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Corrupting the straight skater boy

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6 hours ago, pervinmt said:

Part 4


I smoked another couple of bowls with TJ before I kicked him out, making sure he was good and spun. This would almost guarantee he'd be back for more. And sure enough, by three o'clock the next afternoon, he was outside my door jonesing for more. He looked disheveled and skanky, which only made me want him more! I let him in and his body odor hit me like a truck. He explained he hadn't gone home because his roommates don't approve of tweaking and that he had spent all night and day wandering the streets. I almost felt bad for my dirty little skater boy, but my cock was stirring in my shorts as I pictured this piece of street trash searching desperately for a fix and coming back to me.


I let TJ take a nice, hot shower as I tossed his rank clothes in the wash. I was reclining on the sofa when he came out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his boney hips, his dirty blond hair still dripping. His eyes lit up as he noticed the pipe packed full of the magic crystals. I motioned for him to sit next to me.


I took a big hit, exhaling a nice big cloud. I handed it to TJ and enjoyed the sight of the trashy naked teen rolling the bowl and inhaling a nice, big hit. He collapsed back onto the couch with that certain look on his face. The look of someone who was coming down hard and had just taken the edge off. I smiled because I knew he was going to be so easy to get addicted. He took another hit before he handed it back to me, the greedy bitch.


We passed the pipe back and forth until TJ had taken 6 big hits and I had taken 4. Then I set the pipe aside as I reached for the mirror and dumped a huge load of Tina on it. Then I took a razor blade and chopped at it until I had 4 nice big lines. I snorted 2 of them, then put the mirror back on the table. A look of crushing disappointment crossed TJ's face.


"I don't get the other 2?" He brazenly asked.


I looked a him for a minute before I started. "So, TJ , I've been fixing you up with some primo shit for a while now, and I've asked for very little in return." He just looked at me with his saucer eyes as I continued. "And this T? This is top of the line shit, and it isn't cheap. Now, I'm thinking you kinda owe me."


He looked at me with puzzlement. "What do you want?" He finally asked.


"I want you to suck my cock."


TJ stood up saying, "No man, no way. I'm not no fag. I ain't gonna do that!" He exclaimed as he paced around. 


"Come on now." I prodded him. "It's very simple. You suck me off, and those two fat lines right there will be yours. If not, you can leave and never come back which means no more weed either."


TJ stopped his pacing and stared at the lines. He was right on the precipice. I knew his fucked up mind wanted more drugs, and he kept looking at the mirror with desire on his face.


"Come on TJ." I continued. "Just suck me off and it's yours, or leave and never come back." He ran his hands through his hair as he stared at the lines and contemplated his decision. After a few seconds he looked at me.


"Fine!" he finally said. "But DON'T cum in my mouth! And nobody knows!"


I didn't respond as I looked at him, standing there naked, knowing I was about to take one of his virginities. My cock was already almost hard.


"Come here." I instructed him as I pulled off my shorts. I grabbed the pipe and quickly loaded a bowl. "Kneel right here." TJ slowly got on his knees as I spread my legs apart. He reached up and gingerly took a hold of my cock. This is one of the greatest moments there is, when a straight boy touches his first cock. He doesn't want to, but his desire to be high outweighs his beliefs. I smiled as he leaned forward and carefully put his mouth over the head of my dick. I had taken out my p.a., I didn't want his inexperienced mouth to crack a tooth. Electricity shot through my body as I felt the warm, wetness of his mouth. I lit the pipe and took a big hit, blowing it down into the face of the straight skater boy as he traded his mouth for drugs for the first time. I took another hit then pulled TJ off my cock. I let him have 3 more hits off the pipe. Then I handed him the poppers and watched as the whore took 4 long drags of the chemicals. "Now get back on my cock, WHORE!" I ordered him.  I don't think he caught the whore part, but he was back on my cock, quick as a flash.


Once he passed the initial phase of taking cock into his mouth for the first time, he really started sucking my dick with gusto. I continued to take occasional hits on the pipe, blowing it into his face. I'd let him take hits of poppers now and then before he would dive back onto my cock. If I didn't know any better, I'd say he sure liked it. He was doing an amazing job for a first timer.  He would use one hand to jack my lower cock while he used his mouth on the rest getting a good 3 inches in there and stretching his mouth wide. I only had to tell him a couple of times to watch his teeth.


