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    • By RachelRage
      There are so many fakes on this site but I'm for real.  I'm proud to be a slut.  Anyone with a cock has the right to use me any time. My only rule us that cum always has to go in my ass pussy.  I'll swallow anything else I'm told.  I'm a crackwhore and love getting used when I'm high but its not essential.  If you want to use me get in touch.  Ideally looking for an owner and to be a live in slave long-term
    • By mascbtmpig
      I was 18 when I had my first slam. A freshman in college, I met a guy in his 40s online with huge muscles and a big fat cock and he invited me over to “party and get wild.” I thought he meant drinks and dildos, maybe some piss. I was a pig and knew from a young age I liked things wild. I used to do things like piss on myself and cum on my face as early as 10, rock hard with excitement. I hadn’t been with many experienced dudes so when he told me he was gonna use me real nasty I got hard and wrote back yes.
      When I showed up at his house I saw pipes and needles. I’d smoked tina before but never really felt anything, I was used to mollies and G and wanted something that was going to make my eyes roll and my heart race. He asked if I’d ever done a slam and I had to ask him what it was. He told me it was shooting T and I immediately said yes. The idea of shooting up dope aroused me. I’d never done it before but it felt dirty, wrong, and mischievous. I wanted to push my limits so I gave him my arm, not knowing what to expect.
      The rush hit me hard. He put like .5 all at once and I felt a warmth take over my body. I felt it spread to my chest, tickle my balls, and reach all the way to my toes. I was breathing heavily like I’d just been fucked hard. Then suddenly, I was touching myself, feeling my body, ripping my clothes off to feel the cool air stroke my naked body. My cock fell out and started filling with blood. It became engorged, stood straight up, hard as rock. My hole pulsed and quivered and I felt an overwhelming feeling of filth and deviance.
      ”How do you feel?” He asked.
      ”Like a fucking dirty whore. I want to get used like a slut and be a total pig.” I replied.
      ”Tell me you’re a faggot and you love cock.”
      ”I’m a fucking faggot and I live for cock.” I replied.
      ”Good boy. Show me.” He ordered.
      I bent over and showed him my pussy hole, stretching it with my fingers and punching it lightly with my fist. It felt so good to show off, to be a tweaked out junkie cum slut. He passed me a dose of G and a few minutes later I felt like I was in heaven or maybe hell, consumed by carnal pleasure and moaning at every touch.
      He ordered me to get down on my knees as he slowly started to fuck my throat, spitting in my mouth to lube the way and plunging his fat tool into my face over and over as I gagged, choked, and saliva ran down my face — his and mine. He grabbed the back of my head and slammed his cock deep into my skull, using my mouth as a hole to get his fat dick hard and ready to breed.
      ”You like that slam? Ready for another?” He asked.
      I thought it was too soon but it was also too late. He already had another one prepared and ready to go. This time he asked me to get on all fours while he administered me. And told me to show him how much a pig I am when the rush hit. He stuck the point in my arm and shot me up and then I felt the hot rush again, shooting through my veins and getting my dick rock hard. I was bent over so I reached around and spread my hole open begging him to use it and make me his pig.
      After he did a slam himself he put four fingers into my hole, making me want to cry and moan at the same time which I did. Then he put his other four fingers in my hole. With all eight fingers he started pulling my hole open as I screamed with pleasure, feeling used and tortured but fucking amazing. He thrust his fingers in and out, pushing harder each time, until I felt four fingers grow to five and then fiver fingers grow to a fist. He pushed one fist into my pussy slow but forcefully, stretching my hole wide open and fisting me wrist deep.
      The G and slam had me sweating, and I could barely catch my breath as he ripped open my hole, spit inside it and begin fucking me raw with his giant tool, stroking it inside my hole and fucking my loose hole like a slut. I felt powerful, dominated, dirty, and used. It was an incredible feeling.
      He continued to breed my hole for hours, taking breaks to piss, once in my mouth and once in my hole, and he fed me water (or maybe it was more G) from his mouth into mine. Wet, bred, and used, the chems had made me a total fucking cum slut and I wanted more.
