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Have you ever been fucked by someone you hate?? Or would you, and why would you let them?

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Have you ever been fucked by someone you hate? Or would you let someone you hate fuck you, and if so why? This thought came to mind over something that happened to me this weekend.

I was on Adam4Adam looking for hookups and came across a profile that was mostly blank except for age, height and weight and said he was an aggressive top, married to a woman and looking for a submissive bottom who was into cock worship and anonymous sex, someone he could slap around a little and fuck and use at will. I messaged him and we started chatting and I was into what he was after so he asked me to come over to his hotel room. He said he has family in town so he makes regular trips in, and if I was a good fuck maybe he would fuck me regularly. I told him I had a whole face mask I would wear and he was good with that and that he would leave the motel door cracked, he wanted me to come over, get naked, put my full face mask on and get on all fours on the bed and wait for him to come out of the bathroom, which I did. He came out and started fucking my face first with me on all fours and then we switched it up. He really didn't speak and mostly gave me clues on changing my position by pushing my body one way or the other to get me to move into the position he wanted, slapping my face and ass in between and occasionally spitting on me too. He spent a lot of time fucking my face before he decided to toss me on my back and put my legs over his shoulders so he could stick it in and fuck me, which he did. As the fucking got more intense he started to talk dirty to me, saying things like 'you like to get fucked, don't you fag' and 'you want to be my bitch, don't you". As soon as he spoke I realized that he sounded a lot like a guy I used to work with about five years ago that I couldn't stand and who couldn't stand me either. We literally hated each other and just didn't get along at all. We were on the same level and worked in different departments, so there wasn't any fear that one of us could affect the other's job but the fact we hated each other was known to all my co-workers. I kept telling myself that I had to be wrong that there's no way it could be the same guy, but it sure sounded like him. Finally after pounding me out for a good while with lots of dirty talk, he shot in my ass, emptied his gun and pulled out and layed down next to me on the bed. After he caught his breath he said the sex was hot and he been stressed lately and really needed a good fuck like that and told me I could take my mask off now. I was pretty sure at this point that it was the guy I used to work with, hearing more of his voice had pretty much confirmed it. I sat up on the bed not sure what to expect when he found out it was me and without saying a word I pulled off my mask. He saw me and the look on his face said it all. After a couple of seconds of silence and shock, he said "OH SHIT.... I KNEW you were a fag dude, I KNEW you were a fag... FUCK! I can't believe this shit..." I told him I was shocked as shit too, that I would have never thought I'd see him again and he said he didn't think he'd ever see me again either. He got up from the bed and started putting his clothes on, which I took as a cue it was time for me to leave, so I did the same. After I had my clothes on he opened the door for me and as I left I said "take it easy" and he just said "later". Once I was out the door I heard it slam behind me. I got into my car and left.

I haven't seen him online since then and I haven't messaged him and  he hasn't messaged me. Probably best to leave this awkward situation alone. But it begs the question - Have you ever been fucked by someone you hate? Or would you let someone you hate fuck you, and if so why??

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Yes I love to have someone hatefuck me. I did have encounters with some really homophobic straight guys who I've sucked and fucked me, but I wouldn't say they hated me because they know me. They hate fags in general and used me.

Those guys are super hot and it always excites me when I catch one of them to suck their cocks or let them fuck me but you gotta be careful, after they cum they turn really quickly. It's dangerous but I love it, this rough trade/straight guy hunt.