After a good long time, TJ's efforts were finally going to pay off. I could feel the cum rising in me as I grabbed TJ's head. He tried to push himself off of me while mumbling, "Don't cum in my mouth." I held him fast as he struggled.


"I never said I wouldn't come in your mouth, bitch. I said you have to suck me off, that means taking my load! Here it comes boy! Here it comes you little whore!"


 I exploded in his mouth as I pushed his head down further onto my cock. I wrapped my legs around his back as he fought to pull off me. I just gave another hard push on his head, forcing my fat cock to the back of his throat as I shot poz cum right down his esophagus. He gagged and choked as my cum leaked out of his mouth and down my cock. 


I finally released him and he sat back on his heels as he panted for air and tried to wipe the spit and cum off of his chin. God Damn he looked hot! A broken straight boy, is there anything better? He looked at me expectantly, like a puppy waiting for permission before it got it's treat.


"Go ahead boy." I said to him. "You earned it."


TJ grabbed the mirror and the rolled up bill and quickly snorted up the lines.


"That's right whore." I whispered as TJ finished the second line and sat back on his feet again as he did the meth sniffs. "Take your payment."

Can’t wait for the next installment! See how TJ becomes a cum slut! Thanks 

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Part 6


I didn't see TJ for a few days until he showed up at my door Thursday evening holding a duffel bag. He smelled horrible and looked even worse. His long hair was filthy and stringy and he was covered in dirt. He looked like he hadn't slept in days, which wasn't far from the truth. Without a word I let him into my apartment and he moved to my couch.


"On the floor!" I ordered him. "You're not sitting your filthy ass on my couch!"


He dropped to his knees and sat down looking dejected and pathetic. I sat on the couch and offered him the loaded bong. He smiled up at me as he took it. After a few hits, he told me what was going on. It turns out that he had gone home to take a shower. His roommates,  seeing him covered in dried cum and smelling like a cheap whore, knew he was tweaking hardcore and kicked him out right on the spot. They threw his clothes and his skateboard out the window and that was that. He was homeless. He spent the next few days and nights on the street, sleeping where he could. He had sold his skateboard to get a little bit of money for food, but that quickly ran out. He didn't know what else to do, so he turned to me for help.


Big mistake. 


This was the opportunity I had been  waiting for to finally finish what I had been working towards for weeks. I looked down on him and said, "You know, if I let you stay here, we're going to have to work out some way for you to pay me."


"I know," he meekly replied. "I've already thought about it. I'm willing to suck your cock whenever you want. I'll suck your friends cocks too. Just please, can you help me out?"


I didn't say a word as I fished my cock out of my shorts. After all, I wasn't agreeing to his terms, he just didn't know mine yet. He leaned forward and took me into his mouth. He really did a good job of sucking me, he was a natural at it. In no time flat I was feeding him another one of my dirty loads. Then I told him to take a shower.


As he was cleaning days of dirt and grime off his skinny pale body, I prepared the bedroom for TJ's fate. By the time he finished his shower, I was back on the couch with 4 fat lines prepared on the mirror. I handed him a rolled up bill and he snorted down 2 of them like the junky he was becoming. I snorted the other 2 and sat back on the couch, enjoying the site of the naked teenager on my couch. I handed him the loaded pipe and told him to smoke the whole thing. As he blew out a big white cloud, I picked up some restraints I had beside the couch.


"What are those?" He asked as a puzzled look crossed his face. 


"Just some leather accessories." I told him. "I've decided that cock sucking will only be one of your duties. You will also serve as my houseboy. You know, just some cleaning, lite cooking, laundry, stuff like that. But you have to wear a uniform."


"Ok," he shrugged, blowing out another big cloud.


My hands trembled a bit as I leaned down and attached the first restraint to  his hairy ankle. So close, I was getting so close! I quickly had the second restraint around his other ankle. As he was torching the bowl for another hit, I reached up and attached first one, then the other restraint to his wrists. He barely paid attention as he concentrated on the bowl. As he blew out another big hit, I wrapped a collar around his neck, and buckled it. TJ just went with the flow and didn't question anything. After all, he was getting high again, and that's all he cared about.


I sat back to enjoy the site before me. The black leather contrasted so beautifully with his pale skin. He looked every bit the perfect little piece of trash that he was. He looked at me with wide, saucer like eyes and I knew he was ready. Even if he wasn't, I was.