      A couple hours later he got on Grindr to pimp out my hole to random dudes in the neighborhood. He asked if I would take cock from anyone, I replied “Yes, anybody.” He said he wanted to watch his cum slut take loads on all fours and I begged for more drugs. I knew I wanted to be fucked up with zero inhibitions, and I was ready. He told me to beg for drugs then beg for dicks and I did both, pleading for each on my knees. He laughed with evil delight as he told me he would make my fantasies come true. 

      I don’t remember how much cock I took that night and how many guys I let use my hole but it was one of the most memorable experiences I ever had. My true pig was let out and I let go. 
      We met a few times after that but lost contact after a while. I became consumed with slamming and taking anon loads in my campus dorm, word got around quickly and I had closeted frat guys texting me all week asking if they could breed my hole.
      - From a junkie college cum slut.
    • By sevren
      I’m not big into toys but always wanted a butt plug to try and stay a bit less tight. I’m chubby and my hole is gifted with tightness that comes back during even short breaks sometimes. Even with poppers, impact and parTying. 
      so let me hear some suggestions 
    • By Hungtop4barehole
      My name is Merk, I am 18 years old and until recently I have never had sex.  My parents brought me up in church and kept me on a tight leash but once I turned 18, they pushed me out of the house and helped me get an apartment.  They said that is what parents do for their kids. They would only pay for college if I went to a religious school.  I chose community college and took grants and loans so I could afford it. 
      I got to explore a lot with my classmates, and I was learning new music and even watched porn for the first time.  I had made friends with a gay guy who was dating, and older guy and he had invited me out one evening and I joined not knowing what was going on, but Jess was funny, and he always made me laugh. Jess texted me the address and I made my way to his Boyfriends home and knocked, and this tall guy answered the door, and he was very attractive, Jess had told me he modeled, and I could see why. He invited me in and told me that Max would be down in a minute, and he introduced me to Dirk a friend of his also a model.  He was all and good looking, more manly than Max’s boyfriend he looked Greek.
      The guy was very good looking also, I was suddenly uncomfortable, it suddenly felt like a date.  My friend Joey came down and I pulled him aside and he swore it was not a date and that this tall model was a bi friend of his boyfriend, and he had no idea he was going to be staying over.  He told me I had nothing to worry about since he said, the guy had a model girlfriend back home. I was sill a little uncomfortable but decided to go and have fun.  We went to dinner and laughed and joked and had a great time and Joey’s boyfriend paid for it all. 
      We went to a bar and had some drinks and played a game at the back table at the bar.  It was a drinking game and each of us put a dare in and when you lost the bet you had to draw from the papers we had written on and put in the pile.  I had written for you to kiss the guy to your right.  I was sitting left of the Greek model and thought I would be safe since my friend Joey was beside me.  Joey had written to kiss the guy on his right hoping to kiss his boyfriend.  I pulled and almost put it back because it had kissing in, and I knew I was safe, but it was not in my handwriting, and it said right not left. 
      I blushed and read it out loud that I needed to kiss the Greek God and before I could even move, he leaned in and kissed me.  He was a heavy kiss and I thought it was a lot longer than it should have been and the more he kissed me I liked it.  He broke off and said next and he put his hand on my leg.  I felt like I should move it, but I did not and continued to play the game. So here I was in a bar with three guys, and it had to be a gay bar since guys were holding hands and all. Joey and his boyfriend said they had to get piss and left me with Acostus as he introduced himself to me.  He picked up the piece of paper and leaned in and kissed me again.  Deeper than before as he held my body. 
      When he broke off the kiss, he guided me out of both and walked me out to the front of the bar and hailed a cab and we got in.  I had no idea where we were going but he kissed me again and pulled me into him and held me till we got to his hotel and we wen tup to his room.  I hesitated to go inside but he kissed me and pulled me into the room. I knew I should leave but he made me feel so good every time he kissed me, and he just started taking my clothes off.  I went to stop him, but he kissed me and moved my hands away and continue to unbutton my jeans and push them down and unbutton my shirt and push it back and it fell off me.  I was soon standing in my socks and underwear.  He pulled off his shirt to a hairy chest and stomach that was totally defined and muscled and as I looked down his underwear were so full, and I could see the outline of his dick.  It looked huge. I was shaking as he rubbed his hands on my skinny lean body and then he slides my underwear down and my dick was rock hard all 7” of it.  He again leaned down and kissed me as he cupped my balls and dick and held them, and he lifted me up and placed me on the bed and leaned down and swallowed my dick whole and began to suck my dick and I could not help but moan and my eyes rolled to the back of my head.
