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Life on Tour Part 4.... The Final Chapter?


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Most recently my last stop on tour required that I find another location to have fun.  In a smaller city in Florida, with no Bathhouse, small Gay Club and not much else to do; I sat down during the 3 weeks stay that we were there intending on finding a place to go to get some fun.  I finally settled on Orlando; and scheduled a day off booked a Red Coach Bus into Orlando, which was Super cheap thanks to Groupon and set out to have some fun.  I got up early in the AM and jumped in an Uber to the station and posted on Barebackrts to let the city know I was on my way; and planned on a good time.  

It was also 1/2 price night at Club Orlando so I knew that at least I would save some money on my fun day out.  I got off the Bus and walked a few blocks down to the a Denny's grabbed some breakfast and messaged a gentlemen on who invited me over for some fun.  He was near to the Bathouse; so it gave me a chance to chill before 4pm and 1/2 price night a great way to get started.  He let me swallow a load; wanted to fuck me only when i had a sloppy hole and sent me on my way with a stomach full of cum and coffee.  I got to Club Orlando at 1pm and figured it was worth the early entry to lose the 1/2 price charge; and just went ahead in checked in.  It was quiet inside; but I still had some fun.   As the time went by and 4pm hit; it got crowded and it was great to have started some fun before and be settled in to watch people who came in. 


Once it got busy; I played around with quite a few people mostly swallowing some dick; before I got dragged into fun with 2 pumped cock Daddy's who took turns stretching my hole; it started out as one of those occasions where my eyes tried to write a check that my ass couldn't cash but I just relaxed and let the stroke happen and eventually my hole opened and he slid in and out giving me some of the best pleasure I had had for the last 6 weeks on tour.  I kept going with them while we were in the elevated gloryhole wall; and before I know it we had been joined by a few others.  Someone grabbed my cock and slipped it into their mouth; and kept going back and forth from licking my hole and the cock that was pounding it and swallowing my dick.  Before I knew it a loud grunt starting coming from behind me...... 


After that 1st load I kept going; I found a muscle daddy with a pierced monster cock who let me swallow his load and while doing so got my load splashing out.  And then one of the pumped Daddy cock refilled my hole, and gave me another load in my ass before I knew it was time for me to leave and head back to catch my bus back to the quiet city the tour stop was in. 


3 days later the Coronavirus shutdown our tour and I had to take solace in knowing that I was well on my way to the best year as a cumdump I was going to have almost ever! 


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      Visiting Vegas November 5-9. Will be attending the Cumunion party at Entourage on 11/5. What else might be going on that weekend? I know about Entourage and Hawks, but are there other sex clubs? I'm hearing about "Kuma?" 
      BBRT name McLoad
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      The fat black man fucking me indicated he was about to cum. His equally fat black cock was tearing me up and I loved it. The bathhouse was surprisingly busy for a Tuesday night. I was hunched over a fuck bench holding on for dear life as the raw fucker battered and buttered my hole with his load. A faint wave of guilt interrupted my pleasure at being bred when I thought of my boyfriend Chet who at the moment was discussing the latest Mark Kurlansky book at his weekly book club meeting. He had no idea I spent my Tuesdays hunting down loads at any number of adult establishments.
           The guy pulled out and I caught a glimpse of his half hard cock shiny with lube and cum swinging heavily below his gut. Before I could decide whether to stay or go the old guy in the corner who had been jerking off to the show made up his mind. He stepped up and slipped his cock into my well used hole. He was not as big as the black guy but plenty big enough. I moaned as he eased himself into a slow fuck. Then a voice from the dark shattered my idyll.
           "Well look who we have here," Brad, one of Chet's best friends sauntered up to me from out of the shadows. Fuck!!! Brad was a big oaf of a man, red blonde and furry. I had always been curious about him, wondered what he was packing. Unfortunately I was about to find out.
          He stood in front of me his big legs wide, arms crossed, a shit eating grin on his malicious face.  I was not exactly trapped but I was loathed to push the old man off me before I got his load and besides I was already busted now all I could do is wait to find out the cost of my betrayal.
           "Sooo...," Brad drawled, "while the hubby is off chatting about the best seller list and drinking wine spritzers you're here getting your slut hole filled."
