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  1. One man did this with me. He would go online while being at my place and use dating apps, though putting adds in specialized pages would work better. It didn't work everytime as some guys didn't show up and sometimes no one showed interest but, even like that, I handed him some cash on some good nights. You won t get lucky everytime but you have nothing to lose in trying.
  2. Done. It surprised me the first times but I accepted it straight away and now I m used to it. Always a turn on. Some married or straight guys will spit in your mouth because it s their way of kissing a fag.
  3. For most of us it requires only one good trainer to turn us into a slut. I could never thank mine enough.
  4. Looking for this straight away ! I just love this guy !
  5. Did he ? Definitely looking for that ! Chris Diamond is just hot as fuck ! He should start doing some guys !
  6. Am I the only one who would enjoy that ?! Seriously ???
  7. I would really like to know what happened to the old school cumsluts of the site : Luciano Di Fubbiano, Ricky Ibañez, Osian, Jorge Ballantinos, Nick Lavelle,... Such awesome role models for so many bottoms. What are they doing now ? Still taking cock on camera ? Does anyone know ?
  8. For the tops : what do you think of bottoms in long time chastity which dicks shrinks under the effect of the cage ? Is it a turn on ? A side effect you don t like ? Tell us about it. And for the bottoms ? What s your experience about it ? Did you have any comment on it ? Good ? Bad ? As for myself I didn't notice any size différence until now. Would t mind though.
  9. Straight porn stars from the 90's and the 00's would make the best abusive daddies
  10. That s a fact. I was really talking about the guys that have onlyfans and justforfans accounts. Like the tops can make lots of money showing only their cocks while the bottoms have to show it all or wear a mask (which is not that hot and certainly brings them less $$$).
  11. I m not there yet though I value the sluts who do it. I know I ve been filmed at least once. I ve told about it on another section of this forum. The guy made me say I m a whore and things like that straight into the camera while sucking him. I was totally owned by him and carried away by the whole situation had no other option. The next day I was scared and regretted it but it somehow reinforced my position as a bottom, too. I had lost control, I was not in charge anymore. Don t know where this video ended though knowing the guy he probably kept it for himself or showed it to some o
  12. Who would like to see famous straight porn male actors simply jerking off on their onlyfans or justforfans account next to a gay guy on his knees, mouth open, waiting for the load ? No contact. It would be the hottest thing and I think lots of gays porn stars would be queeing to be used as cumdump.
  13. Agreed. The bottom willingly living up to his sub position and showing it gladly however is the hottest.
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