"Come with me." I said, standing him up. "I'm going to show you one of your duties." He stood up and followed me to the bedroom, completely oblivious of what was about to happen to him. I pretended I was going to show him how to make my bed, and as soon as I had his right wrist in the corner, I had it attached to the chain on my headboard. 


"What the fuck?" He started. "What the fuck is going on?"


I didn't say a word. I just pushed him onto the bed and jumped on his back, holding him down. He struggled beneath me, shouting "Let me go! Please! Don't do this!" He begged. I ignored him and soon had his other wrist attached as well. Now he wasn't going anywhere. He continued to yell and beg and plead, and as much as that turned me on, I didn't want the neighbors to hear his screams. I picked up a ball gag and forced it into his mouth, stifling his pleas. He kicked at me as I tried to secure his legs, but I just sat on them to hold them still as I attached them to more chains. After a bit more struggling, I stood up and looked down on my prize.


TJ struggled hard trying to free himself as he yelled into the gag. Tears started to flow from his eyes as he realized there was no escape. I just enjoyed the site of my skater boy spread eagled and helpless, his legs spread apart, displaying his defenseless hairy ass. 


I shoved a shard up his ass as I lubed up my 11 inch monster. I also rubbed some fine powder all over his puckered hole. TJ moaned as he felt the burning. That was nothing compared to the burning he would soon feel! I took a bandana and poured some poppers on it and tied it around TJ's nose. Soon his body relaxed a bit as his head went into orbit.


I placed the head of my dick against TJ's virgin hole. It was met with resistance, but I didn't care. I gave one really hard push, and my head popped past his anal ring.


TJ's head flew back and his back arched as he screamed, but I didn't stop. I held onto his hips and continued pushing myself into him. Sweat covered his body and fresh tears streamed from his eyes as he half screamed and half sobbed into the gag. I had about three more inches to go when I felt some more resistance deep inside of him. I knew I was at his second sphincter. I grabbed his shoulders and used every bit of power I could muster and slammed myself all the way into him. TJ screamed and passed out.


I held myself in the kid while I slapped his face a few times, and eventually he came back around. He just moaned in pain as I laid buried in him. I pulled out, enjoying seeing the red streaks that covered my cock. I knew I had tore the kid a bit, and that made me smile. 


TJ breathed a sigh of relief as he felt his hole being emptied, but it was short lived. I grabbed a prepared rig and a rubber hose, then I forced my cock all the way back into my skater boy. I tied off his bicep and twisted his arm so the good part was available and I saw a nice plump vein sticking up. Then I leaned into his ear.


"Now, your going to feel a little prick in your arm, and if you know what's good for you, you won't move a muscle or you could get really hurt. Do you understand?" TJ shook his head yes. Then, with all 11 inches of myself buried in the kid, I swabbed his arm and very carefully stuck the needle in. TJ didn't flinch as I drew back to register blood, then slowly pushed the plunger down, administering a huge slam to the already fucked up boy. Then I pulled off the rubber hose and threw it and the needle aside.


This was the moment I been waiting for. TJ's body went ridged as he started to cough. I just started fucking him as the rush went through his young body. I pulled about 5 inches out before slamming myself back in balls deep. Over and over I pounded his insides, my large p.a. battering his intestines. TJ started to moan in pleasure as my cock tore into him. I removed the ball gag and TJ just mumbled some gibberish. He grunted and moaned louder, like the cheap little whore he was, but was unable to form words, only pleasure sounds.


I pounded his straight boy ass for 15 minutes before I started to feel the oncoming orgasm. I grabbed his long hair and pulled his head back as I let out long groan and pumped the first dirty load of this kids life into his wrecked innards. I collapsed onto him as my cock drained every bit of its seed into TJ.


I eventually pulled out, admiring the pink slime covering my dick. TJ's hole already gaped open a bit and was an angry red colour. I grabbed my phone and called Paul.


"Get over here!" I told him. "I just fucked the kid and he's ready for more cock!"

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Part 7


It didn't take Paul very long to get to my place. As soon as I opened the door he gave me a high 5. 


"Another piece of trash to add to your list eh?" He said, entering my apartment. "Can't wait to see the fucker!" 


We went directly into the bed room where TJ was still splayed out giving a perfect view of his just raped ass. The hairs around his butthole were matted down from lube and fuck juice, and a small bit of pinkish cum dribbled out of his hole.