           He was right but I had to try to get out of this. Unfortunately my sex addled and desperate brain was not up to the task. I tried to bluff, " It's not what it looks like." Of course it was exactly what it looked like. "This is my first time. I was curious, please don't tell Chet." I was yammering on but Brad cut me off.
           "Don't insult my intelligence buddy.  I might look like a ditch digger but my brain works just fine. I saw your piece of crap Tacoma when I pulled in here." Hey, my crazy brain protested inwardly, my truck was not a piece of crap. "You know Mark that works the counter? We go way back. I still throw him a bone once in a while and by bone I mean I fuck him. The guy has no discretion, gotta mouth like a fish wife. He says you are in here every Tuesday without fail. Says he even fucked you once on a break. Soooo...you gonna stick with your bullshit story?"
           The old guy was still fucking me even as he soaked in all Brad had to say. He chuckled at the last line.
           I did not know what to say so I remained quiet. Brad moved closer, his groin so close but not touching. I tried not to look but his bloated meat was so hard to resist. It was big and pink and tasty looking. My pride, what little I had left kept me from reaching for it. He trailed a big mitt down my back to my ass, kneading my cheeks and pulling them apart so the guy fucking me could get in deeper.
           "We always wondered, me and the guys that is, what your hole would feel like. You're a good looking man. I never imagined I'd have a shot with you, nope not in a million years." His hands kept moving. "Not you with your GQ looks, $200 shoes and vintage ties." The guys did tend to give me a lot of grief over my 'fancy' cloths and expensive hair cuts. "But look at you, under that glossy refined exterior is just another slut cum dump begging for loads. I started to protest, again he shut me up.
           "Don't even!", he cut himself off by roughly grabbing my chin so he could look me in the eye. "I've been watching you this whole time. I saw you get fucked through a glory hole. And what about that fat slob that just seeded your hole and this geezer." He gestured at the old man who was still banging away. "No offense intended." The old man cackled, "None taken. I fucked this guy before. I ain't never seen him turn down a dick."
           "Cut the crap and just admit you are a cum dump." "No load refused," added the old man laughing heartily and sounding like a craigslist ad. I slumped in defeat. My secret was out.
           "Okay Gramps," Brad was taking charge," time for you to breed this bitch. I've got plans for his ass and they don't include you." "Alright, alright," the old man huffed, " getting close, so close." Then he let out a long squeaky moan and I knew he was getting his nut. Also I recognized  the moan. He had fucked a load into my ass more than once. He was probably a Tuesday night regular also. I rarely bother to turn and look at the guys fucking me on the bench.  I love the sleazy anonymity of it.
           The geezer pulled out and gave my ass a slap. "Have fun boys, looks like you two have some catching up to do." He wandered off throwing a wave over his shoulder, "See you next Tuesday." Bastard!
           I tried to get off the bench but Brad was having none of it. I settled back down too afraid of him to argue. "You just get comfy. We are waiting for someone."
          "Who! Who are we waiting for?"  I started to panic fearing he had called Chet. "Is it...is it..."I was so breathless I couldn't even say his name.
           "Calm down buddy. It's not Chet. Just a mutual friend looking forward to getting to know you better and I mean that in the Biblical sense." Oh shit that could only be one person, Brad's pal, the biggest asshole in the metropolitan area, BJ." And as if on cue he stepped into the room a smile so big on his face I thought his jaw might split and fall off.
            BJ, one of the guys, was one of Chet's oldest friends. They went to high school together and I think that was the only thing they had in common. Chet was too much of a sweetheart to tell BJ to get lost and BJ liked Chet's liquor cabinet too much to exit the scene. BJ was not even his real name. He earned it by getting caught twice in high school receiving blow jobs from classmates in the restroom.
           BJ was every bit as big as Brad but where Brad was bearish BJ was big boned and raw skinned with hard spare muscles and without an ounce kindness in his ugly mug. He reminded me of Willem Dafoe. I detested him. He was a lazy creep, always skirting the law and his mouth was always spouting invective. BJ was one of the few men (him and Trump) that I had no desire to see his package. Every other guy on the planet, even the lowliest, grossest slob, I have to wonder about his his dick. I mean when its poking through a gloryhole what does it matter. Not BJ though. It was not his body I objected to, it was him.
