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    I’m a hetero-romantic bisexual guy. Your handsome, professional guy next door. I’m 6’4” tall, 190 lbs., with facial hair and glasses. I have a 5.5” cut cock, fairly thick (although it’s difficult for me to get hard with guys).

    I didn’t discover my bisexuality until my mid-20s, and did not act on it for the next several years. Since my divorce last year, I’ve been trying to explore my bisexuality and gather as much information as I can about what will make me happy. As of 3/13/20, I have a girlfriend and I’m not looking to hook up. But I’ve now tried out long term monogamy for the second time, and recently realized I need cock at least occasionally in addition to my primary romantic relationship with a woman.

    I could go on and on about my love and need for pussy, but this site seems geared toward male breeding, so I’ll focus on my love and need for cock here. I am drug free, but I love poppers. With men, I’m a bottom looking for tops, the more thick and hung the better (although I love all penis). I love sucking cock, deepthroating, swallowing cum, getting rimmed, getting fucked, bareback sex, cum in my hole, thick hard cock, heavy flaccid cock, glory holes, gangbangs, group sex, getting spit-roasted, BBC, porn, poppers, poppers training porn, sissy hypno porn, dildos, cock rings, nipple play, hairy guys, muscular guys, masculine guys, and daddies. I love bathhouses. My biggest fantasy is to be a cumdump at a gangbang, being spit-toasted and taking dozens of hung, thick cocks and big warm loads in both of my holes, breeding me deep and filling my stomach with delicious cum. Spending the day at the glory hole also sounds like a lot of fun.

    I’m negative and on PrEP, and I do not want to convert. I am not a bug chaser. When I am having sex with men, I get tested regularly. To minimize my risk, I would prefer my partners to be negative and be tested regularly. However, since I get really turned on by the thought of being a cumdump slut, I know I won’t have that luxury if I choose to act on my fantasy. I know that many men who claim to be negative actually do not know their status. I also know that HIV-positive men who are under treatment and have an undetectable viral load cannot transmit the virus (U=U). As a result, I would rather fuck an HIV-positive guy who is treated, undetectable, and knows his status than a “negative” guy who doesn’t get tested and doesn’t actually know his status. Let’s get rid of this disease so we can all fuck naturally and enjoy cum without fear.

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  1. The bigger the better. I like to use large toys, and my biggest dildo is 2.5” wide by 9” in length, bigger than pretty much every cock I’ve encountered. I want to go bigger on dildos. Would love to get double penetrated at some point too.
  2. Weed provides me with a similar feeling to poppers in that it lowers my blood pressure and relaxes my smooth muscle to some degree. Not to the same extent as poppers, but it lasts longer. I also find it difficult to get an erection at all when smoking/eating THC, and can get paranoid about social interaction. I don’t have those problems with poppers. But weed affects people differently I’ve found—maybe you don’t have those side effects. I recently had a bathhouse experience like you’re looking for. Got fucked bareback by five guys with big cocks, got spit-roasted for my first time ever, a
  3. I have so many videos of me taking huge dildos, and one sexy one of cum leaking out of my hole, but nothing where I’m getting fucked. I’d love to have video proof of the real thing. I want to be filmed taking multiple cocks and loads at the center of a bareback gangbang.
  4. This too shall pass. When I first started sucking dick—before I started getting fucked, when I was naive and stupid and ignorant of the pleasure a cock in my hole could give me—I was swallowing load after load. The first cock I sucked belonged to a married guy who came so fast and so hard and so much that he got angry, thinking I was lying to him about never being with a guy before. But it didn’t matter who or where. Guys on the DL, gay guys, bi guys, at their place, at my place, at the bookstore, at the bathhouse... all of them gave me their cum easily. Then I ran into a dry streak. No m
  5. Yes, I’ll get the vaccine as soon as I can.
  6. March 10, 2019. I had gotten fucked for the first time the day before, a Saturday at Flex bathhouse in Phoenix. Sunday night I went to Chute. It was pretty dead, but I got on Grindr and the handsome big-dicked employee who worked the front desk hit me up so I told him to come to my room. I sucked him but he had to get back to work so he quickly filled my mouth with cum. I would’ve taken him in my ass, but he was *really* big and it would’ve taken me awhile to get comfortable with it. I was about to leave when a younger black guy approached me to ask if I could help him find his room. I to
  7. That Nicholas Kristof article was eye-opening, and child pornography and sexual slavery are huge issues that need to be addressed. I just wish there was a better way to target problematic material without sweeping up other material in the overbroad dragnet that inevitably follows something like this. Poppers trainers and trans/sissy hypno porn are not illegal and have nothing to do with child pornography, and yet my playlists got deleted anyways. Kristof’s suggestion in the article that major credit card companies should suspend operations with Pornhub is an ill-fitting remedy, throwing the ba
  8. I am kind of livid right now. It seems Pornhub has removed all playlists referring to poppers, and I just saw that they deleted my trans playlist too. I had dozens of videos saved to each playlist, and the poppers one was definitely one of my go-tos. I’d like some fucking answers. This is some Puritan Tumblr bullshit.
  9. I cleared out my schedule and walked into the bathhouse around 11 a.m. wearing a tank top that said “cum in my ass.” The parking lot was pretty full, maybe 20 cars, so I knew I was going to have a good chance at getting what I wanted. As I paid and walked to my room there were several guys checking me out. After getting settled and doing one last clean out in my en suite bathroom, I grabbed my poppers, lube, key, and towel and started to explore. I made my way down the hallway past the lockers, past the new gloryhole wall, to an open area between the darkroom and theater rooms with a wide benc
  10. Hot cock and great hole pics!

  11. I don’t get hard when I bottom. I enjoy stretching and focusing on my hole. Focusing on getting hard for me would involve doing some form of kegels and clenching my ass, which would make bottoming at least somewhat painful and less enjoyable.
  12. Update: went to Flex on 10/19 and the steam room and showers were the only things I saw closed. The pool, hot tub, and dark room were open, and they installed new gloryholes in some of the hallways.
  13. I don’t know what kind of guys are saying it takes 15 minutes, but that’s unrealistic for what you want. It sounds like you want to be clean for half a day to a full day, and to be clean enough for an above average cock (your 8-inch dildo), and to be so clean that there is no trace of fecal matter. And you want all that in 15 minutes. Not gonna happen. My guess is any guy saying it takes 15 minutes is preparing for an immediate single fuck that will probably last all of five minutes, with an average dick, just trying to get most of the fecal matter out of the rectum, and more than likely
  14. I think it’s all relative. To me, I don’t see any objective truth to the claim that “there’s nothing more personal” than intercourse. For me, kissing is more personal than intercourse because I perceive my consciousness and others’ consciousness as being located in the head—thinking, seeing, tasting, smelling, and our primary means of communicating. Putting your mouth together with another person’s mouth implicitly requires most of your primary conscious sensation organs are close together. That makes more sense to me subjectively (although I don’t think there’s any objective truth to any part
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