like I had cum but I didn't.
      He spent quite a while in there and I loved it. He eventually stopped and then reached up and kissed me deep. 
      I could taste my ass and weed smoke on his tongue and it was primal.
      At that point he began rubbing his cock against my spit lubed crack.
      Every few strokes I felt the head cross my hole and it was amazing. It was almost as if it was scratching an itch i had l. 
      He held the poppers my nose and popped the leaking head in and I winced. He kept it there still. Said just relax.
      I said you need a rubber he said fine and left it there for a few min for.me to relax but then relented.
      He put the rubber on and we began again. Made me finish off my fresh drink another hit of popper and he entered me slowly. It hurt alot but the poppers made it easier. He did it slow to make me get used to it. He was soon balls deep up to his thick hairy bush and kept it there for a few min. Then he slowly began rocking back and fourth and it felt better. 
      Me on my back 18 to with an old man's cock buried in me it was sureal.
      He came inside the rubber in me and sucked me to completion. 
      He asked if I wanted to stay the night but I lived at home parents still so he drove me home.
      As I thanked him head still spinning he said I want to have me over the next night. 
      I agreed....
    • By converseguy
      My First Ever Poz Load
      For many years i loved my sex to be bb maybe because condoms didn’t work for me i had long seen stories about poz guys and many times chatted in a poz chatroom on a site that was very popular many years ago, it was starting to become a fantasy to finally take a poz load.
      I had started talking to a local guy who was much older than me but was still an in shape guy.
      A little about me at 24 years old with a short, slim, toned body a little bit cute or so told i wasn’t overly confident about my looks though. Joe who was the sexy older guy tall, muscular but not overly muscled.
      Upon chatting to Joe for a few weeks i decided it was finally time to meet him it was late November and chilly outside, Joe was inviting me down for a drink and movie i was overly nervous maybe too nervous about finally meeting a poz guy but decided this is a good a time as any.
      The night it happened it was the 30th November me not thinking too much about the date until later,
      When i arrived Joe really was the sexiest older guy i had met, straight away he kissed me deep up against the front door now this really turned me on I literally had to climb up Joe as he was 6ft to my 5ft5in, taller guys like this really makes me wanna be more sub with guys as i feel they can really work me over.
      Joe and me didn’t waste too much time with the drink and movie he wanted right there and then showing me some of his fetish items he had, 2 wrestling rubber singlets caught my eye me being horny as fuck i just needed to try one on and lucky for me it fitted perfect (Did he always have something in different sizes to dress his fucks up i dunno).
      Wearing the rubber singlet just made me more horny esp as my ass was showing the whole time i wasted no time in sinking to my knees and taking that very first poz cock into my mouth.
      I can’t even explain how it felt to finally do that not that Joe had an overly large cock it was just well proportioned for my mouth and leaked precum like as fireman’s hose.
      While i was sucking Joe’s cock as best i could, he was fingering my ass with lube poking and prodding me deep, it stung a little but i was too horny to care what it felt like i just wanted more and more. As Joe was getting bored of my sucking skills which seemed like a bit of a disappointment to me he pushed me onto the bed onto all 4’s and asked if i wanted to finally become a real man to which there really was only 1 answer YES.
      In went his cock and although it was well proportioned it was still larger than my little hole was used to taking so it brought a tear to my eye but a pleasant tear this was it i actually had a poz cock deep inside me bb, i could try and explain the thoughts going through my head at that moment but i just couldn’t it was raw pleasure and i loved it.
      As Joe picked up the pace the pleasure was building up so much that my cock was leaking so bad inside my rubber singlet that i was getting worried it was more, and with the sound of rubber against rubber Joe announced he was getting close and did i really want to take his poz load.
      That was all the encouragement Joe needed and just said “Breeding you deep boy”, I know that some guys can feel the cum shooting up inside them i was unfortunately not one of those guys and only knew by the way he held me to him tighter so tight i thought i would never break free, even the friction of the rubber had made me cum myself. In that moment nothing mattered i felt like i was loved and cared for obviously that’s not really the case i was just another notch in his bed post but it didn’t matter i still enjoyed ever moment of it.