           "Hey GQ," BJ's nickname for me, "fancy meeting you here. Enjoying yourself?" He walked around me his eyes roaming over my body greedily. I remained quiet. "You are being rude GQ. Hogging the fuck bench like this. Why don't you hop off and give one of these other fags a go." There was no one else in the room but us. They each took and arm and helped me off. I have to admit my legs were a little wobbly. Recent events had over taken my stability and reality.
           They guided me over to a wide padded bench and sat me in between them. "You know GQ every time I look at that pretty face of yours I have the same damn thought. I'm a fucking broken record." He slapped my knee, hard. My flinch only served to widen his already ridiculous smile. "You want to know what it is?" I shook my head. "Oh come on, aren't you a teensy weensy bit curious." His grip on my knee became painful.
           "Okay, okay," I gave in trying to push his hand off my knee. "Tell me." Now I should point out I am not exactly a 90lb weakling. I am 6'2'', 175lbs, but both these guys had a couple inches on me and way more muscle. BJ was terrifyingly strong.
           "When I look at you," he snarled, "I want to feel that arrogant face of yours pushing into my ass."
           God no! He wants me to eat his ass. Now don't get me wrong. I am a devoted ass eater and the hairier the better but fucking BJ. NO WAY! It would be too demeaning, too gross. He could see the refusal in my face.
           I looked him the eye and I have never seen a more disgusted and hateful expression. "I know what you think of me GQ. I know you think you are better than me. That I am trash, that I only use people for what I can get. And who knows you might be right but I am not the one that just got caught cheating on his boyfriend and not only cheating but whoring out his hole to anybody with a heartbeat and a hard-on so you tell me old pal who's trash now? Which one of us is on the moral high ground?"
           My heart lurched. He was right. I did think I was better than him but was I really? BJ did not give me any more time to ponder the issue. "Don't worry about it sport," he ruffled my hair like I was a five year old. "I am totally willing to come down to your level, your lying cheating morally corrupt level. You can keep cheating on your boyfriend like you want and I am going to blackmail your ass...so I can get into your ass. You can keep your happy Martha Fucking Stewart life with preppy little Chet but on Tuesday nights you're mine. And Brad's of course." He gave Brad a friendly punch on the shoulder.
           I had to make one last attempt at getting out of this. "C'mon Brad you are better than this," I pleaded. "Don't let this asshole lead you into something you will regret. Brad shook his head but with no regret. "Sorry bud, this is a dream come true." He wrapped an arm around me and pulled us closer and despite the agony my soul was in I noticed how damn good he felt. "I have jerked off too many times dreaming of this moment and there is no way in hell I am letting it slip by. Besides you know, deep down, you want this. Hell I notice you checking out my package all the time."
           He had me there. I spent many a social gathering staring at his crotch trying to decide if he was cut or not. BJ interrupted. "Enough jibber jabber, my ass isn't going to eat itself." Two seconds later I was on my back staring up at BJ's hairless and wrinkled pucker. He pressed his hole to my lips and I clamped my mouth shut. He wiggled his ass back and forth, the silky weight of his sack caressing my chin.
           "Time to get busy GQ. I am not going to say it again. Either your tongue goes up my hole or I get my cell to call Chet." I gave in and pushed my tongue out. A few licks and his hole opened up like a spring flower. A few more licks and I was in deep and god help me he tasted so good. My cock was rock hard. My cum dump instinct took over and I was busy trying to push my head up his ass.
            I couldn't believe I was eating BJ's ass and loving it. I hated him but could not get enough of his hole. I could hear Brad talking to someone. Then I heard, "Go ahead and fuck him. He's not going anywhere." A moment later I felt the head of a cock rubbing up and down my asshole. When he paused I pushed out and managed to get it in me.
           "God damn," the guy swore, "he's a hungry bottom ain't he." Then he slammed the rest of his cock into me and I was breathless for a moment with both the pain in my ass and the lack of available air due to BJ grinding his hole hard in my face. I had no complaints. Except for being caught out life was fucking great. I had a raw anonymous cock in my ass and tasty asshole to feast on. There was nothing to do but enjoy.