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His name was Jamie and he use to hassle me in high school.  He'd go out of his way to be an asshole.  I tried to laugh it off but I hated him.  He was  lean with just enough muscle mass to be called fit.  He was hot but a jerk.  Two years after high school we happened to be at the same party since we were both friends with the girl who was throwing it.  I had come out the year before this and he approached me and said that he heard I was gay.  The way he said it I new right away what he wanted, I was like no way but he said to just follow him into the kitchen for a minute.  I went just to humor him so he'd leave me alone the rest of the night. The kitchen was empty and he pulled out the nicest dick I had ever seen.  Solid 7.5-8 inches and above average thickness - what got me was the precum that he was leaking out the tip.  Needless to say, I proceeded upstairs with him into an empty room.  I realised after that he knew exactly what room to go to because he didn't knock on the closed door but just baraged in- so this was premeditated.  I was on my knees in a flash a sucking his balls and blowing him - horny madness clouded my judgement. He said he wanted to fuck me and again I gave in and laid on my back on the bed.  He pulled lube out of his pocket (again premeditated) rubbed some on his dick and my hole and then started to banged me with with long slow forcefull strokes- the kind that make a loud slapping sound when his pelvis hits my ass. He didn't use enough lube so it hurt but I took it. I remember he had this little grin on his face like he knew it hurt and that I would take it rather than admit it hurt.  He started going faster and shorter strokes until he blew his load in me with several angry pumps.  He pulled out and brought his dick to my face - our eyes locked and we just stared at each other not blinking.  I wasn't going to  open my mouth to 'clean it off' so he wiped it across my lips and chin.  I kept my eyes locked on his and didn't flinch as he rubbed his cum on my face.  As he was pulling on his pants he said  that he knew from the first time  he saw me in freshman year that I was a faggot and that I'd end up sucking his cock and taking a his load one day. He walked out leaving me half naked with a raging hardon in the bed. I licked  the cum off my lips and swallowed what I could.  I got my pants and went downstairs feeling like a whore.  He was in the corner laughing with some guys, they kept glancing over at me so I knew he was telling them that I had his cum in my ass.   I left not that long after. He texted me the next day and I might have responded but I'd rather not say if anything happened.

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I have once by an older guy who I sort of knew. We also hooked up anonymously without knowing who we were and he also wanted to treat me rough and fuck me hard like a piece of meat. When he walked in and saw me it was like an extra turn on for him. He tied me up and basically let rip with a verbal torrent of abuse at me for being such a faggot and submissive bitch and not a real man and he always had his suspicions.


It was as if it gave him carte blanche to do what he wanted with me. He used sharp pencils and a fork to make my hole bleed, fucked me without lube so it would hurt and then purposely came on my face as my profile said I didn’t like facials

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A collegue who I worked with previously, I hated him, he was a bigot, homophobic, racist,nasty type, always mouthing off cocky alphamale.

He was in a sauna i was in, however, He did not see me, I saw him first and watched him pushing trolls away, really rudely and nasty anyway, he went in the darkroom at the sauna, I followed him in,  moved to the side of him, he had a thick gold chain so I knew it was him.

I felt him up and was shocked at the size of his Bollocks, they were huge, I tasted his cock ,felt his asshole, he pushed me off.

He was on his knees and I rammed my cock hard into his throat and he was gagging, I then got another two guys to fuck his throat hard, he had no idea, but was really gagging, I was egging them on to fuck him hard and he was choking and coughing.

Sounds pathetic, but I took alot from doing this.

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Some years ago, I came across one of my bullies from school on Grindr. This guy really made my school years a living hell together with two other of his pals.

Anyway, at first he didn't show his face on Grindr (mine was visible so he knew me from the beginning). His body was hot, his cock was big, we chatted for a while and in the discussion I said a lot about me being a sub bottom and that a I would gladly be his cumdump.

When he finally showed his face writing something like "I always knew what your were. surprise!" I was shocked but I had already said too much to erase everything and block him. Would have been stupid. I let him come over and sucked his cock and swallowed his load. He enjoyed it and the whole time he had that grin on his face. 

I can't say it was easy for me to find myself in this position in front of him but I did what I had to do, I did it good and in the end I was like happy he enjoyed my mouth.

He came back maybe 3 o 4 more times then never heard from him again.

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Yes I have. Several times actually. My then online buddy/Master told me off for being a bitch and not letting my boyfriends do what they wanted with me. So he ordered me to contact all three of them, tell them I was now a fag and a slut, and beg them to fuck me and let me suck them. The latest one I haven't been able to connect with, and it will be no sacrifice as he is hot and black. The second to last was a guy 15 years my senior who is still single. I broke up with him because he was needy, and started to really gain weight and stop caring. Really hated the guy, and found him disgusting. He was beside himself when I called, and when I told him what I was offering he ordered me to his place at once. He was looking older and worse than ever. I get angry just looking at him. Still I let him use me, taking his sweaty, filthy cock in my mouth, licking his big hairy sweaty balls. Then he fucked me. Made me feel sooo cheap.

My first boyfriend, I knew had become a homeless and a drug-addict (I sure know how to pick them). He just wanted me to give him a blowjob. And now he stops me whenever I meet him, and makes me suck him off somewhere semi-privat. 

I hate it, but I love it afterwards.

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