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Another Atlanta Bar closing Eagle

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The iconic Eagle. The leather bar – the site of an infamous raid that brought reforms to the Atlanta Police Department – is closing. Within weeks, the Midtown nightclub will shut its doors after 33 years and become the latest LGBTQ business so severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic that it couldn’t survive.

But owner Richard Ramey is ready to flip the script on COVID-19. His closing announcement came with a big asterisk.

“We are not going out of business,” Ramey said. “We are not closing permanently. We are going to come back bigger, in 2021

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Commercial real estate in ATL has changed dramatically post coronavirus. No more outrageous rent increases thanks to open spots everywhere due to small biz closures. This will probably cut their fixed cost and make their business more viable when the plague is an unpleasant memory

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Sadly it's happening all over.  Here in West Hollywood iconic places like Rage, Gold Coast, Flaming Saddles and Gym Bar have all shut down permanently over the past couple of months.  Aside from being closed since March the landlord(s) wouldn't work with them on lowering the rent, etc.  Sad

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6 hours ago, hairyone said:

The DC Eagle recently closed, too.  No plans for re-opening.  Hopefully, someone will buy the rights and bring it back.

Hopefully, yes. But look at Ft Lauderdale/Pompano Eagle, which reopened in Wilton Manors, but is smaller, different.

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21 hours ago, MattDillan said:

If it’s like the Fort Lauderdale &  Baltimore  Eagle - forget it.  It’s full of women and looks like a fucking Applebee’s.

For real? How can a leather bar look like an Applebee's? I want to know what Applebees you go to. 

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