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  1. Thank you. I ve been going even deeper. There s more about me and this guy but in the sissy TS section.
  2. Funny how everyone remembers machofucker for its tops... It was more than that! It's true that the tops are amongst the best I know : Mauricio, Igor, Esteban, Troy, CutlerX, Sergio,... but what about the bottoms !!! The Artist, Osian, Ricky Ibañez, Lucas Di Fubbiano and Nick Lavelle! These guys knew how to forget their pride and just surrender to the tops. I think they are the best. Role models.
  3. Me too ! TT boy was hot and Brandon was a real beast !
  4. Rocco Siffredi is so hot. And he brought us so much studs : Chris Diamond, Nacho Vidal,... There is one straight black porn star (don t remember the name) who is now fucking some trannies on film. Who knows? Maybe some other guys will go further... Would be hot to see them manhandle our bottom stars.
  5. Totally agree ! Why don t we get some of that in gay porn ?!
  6. I know this black straight dad who is using me lately has filmed me one night he was fucking my mouth like crazy. It was the first time something like that happened to me and I wish I could have avoided it but he had made me drink alcohol and in the end I gave up. I do pretty much anything for him... I know he has me making a mess of myself impaling my face on his cock and saying straight into the camera that I m a white fag, a slut for muslim cock or something like that. That made him laugh and showed him I m a good sub whore for him.
  7. He saw right through me the very first time we met. How is it even possible ?
  8. Thanx @Barebackbottommand @Anonversecuck. I m still disappointed he didn t show up himself but still I think I m finding my purpose as a caged fag. I wish I had someone to talk about this all and share these mixed feelings. These forums are helping a lot, though.
  9. He called me like one hours ago. His voice was sweet, seductive. He called me baby several times. He was driving, certainly his cab across the city. He asked if I was home. I said yes. Asked me if I was ready to be a good girl. I said yes. My heart was beating fast. I never know what to expect from him, all I know is I want to serve him so bad. - I have someone for you, baby? - Someone? - Can you dress up now and... be nice to him, baby? You do that for me? I couldn't believe it! He was calling me out of the blue to ask me in the sweetest way if I could "work" for him!
  10. Thanks @tallslenderguy and @ErosWired You guys do admit your condition to your friends and talk about it with some of them or is it a secret thing ? I am asking because it s the first time I do something that I feel I have to hide and keep for myself. Maybe it is because I struggling to accept it...
  11. You re right: he never claimed me officially as his property and I can say he's no more into BDSM than I am. BDSM, breeding or crossdressing were never my fetishes or turn ons. Yes, I admit I wore the cage before I met him cause I think it s a prop that keeps versatile guys away and attracts the top ones. Before meeting this guy, I was just a regular bottom boy, slightly fem, looking for some fun but mainly for a sexy boyfriend, a nice relationship. I got into his cab and in a few days, I started wearing panties and lipstick; I started thinking about cross dressing to please him more; he
  12. If he wants to breed me, my pussy is his. Personnally I prefer them cumming in my mouth or on my face after fucking me hard so that I can watch him orgasm. For a caged bottom like me, being allowed to watch my man's pleasure face while I m denied of any orgasm, amplifies the satisfaction I get from my condition.
  13. I write "black" because he is. Not wanting to disrespect him or anybody by using this word. But I get what you mean and can understand that the feeling. On the other hand, yes, I'm clearly conflicted about this whole "relationship". I ve never been as turned on by anyone or any situation on my life but I'm really having a hard time in accepting it all and accepting this is what I am. More than a month now that I m thinking of that guy everyday, yearning for him to text me to use me, "jerking off" to him, while, obviously, I ve only been one more cocksucker to him. Am I the only
  14. @looperdave, @drscorpio, I get what you mean but getting bred is not what I am looking for. If a man wants to fuck me, bare or not, I am happy to oblige. I would never question a top's choice, needs or turn ons. Their pressure first, that s why I m totally addicted to caging my "manhood". I feel totally owned by him anyway, and it s getting worse everyday since I m not hearing from him.
  15. Most of them are already told in these forums. My BBC dom didn t come back to me since last week. Nothing new to tell... Sadly.
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