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  1. faglory

    Top sucking bottoms dick

    i don't like for anyone to suck my dick and i've never allowed it to anyone, frankly i prefer for my dick to be ignored completely by the top -i ignore it myself so why shouldn't he
  2. faglory

    I love piss

    yeah i mean they wouldn't need to go to the bathroom just tell me to take care of it lol perfect
  3. faglory

    I love piss

    i hear that i wish i was always around men that would use my mouth whenever they needed to take a piss
  4. faglory

    Cocksuckers need more cum in their mouths

    i get so cum hungry i'd like to suck off a dozen all in a row
  5. faglory

    Throat Fucking/Gagging

    i love getting throatfucked because a cock in my throat just feels good and it just sort of hammers in that idea that i'm just a hole for cock so that's always good throatfucking should be exactly as hard as the top wants it to be
  6. faglory

    Sucking Married Guys

    married guy cock is delicious and i wish more of them were open to getting blown by cocksuckers like us
  7. faglory

    Where To Unload

    best to leave it to the top but mouth or throat are my faves
  8. hehe yeah two fuckholes & the stuff in between is something they shouldn't need to care about 😅
  9. amen we need correct priorities in our faggot lives!
  10. faglory

    Do you ever get bored suckling dick?

    exactly how it should be ☺️
  11. faglory

    Dirty Uncut Cock? Dick Cheese? Smegma?

    ? but that's not me it's dirtyarizona's cock. we can share it hahaha
  12. faglory

    Dirty Uncut Cock? Dick Cheese? Smegma?

    fuuuuuuuuck fuck fuck fuck fuck this is gourmet!!!!!!
  13. faglory

    Sucking Married Guys

    i wish more married guys would be open to getting blown by a guy even if they're not into guys at all, who cares if the guy is watching titty porn while i suck his cock? he's still gonna get a great blowjob
  14. faglory

    Craving cock

    yeah maybe for like 2 seconds lol but then i want to suck again

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