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    Titpig here - hot wired to my hole. Oink
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    6"2, 215#, blonde, hairy chest, hard-wired pigtits to hungry hole for cocks. Anybody works 'em and I just go into heat for cocks.
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    Love to be videoed getting fucked, etc. Just a hungry pig - oink!
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    Usually looking for 'now' or today in L.A. Don't be shy to hit me up and make it happen. After all, needing it is breeding it!

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  1. Hey guys, thanks so much for your replies and comments. I still really wanna do this but obviously COVID and all got in the way. Hopefully in 2021!!! Stay safe buds. Oink!
  2. Thanks very much for your info Sir, which is very informative. Likewise, all of the vids I've posted to Pornhub and xTube over the years have been deleted. I wrote them and received this reply: "Thank you for contacting us. Please be informed that we only accept content uploads from verified users." That being said I'm not sure what a "verified user" is or how to achieve it, unless it's meaning that I have to pay for the site now in order to post. Some of my vids were as lame as me hanging tit clamps and showing people how to work nips. I'd hardly find that to be porn, but then
  3. Same here - all my xTube vids and pix have been deleted. Damn! And also, my favs are down to like nothing. Double damn. It's insane - there's obviously no child pornography or unknowing participant in any of mine. This sucks, and not in a good way.
  4. Damn bud, if you're ever looking for a big ol' bottom pig to breed with wired nips here in LA hit me up. Oink!
  5. The market is highest on my remaining bucket list of life. If only I were younger I'd be there in a flash as a red-hooded mare for breeding. Totally love being used like that. Just went to look for their video on xTube but it's not there, nor are my own videos. Anyone know if this is related to Pornhub's taking down videos? Thanks. We need a market here!! OINK
  6. Love sucking cocks, but... after too long it makes me remember that I just want them to fuck and breed me. So sucking cock can't go on too long - unless there are some to suck while I'm being fucked. Oink!
  7. I haven't read all the replies but, in answer: I rarely let myself cum because then I lose being "in heat" and needing to be fucked and bred. So rarely do I cum with a Top, unless it's something they really want. The longer I abstain, the hungrier I remain. Oink!
  8. Damn, they deleted this one before I could watch it
  9. Hey sexy, thanks for the follow!!

    1. HardOneLA


      Welcome bud, what's been doing?

  10. Hey sexy!

    1. HardOneLA


      Hey buddy, what's been doing??

  11. Damn buddy, you've hit a nail right on the head! Total titpig bottom here with nips that are hot-wired to my hole. Whoever works 'em, gets it. Oink. Just got bred by a TitTop bud, always so hot. As we tighten each other's alligator clamps fully then you know it's time for him to breed me!!
  12. Sadly it's happening all over. Here in West Hollywood iconic places like Rage, Gold Coast, Flaming Saddles and Gym Bar have all shut down permanently over the past couple of months. Aside from being closed since March the landlord(s) wouldn't work with them on lowering the rent, etc. Sad
  13. Michael Brandon and Billy Herrington could breed me any day! Sadly Billy died in a motorcycle accident in Palm Desert, CA a couple of years ago.
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