      When Joe finally released me we looked at the clock it was 0025 on the 1st December, which unknown to my knowledge at the time World Aids Day he laughed when pointing that out to me my first ever poz load was given to me on World Aids Day.
      I knew this would be it i was hooked never had i enjoyed sex as i had done in that moment.
      Joe offered me to stay the night which gladly i accepted, so out the rubber singlets we got and under the sheets with Joe spooning me which really did make me feel safe that night.
      Sleep came easy to me but awoke with his cock deep inside me by 9am ready for round two.
      All in all i took 3 poz loads in the 24 hours of world aids day and dam did i love it.
      Thanks for taking the time to read guys my first story i hope you like, more will be coming very soon
    • By Scottyrim
      It would be nice to start all of this to say I had no idea when I entered the Bathhouse what Bug chasing and Neg/Poz sex was about. That would make all of this look innocent.That I had no idea what might happen and that I was forced into this against my will, almost. That would be a total lie though.
      Do you notice how many stories and porn stories with pozzing as it’s main subject , always have a guy slightly unwilling, naive or duped into becoming a poz slut? That was not me . I was no victim. I wanted that poz cum in me when I went into the bathhouse. I selected that bathhouse because the reviews had mentioned lots of shady men and bareback sex. More than one review mentioned guys with veins popping out and breeding going on. It was a magnet to me. The moment I saw a comment, that some guy had got pozzed there, I knew I had to go. Like a moth to the fucking flame, I was at the door of the bathhouse to get fucked poz
      This night I walked into the small bathhouse with purpose.  I had seen an ad , an ad for a guy to be pozzed and like the voyeur and slut I was, I had to see, I had to go .I barely noticed the guy who smiled as I gave him my money , when I walked in.  I asked where the Steamroom was , he replied . I walked to the lockers and I quickly undressed and wrapped a towel around me.  The Steamroom was downstairs. I ignored everything else and tried to find it 
      That is where the young guy in the Bareback Ad online had said he would be. He wanted to be Poz. The ad had 14 replies. At least 5 fully poz guys with no medication answered. The bottom was 19 and you could tell many guys would go just because he was young. I went because I knew one of the guys going. He wasn’t poz and he had fucked me before, but he was hot and so the young guy had readily accepted the request and told him when and where it was happening . The same bathhouse , with the same reputation and here I was outside the Steamroom. I put my towel on the hook outside the room. There were only about 4 other towels on hooks. I walked in.
      The first thing I  noticed was not being able to see .It took a moment for my eyes to adjust and even then all I could see was shadows . What was surprising or really not ,was how few shadows there were and how none of the shadows seemed to be engaged in anything resembling sex.
      Before I could sit down on a bench, I saw a shadow lurch towards me. It was my fuckbud . In an angry whisper he said to me “ I knew it was you. That fucking stuck up slut never came. He bailed. They nearly always do. “ with that he walked out. Silence, darkness and heat and what was I clutching, oh yeah the poppers. I sat down.
      Part of me knew he wouldn’t turn up. It was all too much of a fantasy and what was I hoping anyway? To watch him be pozzed . Why never me ?  I was thinking of all of this when I noticed a sudden movement near me. One of the shadows started moving towards another shadow and started speaking.
      “Well fuck it , if I am not going to gift someone I am going to the pub.” The guy he was talking to laughed.  “ These fucking flakes, you know it is all just bullshit”  then it happened.
      I don’t know if it was poppers or fear or darkness or that I was desperate ,but I heard myself speak. It was so lacking in confidence , but it was me, there was no doubt.
      “I am Neg. I would love to be charged Poz.”  There was silence. I had no idea how many people were in the Steamroom. Including me , maybe 5? Silence . Nothing. Then one of the voices spoke.
      “You want my Poz seed?”
      “Fuck yeah “ I replied. 
      Out of darkness I felt a hand. It lightly brushed my cock, then I felt myself being lifted up as the hand went under my balls and started to search my ass.
      “Fuck yeah ,Poz him “ someone said out of the darkness. 
      I was both terrified and exhilarated. Out of the steam the shape of a fat cock came into view and my mouth opened as the  hand beneath my balls started to lift me up, still searching my ass. I knew i was about to be lost . I grabbed the poppers and held it against my nose and sniffed hard.
