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Whats more attractive in a versatile nasty pig, Bearded or cleanshaven?

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Broadly speaking, I prefer bearded men.

That said, there are some men whose faces can't grow a decent beard and they shouldn't try. They're better off with a face that's clean-shaven.

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    • By pervedone
      Maybe this could be a place to plan seemingly spontaneous 'flash-orgys' in this summer of breaking out of cabin fever. 
      In Indiana there is Yellowood Forest, Camp Buckwood and Hoosier National forest. 
      In Illinois there is Garden of the Gods, Carlyle Lake,  Horseshoe Lake,  Cahokia Mounds, Jackson Falls and Shawnee. 
      In Missouri there is Lake of the Ozarks, Steeleville forest and Branson.
      Keep it going!
    • By pervedone
      Where are the best places to throw on a NastyPig or RawPigs hat/shirt, show off your biohazard/baphomet tattoos and walk around looking for takers? Have thought of cons, truckstops, maybe beaches. Wbat about you?
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      To what extent has the Covid-19 pandemic impacted your sexual activities over 2020 and now into 2021? Did you abstain from hookups for a time? Or reduce your numbers?
      For those who are into group sex/gangbangs/orgies, how much was your sex life affected by the shutdown of organized events and parties? Did you just stop that sort of activity or did you manage to find unofficial “underground” groups that were still going?
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      Hello guys from Canada, I write this post because I am curious about knowing about gay social life in that country.
      Obviously all migrant must work and get a good future, but I find it curious to know about the cruising or bathouses in the US but never about Canada.
      I have a friend in Toronto but his life is a bit calm, has a couple, it has told me things but I would like to know if it really is a boring place or you can have lusty sexual experiences. Thanks for your answers.
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      Started having gay sex about 2 months ago and it was bareback. Ever since then, all I can think about is taking loads. I’m talking all the time. After having sex with 2 guys on GRINDR I had my first gangbang with about 8 guys - all bareback. I had another gangbang last weekend and have been hooking up with about 5 guys every week through GRINDR or BBRT. It’s almost like the more loads I take, the more I want, and it keeps escalating. 
      I’m worried about what will happen when COVID ends, because I keep on researching Cumunion, MAL, and the US horse festival (want to be the one in the red hood), and I don’t think I can control it. I’m on PREP and have my vaccinations, and I love the feeling of being a submissive slut and having my holes filled and pumped with cum. But, this seems out of control. 
      Has this happened to anyone else? Thoughts?
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