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  1. TboTTomfun

    How Was I to KNOW???

    Would love to be filled by him you lucky bastard
  2. Just finished reading your story "The Add"... SMokin' HOT story!  Thank you!

  3. I really like the TIM movies with fucktard where he bottoms. You never can tell if he is either drunk of high, i like what he does and i admire him for it. For me personally i never tried any chems but i love how he can let himself go and being used by other guys who take advantage of his state of mind and of course of his body. He is a total slut and i envy him for it. I wish i could myself let go like him, being fucked up and being abused by other guys. I am new to the barescene but would not mind to go the same way like him, except i am in Brussels and the scene there is not as outgoing as in the USA
  4. TboTTomfun

    Any Bottoms Have A Fantasy About Jail Sex

    Been writing with inmates in several states in the USA for more then 10 years. Some of them where gay, some where not. Getting raped in prison has nothing to see with being openly gay or just being straight, it all becomes to showing power, and hiding your weakness. Did write to a inmate in Texas, he was tansfered to an adult prison at age 17, the guy was skinny and hairless, soon he found himself being turned out by gangs, being sold for food and cigarettes, catching hiv by his first rape. He was gabgbanged for years, and in the end he killed himself age 25 because he could not take it anymore and prison staff did not help him, his last years he did spend in solitary confinement but even there he did not feel safe.
  5. nice to get to know you


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Sydneybbfucker


      I want you to experience the sexual core of you; without societal or moral trappings. Chems free you from that morailty and allow you to be the pig you have been surpressing.

      I'd allow 72 hrs for you to experience the freedom. 

    3. TboTTomfun


      Would like a long session to become your pig and getting poz

    4. TboTTomfun


      They say chems is more intens blindfolded

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