      At that moment someone grabbed me and took the poppers out of my hand and while I tried to get them back started to turn me around towards the wall. I could hear myself breathing , talking to myself “ Fuck what are you doing ? “ I said to myself . “Don’t stop relax  you want this ,”the other part of me said. Then my voice came out again
      “Poz my Neg ass”
      There were groans . I could hear people jerking off and then suddenly I saw a small man  with a crix belly . He had a big fat cock. He had veins out everywhere that I could see.  He had the “look”.  Now it was my turn to groan.
      He came close to my ear and loudly whispered “ I was going to ask if you were sure” He said , “ but we both know you are.. slut “
      He disappeared behind . I felt someone spread my legs . I couldn’t tell who. Suddenly as out of nowhere I felt my bottle of poppers against my nose. I sniffed it in hard, as it was taken away again .I relaxed and lent back, but started to feel a dick start to probe my ass. I panicked. Had I even lube up there?. But then I could feel the cold distinct feeling of lube being rubbed in my ass. Just as I felt this I felt a guy’s cock behind push into me hard. 
      I groaned hard. I almost panted. I could hear groans around the room and the loud sounds of wanking.
      I was terrified and in heat.
      I hoped and feared it was the crix guy behind me,but both of us were panting and the pain and the pleasure kept up .  My moaning was becoming loud, like some bitch in heat I was.  Someone opened the Steamroom door and closed it. The heat started become hard to bear.  Still I was bent towards the wall. The shadows seemed closer, the groans and the jerking. Someone groaned loudly and came on the floor. This made everyone louder.
      I was lost. “Make me pregnant” I yelled. “Charge me “ The door kept opening and closing . There was a loud groan and suddenly stillness behind me.
      “ You got my babies mate” and he laughed. At that there was a loud  groan of “Fuck yeah” . I thought it was from some other guy, but it was me.
      A dick left, another one replaced it . I was being converted.i loved it
      The guy with Crix came up beside me again. “Tonight your going to be fucked up. “Please fuck me “i yelled . “ I already made you pregnant mate. The guy fucking you now is the guy who let you in and he has never taken meds. You will be truly fucked up by the end of this.”
      I don’t know how long I was there. I don’t know how many loads I had. Eventually I ended up at the showers. Everyone I passed smiled. Others would smile and pat me on the butt. I was humiliated. I was in heat . I could still feel cum inside me.  It was still going down my leg .I went upstairs and dressed. As I went to the front door dressed ,the guy who let me in smiled.
      “Do you need a water. You must be dehydrated .”He handed me a bottle. I offered to pay . “ Are you kidding , after the floor show you put on tonight. Everyone should be buying you drinks” . 
      I looked him over. He didn’t have the look . He smiled and almost blushed. “ Hey bud  don’t worry I have it and you have well and truly been infected” . 
      It was my turn to blush. “ I um.. “ I managed to stammer. The guy had a broad smile on him.  “ I may not be obvious, but you are. As soon as you walked in I thought yep he wants the bug. When your friend left he was pissed because the 19 year old wasn’t there. He told me that at least you would be pozzed tonight. I mean that is how it always happens”.
      I was abit confused. He looked me in the eye and said “ There is no 19 year old begging to be pozzed that has an ad out to meet at this place.  I place it, every couple of weeks , a different one. Sometimes they are 25, sometimes 30. Always hot. Always desperate to be pozzed.”
      “But why ?“ I stammered out
      “ Because it drums up business. People always come. The Tuesday night used to be dead. Now we have people crawling all over the place. The 19 year old may not be here, but someone always leaves converted. Someone always leaves with the Gift. Tonight that guy is you.” 
      My legs felt weak, but I could feel my dick get stiff. “ In a couple of weeks hopefully you will take “ he said.  “ The next time I put out an ad for a hot 27 year old you can be there and help convert a newbie .  Someone like you . But if you don’t convert you can be that newbie. Can I sign you up for a membership for this bathhouse?”
      “Sold” I yelled too quickly. “ I want to be a member “. He smiled “ This week you are the newest member”

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