           The top did not last long. He shot his load and departed but was immediately replaced by another and I wondered if it was Brad. Turns out it was not. Brad wanted my hole good and loaded before he had his way with me. BJ did not seem in any hurry to disengage his hole from my tongue so I settled in for a long rimming session.
           When I did get a break I asked the guys if they had any poppers. I was in total slut mode now. "You continue to shock me GQ," said BJ. "Be right back." He headed off towards the lockers but not before suggesting to Brad that I might be more comfortable in a sling.
           I followed Brad to the sling room not bothering to hide my eagerness. He patted the sling gesturing me to get in. Shyly I asked him if I could suck his dick before he fucked me. I still felt awkward about the situation but Brad's cock was even more beautiful than I had imagined and I could not wait to taste it. He shook his head as he pushed me into the sling, pulled my legs up and fastened the shackles to my ankles.
            "You're gonna be sucking my dick a lot. Don't worry your pretty head about that. You and my meat are going to get very well acquainted but right now its not about what you want and what I want is to see you fucked raw. I want to hear you beg for my meat in your cheating slut hole."
           BJ soon reappeared tossing me the little brown bottle. He had even thoughtfully removed the annoying plastic seal. I immediately took a hit and felt my hole pulse with the chemical high. As much as I hated BJ I wanted him to fuck me more than anyone.
           He teased my hole with his cock backing away every time I tried to get him inside. He was loving it and to be honest so was I. "Beg for it," he insisted," tell me what a piece of shit slut you are."
           "Please fuck me BJ, please. I want your load so bad."
           "What's my name?" his voice turned harsh and he gave my nut sack a smack. I flinched and started over over. I was too slow in responding with his real name. "David," I gasped when he menaced my balls again sending shivers of pain through my body.
               "I'm a lying, worthless cum dump that doesn't deserve your load David." I shouted. "It's too good for me but I need it." I rambled on doing a shit job I am sure but I knew he was going to fuck he just wanted to humiliate me first. I didn't care. I wanted cock.
           Luckily I managed a hit of poppers as he slammed his full length into me. It was brutal but felt so fucking good. It was a hate fuck and I have never been so turned on in my life. I couldn't touch my cock for fear of blasting off. Losing all self esteem and I pulled at BJ trying get him close enough for a kiss. His look of disgust only served to make my cock harder. "You really are pathetic," he spit before pressing his lips to mine and exploring my gums with his tongue. I kissed him greedily trying to make sure every inch of his rampant cock was lodged in my greedy hole.
           When he shot his load my bliss went into overdrive. His ugly mug contorted and his muscles strained as he concentrated on his nut making sure I was fully bred and loaded. He pulled out too soon offering Brad a turn. Brad mounted me quickly and BJ came to my side to have his cock cleaned.
           Brad was a fun fuck, his boyish smile never leaving his lips as he watched me clean cum and ass juice off my rival. Instead of breeding me Brad went to my other side and pushed his cock into my mouth. BJ surprised me by bending over to share giving Brad a blow job. When the orgasm came BJ took most of the jizz but then pushed it into my mouth. We shared a cummy kiss snowballing Brad's load. 
           My cock was a hair trigger at this point. As soon as Brad put his lips to my cock I exploded. I moaned into BJ's mouth and spit frothed cum dribbled out as the most extreme orgasm I had yet to experience shattered my body. Brad joined us for a three way kiss so share my load.
          Brad and BJ helped me out of the sling and we all headed for the showers in silence. I had no idea what to say or how I should feel. What I did know was that I wanted these two men again. I wanted them to use me as they saw fit. As we all dressed I turned to BJ. "Next Tuesday," It was a question.
           Grabbing his bag he shrugged. "I'll think about it," but the wink told me my hole was going to get well acquainted with BJ's cock. I stopped at Barnes and Noble on the way home and bought Chet a $200 gift card.
    • By Danpigboi
      Will be hosting in sydney at a friend's place for the whole day. Looking for raw tops to fuck and breed. Looks and age dont matter. Dont care about status, just after tops that want to fuck and breed me.
      * not into fem or trans guys
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