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Corrupting the straight skater boy

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So here's a new story I'm starting. For you fans of my Prince Eric story, don't worry, I'm still working on that too. I just have soooooo many perverted stories going on in my head I get side tracked and want to get them all out.


Part 1


So I guess it's fair to say I definitely have a type. Young and trashy is what gets my dick hard. You can keep your pretty boy jock types. Give me a scruffy, tattooed,  pierced,18, 19, 20 year old piece of skinny white trash any day. If they're straight, even better. There's nothing like getting my 11 inch pierced cock buried in a trashy straight boys hole and breeding him over and over until his stretched out pussy is leaking cum. Especially when I can share him with my buddies. And I've broken in my share of boys over the years, seducing them, corrupting them, destroying them. This is a story about one such boy. My favorite boy.


I was very lucky and had an apartment that overlooked a skate park in the seedy part of town. I can't tell you how many hours I spent looking out my window, binoculars in one hand, my big leaking cock in the other, masturbating while I spied on the young men as they did their tricks and stunts. On a good day, some of them would remove their shirts, and I could ogle their thin, pale bodies as I would ejaculate into a glass so I could collect and freeze my loads for future use.


One day, in late spring, a new boy started showing up. Sometimes with his girlfriend, sometimes alone. When his girlfriend was there, they'd make out and sometimes disappear into the thick bushes for a while, doing what I could only imagine was sexual. This boy was perfect. He stood probably 6 ft tall and weighed maybe 140 soaking wet. His dirty blond hair was long and hung down over his face. When the wind blew it out of his face, I could see his lower lip had three piercings, one in the middle and one on each corner. Both his eyebrows were pierced as was his septum with a ring that sported a big ball hanging down and his ears were gauged out with large plugs. He also sported some chin scruff that hung down a few inches.


His body was a joy to behold. His skinny arms both sported colorful full sleeves with sculls and flames and demons and the like. Above his flat pecs in gothic script was the word respect. A tuft of brown hair sat in the middle of his chest and his nipples sported thick bars in them. His furry belly button was pierced and tatooed with red lips and an arrow that followed his treasure trail pointing to his crotch. His legs were very hairy which almost guaranteed that his ass crack and butthole would be as well. Yummy. And to top it off, he had a huge pair of wings tattooed on his back.


He was the perfect piece of filthy white trash and I wanted him desperately.


I wasted no time implementing my plan shortly after he started hanging out at the skate park. I started by nonchalantly hanging around on a nearby bench, "reading."  I would casually light a joint and smoke it while I watched the boy. He would glance my way frequently with that look in his eye like he wanted to smoke, and after only a week of this, he finally approached me. A shadow fell across me and I looked up to see the shirtless boy standing in front of me with his board under his arm.


"Hey man, can you share a couple of puffs?" He asked me, flicking the hair from out of his face.


"I don't know kid." I answered. "How old are you?"


"19." He replied.


"Well, I always believe in sharing." I said as I motioned for him to sit down. He sat next to me, his shorts sagging down revealing black boxer briefs. I got a whiff of his slight body odor and my cock stirred a little. We passed the joint back and forth and I found out a little about my intended conquest.


His name was TJ, Theodore James exactly, and he lived a couple of blocks away with four other guys in a two bedroom apartment.  I could only imagine the squalor they lived in. He worked as a tattooist and piercer, which explained why he already had so much work done at such a young age. He was a product of the foster system and his old man was in jail and he had no idea where his mother was. Ahhhhhh, a broken home, how perfect. He had even spent a couple of years in juvie for stealing a car and dealing drugs. I was amazed at how open this kid was to a stranger, but then, he was stoned.


After about an hour I told him I needed to take off, but not before I slipped him a little bud. He was extremely grateful, which is exactly what I wanted. Got to make him trust me before I wreck him.


This went on for a week. Everyday we would chill and smoke while I tried not to come across as creepy. Not that I appeared creepy. I was a nice looking 35 year old, maybe a little on the chunky side, but not fat. I stood just a little taller than TJ at 6 ft 1.  And everyday when I left, I slipped TJ a little bud.


So after a week, I decided it was time to up the ante. I told TJ I had some really killer bud back at my place, which I did, and that he should come over so we could smoke it out of a bong. He happily followed me back to my apartment and in half an hour we were both ripped out of our minds and I made my move.


Looking him directly in his slanted eyes, I began. 


"So, TJ, I've been hooking you up all week and I have a favour. I want to suck your dick."


"Dude, what the fuck?" He said in a very stoned voice. "I'm not a fag! Are you a fag?"


"Yes, I'm gay, and I want to blow you. I think it's the least you could do."


"No way man! I'm not going to let you swing on my dick!"


At this point, I doubled down as TJ was not moving away from me. I placed my hand on his thigh and said, " I can suck your dick better than your girlfriend. No one will know, and I'll make it worth your while." I pulled out an 8th of my killer weed and dangled it in front of him. His eyes lit up and I could see the wheels turning in his head. After a minute of silence he said,


"All you want to do is suck my dick? Nothing else? And you'll give me that sack and no one will know?"


"No one." I promised.


TJ looked at me for a few more seconds before snatching the baggie out of my hand. "Fine, but it's our secret."