      It was not long, and I spurted in his mouth, and he swallowed me and then came up and kissed me and held me on the bed and slipped off his underwear and I felt his big dick right against my back.  He began to kiss my neck and then whispered that we should take a shower.  When we got in the shower, he had a bag hanging from the shower and with a long nozzle, before I could ask, he kissed and turned on the water.  When we broke the kiss, he turned me around and cleaned my back and then began to rub my ass and then my hole.  It was slick and he slipped a finger in me, and it made me jump and he pulled me back and slide the nozzle from the bag in my hole and water began to fill up my hole and he kissed my neck and when he slid out the nozzle, he said hold I baby.  I did and he turned the shower off and then dried me off and lifted me on the toilet set and left the room and I let out all that water and shit also came out.  I was a bit mortified and then he came back and told me I was a good boy and he cleaned up my hole let me to the bedroom and gave me a drink.  I soon became dizzy, he brought me back to the bed and kissed me all over and then rolled me over and ate my hole. 
      I moaned and loved it and could not believe how amazing it felt even though I was only half there.  He slide his finger and then another inside me and then I felt something sharp and a minute later heat throughout my body and he really began to play with my hole and he had three fingers inside me and I started to get loud so he stopped and I thought maybe it was over but he slide a ball gag in my mouth and then began to rub his big dick on my hole and before I knew better he pressed it against my hole and pressed inside me as I screamed into the ball gag.
      His dick was so big, and my ass hole was so small, it still hurt even though he had drugged me up.  Tear were forming and running down my face and I screamed but it was so muffled no one could hear.  He hit the tv and made sure of it and continued to pummel my ass and I hard him groan and he came in me. It was the first time I even thought about a condom after he had already cum inside me and pulled his dick out.  He left me there with the ball gag in and when I went to take it off, he made a noise and said no.  I put my hands back and he soon tied them so I could not do that again and a few minutes later he got back in place and fucked me for another twenty minutes and shot another load inside me.
      He used me three times like that before he took the ball gag off and gave me something to drink.  I was so thirsty, and he pulled out a massage table and he put me up on it and began to massage my legs and back and then my ass.  He slides something else sharp inside me and I got warm again and then after ten minutes he brough me back to the bed and spooned me and he slide his big dick back in me and I took him and began to moan.  That night I took five loads and in the morning we both got up and showered and he ordered room service and we had breakfast.  He wrote his number and told me to text him at 2 and he would know when he was going to be off work.
      Fuck, did he think I wanted more of this.  He practically raped me last night and I let him.  He made out with me again and then pushed me out the door and I left and ordered an uber and went home and crashed, I was tired and sore but horny.  I started to jack off and I remembered Cumming while he fucked me without any hands. Fuck does that mean I liked it.  No, I quickly said to myself.  I felt my hole and it was still wet and I jacked off and shot a huge load and feel asleep and woke up late afternoon around 11 to a text from Acastus telling me to be at his hotel at 3 PM and I did not respond.  I was irritated that he was telling me to do anything.  Another text that said babe. Please come to the hotel, I have a surprise for you.  I responded that I would be there.  I slept till two and then got up and showered.  I walked to the Drug store and got an enema and cleaned out before I arrived and then headed over to his hotel.
      I knocked on his door and he opened it, he leaned down and kissed me as he closed the door.  I loved how forceful he was as he made out with me, and he pulled my shirt off and dropped my shorts and lead me to the living room and that is when I found out we were not alone.  Two guys were in the living room sitting on the coach and watching porn.  Straight porn of all things.  The one guys spoke up and said welcome cutie, he was grey haired, and he said this is my son Adam and I am Scott.  Acastus slapped my ass and said introduce yourself boy and tell them what you like. 