"God damn that's hot!" Said Paul as he stripped of his clothes. "Look at that fucking pretty hole."


TJ just laid there and softly moaned as Paul crawled between his legs. "Pease, no more." He quietly begged. 


I approached TJ's head and showed him another loaded rig. He just looked up at me with glazed over eyes. "Do you want more of this?" I asked him. And the greedy little meth whore inside of him respond, "Yes please." I smiled knowing I had almost totally broken this straight boy. "Then let my friend fuck you and it's all yours." I said as I dangled it in front of him. "All you have to do is ask him to fuck you. Ask him to fuck you, and when he's done, you'll get your reward."


I could see that in TJ's fucked up head he was still fighting with his instincts as a straight boy to not give in. But I knew the meth whore inside of him would win over. I continued to dangle the rig in front of his face.


"Come on, say it." I urged him on. "Ask him to fuck you. You've already taken one cock, and his is smaller. Do it!" I ordered him.


TJ stared at the rig in front of his face. Finally, his mouth formed the words I wanted to hear.


"Please fuck me." He said quietly.


"What was that? I couldn't hear you." I retorted.


"Please fuck me!" He said louder, with a certain desperation in his voice. 


That was all Paul needed to hear. He slid his 7 inches into the bound teenager beneath him. TJ let out a loud groan and his eyes rolled back in his head as Paul bottomed out in him.


"Oh man that's nice!" Exclaimed Paul. "So tight and wet! Such a nice fucking pussy!"


I sat back as I watched Paul fuck the piece of trash beneath him. The piece of trash that had just traded his ass for drugs. He slid his cock all the way out, then all the way back in. TJ grunted and moaned in pleasure as he took his second cock, giving in to his inner whore. Paul started to really pound TJ hard, slamming his hips into the skinny, hairy ass beneath him. I knew he was close to cumming and soon, he buried himself as he trembled and shook, and I knew he was pumping TJ full with another dirty load. TJ moaned as his guts were filled.


Paul pulled out and wiped his slimy cock on TJ's hairy buttcrack before he rolled over in satisfaction.  I examined TJ's hole and saw more light pink cum dripping out of it. I grabbed a pipe and sat on the bed next to Paul and got it rolling. We passed it back and forth while TJ turned his head to us and softly whined. I knew he wanted the pipe, but he wasn't getting it. 


When we finished, I picked up the rig and said to TJ, "Is this what you want? Do you want this now?"


"Yes please!" He begged. "Can I please have it now?"


"Yes you may." I said as I undid him from the chains. I rolled him over and Paul tied off his arm. Then, I took TJ's legs and placed them over my shoulders, lining up my cock to his hole.


"What? Wait. You said I could have it if I asked him to fuck me!" He whined.


"Yes boy. And you shall, as soon as my cock is back inside you." I replied. This was very important for his conditioning. I wanted him to associate a slam with cock in his ass. I wanted them to be one and the same with him. I started pushing into him and he gritted his teeth and winced in pain as his formerly virgin ass was stretched wide open again. Paul swabbed his arm and got the needle ready as I buried myself into the whore. "Look at me!" I demanded. TJ looked at me through his foggy eyes as Paul stuck the needle in him. As soon as he released the band, TJ's eyes rolled back into his head again as he coughed. 


I started pounding the boy as hard as I could, as he broke out in a fresh sweat.


"Take it you little fucking meth whore!" I hissed. "Take the cock you traded your ass for. I'm gonna fuck up your world so much you little slut! I'm gonna use your ass however I want, and you're going to beg for it. You're gonna learn what you have to do to get high!"


TJ responded by wrapping his arms and legs around me as he gave himself over to me and the drugs.


"Fuck me, oh god fuck me!" He gasped. "Oh god it feels so good. Please fuck me harder! Oh fuck it's so good! Fuck my ass!"


And fuck him I did. I pounded his little ass for at least 20 minutes before I unloaded into his guts. I pulled out and TJ just collapsed onto the bed. Paul lifted up his legs and slammed his cock back into the boy.


"Yeessssss!" TJ groaned. "Fuck me, yeah! Come on man, give me your cock! Fuck me harder!" He cried out.


I just sat back and enjoyed watching TJ's transition from a straight boy to a cock hungry cumdump meth whore.


