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  1. I know this won't be to everyone's interest, but I am finding it fascinating. The Financial Times are doing a podcast series on the money behind the porn industry. It is not a sexy sort of thing although there is plenty of explicit discussion. I have only heard 2 of the 5 episodes out so far, and 3 more have yet to be released. Still, I thought some of you might be interested. [think before following links] https://www.ft.com/content/762e4648-06d7-4abd-8d1e-ccefb74b3244
  2. Dude, you are really projecting. I didn't say/imply any of those things. I just pointed out the Thomas invited challenges to those cases. But since you mentioned it in this, he is going further than Alito did in his majority opinion (he assured us these cases would not be considered since the "taking of a human life" makes abortion special) and than Kavanaugh did in his concurring opinion. I would say that he is displaying an extreme position in the sense he is more willing to reconsider these cases than the other Justices. Everything to do with Trump and the Big Lie and the January 6th Attempted Coup are beside the point of the discussion I started about Dobbs and the potential implications of other cases decided on the basis of a right to privacy, and I don't intend to be drawn into that mess. Pretty much everything in your last paragraph was utterly outside anything I ever said, and I think it speaks more to your mental state than mine.
  3. The Democrats under Obama had a super majority for a couple of months before Ted Kennedy became too ill to carry on and subsequently died. After that point, they did not have the 60 votes to overcome a filibuster, and McConnell famously stated his aim to insure nothing POTUS wanted would get passed. Should the Democrats have passed laws to protect abortion rights at some point during the 50 years Roe was in force? Probably. But as we discussed before, it was considered settled case law. Part of what SCOTUS is supposed to do is make unifying decisions for the country when law differs from state to state in a way that is disruptive. I do think we were better off with Roe in place.
  4. I am not muddying the water with discussing Maxine Waters. She likes to grandstand, and that has nothing to do with this discussion. The entirety of the case in Dobbs v Jackson was Roe and Casey were decided incorrectly. No new information was used to justify the reasoning other than the basis by which these decisions were reached was flawed. Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Coney-Barrett stated unequivocally in their confirmation hearings that Roe was settled law that should not be reconsidered. Then they turned around in less than 4 years and voted to overturn the decision. Under the principle of stare decisis, precedents should be honored UNLESS some significant development as occurred.
  5. Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Coney-Barrett who were all nominated by the last President were all asked under oath by the Senate their position on Roe v Wade. They all stated unequivocally that it was settled law and not up for reconsideration. There was nothing new in the case that was just decided that warranted overturning a 50-year-old precedent. They simply lied under oath, and are guilty of perjury.
  6. I agree with this personally. I find it distracting. Oddly enough, I was talking about this with a twenty-something fuckbuddy. He is used to having the tv on in the background to keep people in surrounding apartments from hearing him have sex. He says he likes porn with tv in the background; he says it makes it more realistic to him.
  7. I'm not sure why whoever downvoted my post did so. I am not stating opinion. A sitting Supreme Court Justice explicitly stated this in an official opinion. He is announcing to any anti-gay state official that if you give SCOTUS the case to overturn these rights, he will do everything he can to make it happen under the same reasoning used to overturn Roe v Wade.
  8. I get that chastity is a growing fetish, and I support everyone's right to their kink. But there is a clear link between frequent orgasms and decreased risk of prostate cancer. If it turns you on that someone else has the key to your cage, that's great, but for your health, you need to cum 4-5 times a week. [think before following links] https://www.nfcr.org/blog/ejaculation-prostate-cancer/
  9. [think before following links] [think before following links] https://qburgh.com/they-will-come-for-us-next/ In his concurring opinion overturning Roe v Wade, Thomas explicitly stated that SCOTUS should revisit Griswold (the right to have access to birth control), Lawrence (the right to have sex with the person you choose - it overturned all laws against same-sex activity), and Obergefell (the right to marry the person you choose). Voting and organizing for the fall is just that much more important.
