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  1. I know I won't live forever, but sharing my virus with someone else means a part of me will live forever in him.
  2. In terms of load exchange, I had a chance to fuck a bottom raw. I noticed there was a used condom in the trash. I slipped it on, jacked a bit, took the condom off, and the bottom received two loads in him when I shot.
  3. Cheating husbands are hot and I enjoy their cock and filling their hole.
  4. I enjoy sloppy seconds. I'll lick his cum filled hole and suck some seed out, taste it and then go up to kiss him, letting him taste while my cock uses the rest as lube for my toxic cock.
  5. Definitely 2-3 times a day otherwise I'm not able to focus at work. I just hate throwing away charged cum.
  6. I wish a dad would share his son with me.
  7. I prefer to be tease and ask for permission for my poz cock to penetrate them. Have them beg for it.
  8. As much sex as I've had, I've never been to a bathhouse or adult bookstore, and would like to find a hottie to walk me through the ropes the first time. After that, id be good.
  9. So Treasure Island Media had Viral Loads & Sick Fucks, but why aren't there more poz porn? I mean where tops openly talk about their status and bottoms are begging for toxic loads? I'd model for a top role.
  10. When I top a bottom raw, even though I'm poz, it's so hot knowing there's that connection that my load will be absorbed into the bottom and a part of me will be part of him.
  11. I get the opposite flakes. I'm a toxic gifter (off meds) who will travel the US to gift a hot guy. I get all ready to book a trip and poof, they're gone. I want someone legit. And I'll travel during this time.
  12. Toxic poz top in Atlanta. I'm off meds and have a HVL. 

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