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Part 8


Paul dumped a second load into the trashy whore. That made 4 already, and I decided TJ wasn't finished. I had several friends who were always happy when I had a cumdump around. They never had to worry about condoms, and they never had to pull out. Some of them were poz, a couple weren't, but they all loved a trashed out bottom.


As TJ layed there, covered in sweat and breathing hard, he played with his shriveled up little dick. His eyes were closed and he didn't notice me snapping some pictures of him. Not that it would have mattered. I would have taken pictures regardless. I chained his wrists apart again, and he didn't even try to resist as he floated on the highs of both the drugs and the sex.


I picked up a buttplug and lubed it up, adding a very fine layer of Tina dust all over it. I had Paul grab TJ's ankles, raise them up, and spread them apart. I smiled as I looked at his asshole. It was red and puffy and a little cum seeped out of it. If only his friends could see him now. If only they could see TJ as the dick taking drug whore I was turning him into. I snapped a couple more pics of his "straight" boyhole then I pushed the plug into him.


It was a fairly thick plug, thicker than my cock. It met some resistance as it reached the fattest part, but I just kept pushing, enjoying the site of his pussy closing around the base as it filled his insides.


"Oh no!" TJ whined. "Oh fuck it's burning! Oh god, take it out, PLEASE!"


I knew the powder made is hole burn like it was on fire. I'm sure that I had ripped him a little bit, and the plug stretched his tender flesh even further.


"It'll pass." I said coldly.


After I had secured his legs again, I put a leather hood over his head, blinding him. I snapped a couple more pics of my captive whore, then started texting my buddies to let them know there was fresh, straight boy pussy to breed.


I got responses from 4 of my friends. Three were poz, one wasn't. It only took half an hour before the first one showed up.


Greg was an older buddy, 56ish, bald and hairy with nice 8 inch cock. Oh, and a big biohazard tattoo on his chest. We didn't really talk when he got here, cause he was only here for one reason. And I didn't want TJ to hear any voices. I wanted him to not realize that a new person was fucking him until their dick was buried deep inside him, just to fuck with his head. Greg helped me position TJ's legs so they were attached to the headboard, raising up his ass and exposing his hairy cunt to the world.


I grabbed the plug and pulled it out of TJ's hole, causing the boy to groan in pain as his hole was over stretched again. Then I grabbed a nice shard and pushed it into his wet cavern as Greg reached for the lube. I just shook my head no and Greg smiled a big smile. Then he climbed on the bed and lined up his cock.


He started pressing forward and I watched as TJ's hole stretched and swallowed up his head. Greg just slowly sunk himself into the teenage trash hole until his pubes were smashing TJ's asshole hair. TJ let out a long, low groan as another cock penetrated his recently straight virgin hole. Greg then started fucking the whore with long slow strokes. 


"Oh, it's so wet and smooth." He whispered. "You got a nice bitch here."


For now, I thought to myself, until I use him up and get tired of him.


Greg fucked my bitch for ten minutes during which my friend Zack arrived. He was 40, also poz and had a fat 6" cock. Fatter than even mine. We watched as Greg pumped his load into the newly minted cumdump.


As soon as he pulled out, Zack took his place. He pushed down on TJ's thighs and slammed his dick in. TJ cried out loudly as his hole was stretched again. Then Zack pulled his cock all the way out and slammed it back in. TJ whimpered as Zack did this over and over, busting him wide open. He continued his assault for a good 15 minutes during which my next 2 friends both arrived. We all watched as Zack buried himself balls deep and threw back his head, moaning as he deposited his dirty sperm into the teen boy beneath him.


My next buddy, Andy, climbed up and took his place at TJ's open for business hole. He was a hot 24 year old gym bunny. Blond hair, deep tan and a nice 7" dick. He was neg and only topped, not that I haven't tried to get into his nice, round, muscled ass. He slid right into TJ's loose and wet straight skater boy butt and just started fucking. He pounded the ass beneath him for a solid 10 minutes. TJ's hole made squishy sounds as Andy pounded all that dirty cum deep inside him. He groaned as he added his spunk to the sloppy cumhole. 


Tyrell was my last buddy to take his place at TJ's exposed and helpless hole. He was a 35 year old black guy with a wicked 9 inch cock. It was wicked not only because it was pierced, but also because it had a real big curve to it. I loved watching his black snake disappear into TJ's lily white ass. TJ moaned as Tyrell's cock punched the magic spot inside him. Tyrell pounded the whore's spot over and over as TJ grunted and moaned. Soon, TJ's moaning turned into gasps as his soft cock let loose with a big, watery load of boy cum. Tyrell didn't stop his assault on TJ's prostate, and TJ's gasps of pleasure turned to grunts of pain. It wasn't until TJ's grunts turned to muffled pleads to stop that Tyrell added his cumload to the worn out boy. 