      My name is Merk I said and then I hesitated and another slap, I like to suck dick, kiss and get fucked sir. Scott said good boy.  I have had little faggots service my dick when I was in the army and when I was sexless at home, but this is my son’s first time.  He is 22 and as you see he has a huge dick.  Adam made no eye contact and Scott motioned me over to sit between them.  I did and my host left the room and Scott began to make out with me and grabbed my hand and put it on his dick.  He had a nice dick probably 8 inches and thick.  Adam was thick also and he had to be 10”.  The dad pushed my head down after he broke the kiss and had me suck his dick as he played with my hole.
      He told Adam to spit on it and he spit once, and his dad rubbed it all over my hole and then two more times and then a finger slipped inside and then one more time Adam spit on my hole and then another finger.  Scott finger fucked me with his big fingers and opened my hole up and then he told me to suck Adam.  I move over to suck that big dick as Scott eat my hole and make me moan and while I was working Adam’s cock Scott slipped in and began to fuck me.  I love his thickness and it was hot having Scott explain what was happening.
      The conversation below:
      Scott      Son, you see how easy it is to get a fag to take your dick?
      Adam    Yea, the fag just gave up his hole for us.
      Scott      They are always ready to fuck and take your load and you can they can hot have your baby.
      Adam    No need for abortions with fag cunt.
      Scott      Exactly, you know how young cunt always think you are too big.
      Adam    Yea, lots of college girls cannot take me
      Scott      Fags are built to take big dick so wait till you get some of this amazing boy pussy.
      Adam    How is this fag dad?
      Scott,    He has one of the best I have had son, want to try it?
      Adam Fuck yea!               
      Scott pulled out of me, and they traded placed, and I sucked Scott’s dick and while Adam pressed his big thick dick at my hole.  He slide in and a little to fast and I jumped, and he pulled out and tried a little different angle and slowly slide his dick into me filling me up and making me moan. This guy was rough, and he fucked my hole deep and I soon began to yelp and whimper, and his dad covered my mouth wish his hand and he told his son to give me my fist load.  Adam fucked me harder and after another five minutes of wrecking my hole he started to moan and finally called me a fucking whore take my load and he shot five to seven ropes of cum inside me.  His dick flexed each time he shot so I could tell.
      He pulled out and his dad took his hand off my mouth and pulled my face up and spit in my mouth.  Boy, you are just getting started and then Adam brough his wet cummy dick over for me to clean while dad spit on my hole and shoved his dick in me and fucked me for ten minutes and shot his load. I took another three loads from Adam and four from Scott.  The last of his load down my throat as he face fucked me.  Then Scott got dressed and Adam lead me back to a room I had not been in.  It had a bed and lots of toys and he told me to climb up on the bed and face away from him and he snapped a few pics on his phone and uploaded them and his phone started to go off and he slipped a blindfold on me and got on the bed and guided me on him and helped me lower on his dick.
      My hole was open now so he slide me right down on his dick and began to slowly fuck my ass and then I heard his phone chime and he grabbed it and text back and he pulled me down and held me.  When he grabbed me, I thought he was going to kiss me, I wanted to kiss him and then I heard the door to the room and someone undressing.  The guy got on the bed and slapped his big dick on my back and then lubed up and Adam grabbed my head and wrapped his hand around my mouth as the guy jabbed and pressed his big dick against my filled hole and finally hit the right angle and his dick had started to press in and I felt like I was being slit in two.  Even with the hand over my mouth you could hear me in the next apartment.  I have never made that noise before as the new guys stretched my hole and pressed deep, he had to be as big as Adam and soon my hole had been fully penetrated, and they both let me breath and try to get used to being so fucking full of dick. 
      The guy behind me sprayed something on a rag and slipped it in my mouth and I blacked out.  It was impact and they both began to fuck me and when I came back, they had loosed me up and the guy who had surprised me and I had no idea what he looked like said fucking whore, take my load.  You are one nasty fag as he pulsed his cum into me.  He grabbed me and pulled my head back and sucked on my neck and gave me a hickey. Then he slowly pulled out as his dick got soft and Adam said one down.  Holy fuck I thought, no way I can take more. The guy who had just cum spit on my back as he got ready and then left and I was there with Adam wanting to say I was done but Adam finally pulled me to him and kissed me.
