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  1. Molested as a kid

    yeah i totally get that, and when i used public restrooms it was right to a stall, in & out because my dick's too shy to piss at a urinal lol
  2. seems I am always wanting more cock and cum

    i've never sucked cock so much that i thought i had enough. if i ever feel satisfied after sucking cock it doesn't last long before i'm thinking about it again
  3. Do you rim the ass of the Top you suck?

    of course, like sucking cock i also eat ass on command. of course hygiene is a factor there.......
  4. Taste: Acquired or intrinsic appreciation?

    sort of a mixed thing for me, i started getting a taste for it right away in small amounts playing with myself then with more & more piss and was a little hard sometimes at first but when i swallowed and felt the aftertaste i'd want to drink more. totally indefferent to my own piss now but i love being a urinal for other Men
  5. i would let Him keep fucking, i have done that, and will always
  6. Molested as a kid

    i was never molested as a kid even though you could say i started trying to get touched by guys in my tweens. some issues & misunderstandings kept me from trying to have sex but developed a very dirty imagination. so i'm still became a submissive cockslut even before i sucked my first cock

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