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    6"2, 202#, blonde, hairy chest, hard-wired pigtits to hungry hole for cocks. Anybody works 'em and I just go into heat for cocks.
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    Love to be videoed getting fucked, etc. Just a hungry pig - oink!
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    Usually looking for 'now' or today in L.A. Don't be shy to hit me up and make it happen. After all, needing it is breeding it!

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  1. Damn, I wish we still had bookstores like that here in LA. If anyone knows of any please let me know. Thanks!
  2. I'm with you both on this, bud. Love going to CumUnion and seeing the line of holes being mounted and bred. When I'm doing the same, taking cocks, I always put my mindset into serving Priapus, the god of cocks. It then totally controls my hole and makes it the chalice for the sacred seed. Might just be me rationalizing my behavior but it takes me to all the right places.
  3. Met my first partner at the East Side Club in 1988 - it changed my life forever. Oink!
  4. The answer is "yes". At some point in our lives we realize what our true purpose and role is. I was a top for 30 years but always wanted to be fucked, just couldn't be. Then at 50 I flipped (for a variety of reasons) and have never looked back. I realize now that my purpose is to accept cocks to perform their natural manimal function and breed me. As a top the big thing was cumming and the feeling it gave. As a bottom it's the entire process - the top 'gentling' me, exerting his control, bringing me into heat by working my tits, rimming me, etc; by mounting me and showing his dominance by getting his cock into an always tight hole; then fucking me in a variety of positions which give me feelings that I'd never had before. And finally the ultimate - breeding me and letting me know about it. Love verbal tops, which is the biggest turnon and motivator. And then when they breed it's practically a sacred rite of accepting their seed. Once I've been fucked and bred it only makes me hungrier for another cock as I don't allow myself to cum. So having someone control me and arrange cocks to breed me would bring this pig into hog heaven. Oink!
  5. Love when my inner pig comes out and goes into heat for breeding. That usually takes me to Slammer or Flex here in LA. Oink!
  6. Barebacking (for me being barebacked) is just normal, natural manimal mating and sex the way it's meant to be. All animals do it to breed; we manimals do it both to breed and for pleasure. Oink!
  7. I like your idea bud but can anyone tell me where in Los Angeles there are any appropriate bookstores? Thanks for any info. Oink
  8. I use PURE for Men as well and do believe it works, helps. But given the cost I'm wondering if anyone can recommend something else. I'm sure it's really just "fiber" perhaps similar to Metamucil or some of the other brands. Thanks for any thoughts or info!
  9. Hey bud, first of all - good for you! I love when one top leads to another and to being tag-teamed and spit-roasted. That's hog heaven for me - oink! I am always very tight at first and fortunately have mostly always had tops of are masters at their craft and take their time to mount me. But once they're in then hang on for the ride - I love it and so do they. Last week was a true 10-incher which I never thought I could take. But did and loved it. All that being said I've had times where there's been a bit of blood, nothing major. I agree with a prior comment that it's just a small tear and will heal quickly. If you're neg and on Truvada then no worries; if you don't care then, no worries. Of course STD's are different but that can transfer without a tear. As for the stomach churn, I can say I've had similar especially after multiple loads. I'm not sure if it's the body dealing with it or, some type of guilt feeling as a recovering Catholic! So whatever you do, don't lose the numbers of those two guys and, tell them that if they're ever in L.A. they've got a hungry hole to breed. Oink!!
  10. Love Slammer in LA but you have to be there at the "right times". I'm not a night owl anymore so usually go on Saturday and/or Sunday afternoons since they open at 3 pm. Can be a good crowd there until about 6 when there's a lull before the late comers arrive. I like to start of sucking cocks on the ramp in one of the open cells/stalls. Invariably someone will come in the half-closed curtain and start working my tits, which completely puts me into heat for cocks and makes me suck even harder, more, lustfully. Sometimes they'll start fingering my ass, already lubed, and that's even better. I've been mounted there while sucking cock which is near nirvana. Or they'll want to go to a private stall to fuck and breed me. Oink! But normally I move on to the dark room in the back (red bulb). Often times as soon as I walk into the darkened space hands reach out of nowhere and start working my tits - fuckers! That literally forces me to suck cocks, move to the fuck table, take off my jeans and bend over it. Love being alongside another hungry bottom pig. From there it's just a waiting came, as hands feel me up in the dark, work my tits, "check out the merchandise". It's then all a waiting game until the right top comes along, can sense/smell that I'm in heat, and moves in to mount me. Fuck I always love that moment. I'm always very tight on the first fuck and some give up - their loss. Others can't stay hard which usually means they're partying. But the ones who are real tops and persist get to own the hole, fuck me royally and breed me. Oink! From thereon it's easy for the next cocks to slide in and do what nature intended them to do. Poppered, tits work, fucked and bred there - that's hog heaven for this pig when in heat. Hit me up or message me if you want to hook up there. Would love it. OINK!!
  11. Wow, you guys have all hit the nail on the head! I've always said that normally I'm a Clark Kent type; but when I go (or come) into heat, watch out. My online posts change to things like "Pig in heat" or "Bare Bear for Breeding". And then the quest must be pursued until the hunger is satisfied, since I don't allow myself to cum until after I've been bred multiple times - might take days or a week or more. Yesterday I had made a hookup with a guy passing through down. When he arrive he wasn't what I was expecting however he was a total titpig (which I am) and knew how to work mine. He was a really good fuck and bred me. Then later in the afternoon I got hit up out of the blue on BBRT. Profile seemed too good to be true (10") but I said yes and he came over. Wow, he turned out to be one of the 5 best fucks of my life! Totally hot man, true 10" cock that didn't soften a bit, fantastic fucker, and bred me twice with massive loads. We were both in hog heaven at the end. That, my friends, satisfied my heat for a while and I allowed myself to cum. But, tomorrow is another day... Oink
  12. All great info and totally agree on tweekers. They promise they can, may be able to mount once, but then lose their hardon and can't get it back up. Not worth it!
  13. An example of more inane law being enacted by governmental bodies that have gone off the tracks - which is essentially all of them!
  14. Hey guys, just checking - anyone having success with posting here? Have thought of posting my own but don't know if there will be responses, and wary of posting cell number which is obviously the best contact. Thanks for any info. Oink!
  15. Woof - you'll have no trouble finding what you need!!

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