After Tyrell finished and pulled out, I stuck the plug back in and released TJ's legs and tied them back to the baseboard. Then we all gathered in the living room to smoke and chat a bit. After a while, I went and retrieved TJ, and led him on his hands and knees into the livingroom. He was so fucked in the head, (as well as his ass) that he obeyed without a question. I had him sit on the floor and I removed his hood. He squinted his eyes as they adjusted to the light. Eventually he focused and looked around the room and saw for the first time the 5 naked men. He looked down in shame.


"TJ." I said. "Do you know who these men are?"


"No." He quietly replied. "I've never seen them before. Well, except for him." He said gesturing toward Paul.


"You are correct, whore." I said. "You've never seen them, but you've taken their cocks in your ass, haven't you." 


"Yes, Sir." He quietly said.


"And you've taken each of their cum loads in your trashy little whore ass, haven't you."


"Yes, Sir." He replied meekly. 


"So, whore, do you think you earned this?" I asked as I held up a rig. His eyes lit up when he looked at it.


"Yes, Sir."


"Come here then and stand before me." He stood up and walked over to me. "Now, turn around and bend over." I instructed him. He did so and I grabbed the plug and yanked it out of his hole. Cum ran out and stuck to the hair on his ass and legs. "Now," I said holding my hard cock, "turn around and sit on my cock and you will get your reward."


TJ did exactly as he was told. Like the meth whore he was becoming, he was only focused on getting another fix, no matter what he had to do. He squatted over me as cum dripped out of his cunt onto my cock. Then he placed the head against his opening, and slowly slid down on it, groaning as he took all 11 inches deep inside himself. Then I held the rig in front of his face.


"Now, one more thing. I want you to turn to the men and say, "I want each of you to please fuck me again."" 


He hung his head and closed his eyes.


"Come on whore." I prodded as I ran the needle lightly up and down his arm. "Say, I want each of you to fuck me again." I said more forcefully as I flexed my dick inside him.


The lure of the high was too much for him and he turned to the men and said, in a clear voice, "I want each of you to fuck me again."


"Good boy." I said as I tied off his arm. "Now say, "I want all your cum inside me.""


"I want all your cum inside me." He said without hesitating. I smiled as I further broke TJ down.


"Now say, "I'm a dirty little meth whore. Please use me."" As I swabbed his arm.


He hesitated for just a moment before saying, "I'm a dirty little meth whore, Please use me."


"That's a good little whore." I said as I stuck the needle in his arm. "You're nothing but a cumdump." I said as I got the red flash. "You're a dirty little cumdump meth whore." I said as I pushed the plunger.


I released the band, and as the rush hit his body I grabbed his head and kissed him deep as I bucked my hips upward. "Now whore, turn around and ride my cock!"


TJ stood up and turned around, sitting back on my cock. He started riding it as he faced the men. I grabbed his pierced nipples as he rode me and he threw his head back as he groaned in pleasure. 


"That's right whore. Ride that cock. Show the men what you're good for. Show the men what your holes are for slut! Show them what a cock hungry cumdump meth whore you are!"


He rode me for a couple of minutes before I pushed him off me and onto the carpet. The men immediately grabbed him and he quickly had a cock in both his holes. He was passed around and around getting fucked in every position. He had dirty cum and ass covered cocks shoved into his mouth. He was spit on, slapped, and generally abused. He was introduced to nipple clamps and his little pierced tits were tortured. Each man came at least once more, some of them a third time. When everyone was finished, TJ was left on the carpet looking like a bikers whore with cum on his face and dripping out of his ass. Fresh bruises covered his body.


After the men had all left, I gave TJ a powerful sedative, and soon he was passed out on my bed. I spread his cheeks to look at his hole. It was very red and puffy, just like I like it.I pushed my cock into him as he slept. His hole was so loose and wet. I fucked him slowly, relishing in the feel of his sloppy, cum filled, straight boy pussy around my cock. I pumped one final load for the night into his guts before I stuck a plug in him to keep all that cum he had earned inside him.


Not bad for his first night with me.

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