      When the kiss broke, he said, you will be a good faggot for me won’t you.  I said yes, without thinking and then I heard the door and Adam whispered, you promised now.  The guy got on the bed just like the other guy had but he tossed something to Adam, I could not tell what it was but then he shoved it in my mouth and fastened it around my head.  I later looked up what it was, and he had put a ball gag in my mouth.  I tried to say something, but you could hardly hear anything coming up and what did was garbled. That is when the other guy handed Adam some popper and he put them under my nose and made me inhale and after four hits I was flying and the guy behind lubed up his dick and pressed it against my filled anus and he said, fuck we have a tight one bro. 
      He worked my hole for several minutes and finally popped past my ring, I arched up in pain and tried to scream but it was no use, the guy behind me pressed me down and Adam wrapped his arm around my chest and held me. The guy inched his way inside me and slow fucked me for five minutes and then picked up the pace and fucked me hard for another five and shot his load inside me.  He left his dick inside my battered hole and started to pull out once he got soft.  He told Adam that his was the best hole so far.  Fuck they had done this before, I thought I was his first.
      Here I was with the ball gag still in my mouth and cum in my ass and Adam told me he had shot his load in me too. He pulled out and I though it was over.  He grabbed my hands and tied them together and then fastened them to the headboard and told me he would be back.  He hopped up and got in the shower and the other guy left. My anus hurt and I had no idea why he had me like this it was truly fucked up.  Then I head the door, there was a guy behind me.  I turned to see who it was, but I could only see a shadow and then I heard him drop his pant and get up on the bed.  He fingers felt my ass and then fingers started to finger me two at first and then three and finally four.  He pulled them out and pressed his fat dick against my hole and I swear I felt as full as Adam and the last guy.
      The guy fucked me for ten minutes and shot his load inside me.  He said nothing and left; I was sore after he was done. Adam came out of the shower and told me it was time to get cleaned up and that did well.  He told me he would be in the living room as he took off my ball gag and untied me.  He told me one of the guys cancelled so I would not be able to enjoy him until next time.  I thought to myself, fuck there will not be a next time but did not say anything and went and showered and then came out in my towel.  Adam handed me my clothes and said to get dressed.
      I slowly got dressed but noticed that my keys and wallet were missing.  I walked into the living room and Adam said ready?  I asked him if he wanted me to follow him, Adam grabbed my hand and told me and lead me out not saying a word. We got to his truck, and he said hope in Fag boy.  What the fuck was it with everyone calling me a fag.  I got in and when he was settled in the driver’s seat, I asked him where we were going.  He said, home boy.  I said my place, no little fag our home.  I was puzzled but did not say anything.  We arrived we went into this place it was one of the nicest places I had ever been.  The furniture and décor was amazing.  He asked me if I wanted something to drink and I said yes.  He went to the kitchen and brought me back a drink and we talked for a couple minutes, and I suddenly became very sleepy and dozed off. 
      While I was knocked out, he carried me down to the basement and put me in my room.  It was more like a cell.  It had a sink, toilet and shower but it had bars like a prison cell.  He undressed me and put a cage on my dick and left me on the mattress to sleep. When I woke, here I was naked and a metal contraption on my penis in a cage.  He left a note, when you wake take a shower and clean out your pussy fagboy.  You have a date tonight.  On the other side of the shower, you have clothes for your date.
      I showered and cleaned up and cleaned out.  The shower had a wand for that.  I dried off and I found a jock, tight shorts and a tight t-shirt and a pair of flip flops.  I got dressed and waited and almost wanted to cry.  Adam came and unlocked the cage, and I was excited if the date was with Adam. We went up stairs and Adam made me a drink and told me to drink it and I gulped it down and as we waited, I started to feel calm.  The doorbell rang and I heard muffled discussion, and then I heard the guy say, let me see the merchandise.  He entered, tall guys late 30’w early 40’s with an average face blonde hair and well bult.  He turned to Adam and said that the pictures were accurate, and the boy will do.  Here is the money, a thousand dollars and I will have him back in the morning.