  10. Here's an answer to part of what you asked about. I have no personal experience to share though.
  11. Several years ago, my late husband and I were attending TBRU (Texas Bear Round Up in Dallas). We had gone on a group excursion to Club Dallas, and I had a pretty good couple of hours taking loads. I was lying in the sling when a hot, muscular Asian dude stepped up between my legs. He was only half hard, but my hole was pretty open. He slipped his cock inside me and began to pump. "You have a load for me?" I asked. He said, "I just shot a minute ago, so I don't know." He slid in and out a few times lazily. "Nice and silky - how many loads you have in you?" he asked. "Six," I told him. His cock immediately got completely stiff (about 7"), and he fucked me hard until he gave me a seventh load. I ran into him again a little later as we were both getting ready to leave. He hugged me and told me what I hot slut I was. I still get an invite to his party at TBRU every year.
  12. Thanks for following me! Welcome to the forum!

  13. The prohibition against incest is social not biological. I mean it is something we learn rather than something that is innate. Grown children around a parent who they never knew for the first time will often experience some attraction to their parent. Here are a couple of links you might want to look at, @DanishDude76 [think before following links] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetic_sexual_attraction [think before following links] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westermarck_effect
  14. I think there is just a logistical problem filming an actual orgy. You are going to have multiple couples (or threesomes or moresomes going at it at the same time. You need at least one camera man for each grouping, and that means working really hard to keep all those cameramen out of the shots of other camera men. And then how do you edit it together to both get across the feeling that it is all happening at once without leaving out any moment of any particular groupings activities. I think porn shoots tend towards gangbangs because they are much easier to film.
  15. Moderator's Note: This thread seems out of control. If people want to discuss this concept civilly and without name calling, start a new thread.
  16. Thanks for the follow-up chapter. I really appreciate that in a story.
  17. Moderator's Note: Neither of those things is a problem.
  18. I have mentioned before that I am dating a much younger guy long-distance. He's a cute twink with long ginger hair and 8x6 cut. He's planning to move down here in about 6 weeks, so I am very stoked about that. Anyway, he took a week of vacation and came to visit last week. In the seven days he was here, he gave me 30 loads in my ass, 1 in my mouth, and 2 all over my face because he had never tried that before. I am pretty sure he has fucked me harder than any man ever has before.
  19. These are porn stars I would love to get fucked by: Sebastian Velmont - can I really take 13"? I would like to find out. Rhyheim Shabazz Tim Kruger Eduardo Picasso Mr Marky Antonio Biaggi Devin Trez Diego Mattos Aiden Ward John Thomas - he mostly bottoms, but I have seen him use his big dick a few times.
  20. You might try an OTC acid reducer like Omeprazole. Taking that might address your problem.
  21. Moderator's Note: Again, this was explained on the first page of the thread. You have been a member for 11 years, but in that time you have made 8 posts. The membership categories - New Member, Junior Member, Member, Senior Member - are based on the amount of activity and contribution you have made to the forum not how long you have been a member.
  22. Moderator's Note: If you have bothered to read the thread before posting in it, you would have found the answer in the second post in the thread. I know that sounds bitchy, but for anyone who does not know this, the standard etiquette for participating in a forum is that you read a thread before posting in it. Especially, a thread that has been pinned to the top of the forum; it's there because it contains useful information. I get that you didn't want to read all of the posts because there are several hundred, but scanning the first page to make sure your question wasn't answered at the beginning of the discussion and the last page to make sure you aren't posting the same thing someone else posted 2 days ago is a good practice to adopt.
  23. Moderator's Note: I only have access to PMs if I am added to the conversation or someone reports the PM. I have no doubt the admin can see everything, but I cannot troll through your messages on a fishing expedition. If a bot has access to PMs, it is either part of a bot account or somehow hacking our software - that last point is theoretical; I have never seen that happen.
  24. Just to grouse for a moment, the ones that kill me are the posts with tons of personal info going on about how they love being exposed. The next day, they are begging to have it all taken down in the reports. It never fails.
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