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  1. Some years ago, I came across one of my bullies from school on Grindr. This guy really made my school years a living hell together with two other of his pals. Anyway, at first he didn't show his face on Grindr (mine was visible so he knew me from the beginning). His body was hot, his cock was big, we chatted for a while and in the discussion I said a lot about me being a sub bottom and that a I would gladly be his cumdump. When he finally showed his face writing something like "I always knew what your were. surprise!" I was shocked but I had already said too much to erase everything
  2. I can only encourage you to keep on looking for your buddy. It s a life changing experience for us all bottom sluts I think.
  3. I m experiencing this right now. Really something I encourage every true bottom out there to try. Chastity is a plus between two bottoms. And it increases our appeal amongst the tops.
  4. I m not in a relationship with my cumslut friend but we really did like "bond". We understand, help and support each other into being the best bottoms we can and into accepting what we are and where our Crave (or addiction) leads us. It was a fantasy. It is more than that now.
  5. 56 days for me into chastity ! Me and my slut friend started together. First we aimed at one month and then went for two. I can t tell you yet what I will decide after teat because on one side I m loving it and I feel it s the right thing for me, but on another hand it s quite demanding and not always confortable. We will discuss it and maybe go for some days or weeks unlocked. But I will come back to lock it quickly, that s for sure. Don t use it anyway.
  6. I ve always liked BBC but I couldn t have said I liked it more than white cock. Until I met my owner. He encouraged me in getting caged over longer periods, he really put me in my place, he sissified me and changed my life making me accept what I am. Now I can say I m addicted to BBC cause no white man could have made me do what he did; no white man could have made what I am. The power they have !
  7. I saw that too. Jamal is amazing and NikitaKinka is beautifully shaped. Seeing this pretty guy submit to Jamal is awesome and reminds me of so many personnal experiences. The power of BBC !
  8. Yes I m seeing that. I remember now having seen some of these videos back then but never gave too much attention as he was definitely not my type. How I ve changed !
  9. Do you know this bbc top ? I didn t until very recently and just came accross his twitter account. He looks just my muslim owner I ve been telling you about in different sections of this forum ! Unbelievable ! Signing to his onlyfans straight away !
  10. Jamal Kingston !!! I didn t know this porn actor existed until some minutes ago that I came accross his twitter. Now he s my favourite top for a simple reason: I ve been telling you my story with my owner in different sections of this site since a couple of months, how we met, how he started using me, breaking and sissyfing me. I told you he is 50, black, muslim, very thin, very well hung but not handsome at all... Well, he looks just like Jamal Kingston !
  11. It s been almost a year since I met Muhammad, my owner, the man that made me a sissy and a whore. Since we met, he had me accept that I m a fag, a tool for real men and that it s better for me (and to please them, too) that I dress and behave like a sissy. Since we met I went from sometimes not using a condom to fully letting the guy that fucks me decide wether he wants to use it or not. Since we met I went from sometimes wearing my cage to wearing it almost all the time together with another of his whores : Ivy. Since we met, he had his 3rd child while Ivy and I are giving him some good
  12. For me, Nolan Gould and Antonio Aguilera, are the two next best studs after my owner. Who wouldn t be a total whore for them ?
  13. They are the best! I ve been sucking quite some married random men lately that my boss brings to me. The way we sluts feel used by them does not compare to anything. Giving them pleasure and serving them while caged really put us in our place.
  14. Thank you. I ve been going even deeper. There s more about me and this guy but in the sissy TS section.
  15. Funny how everyone remembers machofucker for its tops... It was more than that! It's true that the tops are amongst the best I know : Mauricio, Igor, Esteban, Troy, CutlerX, Sergio,... but what about the bottoms !!! The Artist, Osian, Ricky Ibañez, Lucas Di Fubbiano and Nick Lavelle! These guys knew how to forget their pride and just surrender to the tops. I think they are the best. Role models.
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