      No fucking way, Adam was pimping me out.  I stood up but had to sit back down because I was dizzy.  The guy picked me up and put me over his left shoulder and carried me out to his van.  He opened the back and there was a seat in a wood box, and he set me in it and fastened my feet and hands to the legs and arms and then closed the doors.  He took off minutes later and we drove for a couple hours and finally arrived at an old house with a huge metal building behind the house.  He left me in the van, and I could hear voices and then he came and opened the door and unfastened me and carried me again to the metal building in back.  
      Once in the building he brough be over to a table and put a hood on me.  It only covered my mouth and head, but my nose and mouth were visible.  I now could not see at all.  He turned up some music and guys came in. Here I was in the middle of no where and blindfolded.  The guy unzipped his pants and pushed me to the ground and slapped my face with his big soft dick and I opened my mouth and the put his fat cock I my mouth and I sucked him and as he grow, I thought I would jack him to help him cum, but he pushed my hand away and said no hands fagboy.  
      He began to fuck my throat and I put my hands up to resist the depth he was fucking my throat and he pulled out and gave me a break.  I see you need to learn to listen, he grabbed my hands and tied them behind my back and said, when I say no hands: I mean no hands.
      He forced my mouth open and fucked my throat and made me gag and vomit a few times.  He did not seem to mind, he seemed to like it he enjoyed because he told me I was a good boy every time it happened.  He used my throat for twenty minutes like that and when I had sufficiently opened my throat, he shot his load down my throat.  He pulled out and told me I was good fag boy and that I would get better at that before the party. He then cleaned up my face with a towel and lead me to a side room and attached a clasp to my left angle that was attached to a chain.  He left my hands tied behind my back. 
      I cried as I slowly walked and tried to find a place to sit.  I had just found a spot when the door opened, and some guy walked in and spoke.  Nice, that is all he said, and he walked over to me, and he too slapped my face with his big fat dick, and I sucked him, and he was not as thick, and I was able to take him better, but he still made me gag and choke on his dick.  I did not vomit but had dry heaves twice and twenty minutes later he came down my throat.  This happened two more times while I was in there.  The next guy only made me gag and choke and the final guy I was able to deep throat and although I struggled for air with him, I had opened my throat enough to give him a great blow job. He said as much when he came down my throat.
      He left and I was still in the room with my hands behind my back.  Ten minutes later and another guy came in and he cleaned me up and pulled off my shorts and untied my hands and took my shirt off.  He left the jock on me, and he felt my cage and had to pull down my jock enough to see it and he said, that loos great on you.  The guy was kind and he felt me all over and made me tingle and then he leaned in and kissed me, and I made out with him.  He then turned me around and pressed me up on all four and at my hole.  I was moaning and rubbing the cage, but my cock was not getting hard.  He ate me for what seemed like fifteen minutes and then he helped me up and pushed on my shoulders and force his long thin dick in my mouth and fucked my throat and came in three minutes. He leaned in and kissed me again and then said, do not tell anyone I did this.  I never at your beautiful ass, I never kissed, and I never fucked your face.  Got it kid?
      The guy who paid for me came in and took my chin off and led me to a bench and helped me up and on and pushing me where I needed to go, and I was finally on it, and he fastened my legs first and then my arms and told me the fun was about to start.  He whispered in my ear that he had just sent my boyfriend more money for a second night.  Fuck, this fucking blows just as someone else came up and spread my ass cheeks and dove in and ate my hole. He ate my hole for five minutes and then pressed his big dick in me and fucked me till he came.  I have no idea how many guys fucked me, I lost count after 20.  I had swallowed at least that many loads.  I have no idea if they all fucked me once or some breed me more than once.  I only knew I was so fucking tired, and my hole was flooded, and I had a bit of an upset stomach with all that cum I had swallowed.
      The guy who rented me took me back to the room after he was finished unfastening me and told me that I did good tonight.  Your boyfriend is a lucky guy.  He made me pay more for you the second night.  You are worth it.  With that he took my hood off and leaned in and kissed me and made out with me and he positioned me ass up on all fours on the mattress he brough in and told me to stay just like that.  He left and minutes later the guy who and taken care of me before came in and began to eat my hole and suck the cum out.  It felt so good he fucked me after 10 minutes and shot his load inside me and made me clean off his dick.  Now that I could see the guy, he had to be mid 50’s skinny and not very attractive.  He got in the bed nest to me after he was satisfied and told me to sleep, I would need it.  
