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How does it feel to actually swallow a big thick load of cum?

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On 9/16/2020 at 3:38 AM, catcher4you said:

Years ago, I sucked off a guy at a bathhouse. He told me he shot a big load and wanted me to be prepared. He thought I’d have him shoot on my chest or something and he almost pushed me off his dick when he knew has was going to cum. It was the biggest load I have ever experienced and I swallowed every drop. This was not a single swallow since he filled my mouth up a few times. Love the taste (always have) and feeling that quantity go down my throat was amazing. I left a happy man. 

I love sucking cock and swallowing cum ! I just started swallowing cum  and now I can’t get enough! I go to adult bookstores and an old porn theater  where I try and suck as many cocks as possible. Many times the guys don’t cum unfortunately! 

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I sucked a guy one time and he shot loads into my mouth. I tried to spit all of out but I think I swallowed some of it. It was at night and I gave the guy the blowjob in his car, so people could have saw me. I really don’t like the taste of cum.

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Honestly, swallowing gets rid of it better than spitting if you just want to get rid of it. In the beginning when I was still weirded out by the thought, I would spit, and the taste would linger in my mouth for hours. Swallow that load, and it's gone. 

I have never taken one of those loads (in my mouth anyway) that you read about in stories that are so much you cannot keep up with swallowing. It would be hot to feel that, but I still would rather have it in my hole. 

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