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    verbal humiliation, rough sex, rape play, sissification, degrading sex, small cock humiliation and premature ejaculation humiliation
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    Small cocked inferior bottom boi. Either cum prematurely or can’t cum at all under pressure. Needs abusing and humiliating by alpha men. Plenty of pics on my xhamster profile
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    hung older men, black guys, aggressive doms - kik me: smallcocksissyboi

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  1. I find this hard too. The one time I came first I just wanted the fuck to be over rather than be a ‘good’ bottom. Although I think the top got off on the fact I wasn’t liking it
  2. Any tops enjoy doing this or bottoms had it done to them? As a weak inferior bottom who struggles with his sexuality but craves humiliation I’m really interested in a top humiliating me by making me ejaculate before he fucks me. There are a few things to this; firstly it’s a chance for him to mock my body and cock while I play myself but secondly it’s the idea of being made to realise my orgasm and pleasure are worthless. Once I cum I lose all libido. So to then be subjected to a brutal anal pounding would be far harder and more uncomfortable for me. I know I would not enjoy it, but I wou
  3. I am in a similar position to liger only I enjoy the small penis humiliation (and premature ejaculation humiliation) my wife lays down on me. It’s led to her cuckolding me, pegging me, and generally relegating me to a pathetic small cocked submissive who rarely ever gets to penetrate her. She has asked over time whether I want to be fucked by men like I’m a girl and will often use that line of verbal as I’m allowed to ejaculate but I’ve yet to commit to admitting that I really do want it as in the post orgasm come down she tells me she wouldn’t like it if I did actually get fucked by men and i
  4. Hello sir have emailed you on bbrt; I just wish I was in London more often
  5. I hate doing it but will do so if ordered. Something very submissive about being naked on my knees rimming a Dom whilst wanking him off at the same time
  6. What if there was an actual financial benefit for the top though? Would t need to charge much, but the bottom would only get a minimal cut if anything and the Dom could make a bit of cash on the side
  7. I agree, I know I have work to do to be a better bottom. I tell tips I like it rough but the reality is I struggle to take it; I have weak stamina so more often than not tops have to fuck me in missionary just so they can get a good rhythm going and reach orgasm and I often shoot my load prematurely and lose libido so become a very lazy fuck. I’m trying to improve but on the occasions when one or all of the above occur during a hook up I would expect a top to tell me what he honestly thought and where I disappointed him. I don’t deserve a thank you if he has to wank himself to orgasm or pound
  8. I don’t expect or want to be thanked. Spat on or spanked perhaps, or if I’m visiting a top told to get out with barely a chance to get my clothes back on are the farewells I expect. What I find preferable is for a top to tell me how average or rubbish I was in bed and how they expect me to perform better next time. That really puts me in my place
  9. Power and fear definitely. One of my darkest fantasies is to be gangraped and abused by a group of Nazi doms. this maybe down to the fact I'm a weak, submissive, effeminate jewish bottom who is the epitome of what the Nazis wanted to get rid of, so there's something in there about being sexually abused in this way that makes me very horny.
  10. I really struggle; lose libido and generally can’t get erect again for hours. But at the same time I love tops who get off on that very fact and use it as a means of humiliation
  11. The shame is actually something that turns me on. Probably not for everyone but I love tops who enjoy slut shaming me and making me feel ashamed for letting random men use me as they see fit. It’s a problem once I cum but after the initial ‘down’ after cumming I look back on it and get even more turned on by the fact I spread my legs for superior tops even though I had no sexual desire at that point, reaffirming my role as an inferior, at-the-bottom-of-the-sexual-hierarchy faggot
  12. Tops want my cock on show that's the problem
  13. Staying here for a couple of night this month. Anyone know if you need keycards to access the corridor or can people get to rooms without them? Might ruin my attempt to have loads of guys come round anonymously
  14. Also interested in this; best I’ve researched so far is some sort of numbing cream which if you apply enough of will have the effect of rendering you limp but yet to try it
  15. Can anyone comment on how often poppers causes your dick to go limp? I’m wondering if it’s worth me using them so I stay flaccid whilst getting fucked
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