      I had no idea what he meant; I was so tired I just dozed off to sleep.  I woke up in the middle of the night and needed to piss, so I woke the old man and asked him to take off my cage and he told me just got in the corner and squat over that hole and piss right there.  I said OKAY but take this off and he, I can’t you can piss with it on boy. I went to the corner and let loose, and piss ran out the cage and into the hole just like he said.  After I was done, he had me come over and he ate my hole again and fucked me and unloaded one more time. Then he slipped out of the room and left me to sleep.
      I woke up and had no idea what time it was, but I heard guys talking outside my room.  I could not make out what they were saying but then I heard the door and a guy popped in and told me to follow him to the shower, it was time to clean up for the party.  He at least took the cage off my dick so I could clean it.   I tried to ask the guy what was happening at the party, but he would not say a work and scowled at me and told me to clean up and out.  He at least took the cage off my dick so I could clean it.    I got in and did while he watched and then he brough me to my outfit.  It was a gold singlet with the ass open. 
      I slipped it on, and it showed off my nipples and my ass and the cage he put back on my cock before I slipped into it. I asked him again what was happening tonight and if I could just go home.  He laughed and said no boy, you are leased until tomorrow morning.  I understand that your reservation can not be extended since you have already been rented out for tomorrow night.  My heart sank, how could this be.  I must find a way to break out of here.  The guy with me lead me back to another room, this was much nicer than where I sept and he told me he would be back. I knew that was my chance and I tried the door, and it was locked, and I tried to open the window, but it was nailed shut and there were bar on the outside.
      I heard the lock; someone was at the door, and it opened, and a nice-looking white guy came in and handed me a drink and sat with me and he told me to drink it.  He took my pulse and told me he was a doctor and he needed to take my pulse, temperature and take some blood.  I began to relax after drinking this funny tasting punch and then the thermometer, clasp for drawing blood and the needle and I looked away and then he said that was all done and he unclasped the band around my arm and my heart began to race and I coughed three times.  Later I founds out he had slammed me, but I had no idea at the time what my body was doing. I began to get horny and needed attention.  I began to rub my nipples and my cage, and the Doctor leaned in and replaced my hand on my nipple and rubbed it and then leaned in and nibbled, licked and sucked on it and I could do is moan.  He turned me around and ate my hole and I could not resist moaning and begging him to fuck me.   
      I could not believe I want it so bad, he pulled down his pants and I could see he had a long thick dick.  He lubed it up and my hungry hole and he slide in slowly and fucked me for twenty minutes and shot his load inside me.  He slide a plug inside my hole and told me that the fun would be begin soon.   He leaned in and kissed me.  He then whispered in my ear.  Boy, I get to take you home after the party.  We are going to have a great time.
      The Doctor started to leave but before he could I reached out my hand to try to keep him with me and he held my hand and told me he would be back as he pulled his hand away from me.  Twenty minutes later the door opened and a built older guy in a harness came in and picked me up and carried me to a different room in the warehouse.  He blindfolded me and placed my wrist in restraints and called out, he is ready.  It was not more then two minutes and I felt hands on me, lots of hands and guys started to suck my nipples and one spread my cheeks and ate my hole.  Soon they loosened my hands from above my head and one of the guys bent me over and slide his big dick inside me. 
      The guys were talking to each other, how is that young hole? One of the guys said, Fucking beautiful and tight still.  They traded off and all their dicks were so big.  Many of them kissed me and one of them whispered in my ear.  You the slut we purchased, if you want more of our big dick look us up.  We are the 69 group.  All of us are 60 or older and hung 9 inches or more.  Young sluts love us.
