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  1. TboTTomfun

    First Slam Ever

    Part 3 Dirk did move to the back of the bed, and was putting up his back at the wall of the bed, and he was pulling Mike up so that his face was resting up the upper tigh of Dirk . He was caressing the head of Mike with one hand, and he was starting to stroke his cock with his other hand. His fat cock was already oozing a lot of precum of the toughts of the things to come. He was smearing the head of his cock on the face of Mike, his precum was marking the nose of Mike and his upperlips. The little slut did automatically open his mouth, and tried to swallow Dirks dick in one go. Hmmm the little slut is eager to suck my cock. His hot mouth did feel so good around the fat head of his dick. Dirk had to wait a bit till the G was kicking in, so for now he was just relaxing, and enjoying Mike tongue on his fuckstick, till he was sure that the little slut would be high as fuck from the larger amount of G what was given to him. He did like to see shy guys becoming real whores after a little help from G and T, hihihihi if only they know what there would be in store for them. First time trying some chems, and already famous on the ww web. Mike was making a lot of noises and he surely was one of the noisely types on chems, he had to keep that in mind later on, to keep him from shouting or anything, but for now he can enjoy my cock a bit more and then i will gagg him, to make sure i don't wake the neighbours when we are going into the rough play. Dirk was noticing that some of his pozzbuddies where tuning in to enjoy his show. He had a golden rule, first he would brake in a new guy by his own, and the next step would be that he would share the new guy whith his pozbuddies, to make sure the conversions was complete. One thing was for sure, Mike was not a newbie when it came to cocksucking, he was expertly getting his tongue around at Dirks shaft and balls, and this was not an easy thing being handcuffed with leather restraints. His buddies where sending messages to show of the new sluts pucker, show some butt they cried out, Dirk could only smile at their remarks, his buddies where only interested in ass that was all they cared for, but he prefered to take it slow the first time. Dirk was wondering if the slut had still some vision with the blindfold, he had taken the bigger one, so the half of Mike face was covered, he was going to take it to the test. Hey pup, what do you see now baby???? Can you see what i am doing. Mike was breaking free from Dirks fuckstick, and was slurring that he was in total darkness, he could not even make out the beatifull dick he was sucking. Dirk was grinning, the stupid twatt is not even able to make some complete syllabusses, he is tweaked out over his titts. Time to make the next move in to the change of my pupp. Dirk was pushing mike back to his back, of from hiw lower part. Ok buddy i am going to set you upright with your back at the end of the bed, so you can drink some water, we have to keep you hydrated, and you can relax a bit. Mike was being hoisted upright by dirk and was settling into the cushions. Mike's mind was far away, he had the feeling he hardly could register anything what Dirk was saying to him. He did hear the words, but he could not get a grip what Dirk was meaning to say to him. He had never felt so special with a guy, he was feeling a sincere atraction to his new friend, he was never taken care of by another guy, he had the feeling he could really letting loose on Dirk, and just go with the flow. Dirk was bringing the water bottle to Mike's mouth and told him to drink a lot, Mike was trying to hold the bottle himself, but this was not an easy thing to do. Dirk did unchain the cuffs, so Mike could drink his water add an easier pace. He was signalling the thumps-up sign that everything was going acorrding to plan. He was moving around the bed, getting everything ready to give his slut the first slam. He had to riggs ready at his site when he moved back up to Mike sitting frame. He was taking away the bottle of water and he was carressing Mike's face after he move the bottle to the side. How are you feeling pupp, are you ok? I feel so goooodddd slurred Mike, you make me feel so happy and goooooddd. Dirk did moves his hand from Mike's face and was lowering his had to caress his arm, already in search looking fro a good veine to hit. Mike do you trust me baby? Oh yes Dirk, you are so sweeeeet to me, you make me feel so happieee he cried out. Want to feel even better baby??? I can make you feel so good, you just have tro trust me baby, are you trusting me???? Yes Dirk, i do whatever you want to please youuuu. It was clear that the G was doing his work, the slut was ready to try anything, just to please his partner, and continue of the love feeling. I am going to give you something real good baby, something to make you more nicer and sweeter baby, do you want to be my baby Mike, my little sex pupp?????? Yes Dirk, please i want to try anything with you, you are so sweet to me!!!!! Ok baby, i am going to put a band around your arm, and then i am going to inject some sexvitamins in your arm, you are going to feel so good, and then we are going to have so much sex, i am going to make you my little sexpupp, do you want that baby. Yes Dirk please give me the vitamins he slurred. Dirk was checking out both arms to find the best veines to hit in. He had not very prominent veines, but in the lines he could make out the green lining of his veines, soon he was binding of the right arm of Mikes arm, and made him hold the buckle belt, to hold it strained. He was getting the rigg ready with the cross marked on the end, this was mike's first slam with .3 just to make im ready to get the show roling. Dirk was explaining to Mike what he was doing, once he had the rigg in the vein, and he had a register, he slowly released the tina into Mike's arm. He was explaining to Mike he would have the feel to cough, and he would feel some preassure on his chest, but it was already to late, Mike was already letting out a big cough, it did take him some time to register what was gettting on. His movements became more intense, and he was making pleading noises, first it was only fuck fuck fuck!!!!! And then he was shouting please fuck me please fill me hole, he was becoming the sexslave Dirk wanted to see.
  2. TboTTomfun