I handed him the bong as I crawled between his legs. My hands shook as I reached up and pulled down his shorts and underwear, rubbing his hairy thighs. His cock was nestled in his very bushy brown pubic hair and was surprisingly big, 6 inches soft. He had a magic cross piercing, where two bars crossed each other through the head of his dick, and a lorum, which is the base of the dick right above the balls. I tenderly put it in my mouth as he took another big bong hit. My nostrils were hit with the smell of his sweaty balls mixed with stale piss and my own cock sprang to life in my shorts. My warm wet mouth soon had TJ to his full rock hard nine inches. He started moaning as I went to town on his cock, giving him the best blowjob of his young life. I deep throated him and massaged him with my throat muscles. He moaned as I massaged his balls and rubbed his guiche piercing. He was totally into the blowjob as he put his hands on the back of my head and started fucking my face.


"Oh fuck dude! That feels so good! No bitch has ever sucked my cock this good! Take it you fag! Suck that big dick! Oh fuck, I'm cumming!"


TJ started shooting off into my mouth, filling it up with the sweetest white trash load I had ever tasted. Spurt after giant spurt filled me up and I swallowed it all down. TJ collapsed back onto the couch as sweat poured off of him.


"Oh, we're going to be doing that again dude!" He panted as the last of his load dribbled into my mouth. I smiled to myself knowing this was only the beginning for his skinny white trash ass.

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Things pretty much stayed the same for the next few weeks. Every two to three days TJ was up in my apartment when he needed more weed. And I was more than happy to keep supplying him as long as I got to suck that big 19 year old cock. Maybe suck is too nice of a way to put it. TJ was very aggressive and loved the fact that I had no gag reflex as he pounded his pierced cock down my very receptive throat. He loved to bury himself balls deep and hold my head tight against his hairy crotch as he pumped his huge loads of teenage cum right down my esophagus. And I loved every second of it. And because he was young and horny, he was always good for two loads. And I always rewarded him well for his stud service. I even got him to strip naked everytime while I serviced him fully clothed by offering him more weed. He may have technically been the rough trade, swapping his body for drugs, but I was the one who felt like the dirty whore, and I loved it.


So after a few weeks of this, I decided it was time to take it to the next level. I gave TJ a soda laced with G. Not enough to knock him out, (although I do enjoy playing with a unconcious boy. There's few things dirtier than fucking and breeding a passed out boy, filling him up with my babies.) but enough to have him loose and vulnerable. So after he finished his soda and we had emptied a couple of bongs, he was high as fuck as he reclined, buck naked in all his scruffy, pierced and tattooed white trash glory.


I began to slowly suck his cock, taking my time with it as I massaged his balls and taint. TJ just moaned as he limply laid back on the couch. I made slow love to his cock as I slowly pulled his skinny body over the edge of the couch and started to roll him over. 


"Dude, what are you doing?" He slurred. "You're not going to fuck me!"


"Sssshhhhhhh." I silenced him. "I'm not going to fuck you, I promise. I just want to show you a new pleasure." I reassured him as I pulled out another baggie of weed. This time it was a full 1/4 oz. TJ looked at it with glassy eyes before he reached for it with an unsteady hand, grabbing it and clutching it to his chest.


"All right," he mumbled, "you can touch it, but I don't get fucked."


"Not yet you whore." I thought to myself as I handed him the loaded bong. TJ took a couple of more big hits as I got a real good look at his ass. His cheeks were covered in a light brown fuzz, and his crack was filled with a dense fuzzy trail. My mouth watered as I slowly spread him open, getting a look at his asshole for the first time. A musky smell hit my nostrils as I gazed down at his hairy brown hole. My cock was rock hard as my mouth moved toward his soon to be discovered pleasure spot, knowing I was about to be the first person to touch that promised land.


My tongue lightly tickled his hairy hole and he gasped in surprise.  I flicked at his brown pucker and blew on his hairs as he lightly moaned. Then I started licking his hole as his moans grew louder and longer. I planted my mouth against his shitter and really went to town. I sucked and nibbled on TJ's straight boy pussy, showing him for the first time in his young life just what a pleasure center his asshole was. He totally took me by surprise when he reached back and spread his cheeks apart, giving me better access.


"Oh fuck dude!" He panted. "Eat my ass you dirty faggot! Oh fuck that feels good! Eat my hole!"


And eat it I did. I stuck my tongue in him, past his anal ring which brought more moans and more dirty talk from him. I ate him out for probably 15 minutes before he groaned,


"Dude, I'm gonna cum!"


I quickly flipped him over as I wet my index finger and jammed it right up his straight skater boy cunt, hitting his prostate. He let out a howl of ecstasy as he grabbed my head and skull fucked me before shooting another one of his big loads down my throat.


TJ collapsed back onto the couch in a sheen of sweat as the last drops of his cum dribbled onto my tongue, allowing me to taste the trashy young studs semen. 


"Dude, I gotta piss." He announced with his dick still in my mouth.


"Do it here." I mumbled around his cock.


"No way dude! I ain't fuckin doing that!"


I was on a pure lust high and quickly grabbed another 1/8 and held it up. "Do it!" I demanded. "Give me your piss!"


TJ paused for second before snatching the weed out of my hand. "God damn you're a disgusting queer. All right faggot, get your mouth on my dick!"


I trembled with excitement as I took him back into my mouth and waited. It took him a few moments, but eventually a small stream started, which quickly became a large stream. I had trouble keeping up and piss dribbled out of my mouth onto his hairy legs.


"Oh fuck dude." He groaned as he experienced another new erotic sensation, that of a warm mouth around his cock as he expelled his urine. "Oh yeah you dirty fag. Drink my piss you nasty bitch. Drink it all you dirty piss drinking faggot bitch!"


As TJ verbally abused me, I reached down to my rock hard cock, and in just a few strokes, I was shooting off into my shorts as the last of TJ's piss flowed into my mouth.

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