      They continued to fuck me for another two hours and one by one they disbanded.  The guy who whispered wrote the group name on my chest so I could get in touch with them before being the last to depart.  The guy who led me there came and took me back to the showers and told me to clean up the get ready for the Doctor.  He was coming to pick to pick me up.  I got ready and before long the doctor was there, and he waited for me to get dressed in a tight pair of shorts and a t-shirt also tight.  He led me outside and he drove back to his place. 
      He kissed me deep once we were inside and he then gave me a drink and I started to get a little dizzy and he helped me out of my clothes and lead me to the shower to clean out.  I managed to clean up and out and then he led me back into the living room and put some bareback porn on.  Young white guy was being bred by a group of black guys with huge cocks. He was on his phone texting and all I could do is watch this young white dude and all those huge black cocks.  I was rubbing my cage and feeling my hole when someone rang the bell and the Doctor got up and answered the door and brough in a tall good looking black man and said there he is.
      The black guy did not say anything but instead pulled out his long dick and let it hang in front of him as he walked toward me and it swung, it is all I could look at and when he got close, I picked it up and lifted it to my mouth and began to suck on that big dick as it grow in my mouth.  He began to moan and tell me I was a good white slut.  Soon he was hard and thick a full 10 inches.  He said boy, it is time for me to try out your pussy.  If I approve you get more, if you cannot take my BBC, I will be the only black top that fucks you tonight.  Do you understand?  Yes, I understand I quickly echoed back.
      He instructed me to turn around and get on all fours and he lubed up my hole and his dick and pressed that fat dick against my hole and slide into me slowly and he got to my second ring easily but did not enter.  He pulled out and slide back in but could not enter the second ring and he fucked me hard for another two minutes and his dick popped the second ring and he told me I was a good white whore for BBC, and he held there and sent a group text to his buddies.  He fucked me deep or twenty more minutes and then shove his dick deep in me and came past my second ring.  Black guys started to come over and the Doctor filmed it all.  Each big black cock flooding my hole deeper than anyone had ever been.  Once I had taken all seven of the group Dock fingered and played with my hole and then slide inside me and fucked me and dumped a load in me and then we both showered and went to bed.  He fucked me three more times that night and, in the morning, and around 8 AM he woke me to shower and at 9 AM sharp I hard a horn and the turned me and told me my ride was here. 
      He led me to the door and kissed me and I did not want to leave. He told me I was work every penny and he would rent me again.  I walked out to the care disappointed that he too had paid to be with me. I got in the car with someone I did not know, and the car drove off.  We drove for about an our and in a rural area still 30 minutes from the city the car stopped, and I was ordered out of the car.  The driver got out he was tall 6’8 200 pounds and he unzipped his pants and pulled out a big dick.  He pushed me down and made me suck it and it got thick 8 by 8 so thick.  I tried to get It deep in my mouth without hitting it with my teeth, but he was just too big.  He pulled me up and pressed my shorts down and lubed my hole and then pressed his dick against my well used hole and even after taking all that dick it hurt.
      He slide in while I yelped and whimpered and told him he was too big and after bottoming out he held there and let me catch my breath before he tossed some popper and began to slow fuck me.  I hit the poppers and tried to relax but he was so big.  He was slow and gentle at the very least.  I kept hitting the poppers and my hole finally opened enough that I started to moan.  He pulled out and stripped my shorts off and my cage.  My dick was still soft but so sensitive and he laid me back on the rear seats with the door open and lifted my legs and lined up and pressed his big dick in me and as he picked up the pace my dick began to get hard and after ten minutes, I was rock hard.  He fucked me for ten more minutes before I cam without touching my dick and two minutes later he shot inside me.  My dick had shrunk, and he put the cage back on me while his dick was still inside me.
      He pulled out and told me to get dressed and he cleaned up his dick and put it away and acted like nothing happened and we headed to what I know knew was my owners’ home.  I finally came and I was so relieved and wanted this guy to fuck me again as long I can cum like that. I asked him for his number, and he ignored me.  When we got to the house, I again asked if he would fuck me again.  He said boy, I will but for now you need to get inside. Do not tell your owner I fucked you.  I looked at him and told him I would not. I proceeded to walk up to the door and Acostas answered the door and escorted me to my cell down in the basement.  He did not welcome me are even kiss me.  He just locked the door and told me I was a good boy then left. 
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