    First Slam Ever

    Thnx for the nice comments will continue this weekend
  3. TboTTomfun

    Bajan Love Affair

    Amazing story, please let it commence
  4. TboTTomfun

    First Slam Ever

    Will follow soon
  5. TboTTomfun

    First Slam Ever

    Part 2 I was really high now. I could not focus anymore. It seemed my brains had moved to my ass. This was now the center of my body. I was moaning out loud now, feeling in heaven. My eyes were rolling in the sockets from the pure joy I was feeling. His tongue was going in real deep. It felt so good. I felt so hot and horny now. I had the urge to kiss Dirk and thank him for making me feel so good. Dirk slowly climbed up to me, putting his whole weight on top of me. My chest and face were crushed into the mattress. He was pushing up my hands above my head, and holding them there. Dirk was grinding his fat meat between my buttcheeks, it did feel so good, i was really enjoying his attention, his dick did feel so big on my ass. Dirk started licking my neck, and moved to my ears, when one thing gets me going it is licking my ears, or licking my balls. How do you feel buddy, he purred in my ear, does it feel good? I could only moan, and confirm with a nod, I did feel so happy and content. You like some role play Mike? Did you ever try that? My mind was racing, what was he meaning by role play??? Did he want to play daddy and son as in the movies, or had he other things on his mind. Anything you like Dirk, you make me so horny. I was not to disappoint him, i was ready to please him ans give him anything he want. What can i do to please you Dirk? How can i make you happy. You already make me happy babe , but i want to see you as a real slut in my bed, i want you to feel horny baby, try new things, i will teach you, you trust me Mike, i wil make change you in a sextoy to be enjoyed by many men. Keep still baby i get some things, and we can spice up our game a bit. Dirk came back with a plastic box full with leather gear. Soon he was displaying all the stuff on the bed, most things i did not even know, there where blindfolds, leather cuffs, gaggs with balls, gaggs with dickholes, horsebitts, dogcollars, all kind of stuff. He was picking out a big leather blindfold, and told me it would excite him when i would wear it for him, soon i was blinded with the blindfold, and was he putting on a dogcollar on me and some leather restrains which he clicked together, it did feel a bit akward, moving now. Dirk made me lie down again on the bed and said to relax a bit he had some things to do. It did feel weird not knowing what was going on around me, but i did feel content, my head was still spinning from the juice, but i made nothing out of it. Dirk was talking to me while i could hear him move stuff around the room, it sounded to me like he was replacing some furniture within the room. What I of course could not see was that he was installing several cameras on tripods around the bed, aswell was he going online via zoom, and was he showing off his new dumm victim to his friends. His friends where coming online one by one with the special password he had given to his friends. Dirk nearly did need half an hour to set everything up, with his mobile computercamera, he was showing off the body of the bounded Mike to his computerbuddies. Mike was lightly dozing of into a sleep being alone on the bed blindfolded. He was getting the most amazing dream of being loved by his new lover, and getting happy with their shared home and relation. The reality could been not further from the dream. Dirk was preparing some suprises for his slut to be. First he was mixing some G together with juice for Mike to drink, and some bottles of gattorade then he was preparing a booty bump with tina, and some riggs with tina to enhance the willingness of his slut to be. After an half an hour he was ready to commence the fun, he was signalling the guys online that the fun was starting to begin. Dirk was picking up the juice and moved over to the top of the bed, he noticed that the little slut to be was making moaning noises, and obvious had a hot steamy dream, tome to bring him back to reality, and make him do it in real. Hey Mickey, wakey wakey babe, i have a drink for you babe, you must drink a lot it is going to be a hot night. Drink was pulling up the sleepy Mike and brought the glass of juice to the mouth of Mike, come on babe, drink your juice baby it will make you feel good. The taste of the juice was even more bitter then the one before, must been another bottle. Soon the glass was empty, and Dirk, let Mike lie down again in the bed, he was setting the glass on the night stand and rolled Mike over on his tummy. Dirk was moving next to Mike and was caressing him, and kissing him all over. He was whispering sweet words to Mike and make him feel good again. In the meantime he was watching his computer sceen, and he saw that there must be a least 50 viewers enjoying his show on Zoom. The cameras on the tri-pods where registering all movements from the 4 bedsides, and he was already thinking about the monitoring of the film, and sell copies online on the net. Dirk did move to the back of the bed, and was putting up his back at the wall of the bed, and he was pulling Mike up so that his face was resting up the upper tigh of Dirk . He was caressing the head of Mike with one hand, and he was starting to stroke his cock with his other hand. His fat cock was already oozing a lot of precum of the toughts of the things to come. He was smearing the head of his cock on the face of Mike, his precum was marking the nose of Mike and his upperlips. The little slut did automatically open his mouth, and tried to swallow Dirks dick in one go. Hmmm the little slut is eager to suck my cock. His hot mouth did feel so good around the fat head of his dick. To be continued
  6. TboTTomfun

    First Slam Ever

    Will continue soon
  7. TboTTomfun

    First Slam Ever

    Thanks to Ray for editing my story into a more understanding language, and i added a new chapter to the story, more to come if you like it
  8. TboTTomfun

    First Slam Ever

  9. TboTTomfun

    How Was I to KNOW???

    Would love to be filled by him you lucky bastard
  10. Just finished reading your story "The Add"... SMokin' HOT story!  Thank you!

  11. TboTTomfun

    The add

  12. TboTTomfun

    First Slam Ever

    Would be great where can i send them to?
  13. TboTTomfun

    First Slam Ever

    Will continue the story tommorrow
  14. I really like the TIM movies with fucktard where he bottoms. You never can tell if he is either drunk of high, i like what he does and i admire him for it. For me personally i never tried any chems but i love how he can let himself go and being used by other guys who take advantage of his state of mind and of course of his body. He is a total slut and i envy him for it. I wish i could myself let go like him, being fucked up and being abused by other guys. I am new to the barescene but would not mind to go the same way like him, except i am in Brussels and the scene there is not as outgoing as in the USA

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